Miss Carolyn Marie Cook-Korneluk, BDes
Updated February 2016
34-Year-Old Single 5 foot 5.5 Inch 125-130pound Female with a Four-Year University Degree (BDes = Bachelor of Design) BORN 1981

**PLEASE READ**: If you are visiting my page and the Wife or Girlfriend of any men I have dated or been involved with, please stop because I am scared of you and scared you might or have harmed me. Here is a link to a list of Distress Centres in Ontario Canada, before you read this page please call one of these numbers or a similar line in your community and speak with someone: http://www.dcontario.org/help.html (I am not affiliated to this organization, I found this link on google search.)

I was the victim of violent crimes including stalking and sex crimes while in Graduate school at McMaster University while in my mid-20s, if you have any information, please report it to the police as I am desperate for answers. I am now considered a disabled person as I live in chronic pain and have little injuries all over my body and an anxiety disordered because I was sexually assaulted, domestically abused, slandered, and gang-stalked. I did not complete grad school because I was a victim of multiple crimes.

In addition to people known to me, I think the group of people gang stalking me lured a network of complete strangers who were violent offenders to me, it might have been someone who was in jail with someone in the psychopath network, someone who worked in law-enforcement, or someone who went online and communicated with a group of perverts and psychopaths who share smutt. I think that someone or more than one person contacted some really dangerous people who network and share really sick things and provided information about me to this group and encouraged them to target and harm me. I really think that someone or a group thought it was the sickest thing they could come up with to harm someone for whatever their motive, possibly just their sick entertainment, and the only kind of person who would ever do something like that would be the worst kind of psychopath. This is one of the MAIN reasons I refuse to reconnect with anyone from my past, mostly people who are highly educated and in good jobs. What happened to me is not something I could ever imagine anyone I knew doing to anyone, not even the men who sexually assaulted me because it's too weird, but someone did, and the risk of reconnecting with someone who seems nice and innocent and successful but might be connected to someone who harmed me is too great a risk for me to take when I want to live to be 100. Maybe someone has said to you, I would NEVER Do that, well maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but somebody did, and that risk is too great for me to take. I don't care how much money I have or how rich or highly educated my friends are because what's important to me now is that whatever/whoever it was, I survived and I want to live out my dreams of being married and a mother without fear, so I took those people, put them in a box, and moved them out of my life forever and my hope is that eventually the past will fade, as I type this paragraph years later there are names I cannot remember and that assures me that slowly the other names will also fade into the past...

>>>If anyone tries to tell you that there is something wrong with my memories, they are manipulating you and lying to you, I had a memory test in a hospital and my memory is perfectly normal but it was noted that I seem a bit slow, it takes me more time to get the words out but my memory is normal. (The only thing I had a problem with on the test was that I had to memorize 5 words and repeat them back a few minutes later after a bunch of other questions and I forgot 2 of the words and the psychiatrist told me to tell him what colour popped into my head and I saw red  and that was correct and then what body part came to mind first and I was like head, hair, and he was like, stop, it's face, so I guess they were in there somewhere) I also have been diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being raped and stalked/abused by several different medical professionals (2008-2015 with a few other bizarre diagnosis reports such as episodic schizophrenia spectrum disorder that I've been told are not applicable because they were used to defend people accused of hurting me by calling me crazy and claiming I had perverted flashbacks to fantasies, and honestly what scares me the most is there are perverts who can come up with that kind of defense to disprove real events, like you'd have to be a real pervert to claim the victim has fantsies about sick thing happening to her or flashbacks to things or dreams about things she's never done and people she's never met...like that is a window into the brain of the pervert writing the report and the weirdo/psycho(s) who took the time and effort to do something so sick to her but walked away without punishment. Like since when is it both legal and socially acceptable to make up things about someone to cover embarassment and preserve the reputation of someone who harmed her? It reminds me of that old saying "don't kill the messenger"...Like you can't go around calling a single girl/woman a psychopath because she doesn't want to keep dating your friend or family member or talks about something awful you or someone who you know did to her or just because for whatever reason you don't like her or because you want to marry or hang out with someone who harmed her or because you did something awful to her then like married her boyfriend beforeshe ever recovered, that makes you the psycho not her..) who all claim I show no signs of psychosis or delusions, including the most recent psychiatrist in 2015. I've also been told I have low self-esteem. It is really scary when horrible things happen to you and you are told you are crazy. <<<<

(If you have any information about who was stalking me or are another victim of one of the men I was a victim of please contact the Durham Ontario Canada police NOT Toronto, the Toronto Police will do nothing if you contact them about me. I've lived in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada since 2003 although away most weekdays studying at various universities until 2009.)

NOTE: I would like to make it VERY clear that if someone received an appology thru someone else claiming it was on my behalf they were lying to you. If anyone appologized to you for my behaviour, they have no right to speak on my behalf unless I have paid them to do so or given them consent to speak on my behalf or unless they are my husband and I have never been married so when I get married for my first and only time my husband will have the right to speak on my behalf. I have NOTHING to appologize for, I am waiting to be compensated and to see the people who have abused me in my life punished for their behaviour towards me. Anyone who issued any sort of appology on my behalf is not welcome in my social circles and if a relative they are no longer considered part of my family and I will never have anything to do with them, you can have them I don't want someone who disrespects me like that ever around my future husband and future kids.

I wasn't one of those successful girls in their mid-20s, I was a 24 year old financial need student in grad school who moved from my parents home on the east side of Toronto to a university 1.5 hours away from home on the west side of Toronto to live in a $350/month room in a student rental house with other students in their mid-20s, complete strangers, because I couldn't find a job with my first degree and found out I could transfer from the second undergrad degree I was taking (a 45 minute drive from my home on a toll highway) to a graduate school program that would offer me better job prospects and hopefully a man of my same religion, Christian, to marry.

My formal psychiatric diagnosis as of January 2015 is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Rape and that I do not have any symptoms of delusional disorder, I read online that my condition is often refered to as Rape-Related-PTSD because there are so many different forms of the same condition. I've also been tested for memory problems in hospital by a doctor and it was determined my memory is normal but I seem a bit slow. I suffer from an undetermined pain condition and undetermined raynaud's syndrome (my fingers, lips, and toes turn white/blue sometimes), did physiotherapy for several years for my pain conditions and undetermined mobility conditions which seem to have resolved but I still have pain, traumatic optic neuropathy (reduced vision) in one eye due to head trauma resolved for the most part with the use of contact lenses, and several chemical allergies including formaldehyde releasers, disperse blue dye, and cobalt. It was determined in March 2013 that I am a disabled person in the province of Ontario Canada but that my conditions might improve, I think they have improved but not resolved although that is for doctors to determine in review of my medical files. 

Maybe you attacked me and think your actions are justified somehow in your sick twisted mind, they are not, all it proves is that you are a sicko psychopath pervert that likes to torture girls no matter if you are a teenager or a senior citizen, male or female, or what your education or profession or anything else you do in your life, if you harmed me or other single girls like me, all it proves is that you are a pervert who likes to torture girls. (I say this not just on behalf of myself, but on behalf of all other single girls of any age who have been attacked or victims of sexual assault, harassment, stalking, gang-stalking, bullying, damage to property, and other violence including damage to their appearance or body or being denied access to medical services or other services after being attacked or injured.)

As a victim of a group of narcisistic-sociopaths while a grad student at McMaster University in Hamilton but on student co-op at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as an information management resident (completely different from being a medical person, it was a student job for business admin majors with experience in an office job) in Toronto I was sexually assaulted when I was too intoxicated to consent to sex in 2007 by 2 men shortly after ending a long term abusive dating relationship but of course these men all want to believe they are studs who were having fun sex with a consenting university student and cannot possibly see what they did was wrong leading to long term emotional trauma to their victim.  If you know what I am talking about and you were also a victim of one of these men please come forward as I've been told that if another victim comes forward they will likely go to prison. I reported to the Hamilton police what happened in April 2008 and that report does not exist but one or more of the men went to a different police department a month later to launch compaints about me after he was already reported. That is what happens when you are assaulted by narcissists: They are so self-absorbed and egotistical that they think they are studs and macho men and that what they did is okay. I withdrew from McMaster's MBA program twice and did not graduate as a direct result of the trauma of being a sex crimes and stalking victim. There is nothing wrong with my perception, the problem is their perception that what they did was okay, I mean even in the court documents one of the men stated that there was no relationship it was just sex and he had a girlfriend, how much more proof do they need or is it just that I not the kind of girl you date or marry just good for sex and the cops are okay with that statement with the complete inability to see I was and still am a young woman dreaming of her first real job, her wedding day and all her friends' weddings and of being a mother like most of the other university girls? I really went on a co-op job and moved from a student house near McMaster's campus to Toronto and things were fine when I did that, I moved into a super cute student sublet and was happily newly single and having fun partying with my friends, talking with them about how much I loved my student job and never thought I would like it that much, and looking for new love, I even had the opportunity to interview my replacement but they kept me on for 4 more months instead of hiring anyone else, it was like a dream come true that was shattered by unstable sociopaths.... (maybe mentally ill ugly narcisistic mcmaster students or a luntic faculty member who searched for ways to abuse their fixation out of delusions??? your guess is as good as mine...)

♥ Although I was born in Canada and so were several generations of my family dating back to the 1800s, I am distantly of half-Ukrainian and half-British/Scottish/Irish decent and proud of my cultural heritage! ♥

One of the men who was investigated for sexually assaulting me told me that every single person in his family was of scottish decent, the other was a practicing jewish man, I hope what happened to me were not hate crimes towards a ukrainian or christian girl.

Also, as I am 32, single, never been married or lived with a boyfriend, I am looking for love and a boyfriend as complicated as that might be for someone in my situation because I want to be married and have kids. (The years after age 26 have been a disaster as a direct result of my being assaulted, stalked, then subjected to various forms of harassment and violence after those events in addition to the emotional trauma. I am now disabled in part because of being chronically traumatized by violence commited towards me to the extent doctors decided I am not capable of working. Any man willing to date me has to be very patient and compassionate and be prepared to put up with my paranoias and fears and when I sometimes become traumatized again and practically catatonic and when that happens I do one of two things, I can't stop telling people what happened or I just disappear into my own little world and bake some cakes and go shopping and to the gym and forget to reply to all my phone calls or emails sometimes for months, because I am disabled from being traumatized and physical injuries making sleeping hard because I have chronic left leg pain.)

As of March 2013 Doctors decided that I am a disabled person and unable to work due to my disabilities until atleast March 2015 as they believe my disabilities might improve.  My disabilities include: chronic left hip and ankle pain and lower back discomfort resulting in sleeping problems due to pain (I've been offered injections of nerve blockers but rejected them due to side effects that I am scared of having), left eye traumatic optic neuropathy from head trauma, complex allergies to chemicals and skin marks, psychological injuries and anxieties from traumatizing events and even a psychiatrist who believes I might have had episodic delusions around a traumatic event because he says I truly believe I am sexuallt assaulted and stalked and terrororized and injured but he doesn't think it really happened because it was all a delusion and so the men who I claim abused me in his opinion are just delusions. Seriously. Lack of sleep and anxiety are my biggest problems in my opinion and I'd like to be able to see clearly from my left eye at all times which doctors have told me is possible with the correct lenses just like any person who wears glasses but it takes a lot of trials and error for all my problems. I think that it's unfortunate there are so many people who discriminate against those who are disabled in Canada, People who are disabled are not welfare recipents refusing to work, they are people who didn't have disability insurance at their work place when injured or when they became sick or people who were born or became handicapped restricting their mobility, mental capacity, or daily function preventing them from working long term temporarily or permanently, disability is in no way welfare, it's to provide dignity to people who are incapacitated wheras welfare is for those who refuse to work or cannot find work but are able bodied. Many people who are disabled are well educated and hard working individuals who want to work and had great careers or career goals but for whatever reason they were rendered unable to perform their day-to-day tasks because of injury or illness, that is a very different thing. In my situation I was in graduate school at one of the best universities in Canada working hard to get a well paying job and find love to be a wife and mother but I was injured and even while injured I continued to want to go back to school and find work and was unable to find work then further injured and I was told by a professional that obviously with all my medical appointments I was clearly not able to work and should talk with my doctor about applying for disability so I could have some income instead of relying on my parents until hopefully my physical and psychological injuries resolved or stabilized.  You might think it's ridiculous I decided to spend my income on housewares some might see as silly instead of a vacation, but really that is what I need and lets me live out some of my silly domestic 1950s housewife dreams so that hopefully I don't have to worry about those things if my disabilities resolve by 2015 as predicted. (Some of the best and the brightest are disabled in Canada and it's not their choice and sometimes rest is the best solution for at least the short term just like if you keep picking at a scab you'll get a permanent scar, at least it's better to let people heal then watch them bang their head against a wall repeatedly until they off themself in frustration...)

I have a trauma disorder because I never recovered from being sexually assaulted and gang stalked in my mid 20s before I even got thru university or my first job or married or had the financial ability to take care of myself and instead of getting the emotional, medical, legal, and financial support I needed my perpetrators went on a rampage making my life even more difficult and now I am a disabled person as a direct result of being a victim of a series of unsolved crimes.

