Korsgaard Munck
Updated December 2015
Vons Can Now Re-Hire Haggen Personnel

A statement from UFCW Local 770 on Tues said former Haggen workers are still cannot apply on-line to Vons, but that the company will be working to solve this.Typically the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced Wednesday it has accredited Albertsons’ application to hire again Haggen staff, dissolving often the antitrust limitation prohibiting Albertsons, Vons, together with Pavilions by employing ex - workers right up until a year as soon as the 2015 divestiture. studentresum.co The drug-store staff remains to be unable to be hired once again, but in the press release UFCW Local 770 — typically the union that represent grocery store employees in the Are usually area — said it really is working with typically the FTC in order to lift this restriction likewise.Currently, Albertsons and Vons locations around Santa Barbara County might re-hire recent employees with no running “‘the risk of getting accused regarding violating’ [their] contract together with Haggen, ” according to an official statement through the FTC. This modification to the contract involving Albertsons, which usually owns Vons and Pavilions, and Haggen may the actual approximately 6th, 000 workers who would become out of work if the court agree to Haggen’s request to close a hundred stores in its southwest sector in addition to the twenty-seven already scheduled for close-up.According to Carlos Illingworth, Manager of Sales and marketing communications and Government Affairs with regard to Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions, “We will be pleased the particular FTC features approved our own application, allowing us to be able to rehire former Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions employees who else may otherwise have lost their very own jobs or perhaps been financially disadvantaged because of Haggen’s just lately announced retailer closures. ”Contrary to Haggen’s claims inside bankruptcy courts that the organization hasn’t been able to find curious buyers, UFCW Local 770 said, “There is no evidence that Haggen conducted a real and organized gross sales process together with looked with regard to buyers to use these shops. ” In response to Haggen’s intentional chapter eleven bankruptcy processing, UFCW Localized 770 indicated its intention to work with “any other functions in the a bankruptcy proceeding process who also also want to observe these retailers sold like successful operations. “We work to form each of our legal case together with arguments to help fight that motion, ” the association said.This informative article has been updated to include a press release from Albertsons, Vons, and even Pavilions and to reflect the reality that employees are often re-hired at Pavilions.