Mitzi Connell
Updated November 2014
Do Something Epic.

I’m Mitzi Connell and I stay busy teaching & sharing what the view is like from Beyond Maxed Out. I’ve walked away from “security” several times to do the stuff that others dream about doing, but are too scared to try. I’ve taken giant leaps off proverbial high cliffs and found my wings on the way down. I’ve built brands, businesses, concepts, events. I have felt like a success. I have felt like a failure. I’ve experienced firsthand the physical, mental, and emotional damage that happens when burnout arrives. I’ve also learned how to heal from it.

Connect with me & discover what could be different in your life if you chose to stop playing small! Learn to look fear in the eye, give it a sexy wink, and do the scary sh*t anyway. Find ways to stay connected to Self, going to your own personal edge, and taking measures all the while to avoid burnout.

Too late? Already burned out, drained, numb, and paralyzed with no knowledge of what to do next? Let’s talk. I’ll show you how to recover…to soften…to breathe deeply…to find ease…and to create wiser ways to share your massive talents with the world again.

There is wisdom on the other side of all of this. I would be honored to help you discover it for yourself.

I’m an intuitive entrepreneur, sharing the superior health & wellness solutions of Isagenix.

I'm a Hatha Yoga teacher. Every year, I organize the largest yoga event in North Alabama: Rocket City Yoga Week – bringing our entire yoga community together on the mat for 7 days of free