I think part of the reason I was not helped and I was further abused is that I was a student when these things happened to me dependent on my parents financially and student loans and low paying student jobs to pay for tuition and books for university and other student expenses and the men who assaulted me and some of the people harassing me had well-paying jobs and the people who they contacted to defend them wanted to be friends with people who had well-paying jobs and money not poor university students who have nothing to offer them and cannot buy expensive things or take fancy vacations or go out to expensive events or concerts or donate money to their organizations or kids and are still dependent on their parents. I didn't have a well-paying job and I probably will never have a well-paying job, the people who they contacted all want to be friends with rich successful people and I have never been either.

As a victim of a group of narcisistic-sociopaths I was sexually assaulted when I was too intoxicated to consent to sex in 2007 by 2 men shortly after ending a long term abusive dating relationship. If you know what I am talking about and you were also a victim of one of these men please come forward as I've been told that if another victim comes forward they will likely go to prison. I reported to the Hamilton police what happened in April 2008 and that report does not exist but one or more of the men went to a different police department a month later to launch compaints about me after he was already reported.

Unfortunately as a direct result of being the victim of violent crime and stalking, I've been the victim of further violence probably perpetrated by the same people who gang stalked me or their friends and relatives and had an aunt request that I remove my online profile concerned it was damaging to anyone in my social circle, I don't have a social circle. That's the reality of life for someone like me.

I think it's important to note that when I received my admission letter to a Master's Degree at McMaster in 2006 at age 24 it was like a dream come true for me, like the start of my fairytale happily ever after, I guess it was more the feeling people get when accepted in their their undergrad of choice (probably because I'd had a lot of bad things happen when I was in high school and in my early 20s), my fantasy was that I would go off to grad school at one of Canada's best universities, where my parents both have degrees, and I'd meet my prince charming, we'd have a wedding on campus and live happily ever after, but that was the farthest thing from what happened for me and a really naive fantasy for a 24 year old. The day my letter arrived in the mailbox here in Brooklin was really the happiest day of my life by age 24, then when I walked into class, there were so many good looking single men I thought I died and went to heaven... then tragedy struck and evil destroyed my happy little dream come true...

Unfortunately I was the victim of sex crimes, but worse than that, gang-stalking, a crime wherby a group of people target an individual and terrorize them and collectively do things like damage their property and watch them. From what I've read sometimes the group will terroize their victim using electronic means other times they will not. There are support networks for victims of this type of crime all over the internet and from what I've read most of the victims have been called crazy before any action was taken if any to stop the violence. I just don't understand why any adult could be so sick that they would commit this type of crime unless they have severe mental health problems and participate with others who are equally mentally ill. I did read about this, but knew very little about it until like 5 years ago, but a police detective I met with several years ago in his office told me I was the victim of gang-stalking, he used that term. I just don't understand how any adult could be so violent towards someone for basically membership in a gang of mentally unstable half-wit-low-life-lunatics. I mean wouldn't it make more sense to join a maffia where at least in the process of commiting a crime you are making a lot of money? In banding together for drug trafficking or selling counterfeit goods you could live like royalty, a much more profitable crime which would be a much easier way to raise your social status affording you luxury goods and fancy cars and homes rather than damaging those belonging to others, or did you complety miss that simple concept? What could possibly be the point of isolating a person, terroizing them, damaging their life and belongings, and essentially attempting to murder them without actually commiting it yourself then moving on to the next target?  I mean really, maffias don't like someone, they shoot them and dump the body and move on, they don't waste time, money, and energy with plan to eventually lead to that person's distruction, there is no profit  in that, it's a waste of time and effort.  There is no capital gain, none what so ever other than popularity amongst most likely a narly looking group of mentally unstable half-wit-low-life-lunatics. Where is your brain? What do you have for brains?

I had so many different things going on from summer 2007 to february 2008... I really don't know why but I was getting so thin and sick and had a stalker and the other stuff...all of a sudden after years of being lactose intolerant after catching c.deficile after my wisdom teeth were removed while in 3rd year at OCAD suddenly in about august 2007 I was no longer lactose intolerant, it was like a miracle after years of carrying lactaid pills in my purse at all times and drinking soy milk products. In addition to talking about the stalker stuff with a doctor at McMaster I was trying to gain 5 pounds and talked about it before she wrote the weird stuff in my file. But she said my platlets were the lowest they should be from a blood test and told me to eat huge amounts of broccoli and steak together to absorb the most iron and I ate like 500 calorie muffins and carnation instant breakfast with homo milk and eggs and a banana for breakfast every day for the rest of the semester while trying to grade papers and get my assignments done, I put grading the papers first because I was paid $39/hour to do it 10 hours per week. The doctor gave me seroquel for insomnia when I went to her because I hadn't been able to sleep in about 2 weeks, the problem being my friends and I were trying to figure out who was sending the messages and why because at first we thought I had a secret admirer then it turned violent and told me about my day and weird and disturbing, as a former friend commented "charming quickly turned to creepy" and when it read lock your door I'm gonna rape you among other things I lost it and ran downstairs and one of my male roomates said, OMG I saw I'm gonna rape you on my computer too! and we ran around the student house checking all the windows and we missed the very important idea that maybe we should call the police I guess that is what happens when you are traumatized, the most sensible solution does not come to you, so anyways she gave me the drugs I was scared to take them and a classmate invited me to go to his apartment to talk about it, so I did but that after noon I'd been told by McMaster to delete my email account with all the communication with the man the police allowed to take me to court and the ex boyfriend who was harassing me by email and I did close it along with my facebook page which they also told me to close, and my phone rang, in february, from the door buzzer from the student apartment I lived in at 396 Avenue Road in Toronto while on co-op and there was NO ONE THERE just like what happened all semester while on co-op, and my friend took the phone and started yelling in it but the person never answered, it was like a horror movie, THEN my phone rang again and that time it was a man I'd already asked to leave me alone in summer 2007 who was in our program and he used 2 names and told me he planned to have lots of premarital but no post marital sex with me and I was scared and my friend took the phone and told him to leave me alone but he hung up, and I was so scared, 2 calls the same day I closed things, I was terrified, so anywaysI took the drugs and it knocked me out for like up to 18 hours at a time and I needed like 5 cups of coffee just to stay awake, I took it for 45 days from february to march 2008 then stopped and when I stopped I went to the police to report my stalker in April 2008 then the doctor gave me ciprolex because I was not depressed but I couldn't stop crying hysterically and she said it would help and that caused all kinds of other memory and emotion problems until March 2009 when I stopped taking it, making me realize the impact of those kinds of medication on your mind and body. But what bothers me is that the administration at mcmaster did nothing even when I was clearly physically sick and distressed when I went to speak with them in addition to my insomia. I was feeling so sick physically in february 2008 that I almost fainting in class during a group presentation and my peer put his arm out to catch me and I sat down, that clearly couldn't possibly be the result of a mental health problem, I only completed 2 of the 5 classes I registered for and handed in work late to one of the two but managed to get an A and a B regardless. I don't know what was wrong with me but I do know I've had some of the same types of physical symtoms return since after periods of recovery where I felt perfectly healthy again and looked healthy then all of a sudden experienced things like hair loss or weight loss or my lips of fingers turning blue or numbness and then I slowly recover as if I am exposed to a toxin and doctors have found no source other than my allergies.

I could only wish I had a "break from reality" typical supposedly according to psychiatrists for people who have schizophrenia, and clearly a VERY EASY WAY FOR POLICE TO FREE MEN FOR RAPE, but I was traumatized after being raped by 2 men before I even finished grad school or got my first real full-time non-student job. I was raped, I was harassed, resulting in being traumatized, and that is exactly what happened to me. I had a very bright future BEFORE I was raped and BEFORE I was stalked and BEFORE the police abused me so that rapists could walk free. No one did anything special to help me, only to abuse me after I made my statements that I was raped and stalked and when I was so traumatized I couldn't stop begging for help, instead of reassuring me I would be helped and to calm down, I was charged for harassing the police, I was raped, I was stalked, and instead of being offered what I needed to calm down and have closure and move on, my life was destroyed by further violence by the very people our society pays to help victims of crime, instead of arresting any of the people I reported for actual crimes they commited towards me over my life, real things that happened to me or that they told me they did, the police rewarded each one of them or at least someone did with a hand up in life. That is what really happens when you report criminals in canada. The criminals are given permission to abuse their victims. The police gave one of the men who raped me a job. That is what they do. That is how corrupt the police are in Canada. Canada is not a safe country for women, it's a dangerous country for women. I was raped, I've been domestically abused, I've been stalked by more than one person male and female, I've been bullied, and I've had violent people do lots of sick things ot me in my life, and no one did a thing to make it better, no one offered me a job or any opportunities only abuse in the court system, my body is disabled now and so is my mind because I was raped and stalked, it's not like I had a little accident and a supportive group of people who helped me get on with my life, I was slandered by rapists, medical providers, and the police, I don't have any real life friends because I was raped and stalked, I've never been invited to a friend's wedding because I was raped and stalked. That is my real life. No one wants a woman who was raped and stalked for a wife or to work for them or in their classroom, people just slap and marginalized label on them and want to toss them in the trashbin. I will NEVER forget that I was raped and stalked and I will NEVER forgive the men who raped me or the people who abused me for them and I will NEVER forgive the police who tortured me for the freedom of rapists, I cannot and I will not ever forgive them for what they did to me after I was raped and stalked and traumatized for being raped and stalked, that isn't somehting you ever forgive, I don't have a hero I can thank, I don't have anyone who rescued me, I just have monsters in uniforms who lied and manipulated and abused me so that they could let violent people walk free. I don't have any heros, I just have a group of absolutely horrible self absorbed people who have absolutely no ability to see the difference between right and wrong only the benefit to themselves and their social group and I cannot ever forgive any of them and I never will. Maybe some really abusive law-enforcement people have a fantasy that I've been having so much fun since they abused me in the court system for rapists to walk free, that is the very last thing, I have been so traumatized I can barely function day to day, I can't concentrate for long periods, at least I can watch a half hour TV show now without spacing out and staring into the distance and missing completely the story line and rewinding like 20 times and it taking like 3 hours to watch a 30minute program. In my perception the police who took me to court are the bad guys who abuse sex crime victims and I am their hostage and I am completely petrified of them, if they have fantacies other wise they need to be fired, I already can't believe there are police who arrest women who've been raped and stlaked for begging for help or reporting crimes she's been a victim of, they didn't even do anything about any of the other things I told them about, they didn't care, I am not even a person, my body and my life have no rights in Canada according to the police.  A victim who sends harassing emails to a rapist is treated worse than the rapist.

The police let him take me to court for harassing him by email, which I did because I believed he was going to murder me and was my cyberstalker, and although he took the time to not only forward them every email but to make an excel spread sheet of them and included spam he received, and he cc'd a lawyer on all his emails, he did not show up to court on one occassion, not once. He did send a letter describing himself as a victim that was read by a young looking pregnant female crown attorney and it really was not believable, like what 6 foot 3 man claims he is terrified a 5 foot 5.5 woman who doesn't know his apartment number even is going to be standing outside his door or that he feels the need to contact strangers to ask them if I had talked to them about him to clear up his side of the story when I didn't talk to people about him outside of maybe a dozen people who I had to contact? So this man was going around contacting people about me claiming I was his stalker while I was talking to the police about how I was scared of him and that he told me scary stories and had sex with me when I was too intoxicated to consent and told me that his hobbies included killing animals for entertainment? Who did he contact? what did he say about me? I am still horrified years later as his victim. People have asked me what is wrong and I cannot even get the words out years later, I really don't talk about it to anyone because it is too horrifying for me. The thigns that happened in 2007, 2008, 2009 are too horrifying for me to even talk about especially not to strangers even now in 2014.  I want to put those memories in a box and remove them from my recollection forever but I cannot, they haunt me sometimes during the day and sometimes during sleep, and I will be perfectly happy going about my quiet life today in 2014 and then I am reminded and it's terrifying for me because I just want to forget but I cannot forget. I just keep trying to replace all the bad memories with happy memories by replacing things in my life and places and people.

