Neil Dhillon
Updated November 2015
Political Success For Over 20 Years

Neil Dhillon from Maryland and a graduate of American University was an instrumental part of United States Representative Robert Matsui’s legislation. Neil was also an important part getting Bill Clinton elected in 1992 and was appointed to a position in the Treasury Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government of Public Affairs. He was also part of the 1992 Inaugural Committee.

Neil used his thirty years of experience in policy and advocacy in Washington, DC to correctly predict that the Republican Party would take control of the US Senate six months before the fateful November 2014 elections. He also correctly predicted that the Republicans would increase their majority in the US House of Representatives. Dhillon currently works as a global public affairs professional and lobbyist in Washington, DC.

Over the years, he's grown an incredible skillset that ranges from corporate communications, legislative communications, lobbying, to consulting and political strategy.  After finding success in Washington and Capitol Hill, he's spent the latter half of his years solving complex legislative and regulatory issues.  He maintains strong bi-partisan relations with dozens of congressional leaders, the media, Governments, and House and Senate members. His ability to solve complex, multi-faceted issues is been known as unparalleled. Although he doesn't work on Washington anymore, he still works directly in politics - providing professional consulting with his unique array of professional experiences. 

His tenure as White House staff and senior congressional aide has allowed him to keep close working relations with today's senior congressional leaders and Administration officials. Special focus with White House staff and officials (Departments of Energy, Health and Human Services, State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and Transportation). He is well-versed on budget and financial services, foreign affairs, healthcare, defense and technology, education, energy and environment, transportation, telecommunications, tax, and international trade issues. 

The most notable politicians he has worked with are the following: Presidental Aide to Bill Clinton (1992), Chief of Staff to Bob Matsui (1988), and Legislative Director and Speechwriter for Beverly Byron.  He maintains this meaningful realationships today, as he is on Capitol Hill daily, still providing consulting services to Congress, House, and White House Staff.  His tenure and track record keep him relevant in the industry, and he plans to continue providing communication solutions and leadership throughout Washington. 

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Global Public Affairs Professional

  • Neil Dhillon
  • Dec 31, 1969 - Current
  • Neil Dhillon currently works as a Global Affairs Professional for NA Consulting Services in Washington, DC. In April of 2014, months before the fateful November elections, Dhillon correctly predicted that the Republican Party would gain control of the US Senate and strengthen its majority in the House of Representatives. It’s no surprise Dhillon possesses this foresight—he has thirty years of experience in national politics.