This just came to me on November 26th 2013 after reading some online articles on victim blaming: So a pervy psychiatrist and a couple of doctors and a young pregnant crown attorney more concerned with defending the men's reputations and keeping the jerks who abused me out of prison then giving me, the victim, closure diagnosed me as having a mental illness that prevents me from having a normal grasp of reality. If this is true and I do not have the mental capacity to understand reality and that sex is not rape but a consensual act between adults that I did indeed consent to but my mental illness prevented me from seeing it was consensual would that not mean, under the laws of consent, that I was raped because I lack the mental capacity to consent to sex? There are laws in Canada that state a person cannot consent to sex if they are under the influence of alcohol or lack the mental capacity to understand what sex is. And so not only was I under the influence of alcohol given to me either by being purchased or handed to me at a party, according to the very doctors making claims I am delusional and was not assaulted but believed the act of sex was rape validated and 100% confirmed in that statement that I lack the mental capacity to consent to sex and thus as I am a handicapped woman who was raped because I cannot say yes to sex because I don't know the difference between sex and rape. Furthermore, if the rumours are true and the men in the MBA program all thought I still looked like and acted like an underage teenager in my mid-20s, not only would that make the men who had sex with me rapists confirming they had sex with a woman who they believed had the mental capacity of an underaged girl but that they have fantacies about sex with children  (as confirmed to me while I as fooling around with a man I was dating in 2010 who also was a McMaster MBA and he blurted out when he was turned on what he wanted to do to my, paraphrased and censored here, "Hot Teenaged Lady-parts." after he took me on a few dates then he told me he didn't think we had what it takes to have a relationship after telling me he was my boyfriend before we fooled around...I mean when I went to report sexual assault at a police station in Toronto in early 2009, I went to the front desk and told the receptionist I wanted to report a sexual assault very quietly without my name or age, he told me to wait in a room and brought youth detectives into the room to speak with me who deal with underaged people.. I was 27) and lived out those fantacies on an intoxicated woman's body who they had absolutely no intention of having a relationship with, as confirmed by statements in court documents such as "it was just sex".  This man also boasted to me that he liked to walk into his classes late and just start talking and how everyone LOVED when he walked into the room and just burst in with his opinions, clearly this man was a narcisist with grandiose delusions about how important he was. Whenever I showed up late to a class I would quietly wait if the door was locked or for a break in the presentation then find a seat in the back row and not say a word. I never had any classes with him and so I don't know if his claims were true or not, he also made claims that every weekend his friends and him drove up the 400 highway high on pot to go to his parents cottage and got drunk and drove thru a red light on yonge street with me in his car then told off a parking enforcement officer infront of me when he got a parking ticket the next morning after he told me I needed to get plan B because he claimed the condom fell off during sex the night before something I didn't remember happening... Not the kind of man I would ever want to be in a relationship with. This man just does whatever he wants and doesn't care about anyone but himself.

I know this is just an idea, but I have this weird feeling that one of the police officers in Toronto who participated in arresting me might have been watching me as a teenager or university student when I lived in North York. I really didn't even notice police cars or where police stations were even when I walked by one to university, it was completely insignificant to me. But in my last year of high school my friends and I would drive down or take the subway down to buy candy at lunch hour a block from the police station in Toronto that arrested me at 27 and started to contact me at 26, I would hang out a block from there in jeans with fun fur sewn on them and cat ears with my friends and buy candy at sugar mountain then hang out in the square across the street and then at nights we'd take the subway to the same area and go for french fries and to free movies and just hand around like teenagers do. I worked for a month across the street from their station in a bedding store and I would walk to the art store across the street from their station to buy art supplies for school. I really don't know, but my lawyer told me a detective was trying to tell him that he thought I was into like the goth scene or whatever and I've never been one of those girls, I did wear lots of black but so does every single other girl who lives in the city, most girls wore black peacoats and fur earmuffs and it;s a completely different style in the city. But like, I did wear silly outfits and carry cute little furry purses I made myself and would sit in the square outside as a teenager drinking slushies and throwing candy around with my friends. Like what if a man 10 or 20 years older than me was fixated on me as a teenager and watched me from a distance for so long that he developed fantacies and it was like a dream come true to finally be able to take me into his court system. I really wonder now, because so many things don't make sense and I live so far away now and even when I was a 20-something working at sunnybrook as a co-op student, I rarely was around that area other than in a car or to pop into the mall to buy something after parking in the underground no longer in children's or art-school girl clothing but in very adult clothing I had to wear for work going about my life hoping to get a very adult job as a hospital administrator not as a student in a flowershop or linens store, but like if a policeman was fixated on me from a distance as a teenager or student and he saw me years later no longer like a child but had an image of a child as a woman in his head when she had yet to get thru school and get her first adult non-student job, it is possible that he was watching me for many years and I didn't even notice. I really don;t know, but some of the things that came up horrify me because clearly someone was watching me when I was someone's daughter in the city not an adult with her own life or career yet and still growing up needing support, encouragement and opportunities just like all other people in that age group, I wonder if someone thought I was a grown woman when I was a child, I think the age of majority needs to be raised to at least 21 in Canada because I know 100% that although I had some very adult experiences before I was even 14 years old, I had the mind of a child until I was probably like 22 and finished my first degree. I really didn't get any opportunities to do anything in my last year of high school, I didn't have anyone who was helping me get into university or offering me volunteer opportunities for teenagers that is age appropriate and fun, I didn't get to put my art in any art shows or have anyone treating me in an age appropriate way until I had my art in shows at OCAD but not outside of OCAD. It wasn't until my parents moved to Brooklin that I got any opportunities and it wasn't until I was a grad student that I was asked to participate in things with other young people my age and it meant the world to me. I think people always treated me like I was 10 years older than I was starting at about 13 and they forgot that I needed support, encouragement and age appropriate opportunities just like all the other young people and that things were as hard if not harder for me already.

If any men claim I was their friend with benefits, I've never been in a friend with benefits relationship in my life, all it means is he is a domestic abuser or a sex offender who was either sexually abusing me in private or telling me he was my boyfriend and that we were monogamous while telling other people the opposite. When a man tells you in private you are his girlfriend and monogamous that is what you believe to be true.

I just came up with a hilarious theory, one of like 1,000,000 of what is going on. What if a whole bunch of like high school drop out types or just generally low-life types with kids like think they have a secret network where they are overthrowing the rich people to give their kids better lives but instead they are so ignorant that all the did was attack the childen of people who went to college and university and have jobs that pay the same as uneducated like factory workers or cleaners who waste all their money on drugs and alcohol and garbage out of ignorance  so had less than the educated who spent the exact same salary on mortgages and investments and sending their kids to camp and special programs and their kids now just work in offices, with the same mindset, got an education and instead of becoming rich people, have just as much money as they would have had working on the line in a beer factory, and blow that cash pretending to be rich people who are jet setters instead of buying like a house or housewares to put in it and now their uneducated low-life parents are trying to make sure they secure their kids futures in the upper classes but all they did was get them different kinds of jobs paying the same money using their genetically half-wit brains similar to their parents to do jobs instead of their hands. SO they like travelled the world and now complain they cannot afford things like nice dishes and new towels and mass-produced part-MDF part-wood furniture because they are not paid enough but they blew that cash travelling to europe and south america and the middle east and asia for a short term rush the equivalent of wasting it on cocaine and say things like, "I cannot afford a new $1000 sofa how can a person who is disabled on ODSP be shopping for a sofa while I work every day.. I just got back from spain and plan to go to thailand in 3 months... when my uncle was on ODSP he could barely afford food and toothpaste and needed to use YMCA communal showers!!.." (completely missing the part where his uncle went from the chequing office to the dealer.. back to his box in a forest)... I have no evidence, but it's just a thought... I have so many ideas...

I wanted to travel in my teens and early 20s, I talked about it as if it was the far off thing in the future when I had money in a few short years, then I figured I would be married and buy a house and have 4 kids by the time I was 35, but obviously that never happened. Now I really want to travel but it's more important to me that I am married and own a house and have nice things for my house. My focus is making sure I have the things I need for my own home because I want to buy one house, have one husband, 4 kids, and live in that house forever and never move. Above and beyond anything else that is the most important thing to me in life. I would never travel alone, I am not and have never been that type of woman, I only want to travel with the man I marry and I don't want a man who has already honeymooned with other women on vacations he took on planes, I don't care about local road trips, but travelling by plane outseide of north america with a woman who isn't his wife is a value I couldn't live with. I don't share mutual values with a man who honeymoons abroad with a woman who he is not married to. SHARED VALUES are really important to me in a marriage, and I wouldn't fly anywhere on vacation or to honeymoon destinations with a man who didn't marry me first and so I'd expect him to be the same way or he is not the man for me.  Honeymono vacations come AFTER the wedding not before the proposal. I don't care if he travelled the world with his family or his friends, but alone with another woman?  Absolutely not. I've been to greece on a school trip at 16, I went to the dominican republic with my sister at 21, and I went to mexico with my parents and sibblings and their spouses at 29. That is all I have travelled outside of Canada and the United States.There are lots of men I meet my age who are single or married and never traveled anywhere really, or only gone with male friends or family, and I want a man like that. I would get up from a date a leave no matter how successful a man is if he travelled by plane on honeymoons with another woman even if he was not married, I don't date men like that no matter how disabled I am, not divorced men, not men with kids, and not men who honeymooned instead of saving his money for when he found a wife to honeymoon with and start a family with. I might not be a virgin, I might have been sexually abused and most definitely do not have a hymen to offer a man if that's what he's looking for or money or a body free of injuries, but I have enough self respect not to give myself to a man who took tramps on vacations I could only dream of, certainly there are other tramps waiting in line for a free trip with a jiggalo and I am not that kind of girl no matter how damaged my life and reputation are. I just can't have kids with a man if when he talks about places he's been he has to tell my children he went with another woman before he met their mother and that their mother hasn't ever been to those places but daddy took a lady he wasn't married to, I just can't raise my kids like that. If you are the type of man who likes women who travel alone or who have well-paying jobs or own nice homes or condos or women who like to vacation to honeymoon destinations with men who they are not married to, I am not the girl for you and clearly you prefer a more masculine type of woman and that is perfectly okay because it suits your values. The idea of taking a vacation anywhere by myself is horrifying for me, I've lived alone but never very far from my family or friends and even that I know is not for me.

This really bothers me: Why is it that abusive people who slander and commit violence always try to silence their victim or complain when their victims talks about what happened? Why are violent people always trying to conceal their victim? I've noticed a pattern since the start of the internet social networking age that did not exist before: The same people who bully in person or abuse in person try to have the people they abuse removed from social media or try to make claims of slander or defemation against their victims. It's like they fixated on that person for so many years and lied to so many people that when that person was visible to anyone they couldn't possibly prove anything and so their only way to prove themselves and justify their long term anger is to silence them any way they can. It hasn't been once for me, it's been several times by several different people for several different reasons when I haven't once asked that anyone be denied access to social media even when they have commited violent crimes towards me. It's always the perpetrator seeking revenge or to conceal something they did or said. The victim is always just upset and complaining, even in all the news stories I've read but doesn't know what to do. In my opinion it's the equivalent of when like a rapist pulls out a gun and points it at their vitim and says: "tell anyone and I'll kill you". If you don't want anyone saying anything bad about you, don't do anything creepy or weird and psycho to them in the first place. The WORST possible thing to do a to victim is silence them and make them invisible, that only makes things harder for them and easier for the people who abused the victim to keep them out of their social circle and from talking or being themself so they can continue to lie and slander and abuse. Those same girls who sat in the back of the cafeteria complaining about the popular girls BEFORE social media like in the 1990s and before, are the girls who are like banding together online and it's so disturbing, it really isn't the popular young people who bully, it's the unpopular young people who bully the popular, likeable, social young people because of their own shortcomings. It really doesn't matter if it's friends, peers, co-workers, or family, they all do the same thing if they are that type and it was really upsetting and distressing for me before but now it make me laugh because it's pathetic and so sad that they need to contiue with the same behaviour as a 12 year old in their 20s, 30s, and even 60s. People like that will never be happy no matter what they have in life, they could be well paid, have nice homes and cars and kids, but they will act the same way because inside they will never be happy because the only way they know to get anything in life is to bully people and commit violence and lie and slander and compete to be better at anything and everything to anyone they start to fixate on rather than looking inside themselves to see what they like and who they are and what makes them happy. They never once worked on themselves just looked at other happy people and figured that imitating them or stealing their boyfriends or meeting their friends or going to their school or applying to work at their work place or in a similar job would make them just as happy as their fixation. They will NEVER be happy because they will NEVER KNOW what makes them happy and that is why everything to them in hard work and something to complain about and blame other people when things go wrong for them because they don't even know anything about themselves. (WEIRD I just felt like tingling down my spine, maybe that was written from above... lol. maybe it was like automatic writing... lol. but still I believe that all 100%)

My 20s were for my education and working on a career, my 30s and beyond my only goal was to be a wife and mother and spend all my time and energy making sure the man I marry is successful and being a good wife and mother then going back to work when my kids were older. That is still my goal. I know many people my age are married or even divorced, but I do not date divorced men and I refuse to be a step mother. I am looking to marry a single never married childless man in his 30s and dedicating my life to making sure our family is successful and dedicating my life to him. That's what a woman does when she gets married and that is what I plan to do with my life. I would NEVER do those kinds of things for a man I am not married to ever. The only way a man could ever be a part of my life is to be my husband and willing to financially support our family while I do the duties of a wife and mother including socializing with other women for our own personal family social circle. That's part of the reason I refuse to have connections with anyone from my past, when I am well enough I plan to be married and build my entire life around whoever I marry. Maybe you are a woman married to a man I went to school with or once partied with or swam with or whatever and thought we would be friends if you married him, you missed the part where as soon as he became engaged, our friendship ended and I moved on to befriending other single bachelors because he was off the market and no longer available so it was a complete waste of my time to continue that friendship.

Although I obviously had some really abusive people who delusionally believed otherwise without knowing anything about me, I've never been one of those girls who things have been easy for. We all know the type, she always gets grades higher than she deserves in school, is a bit uglier than half the girls in her class but adults tell her how pretty she is, she's never the star player on a team but gets the award for best participant, she's never the most popular or invited to the popular kids parties so her teachers and coaches treat her special and get her into the best universities and the best part time job she doesn't even come close to deserving thinking it will increase her confidence and so she develops a huge ego and superiority complex and thinks that is how she is supposed to treat people, right out of university she comes out with inflated grades from her professors for spending extra time in their offices making them feel sorry for her that she isn't popular enough or invited to parties so they put her in like a student job on campus she doesn't even come close to deserving, so she gets into the best grad school or teachers college or whatever and thinks that life is easy for everyone just like her and doesn't understand why when she gets her first job with benefits all the other girls are unemployed or whatever, and some man just like her who has never had a bad thing happen in his life marries her and all the people who uplifted her in life celebrate the success of someone who never deserved it in the first place, while the whole time she was cruel and mean to the girls who were a little more deserving in life saying the complete opposite to those who gave her opportunities and owns a car and house before the other girls and never deserved a thing she has. I've never been that type, I was always the girl who was put down and told how useless and undeserving I was, I was the girl who would be lectured after a spoiled girl like that complained or made up a story and then she'd sweetly smile her eyes beaming with joy while I was being put down for her actions, I've always been graded less, and told I was ugly not pretty, I wasn't ever a girl who hung around my teacher or professor's office,I was too busy talking with the boys and laughing with the girls about the boys thinking the teachers and professors were like old people and scary typically being lectured on how crappy my assignments were or how I just wasn't as good or deserving as other students for something. And now, in my 30s, the same kinds of people who put me down and made me feel worthless and told me how ugly I was and what a loser I was wonder why I have nothing, I am not married, I haven't got my first job, I don't own a car or a house, and I can;t even get the help of the police without begging when I've been the victim of violent crime. It's actually too late to encourage me to do things I might have been able to do but now cannot due to disability or age, it's way past a point in my life where I thought I could be anything in life one day if only I could get my foot in the door for something, and maybe that is not okay with them, maybe it completely contradicts what they said or thought my life might be like if they kept hurting me or putting me down, but I don't know another life, I won't know another life, and I do blame them and I won't forgive them because you might forget the things they said but you will never forget the way someone made you feel and how discouraging it is to be told how worthless you are your entire life. I do get disability from the ontario governement because I've never had an income above the poverty line in life and that is real life for me. I suffer from anxiety not from some internal struggle but because of how you made me feel over and over and over again, and I don't have that anxiety when I don't go to school or work and get just a little bit of money. Because of you I didn't know what it felt like to not have anxiety all the time because I didn't know the difference. You are the one who gave everything I needed to someone else and that is a choice you made and have to live with, don't even make me feel worse for your mistakes because I don't know another life.

I learnt something I didn't know when I spent one weekend in jail in Ontario for mass emailing the police begging them to find my stalker, they don't wear orange they wear hunter or army green. I had no idea. They wear green joging suits and green t-shirts and they are given army green parkas. I never knew, but now that I do know women who are incarated during cold month are given army green parkas similar to the ones in stores for like $300-500 I realized that the women who wear those coats on the street might be criminals or the friends of criminals because that is the only explaination for how that coat in army green might have become trendy in some social circles. I'd never to the best of my memory had a friend who owned an army green parka but I saw women wearing them all the time and still do, and now when I see a woman in an army green parka I figure she likely went to jail at some point or she has friends who are current or former drug addicts, strippers, or prostitutes or thieves, clothing really says so much about where a person has been in life and who they associate with over their life and where they've been no matter what their current status married, single, childless, divorced, employed, unemployed, etc...

Considering I hope to live to be 100 I have about 70s left of my life and I want to be happy. I want to see my wedding day, give birth to my own children, see my children give birth to my grandchildren, and be happily married my whole life to one man, obviously I haven't yet met the man I am destined to marry and who will be a father to my children. I purposely left people who have abused me or slandered me or who I do not want to be associated to in the past. That is my choice and I expect my choice to be respected. What I need to be happy is to be introduced to a man who has no connections to people from my past so that we can build a life around each other and our children and never look back. 70 years is a really long time compared to knowing someone for like a year or two or even 10 years then moving on. No means NO. The only way to make my life better is to help me directly meet the man of my dreams and give us enough money to own a nice house, 2 nice cars, and be able to take vacations with our kids a few times a year, to be able to buy them nice clothing and to pay for them to participate in childhood activities and to be able to pay for their college education and weddings. That is what I need in life. I need a nice 2 storey 4 bedroom house with lots of bathrooms and lots of space for 4 kids, a nice kitchen, a big living room and a seperate formal dinning room for big fancy family dinners with our extended family. Maybe a walk-in pantry in the kitchen, and a jaccuzzi in the master bed room, it should look nice from the street and be in a safe community with good schools. That's what I need.  If you give all those things to another woman, it does absolutely nothing to help me, it only makes my life worse and harder. That's what I want. That's the only way you can help me. Maybe you are someone or know someone who is still obsessed with me for whatever reason and is having trouble dealing with me setting boundaries to protect myself and set out the best future for my own children, you need to seek professional help and if you know someone who is upset I will not communicate with them please get them the psychiatric help they so desperately need because it's not normal to be that fixated on a woman who has repeatedly stated she does not want to be in contact with someone, there is NOTHING wrong with a woman who says NO, NO is a statement that needs to be respected.  I am not 18 or 22, I am a 32 year old single girl who needs to be a married and own a nice house and have kids of my own.

But currently I am not even close to being able attract a husband or to buy a home, I am a disabled person, I was disabled by violent crime and other injuries, and my only income is $832/month from the Canadian Government until at least March 2015 when Doctors believe my conditions may no long be considered disabilities but healed.

If you are a person who believes you, your friend, or your relative is my arch rival and that they need to compete with me that person has a severe psychiatric disorder and needs psychiatric help. I have done so many different things in my life that I cannot think of anyone who I would consider my rival or competitor, in my world I do what I enjoy and work hard on my own terms hoping for equal rewards for my effort to every one else, if you have delusions we are rivals or competitors or that you needed to or now need to harm me to win a competition that exists only in your brain please go to a hospital immediately for councelling and never, ever contact me.

If you are somone who has harmed me or is embarassed by your actions towards me or what happened to me, that is for you to deal with, leave me out of your problems. If you did something to me and that harmed me, I have a right to talk about it as your victim. If you are unhappy and humiliated by your actions you have two options: spend your life in prison or you can commit suicide, kill me or try to silence me and that makes you a murderer. If you are my age are you scared your children or grandchildren are going to find out what a monster you are? That's unfortunate but the reality is you should have thought about it before you commited violence towards me or anyone, they might find out, that's just how it is, and you have to live with your actions. Considering I want to live a long life, get married and have children and see my grandchildren born, I suggest you choose suicide to stop your humiliation, it's your best option and better for everyone.

In the whole stalker mess thing I was ordered to get a psychiatric evaluation by the Toronto Police after I already had a psychologist decide I had post traumatic stress disorder but they wouldn't accept that information from my lawyer, and every single report they received they rejected and asked for a new psychiatrist. Seriously. I went to not one but 3 seperate forensic psychiatrists for their various psychiatric testing. The first was a pervert in my opinion and his entire office and hospital a disaster, it was dirty looking and grimy and he told my father and lawyer that I had episodic schizophrenia around sexual encounters and that I needed to be admitted to his inpatient schizophrenia program for treatment after completing pages and pages of multiple choice questions and an interview, there were seriously questions like "I would like a job as a forest ranger" or "people are stealing my thoughts and ideas" or "I read my horoscope" or "the radio is talking to me" or "before the age of 15 I liked to set fires", like would a pyromaniac really say they indeed liked to set things on fire? of course not. So anyways after like 3 or 4 appointments and probably like 20 hours of tests, his diagnosis was episodic delusions around sex requiring inpatient care and medication to stabilize me but lawyer wouldn't be able to contact him for further questions because he was leaving in 3 weeks for afghanistan. I really had a breakdown at the law office in the board room and started crying and panicking and was like, "these things happened to me me! How could you write this? I can't read it!" and I sat on the floor sobbing and left the room and went into an empty office and closed the door and sat in the dark and called the policewoman who interviewed me over the sex assault and left a message on her machine about what this man was saying to me sobbing the whole time while my lawyer was talking to the doctor in his board room. He was terrifying me. So a second opinion was sought from a new forensic psychiatrist, this one seemed like a polite not creepy man, he felt the most likely diagnosis after talking with me like 4 or 5 times in his office at a mental hospital was that I was traumatized over things that really happened to me but that there was a possibility that they did not happen, but most likely from talking with me they did happen and I was traumatized but someone else would have to confirm that diagnosis. So of course they did not accept that 2nd diagnosis and sent me for a third one. The third forensic psychiatrist just seemd bored the whole time and didn't really seem to care he just wanted to get it over with and wrote this really boring report that was like inconconclusive and I was treated not with medication but cognitive behavioural therapy which was administered by an overweight woman about my age who I think suffered from some mental health problems of her own and liked to tell me about her life in her office on every visit and I just got sick of going and told her to mail me the stupid workbook sheets in the mail because supposedly I couldn't just buy the $25 book at a store when I already went with someone while they bought their own copy years before. These jerks wasted years of my life trying to prove things that they couldn't prove and I can never forgive them and I really think the last psychiatrist just wanted to make sure the police left me alone and stopped bothering me. I served my sentence for harassing a man investigate for sexually assaulting me and harassing the police where most of the content was begging them to find my stalker or telling the jerk to rot in hell by going to talk with a woman about my age once a week and going for coffee by myself in the hospital after the appointment then going home and going for physiotherapy for physical injuries and really I needed to concentrate on the physio and my pain problems and my eyesight allergies not those stupid psychological tests and questions to prove a jerk was innocent. I even had to go to the same hospital to meet with a surgeon about a benign tumor on my lower back. THAT was way more important and so were all the MRIs and other physical tests. I actually developed FURTHER anxieties and phobias BECAUSE of the psychological appointments and I need time to just recover from all of that by doing the things I like to do on my own time and having my privacy to meet a boyfriend and hopefully get married and have a family because so much time was stolen from me because of the actions of selfish violent arrogant people, they stole everything I had left in my life that mattered to me and turned what I had left upside down and made everything worse not better just so some jerks could walk free. I am happier than I was before because I can do what makes me happy right now, but I might have been happy if they just let me do what I was doing in school and protected me by arresting the people who were abusing me instead of removing me from my life and if I graduated and got a good job like I intended and was able to buy the things I needed and found a young man my age to marry and spend my life with over the last almost 6 years. By cleaning up someone else's life and "indiscretions" they tossed my life and future in the trashbin. The most horrifying part is this: I was being cyberbullied by a weirdo or group of weirdos, in 2007 I didn't know anything about how to capture screenshots or that I needed to call the police and cyberbullying wasn't even a discussion in the media at the time, the content was dispicable and very upsetting and threatening and yet a group of perverts had fantacies when I told them that they were somehow my fantasies and my dreams and my internal hopes and desires when I was absolutely horrified and traumatized by a sicko or group of sickos terrorizing me. Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone other than a group of people trying to defend the perpetrators try to make up that my being cyberbullied was just a fantasy? That is the farthest thing I would ever want to happen to me in my life and the trauma will never stop, I was a 20-something grad student, I didn't really have much life experience, and for that to happen to me was a nightmare. Just because a pervert thought it was funny or wanted to threaten me, I don't know what the motive was, does not mean you should ever assign any blame to a victim.  I really don't know if the person harassing me was a lesbian with a crush on me or was calling me a lesbian because they didn't really have anything else mean to make up to say because they were dumped or jealous, I really couldn't interpret that, I can't tell you if the person was mutilating animals themself or just finding pictures of mutilated animals to send to scare me or to threaten me. I don't know. All I know is that the person or the group was clearly violent and mentally disturbed and homicidal but I do not know why or what they wanted to accomplish other than to terrorize a young woman and I don't even know if I was targetted for a specific reason or just chosen at random but the person or someone in the group was clearly known to me, I really don't know why anyone would cyber-terrorize me like that.

Contradtictory to the diagnosis as delusional, in the reports I was described as being a nice person with a pleasant personality and that I seemed overly concerned with my appearance and rashes or scars. Typically from what I've read a delusional person often neglects their appearance and yet in their reports they said I seemed overly concerned with my appearance. My stalker did send me things that read among other things "I'm in your closet peeing on your coats" and I really discovered there was the smell of body odor on some of my belongings that would not come out in the wash and that is impossible. I don't know what these jerks did or why but I am overly concerned with my appearance, I am high maintnance even when injured, and no matter what scars I have or damaged hair I still spend at least 20 minutes on my hair and make-up before leaving the house. I think that this group of people wanted to make it appear that I had poor hygene but unfortunately the complete opposite is true about me, if anything I worry too much about my appearance and what I wear.

ISn't there a crime for facilitating the sexual assault of a woman? Isn't making false statements in medical records facilitating the sexual assault of a woman? I won't ever forgive any monster who facilitated my sexual assault and stalking, my life is a bloody mess and you are one of the monsters who belong in prison for falsifying evidence to clear up the reputations of men who rape and women who torture and abuse other women. What you did is not okay, it will never be okay, and I pray every single day that you rot in prison then burn in hell for the monster you are. Look in the mirror, that face staring back is not a saint to saved a man or woman from jail, it's a sinner who needs to rot in hell, you didn't do a good thing by destroying my life for a person to walk free, you did a really really bad horrible evil thing and the most terrifying part is you likely thought you were doing good by what you did, and it was a horrible selfish thing to do.

I think the funniest was a doctor who was trying to claim I have delusions of grandeur when I have always had really low self esteem and felt invisible in most situations of my life or like garbage, people who have grandeur delusions usually have really big egos and really high self esteem and think they are god's gift to the world and I've always felt the complete opposite about myself and so that doctor clearly was a really self-absorbed person who just wanted to hurt me for whatever reason out of their own psychological problems. I might have done well at some things in my life but I've always had really low self esteem. It would have been a lot more helpful to me if that doctor just encouraged me to feel good about myself so I might stop thinking I was a completely worthless loser. I've had lots of really self absorbed people who already have things I could only dream of in my life tell me they somehow believe that I think the world revolves around me, the complete opposite is true in my life, I always feel like the world revolves around everyone else and I am treeated like crap compared to my peers or friends or colleagues or family members. I don't know why I get treated like garbage by the same people who tell me that I think the world revolves around me, my god, if the world revolved around me I'd have millions of dollars in my bank account and a husband and fabulous completed education and job and nice house and car. I never even finished grad school or got my first job to afford to buy a car let alone a house. I am on disability now and struggling to buy a few housewares and trying to make the best of a bad situation by sharing what I buy with people, I don't make $40,000/year let alone $100,000/year, I get under $10,000 in yearly income. That's all I have. I've never even been paid more than $20,000 in an entire year in my life, I've probably only made a total lifetime income of like under $40,000 since I got my first job at 16. That's hardly the kind of person you want to put down and make feel like garbage and worse than they already feel in the first place. Why would anyone ever tell a person who has yet to be paid more than a poverty wage they have grandoise delusions when they are trying to figure out why their life has been so hard and they have yet to find their first full time job so keep going to school hoping that might result in a job one day? What a horrible person or group of people.

I went for councelling for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and to talk about ways to get over my fears of being assaulted, stalked, or attacked again. We never discussed anything from the position of the police who charged me for harassing the man investigated for sexually assaulting me or harassing the police for refusing to look for my stalker, we talked about how I was traumatized and developed phobias as a result of being a victim and talked about what happened to me as if it really happened to me. The only people who said it did not happen were people connected to the court directly and so they were defending a group of bullies and sex offenders the whole time while I spent my hours in therapy trying to get over the trauma of being their victim and each therapist I spoke with kept saying, I believe you, I really believe you but the police for whatever reason have turned everything against you and I don't know why they are out to get you, it makes no sense... all the therapists said it made no sense to them even after reading what the court had to say especially considering half the facts were wrong about me and my life and even where I was born so someone was clearly writing what they beleived to be true about me and didn't really know me or my family just some stories they obviously made up or heard as rumours.

It was so disturbing for me to read made-up things like that I was born in London Ontario and was independently successful of my parents when my parents are McMaster University graduates who supported me my whole life and I was dependent on them while a university student to supplement my student loans to pay for school and drove their car spending weekends at home while at grad school and hadn't yet moved out on my own due to lack of income and I was born in Mississauga Ontario Canada where I completed pre-school, kindergarden, and grade 1 and lived there until 3 weeks before my 7th birthday. They had so many weird facts about me that were not true and I don't know where they got them from, my lawyer had to keep re-writing facts that were wrong, like that I went to the police to file a report in april of 2008 and they kept saying that didn't happen when that is what I did. The documents said I was contacting the family members of the man investigated for sexually assaulting me and I only know of the name of ONE of his family members, his brother's name, and I was upset he was on my sister in law's sister's facebook friends list. I don't even know what his parents did for a living or what their names are but do know he said they retired. And he seemed to know my family the very first day I met him and he was a complete stranger to me until fall 2006... it's all very strange and disturbing. I mean my memories under the age of 7 are very different from someone who was born in London Ontario, when I was under 7 I remember my mom driving my brother sister and I downtown to meet my dad after work to go for family dinner in restaurants in downtown toronto. There was not a subway in missisauga and I never rode the subway as a child, but I saw the signs all the time and I was confused at 7 when we lived in London ontario and thought the subway restaurant signs were for the subway and it took a long time for me to understand. The kids in london ontario made fun of my accent and said I said the word RED the wrong way because they had different accents then in Mississauga. My childhood was very different then someone born and raised in mississauga or london ontario or north york or brooklin because I was a kid in grade-school in mississauga, in london, and in north york, then a university student while in brooklin commuting. Maybe they had the wrong Carolyn or someone with a similar name in mind? I really don't know.

I think a lot of women between the ages of like 18-35 missed the part where when you get married you transition from being a young adult to being middle aged. It doesn't matter that your chronilogical age is, if you are married at 20 you become middle aged at 20 and if you are married at 35 you become middle aged at 35. After the age of 18 if you get married you are not a young person anymore but a middle aged married person and the matriarch of a family even if it is just you and your husband, you are no longer a little girl or a young woman but a middle aged wife even if your chronilogical age is only like 21. It's like there are too many women in my generation and younger who seem to believe that they are still children when they are married and like 21 but they jumped ahead in life to middle age by going to the altar and being handed over to a man as a wife, and that means you cook, clean, and live with a man and work or don't work but that is your new position in life and you chose it no matter your age, you are not a young person off to martini nights and mingling with single young people anymore, you are a middle aged person and there are lots of events geared towards your social group for married people with or without children and that is why if your spouse has insurance coverage you on on his or her insurance not your parents anymore and why you share a bank account and a bed and am apartment or home. If you are a married person who is 18 you are middle aged already and I am still a young person being single and nevr married. If you become divorced you are still middle aged, that's just how it works. Lots of women do not get married until they are 35 or 40 years old and still have kids and they become middle aged when they get married at like 38 while the girl who got married at 18 has been middle aged for 20 years already. Deal with it, that is just how it is, if you are unhappy being like 25 and married with kids that was your choice and you are not a young person, you are middle aged and I dont care what your chronilogical age, we cannot be friends until I also get married and become middle aged like you.

It's actually really freeing to be able to see a bit of what was going on behind your back while you were doing nice things for someone or just assumed they liked you. When what they say behind your back finally comes out of their mouth or whatever it might be devestating, but then it's freeing because you know who you don't need and what's not worth fighting for and maybe you wasted time or even money on that person or depended on them for emotional support when it really didn't exist but you know the rest of your life will be better off without them causing you pain or problems.

Considering I hope to live to be 100 and be married with kids and see my grandchildren born into this world, if you try to kill me for your own embarassment that is not called euthenasia, it is called murder and you will be a murderer and go to prison for murder. IF you are stupid enough to try to like poison me or whatever, have you ever heard of toxicology tests or whatever? Seriously. Just leave me alone, if you have a problem with me or my life or me talking about the bad things that have happened to me or in my life and they make you homicidal towards anyone, you should go kill yourself because you are the one with the problem, not me.

Any men can follow me on the internet, men can click on my pictures and I don't care if they are married or single or whatever, that is a completely seperate part of my life. MY art and design career regardless if I make any money at it or not is complete seperate from my personal life. I'd like to continue with that part of my life part-time when I am married with children as long as it does not interfere with my family life.



I think the most obvious problem I've experienced in making artwork about my personal traumas is this: Artwork is interpreted by the viewer, without the artist's statement what is read by the viewer is the fantasy of the viewer. And so unfortunately over the years I've had really weird people younger than me, older than me, strangers viewing my art, etc. Who've been attracted to it for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with my personal meaning but their fantasy or interest in a girl who has had negative life experiences. Instead of perceiving my art as a direct reflection of my traumas and life experiences a pervert will see their personal fantasy with no ability to see it as a victim's statement or bystander's statement of trauma. I had someone offer me money for a painting that was a reflection of a traumatizing event and I could not sell it to him, his comments were how awesome it was and disturbing and he wanted it, and for me it was like a journal entry of something so horrifying I could barely speak about it and wasn't going to give it to someone who wanted to glorify a disturbing event. (Then I tried to give it for free to North York General Hospital years later when I was ready to say goodbye to the canvas  to sell at an art sale to raise money for mental health but they wouldn't take it...) I 100% believe that art is like psychiatry flashcards, you are what you see and feel and interpret unless you are the creator telling the story open for interpretation.

I guess I should provide some type of artist statement rather than just rambling about things I am upset about, most of which I've deleted but will likely write about again if I still have unesolved emotional problems from those experiences. Here it is:

MY ARTIST STATEMENT (Not planned written in the moment):

I never planned to go into art or design as a child, at five I wanted to be an actress, model and singer. At 6 I wanted to be a figure skater. At 8 I wanted to be a ballet dancer in point shoes but my parents put me in swimming because I was good at it. At 13 I wanted to be an archeologist after getting to california by being a swimmer on scholarship where I intended to somehow become an actress then an archeologist. At 14 I wanted to be a dream psychologist and a fashion designer. At 15 I wanted to be a psychic and dream psychologist, seriously, I took out every book on how to be a psychic from every library in the city and read them all and memorized all the meanings of dream symbols and gave psychic readings to people at lunch hour. I also wanted to be a singer and a model but that never was something I got into and be a prom queen. I ended up in art school because I had a lot emotional problems and nightmares and I drew and painted pictures of my problems and wrote poems about them. It wasn't what I wanted to be, it was what I did to deal with my problems and I still do that today. While in gifted art school I decided I wanted to become an architect and prom queen, that was my goal in grade 12 but I was a swimmer and figured I'd go back to swimming for one year to get a scholarship to the US where I would become an architect but that was before I moved away, back then we had grade 13 in ontario and when I started grade 13 in a new city someone from a university somehow convinced me I wanted to go into international business or industrial design, in grade 13 I came up with this ridiculous plan that I was going to study international business where I would have to learn german and minor in art and become a trilingual art dealer living in belgium, I took out how to speak german from the library and it had a cassette and I practiced all the time for like 3 months, all I remember is how to count from one to ten. The main reason I went to art school was that I dropped out of all my math and science courses in grade 13 because I was failing them all and had this giant art portfolio, it wasn't even my dream, I just applied and got in, I wanted to go into fashion which I was also qualified to apply for without any maths credits but was put on a wait list so rejected the wait list and chose OCAD. That is why all my artwork is messed up, I didn't really make anything without meaning, everything I made in art up to second year in design school always had symbols I added or meanings or long stories and explainations, while some of my peers would like draw a picture of a cow and say it was a picture of a cow, and I'd be like, but it has to mean something? Like you can't just make art to make art, like you need a reason and a meaning and a story! And they'd look at me like I was crazy. Not in high school but in post secondary we had to get up and present every single piece of art we made to our class, and I always prepared this deep meaning for everything and would be petrified shaking scared to tell my story, then like other peers would get up and say something like that they liked flowers so painted flowers in their favorite colour or embroidered a bird on a hankercheif because it was pretty, and I'd be like, I made this box about women being oppressed in the middle east or this white dress covered in red stains as a statement on lack of virginity in modern marriage until I started just making art to make art around the middle of 3rd year at OCAD. I guess you can say that there are most definately two very different kinds of art, the art of the tortured artist and fluff or attempts at emotions or experiences peopel ahve never had, there is nothing more disgusting in my opinion than an artist who for the sake of gore makes really sick stuff, when a person had an experience that made them feel certain emotions and those emotions are portrayed visually, that is an entirely different thing. I went to school with the boys who would like draw really gross stuff just to upset the girls and like I went to school with the girls who would draw a butterfly on a flower with a fairy, but I think I got into post secondary art school not because I could draw well but because when I drew a fairy my fairy was sad and had poems around her, and all my artwork had a story even if it was a collage that I made then reproduced in paint. I think in my life for reasons I will never know or understand, I haven't been able to make my own choices or follow my own dreams because I've always been dealing with things that happen to me that become the past eventually but take years to get over and art has been my only way of dealing since childhood. It's perpetual and cyclical and I didn't even identify that it was in direct response to traumas until the last few years. What would I be if I'd never experienced a single traumatic event in my life and was given the opportunity to do whatever I wanted from age 5? Likely a struggling actress and just as broke. Not one thing in my life has ever gone the way I hoped it might and my only way to deal is to make art, but in making art there was no income and so I went to administrative school in hopes I might get a job and give my life meaning beyond making visual statements about things that upset me but actually hoping to make a difference in the world. In my early 20s I would say to my OCAD peers who wanted to go protest things they were angry about in the world: why would you want to go make signs and protest when you could like go to school for something else and make a difference rather than just complaining about it?  Then I decided I was just going to go to school to get the education I needed to work in a job where I could make a difference in the world and lots of money while doing it because complaining by making pictures of things is a complete waste of time in the grand scheme of things especially when all you can sell are $50 scarves and $25 totes and no one will buy your paintings or other art because they are embarassed to display it anywhere, but obviously things did not work out as planned.

Before you talk about someone or judge them, you better check your information and make sure you aren't talking with someone who assualted them or someone who has been jealous of them in their life or someone who has fantacies about a person who doesn't exist anywhere but in their head. You have to be so careful when you believe someone who tends to be jealous or violent or manipulative and materialistic or just plain spoiled all their life so they go around destroying other people's lives whenever they have even something small to bring a little bit of happiness into their world just because they don't also have it or they suddenly think they also want it or deserve it and think it's not fair somehow when they already have so many things their victim could only dream of.

I 100% support the death penalty for rapists and child molesters and murderers and mandatory life sentences for all sex crimes that are not rape.

You might think I was bullied or abused because I was unpopular and had no friends, the complete opposite it true: I was very popular in high school to the extent the girls who sat in the back of the cafeteria complaining about all the popular girls were horrible to me, they bullied me so badly I left my school and went to another high school, because I was friendly, liked, and went to all the parties while they weren't invited. It's really sad that the same thing happened in university but not until graduate school, I guess that same type of unstable girl sitting in the dark corner of the cafeteria in high school is the one who made it to grad school and did the exact same thing when she wasn't popular, isn't that sad, especially considering I was always nice to everyone, I was nice to the girls who sat in the back of the cafeteria complaining because I always wanted to make everyone I knew feel special, I went out of my way in grad school to invite everyone in my class to my parties and it's really disappointing for me to know that those same people who should have been expelled from high school for being sociopaths in the back corner and denied a college education before they could get into jobs where they might have power repeat that behaviour as adults, and it's not even like they are the personality they created, they complain in their mid 20s about not being popular as teenagers then pretend to be jocks and party girls in their 20s but the sociopath never goes away, they will always be that jealous girl in the dark corner of the cafeteria no matter how many make-overs they get or who they imitate in life and it's absolutely horrifying that they never even formed their own personalities around their own interests, only by immitating, and it's like they don't know what to do when they have to think for themselves and find someone new to replicate then tear down. I'd rather see girls and boys like that expelled from high schools before they graduate, as adults obviously prisons would be ideal I do not agree with a university slap on the wrist or employee repremand, but I know that ost people like that get away and continue that same behaviour and I pray to god they take some time to relaly figure out who they are inside and what interests them and what they like before they like immitate the wrong person which could be complete social destruction and an end to any possible social life for the rest of their lives. Oopsie! I think I already ruined my social life for eternity... c'est dommage. Wouldn't want to be me.


For anyone who has rejected me in my life for anything from relationships to friendships and jobs and oportunities and education programs: if you have regrets for those actions, that lives only inside of you. You made your choices, you didn't pick me, I have a lot of problems now in life and you are to blame, but you can't make it up to me, there is nothing you can do other than give me money and help me find a man to marry so I can buy a house and have a family and live out my life happy. Maybe you wish I worked in a certain career or had a certain education or background, I don't, and it is because of you and the choices you made and in some cases the intentional infliction of emotional distress and psychological trauma you personally created that doesn't take a few minutes or days or weeks to heal, but decades of pain and suffering. You don't know what pain you have caused, you don't know how hurtful you've been, and you don't have any concept of what you have done to me or anyone else you've done the same things to over your life. You did not pick me 15 years ago or a decade ago or even 5 years ago, you picked someone else, you might have even intentionally hurt me and abused me thinking it was somehow okay but it wasn't and never will be okay, you gave someone else everything I needed, so you can't have me now, I just want people to know what you've done and the pain you've caused because it is my right to share my suffering and my injuries and my traumas and life of struggles and you do not have the right to tell me to stop talking, this is my life not your life. You didn't emotionally support me, you didn't financially support me, you didn't even make me feel good about myself, you didn't run off and beat down the doors of people who hurt me, instead you listed all the reasons other people were better than me and more important than me or prettier than me and more deserving of love and support and stability and loyalty and nice things in life, all you did was hurt me more than I already hurt to begin with and I owe you nothing, nothing at all. You've been so busy hurting me that you are complately incapable of loving me. You can't have me. You don't deserve me, you made your choice so many years ago and it was not me, now I am disabled and you had 25 years to treat me better and you chose not to, if you are embarassed that is for you to deal with, I don't know a different life or what it's like to be treated better, my god, since doctors diagnosed me as disabled and I get just over $800 a month from the governement, even with paying my parents room and board to live in their home I have more disposable income than I ever have in my entire life, I don't know what kind of life you thought I was living, most students are poor because they have little or no income and borrow money to pay for tuition and books and living expenses thinking that in the future they will get a job to pay it all back, I don't know what lifestyle you thought I was living in your fantasy world, but obviously for whatever reason you fixated on me and created a persona with my face that only exists in your head and it's absolutely horrifying for me, your victim. Yes I bought $40 kitchen cereal bowls, I plan to use those for the rest of my life and after I paid for them I don't have to buy any more unless they break, we just have completely different concepts of the world we live in, you would go to cuba or whatever and think you won the lottery if you were disabled, with that same $1500 I buy housewares I hope to last a lifetime not one week of fun, and I plan to spend my life appreciating where they came from because I've never had money to waste on anything so I am practical and spend it on what it's supposed to be spent on, my needs, but I won't settle for less than what I want to wake up to every morning, I am not buying $2000 priceless bowls, but good quality made in north america kitchenware available at the local mid-range department store affordable to anyone if they want them, I did invest in entertaining dishes too like every woman needs to own, and yes I went to one of the most luxurious fine china stores in the world, but I bought their sale items for like 60% off not the $5000 a place setting items but the $39 on sale from $99 settings, but I got to live my fantasy with the sales lady bringing out items to see how they matched and I did buy from another retailer the pattern of the accent plates she pulled out for me for my kitchen and that's all that matters and I am keeping the delivery boxes, that $700 was like a dream when the boxes arrived at my front door with the store logos all over them it was like a scene from a movie... you have no idea how it made me feel, like a princess to take out all the boxes with crowns on them and set the dishes out on the table then go to the manufacturer's store to buy more pieces to complete the set... I will never forget that moment, better than any trip to cuba or whatever and I get to remember it forever eveytime I eat food or entertain for the rest of my life. Maybe you have psychological problems and got jealous or homicical over a turkey platter I bought, well I didn't buy 10 I plan to own 2 formal ones and two kitchen platters which is adequate for any woman, I currently have 2 different formal platters and one kitchen platter, anyone can afford my turkey platters all you have to do if give up take out food for 3 weeks or not go to the bar with friends 4 times or buy it instead of those designer shoes, if your coat is $500 and your boots $300 and your sunglasses $400 if you gave those things up you could have a beautiful set of kitchen dishes for 4 to last years. In november 2013 I wanted pretty bowls for my kitchen but I also wanted a pretty designer purse by the same brand, I gave up buying the purse to buy the bowls instead. I bought 2 new pairs of pajamas in november too and christmas decorations and all my shampoo and stuff and I didn't buy $80 pajamas I bought $12 bottoms and $6 tops and $8 slippers for the price of one designer pair of pajamas I got 2 pairs of pajamas and slippers and 2 dresses and honestly I prefer to wash my pajamas and clothing after every use, I usually wear sweaters twice before washing and everything else once I don't fabreeze them and hide them under my covers for 4 consequtive nights of wear, really when your clothing always looks new it doesn't make you look so rich you always have new clothes it makes you look like you never wash your clothing. I use coupons when I get them for things I normally buy, why would anyone be embarassed to use a coupon? So you save $2 off shampoo or get a free box of cereal saving like $4 or like 25%off a t-shirt. Really why would you be embarassed unless you grew up so poor that you were taught to pretend you were so rich money wasn't a concern for you, really if you save $20 in a month why would you not take advantage of it? Sometimes waiting for a sale or bringing a store coupon can save you like hundreds of dollars. Sorry to break it to you, but people are usually rich because they are good at saving money not spending it. When I was a student sometimes my friends would say they had like a coupon for buy one get one free coffee or whatever and it would be awesome not something to be embarassed by, we'd split the cost or just go again with another coupon and the other friend would pay. How do you think someone becomes a millionaire? They don't do it by taking fancy vacations and buying full-priced everything and never taking advantage of sales or discounts, why do you think wealthy women wait in line at sample sales when they have enough money to buy the same brands full-price? I mean there are some things you have to pay full price for because the price is fixed and if you want it you have to pay the price, but most things go on sale and if all you do is pretend to be so rich you don't need sales or coupons you will never have any disposable income or savings long term.

The worst possible thing you can say to someone who is brave enough to come forward to share their pain is that it did not happen. You cannot tell a sex crimes victim it did not happen, that is just as traumatizing as the actual assault. You cannot tell a domestic violence victim that she wasn't domestically abused, that is just as bad if not worse than the domestic violence she experienced. Never tell a victim the things they lived thru did not happen, that is damaging beyond repair and more trauma to live with, it takes courage to speak up and the cruelest thing anyone can do is tell them they were not subjected to violence because those scars are even worse than the original scars, those scars say to the victim that they are not worthy of being treated with dignity and that they are not worthy of the same laws as others and that they have no value as a person but only as an object to be abused and discarded of. My scars will last a lifetime, my memories will never fade, and the only outcome for me for being a victim is that I was told I was not deserving of being treated as a person and that I was only a whore and a free-punching bag.

The only thing that happens when you call a victim a liar is it gives an agressive person power over their passive victim. I know from experience because I am a passive type and I've been attacked lots of times by both agressive men and women in my life, and all they do is run out after they attack you to campaign for their innocence and try to prove their victim is a liar. I know from experience because it's happened too many times, and I wish I was more confident and had the ability to stand up for myself but I never have, it's just not part of my personality. I know that the police assisted a man I already reported to clear up his name and reputation, and it's absolutely horrifying for me, the friends and family of the one who attacks the victim always go on a rampage to commit further violence, at least that is my experience, and I wonder what life might have been like for me if I'd had people who fought for my rights to dignity and had my life been free of abuse in the first place. A pretty blonde is not a whore. I am a disabled sex crimes, domestic violence, and gang stalking victim, I am not a survivor because no one saved me they only tortured me so that monsters could walk free. I'll never be a survivor, the people who attacked me all have power over me, that means I'm only a victim and I can't foresee a future where I am no longer a victim because the people who attacked me are free and were never punished only rewarded for abusing me.

I am REALLY traditional when it comes to marriage, given that I was domestically abused in a casual dating relationship and sexually assaulted and stalked in grad school that might be hard to understand. I've always wanted a big huge wedding with like 12 bridesmaids but I know I will never get that. I also believe that a honeymoon comes after a wedding and it's a gift from the groom to the bride and I couldn't ever be with a man who has taken another woman he was not married to on honeymoons when he could have respectfully saved that money to use to take his wife on a dream honeymoon after he picked a bride. I've never been engaged or married and although I was the victim of violence I still cannot change my core values or let a man treat me with indignity or disrespect or allow my children to be raised by a man who treated another woman like a princess flying her around the globe then expects me to sit at home raising his babies without any of those same experiences. I just can't do that. I still dream of a big wedding with like 200 people dancing the night away in a puffy white ballgown and eating unlimited vanilla cupcakes and sparkling cranberry lychee cocktails and champagne and I know it will never happen for me, I still dream of romantically leaving my wedding reception in a cute short white dress to catch a plane off to an exotic location to start my life with a man and then coming home to a pretty symetricl house where we will start a family together. That is still my dream, nothing has ever changed that dream, it is just that I have trouble believing it will ever happen for me. I've never been married and I only want to ever be a man's very first and only wife, that is just how I am and I ask that men respect that I wouldn't marry a divorced man or a man with children. I was assaulted at age 25 and a few months later at 26 and that deeply affected my entire life and I lost all my friends as a direct result, but that doesn't change the dreams I had at 25, I have the same dreams and expect the same dignity no matter if I am now disabled and have scars and chronic pain and weird allergies and my entire life turned upside down and destroyed in all my personal records including financial, medical, and criminal, I am exactly the same girl inside I just had monsters who are truly evil tear my life to shreds.

Yes, I do now have a criminal record in domestic court for harassing 2 Toronto male police detectives and a man investigated for sexually assaulting me by email, but I plead guilty, there was no trial, I kept trying to plead guilty and that went on for 2 years then finally I got to stand up in a court room and plead guilty and the judge kept shaking her head and saying she didn't think I understood what I was saying or what I was pleading guilty to and that she thought I must have a mental illness. So I was sentenced to sit at home for 18 months and go shopping once a day from 3 to 4 and on saturday afternoons for 3 hours and to medical appointments like physiotherapy and a once a week work out class which was changed to twice a week when I got a prescription for pilates for the first 6 months, then I had a 10pm curfew for 6 months then 6 months with no limitations and that was it. I report to a probation officer every few weeks now but that is all. But there was no trial, there was no arguing in court or witnesses like in the movies, I just showed up, said I was guilty, and was told to come back another day in late september 2011 to be sentenced, then ordered to return the very next day to fill out paperwork or be put in jail and return directly home and barely leave my house for 6 months unless I had a letter of permission to be out of my house to attend medical appointments.

And yes, I sit at home all day most days and do nothing but hang out in my pajamas with my cat and eat chocolates and watch shows about weddings and late 20s or early 30-somethings living their single equally crappy lives to mine and it actually makes me feel better about my crappy life because it's better than their fictional lives and I take long baths, I go on shopping sprees when I feel like it and buy nice wedding presents for myself because I can and I deserve those things just like all the other girls my age who already have them, I buy new pajamas once a month and own like 10 pairs now, it's the best therapy in the world for a single girl who has nothing, I won't appologize for being happy. I won't appologize for eating cheap candy out of fine china from one of my favorite designers with stainless steel utensils accented with gold stamped with the approval of the queen or for buying christmas decorations in September. If you want to hurt me when I am happy you are a low-life.

Just so you know, if you want to communicate with me, that is fine, but I am one of those people who only understand direct communication. For example, you have to say to me: "Carolyn it looks like you need to touch up your roots!" not "look at her roots, they are so bad! Don't you hate it when it's time to touch up your hair?" because I really won't get it, I get direct statements not hints or attempts at secret messages, I really don't get reverse psychology either, I take things to heart and if I am told I am bad at something I think it must be true and find something new or end a relationship whatever the situation might be, I don't work harder I stop. Some people might be the complete opposite, but you need to say what you mean and mean what you say with me or I get confused very easily. Some people used to call me a bimbo or blame it on my blonde hair, I asked if I had a learning disability in fall 2006 but the doctor told me I couldn't possibly make it to grad school if I had an undiagnosed learning disability, so I blame it on being a blonde.

My life is defined by my being a sex crimes and stalking victim who is now disabled and has a criminal record for begging the police for help and mass emailing a man I already reported to the police and who was investigated for sexually assaulting me and a victim of domestic abuse, that is my identity, that is who I am, that is my entire identity, that's what I have been for the longest consistent period of time in my adult life. You cannot compare people by age only by experience and income after the age of majority. If a woman is not married, does not have children, and has never had a full-time job she isn't the same social maturity level as someone who has those things. I've had jerks who've said things like that I live like a teenager, that is the farthest thing from the truth, it's not safe for a single woman to live alone and I will not ever do that again and I can't possibly have the same maturiy level as a woman who is married or has a full time job or kids or owns a home or had opportunities to travel the world. I am what my experiences are, nothing more and nothing less, I've never had more than the life of a single student, and that is my maturity level, I can't be anything more than what I've lived in my life, don't ever assume a person's age defines their maturity level, it's the experiences they've had in life and their success that defines their maturity and success is defined by how much money you have and the material things you own or the number of kids you have. I don't want to live with my parents in my 30s, I'd much rather be a married woman with children, but I haven't been so lucky or been given the hand-up other people got to move into being self-sustaining in life, I have people tell me men want a woman who can be independent, I tried that it didn't work for me, I am not that type of woman especially not now that I am disabled, I really am only capable of being with a man willing to accept that I probably won't ever have an income of my own, that I have disabilities that may or may not go away, and that they get what they get, take it or leave it, just don't expect it to change from what it is. This is my real life, if you are waiting for me to be someone else, a fantasy in your head, it's not going to happen and you'll be waiting forever while I eventually meet someone willing to take me as I am.

 I really have no other goals in life other than being married and a mother to 4 kids, I've wanted to do things to have an income or for fun in my life, but I've never once in my life considered being a single woman without kids, that is a horrifying idea for me and I hold onto knowing my grandmother had my mother at 42 because it means I could possibly still have 10 kids or more in my life. I can't imagine not ever having a wedding or not having kids, and I know I cannot even begin to start thinking about work until I have the stability of a commited relationship with a man who promises to stay with me for better and for worse, I have a lot of anxiety and I am really dependent and needy and I really need to know I have emotional support forever before I can even start to not feel anxiety, maybe there are men who left me over the last 5 years thinking I needed time to myself, that is the very last thing I needed, being left was like being abandoned to me and required therapy, I can't be a with a man who abandons me, not ever, I need someone who promises to never leave me so I don't need to go to therapy to deal with being abandoned, once I've dealt with a man abandoning me in therapy there is no way I could let him back into my life. There are people who are really ambitious and social climbers who get angry with me for not being like them, I didn't work hard at my education or wear ugly clothing because my career advisor told me to for fun or because I liked it, I did because I needed money and it was a waste of my time because I didn't ever get what I needed which was money, now I have a very little bit of money because I qualify for disability and it takes away that anxiety even short term, it really is a disabling anxiety to have to do work you don't want to do just to make an income while other women do absolutely nothing but sit at home raising kids something you are much better suited to but never was picked by anyone. Some women are capable of being alone and functioning but I am the complete opposite, I am the annoying clingy girlfriend and that is just how women like me are, don't ever expect me to go back to school, it caused me too much anxiety and I don't have to anymore, if I do anything in my future to make money it will be in design or art and that doesn't cause me much anxiety if it's just for fun or to make pretty things, art only causes me anxiety when it's dealing with my emotional problems. I really had an ex tell me that if things were better for me in a couple of years he'd get back together with me, but the reality was that I needed someone who wouldn't do something like that to me, and I can't forgive men like that, it's emotional abuse to a woman to say that to her, it's not freeing, it's not doing what's best for her, it's abandoning her when she needs you most and proof he's not capable of being a husband or father to my children. I think because of feminism in the few generations before mine lots of people completely forgot that some women are capable of being a feminist and independent and others are not capable of that, I am completely not capable of being an independent woman, I might be just smart enough to get into the education and dumb enough to believe the posters and propaganda that girls not only could do anything but have to do everything or they aren't good enough growing-up, but the reality is that being forced to have to be everything causes anxiety for me, extreme debilitating anxiety, and I don't have any anxiety at all when all I do is laundry and shopping and baking and going to a few fitness classes living with my parents so I know that I really am not suited to anything other than being a housewife and mother, not every girl can be the things society keeps saying we have to be in life and I tried so hard to be everything society said a girl had to be in the modern world, but I physically and emotionally cannot be anything my body and mind isn't capable of even without disabilities.

As a victim of sexual violence and domestic violence and stalking, it's hard enough to get over that, but it's even harder to get over being given a criminal record so that the men who sexually assaulted me and the people who have abused me can not only walk free but continue with their violence. I won't ever get over any of it. I know 100% that I am completely incapable of functioning until I no longer have a criminal record whenever that might be if ever because it causes me extreme anxiety because whenever I think about it I am reminded that I was raped and stalked and then punished for being raped and stalked. It's a horrible nightmare that never ends. I might be happy going about my day when I don't think about what happened to me or that my life has been limited not only by violence but the justice system I believed existed to protect victims not punish them for speaking up or being traumatized. If there are people who expect me to somehow be able to function with those anxieties in my life, it's never going to happen. It's too stressful for me, maybe it would have been really easy for the man who assualted me or a girl who terrorized me or a person who inflcted violence to assist a rapist of stalker to walk free to move on, but because I was the victim and then I was punished for being the victim and traumatized, I can't get on, I don't have the personality type to move beyond that, I am too passive and insecure to begin with that I am not the type to be able to just go on, I shut down completely and I really don't know what will happen with my life or if maybe someone delusionally thought that if they did horrible things to me somehow I could get on easier than the man who assualted me or someone they know is guilty of abusing or terrozing me, but the complete opposite it true, a violent person could easily go on because they don't care about what they did to their victim they just want to get back to their life of partying and whatever but I just want to stop being reminded of the violence and of the horror and of the injuries, those memories don't go away, and I can't function until I at least stop feeling like I was abducted and trotured so that monsters could walk free. Some people might say, but you are free, you aren't even in jail, but I am not free, I am terrified and frozen in fear sometimes and I know I cannot even work until those fears are lifted, making me fear I might never be married or a mother because I was raped and stalked and given a criminal record so that monsters could walk free and spend their life lying and torturing me for their own freedom for their evils. A delusional person might somehow have grandiose delusions about my resume and life before I was raped and stalked, those are your fantasies I've never been anything more than a poor student unable to even afford to get a lease on a car dreaming of my first real job and meeting my prince and my wedding and being a mother, my major psychological problems are 100% to do with my being bullied, stalked, domestically abused and sexually abused then abused by doctors and police when I went to them for assistance. There is no justice in Canada for victims, I've been tortured and my life destroyed so that evil can walk free.

As an observation and in that today's society exists and socializes somewhere between the real world and the virtual world, I don't trust people who conceal their identity online, I know that the police removed me from the internet but it was to clean up the reputations of some low-lifes not to improve my life, I am perfectly happy sharing my entire life with people, friends, strangers, and family, of course no matter if you are on the internet or not if a weirdo or psychopath, male or female of any age younger or older, wants to they are going to stalk you regardless if you are on the internet or not and if it's not you it will be someone else, so the reality is the only reason anyone should have to conceal their identity online is if they have something to hide. I have nothing to hide, I really don't see what I need to hide from anyone for any reason, I am who I am and if someone doesn't like it that is their problem not mine, I just can't trust a person who thinks they are so important that their entire life has to be secret, if they really were so important their life would be public not secret, there is nothing creepier than a person who has a private online profile and peeps on other people, if you are going to look at least say something good or bad publicly instead of turning around and secretly complaining with other equally shady people hiding in dark corners of the internet. No one likes a peeping-weirdo who lurks in the bushes and that is exactly what you are doing no matter your income or social status, at least participate and let yourself be seen and heard, it's the least you could do to be respectful, I don't care who looks, I don't care who comments or wants to chat, I don't care if it's positive or negative as long as it is constructive not abusive but please don't hide and lurk and collect data on me with the intent to do harm, that just gives me the creeps.

I've read there is NOTHING more HORRIFYING than someone who is evil but thinks they are doing good. I am a victim of that kind of evil, the kind of evil that truly believes it's good and doing good but it's only the worst kind of evil, the most saddistic of the sickos and there is no cure for that kind of monster because they don't know they are evil, they truly believe they are good.

I know it sounds ridiculous that I am happy for the most part, and I am as long as I don't have too many stressors in my life reminding me of what is really going on, as long as I live in my fantasy world where I plan my "Carolyn Married Herself Presents" I am okay, as long as I keep going out ot pick things up every few weeks, I am okay, and I did get really distressed over dishes that arrived by mail that appeared to be irregular and I paid full price and the company re-assured me several times that they are all finished by hand and their company does not sell irregular items, I know that sounds silly, but it really was distressing for me and I lost sleep because it is that important to me that it be perfect, it has to be perfect, it's the only thing I have in my life and it has to be perfect. I need just one thing in my life to be perfect and free of any problems that that is the only thing that I have that keeps me from worrying all the time and gives me something to look forward to because i cannot afford to buy all the things on my list at once so I do a few items a couple of times a month and so some people that might sound ridiculous, but for me it works, but I don't know what will happen when I finish buying all the things on the list, what will I have to look forward to or keep me from remembering what's really controlling my life?

Although my life is very different now than it was when I was a student, my financial situation is ironically better now than it was then, I was the same as the other people in my grad school program, for co-op jobs they all had the same requirements for the most part unless it was very specialized like they wanted an undergrad in engineering working towards an MBA, but mostly they didn't care what your undergrad was as long as you were equally qualified to be admitted into the MBA co-op program and had your bachelor's degree comppleted. It was more important that your bachelor degree be 4 years than 3 years, I was paid almost twice as much to be a prof's teaching assistant because my OCADU degree was 4 years, although unfortunately some people disrespect the art and design degrees. But what I find now looking back years later is this: I was considered an equal, I was supposed to receive equal pay as my peers and be equally qualified as a student for almost any co-op job and equally qualified if I graduated, yet when I was assaulted I was treated as a lesser human being, I was humiliated and degraded and for whatever reason a man who was equally qualified to me to apply to work for a bank or for a hospital or for a police service, was treated superior to me, what I find despicable is I was assaulted by a man who wanted to be a sports manager or banker and make lots of money but for whatever reason before he assaulted me chose to apply for a co-op job that was held by a female just like me, but she was wasn't put on a pedestal for her job, she wasn't put on the cover of a magazine and no one every bothered to acknowledge her for her work, she put in part-time work while in school full-time before he was hired to replace her and yet no one at her workplace or the university even noticed her, I had lots of friends but this woman told me I was her best friend and wrote to me all the time from work before he was hired as her student replacement and yet no one really cared about her, I don't think she really had any other firends in our program and I let her write to me at work almost every day, and I knew them both, and yet this woman who worked so much harder and was so much tinier was treated so bad and no one would ever know about her because no one thanked her, and this man also wrote to me on my home computer not at work and I wasn't his anything just one of my many school acquaintances, and she didn't have many friends and I really wonder if he treated me so bad because he wanted to hurt this girl in my program more than hurt me, I don't judge people on their sexual orientation but for all I know she liked girls and so did he, I never considered that when she asked me to go do something like go for coffee or dinner that maybe for her it was a date and for me it was just hanging out with one of my many female friends, I never considered that maybe when she asked me if I would be a tarot card reader at a new years party that maybe she wanted to take me as her date to the party... I mean this man wasn't taking me out to coffee shops or to dinner... Does that mean she thought she was dating me and did he believe that he was hurting the love of her life and I didn't know about their love triangle because I don't date women?? Was he like, I am going to put my hands all over her crush and break her heart but didn't consider that he needed to take me on dates and treat me like a lady then engage in sex AFTER dating me and spending money on me? I mean she did pay sometimes and was like, oh you can pay next time, but like I didn't think anything of it because my friends regularly did the same thing when we went out...

It's actually horrifying that the man who sexually assaulted me in November of 2007, then pretended to have a relationship with me yet we nevr even went on one single date, he never gave me a single gift and yet Christmas was only a month after supposedly our relationship started, we did not spend new years eve together, he didn't even invite me to spend new years eve with him, yet he claimed we had a relationship. The reality is that I don't have casual sex, I only have sex in commited relationships and I've discovered that the men who commit sexual assault towards intoxicated women do the following to get away with rape: the have sex with a drunk woman, then pretend to date her for a month, then pretend there is a nasty break-up, and figure that is enough time to prove that rape did not occur causing the woman emotional distress at having a man who she does not want to be in a relationship with convincing her he wants something from her when all he is doing is following the locker room guy rules of how to get away with rape and prove it in court. They all do the same thing. They all complain their victim is an ex girlfriend complaining and upset that the relationship ended when the sex was with an acquaintance while intoxicated by alcohol they provided. Horrifyingly, this man had absolutely no interest in working for the police when I met him, he was planning to become a banker or a sports team manager and be super rich and make lots and lots of money! He only had been at a co-op job with the police for about ONE MONTH when he assaulted me because he said it took extra time to get his background check completed and my guess is now he had like a criminal past that needed erasing to take the job but it could be anything. He was not at all the type who would choose that kind of job, I did hear he had a relationship in summer 2007 with another girl in my MBA program while she had a boyfriend who became her fiance in november 2007, what if he had sex with her too when she was too intoxicated to consent to sex and then wanted a job with the police. I don't know, but really I now wonder... it's also odd that the girl he replaced was telling me I was her best friend and I had like 10 girls I considered best friends at the time but she only had like a few friends, I really started to wonder if he believed that hurting me would hurt his competition but she already moved on to better things and up in the world. I don't know, but really, something is really really wrong when someone who wants to be a multi-millionaire banker or sport team manager suddenly wants to work in a profession that pays an average wage and is far from glamourous or prestigious but tedious, boring, and underpaid but for a police department as a civilian. Like did the aspiring fraudster with a group of criminals for friends working in like baking jobs have a panic attack and choose a job where he could help them out if they got into trouble? Because from my perception, 6 years later, that's what I see. Even the other man, like he told me he worked on, horrifyingly, a chicken farm and talked about his passion for hunting and how he wanted all his friends to start hunting in fall 2007 because he needed a sport and to get out there and kill animals because he loved it so much, there was such a rush in chasing an animal and maiming it then killing it and watching it bleed. He told me that. Seriously. Complete with sound effects and that he used squirrels for target practice, and how in his family it was this big family affair where his dad liked to go canned hunting where he paid to kill animals and then his mom would skin the animals and chop them up. SERIOUSLY. That was his family's idea of fun family time! It's like HORRIFYING. I have no problem with hunting for food as long as all the animal parts are used and I do eat meat and wear leather, but I have a problem with people who kill animals for fun. Like he had this look of passion on his face like it was the most exciting rush he ever has in his life and he just had to get out there and do more of it! THAT IS THE KIND OF MEN IN THE MBA PROGRAM AT MCMASTER!!!!!

If you damage my belongings it doesn't make you a genius winning a game it makes you a vandal and a criminal even if you are not caught. If you damage my reputation it doesn't make you a genius it makes you a slanderer and that also means you are a criminal even if you are not caught, if you commit any type of violence towards me thinking you are playing a game and having fun, you are just a pervery sociopath psychopath completely incapable of seeing the damage and violence you commit and you are not winning you are just a menace to the world and a sicko incapabale of doing anything on your own without commit violence to get there. IF you try to expose me to something I am allergic to or something poisonous it doesn't make you a genius, it makes you a murderer.

The more I think about it looking back, I think that McMaster brings in a lot of weird people into the university who don't really belong there, OCAD had it's psychopaths and a few mentally ill students, but McMaster seemed to have a higher amount of mentally ill or generally psychopathic students than OCAD, I don't know if it's the personality type they try to recruit or if some of the really competitive students are also homicidal and violent, but like there was a completely different vibe there, and in magazines they want you to think it's like an ivy league university but it's just a community university like all the others in Canada and a reflection of the population of community it's based in, I really felt from the first day at McMaster that although there were lots of handsome men I wanted to date, there were also lots of people who gave me the creeps for whatever reason and I think that especially in the MBA program they might have been recruiting a lot of people with criminal pasts and giving them make-overs and I am 90% certain that both the men who I spoke to the police about sexually assaulting me had criminal pasts but I didn't know until I started to really think about things they said to me, just because they weren't caught doesn't make them innocent just worse criminals because they keep getting away with their crimes. But I just got the creepy crawlies today thinking about one man in particular and I think that McMaster made a huge mistake and should have concentrated their time and resources on the deserving students who worked hard to get in and to get jobs and impress their professors and befriend their peers instead of trying to prove they could fix bad people. I just don't know how anyone could justify fixing a bad person by hurting someone who shouldn't have been harmed or put in a bad situation in the first place. Like so you fixed one bad person and can brag about them, but how many good people who didn't need fixing just support and encouragement did you harm in the process?

I don't know what the 2 men who "allegedly" sexually assaulted me when I was too intoxicated to consent to sex are doing now, but I do know that any woman who would date a man who another woman claims sexually assaulted her would have to be a real psychopath, like only a lesbian sex offender who gets off dating a man who has a screaming rape victim begging for justice to be served would knowingly date a rapist and call his victim names or run around slandering her. Horrifying beyond words to think there might be a lesbian sex offender who thinks it's hot she's dating a rapist who got away and peeping on me from a distance. I refuse to hide my identity, I refuse to live a life where I can't talk about the cab things that have happened to me, but clearly I don't what a rapist or his lesbian sex offender girlfriend peeping on me, I just want the men in jail where they belong.

I dated lots of men and it's funny because some of the ones who I think about fondly and miss I only went out with a few times, and others I dated for months or years and I don't even miss them or have any happy memories about them because no matter what you did you always felt meloncholy around them and sad so there was no joy in anything until they were gone. Isn't it funny that you can date some people for years and not even have any emotions thinking about them other than relief they are no longer in your life or holding a dark cloud over your head or leaving you lonesome and others even if it didn't work out they can make your eyes sparkle and your heart light up and you laugh just thinking about them then the memory bring you to tears because it just didn't work out and there wasn't even sex beyond kissing?

A Happy story of a ramdom act of kindness: When I was at OCAD they were selling off the old looms in the fibre arts studio, I bought one for $400 or $500 and thought it was a really neat thing to own as a designer. It took up so much space and I barely used it so I listed it for sale on eBay. At the time I was a York University student selling my old things on Ebay but I really didn't make any money but it did teach me about online selling, I had a paypal account and everything set up and used online canadapost to buy and print lables and dropped packages of thing I was suprised people would buy like my old backpacks and pay for make-up freebies that came with my make-up that I didn't want to be mailed ot them. I sent my unwanted things all over the place in boxes to people. Anyways, so I wrote in my description that I was a university student selling my things on ebay to pay for school, which is exactly what I did with the money. I decided that since I didn't use the loom in like 2 years I should sell it, and someone bid $500 and I was trying to figure out shipping for them and they sent me an email to say they decided they didn\t want it anymore but wanted me to keep the money and donate the loom to someone instead. So I called around to so many places in the area trying to give away this loom for free and no one would take it, so here I was with $500 this customer did not want returned and the loom. So eventually it was put back up on ebay for $0 this time and a woman drove all the way from New Jersey writing me emails about her successful husband and her multiple mane coon cats to pick it the week I went off to McMaster to start my MBA, I wasn't home when she got here, my parents helped load it off on her motorhome but those 2 people basically paid for my first semester MBA books and I am forever thankful (my less than 2 months at georgeson shareholder helped cover my first semester of student rent), everything else I listed went for like $5 or $8 and I don't sell on ebay anymore, I just give things to charity like I did before I started listing them on ebay.

I have a relative who had the strangest ideas about me and I didn't know until fall 2013 that she had such weird beliefs about my life and my personality and it's absolutely horrifying for me because it makes me wonder what kinds of things she's been saying about me since my childhood to people and why she would ever believe those things or say those kinds of things in the first place. What is ever more horrfying for me is it is the same kind of stuff the people stalking me were saying and the weirdo doctor at mcmaster was saying to me and McMaster is located in Hamilton where she was born and raised and her kids grew up there and she and her daughter both work as nurses and so I think she was saying really weird things to medical professionals to hurt my parents and for her jealous daughter who is now married with kids but in 2007 was a single woman and if she did participate in gang stalking me in a jealous rage she'd be humilated now, and so why would she ever do that to me? It was upsetting enough for me to find out in February 2008 that one of her sons was communicating with an ex-boyfriend of mine who I told not to contact me or my family ever both in June 2007 and in November 2007 and I had to ask him to stop communicating with him, a man who abused me and my co-worker and I wrote a letter to that I would call the police if he continued to contact me, and I wish I called them right away, it's so disrespectful that he was communicating with my abusive ex boyfriend 8 months after the break-up. Why would she and probably the other members of her family, go around saying such strange things about me for so long that eventually she blew up and said it to my face? Jealousy of my mother or my parents or her daughters jealous of me? I don't know, but it was horrifying for me and I am happy I know now the truth and can say goodbye, I just wish I knew sooner because I think she might have been slandering me for so long with stories she made up that she believes them herself. It was like a horror movie but at least I know and can remove her and her family from my life forever. There really isn't anything you can do when a weird person and his or her social circle says weird things about you or has fantasies that they openly share about you becoming homeless and medicated, why would anyone, especially a family member, do that? (I guess now that I am 32 I see that a teenager or 20 something probably wouldn't have fantasies about marginalizing, disabling, and impoverishing a person in their age group, that's a fantasy someone who is older and who was or who works with marginalized impoverished people would have about inflicting on a happy intelligent young person with her whole life ahead of her..) The whole time I was doing so many nice things for her children and saying nice things about them to people and bringing them wedding gifts  and making nice comments about them online and they were doing the complete opposite. I guess I learnt the very difficult lesson that sometimes when you do nice things for certain types of people, they never appreciate it and never will know how to appreciate it and when the roles are reversed and they are expected to give kindness they never do the same in return. So you have to just say goodbye sometimes because certain relationships are not worth repairing or holding onto, I never want this aunt or her kids and their spouses or friends and family members to contact me or whoever I marry and our kids ever, they will never be welcome in my home or around my children. Sometimes even if you have no proof you just have to trust your instincts and I feel in my stomach that something is very very very wrong. She said to me something like "when you do well everyone around you benefits.." and I was thinking, then what about when you do well or poorly? Or is it just me? Do I benefit when your son and daughter do well? Because I can tell you 100% that I know I have never benefited from anything her kids have ever done in life, it would be like winning the lottery to be treated special and get opportunities for being related to someone or friends with someone but as far as I know I've never been so lucky in life so I cannot possibly relate, for the most part I only know what it's like to be treated like garbage 90% of the time by most people and be rejected 99.999% of the time from everything I apply to or try out for. I want to be a married mother and everything I do I think first, how will this affect my kids when I have them? And I don't want this person to ever be around my children. I really make every single decision based on my own children who I do not yet have, like I really believe it would be better for my kids to have a mother who is a designer/artist than a hospital administrator, I did think the opposite years ago but now I think the best mother to my kids would be a designer who goes to fitness classes a couple of times a week and owns nice china for family occassions and cute yet practical kitchen dishes and even my bedroom furniture I have decided it can go in a master bedroom or a guestroom or even one of my future kids might like it when they are teenagers. That's really how I plan my life and my purchases. I might be struggling right now but I am meeting so many interesting artists and designers from around the world that if I decide I am ready to start creating and selling something or working I have a really big support network for ideas, inspiration, friendship, and of course to stay ontop of the trends for people of all ages. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear or what you ever expected, but it's always a blessing when it comes to the surface. (I still can't believe this relative is so deranged and has perverted ideas about me and I am horrified, it's been months since I wrote this paragraph and I've come to realize that for all I know she was saying weird things about me in my childhood to ruin good things that came into my life and in my teens to ruin good things that came into my life and in my 20s to ruin good things that came into my life, it's horrifying beyond words for me and I can't figure out how a relative could be so psychopathic, she is not my biological relative, she married my uncle and is the mother of 5 of my cousins, he brother is a man who started to cross-dress after having children and changed his name to a female name, seriously, so in her mind maybe it's a completely normal thing for people to be transgendered and maybe she believed I was a hermaphrodite who was gender re-assigned to female but had a preference for females and that she needed to gender reassign me to male, I don't know, but I am really realyl horrified and don't ever want to see her or any of her offspring ever again in my life. I mean my mother was told from an ultrasound I was a boy fisrt then a girl, maybe she had fantacies I had my penis removed at birth, 1980s technology was not very good at determining a baby's sex.)

I guess you have to be so careful what you believe, there are so many people who will manipulate and lie to get what they want in life and sometimes that includes relatives who are abusivenot just significant others or non-relatives, just because an aunt or cousin or other relative says something about a person and presents themselves as a good-person or even plays a victim, it's really important that you check with the source because that person might be their obsession or their victim punching bag who they release their anger on in private or by slandering them and they might be manipulating people to believe otherwise so they can continue with the abuse.

If any of my ex boyfriends try to claim they were my best friend, that is not true, my best friends were all GIRLS in my teens and 20s. I had boyfriends but all my BFFs were GIRLS and we talked about the BOYS we DATED and I sometimes went out with boys on dates or just to hang out to flirt with boys then told my friends about it... I mean I dated lots of men, but dating ENDS and friendships continued and then new boys came along and left... I mean they say marry your best friend but I don't want a platonic marriage, I want one with a man I am in love with and can't imagine my life ever being as wonderful as it is without him and none of my boyfriends in my teens or 20s made my life better only worse, not one of them gave me something that I didn't already have myself that was better. I am looking for a man who makes EVERYTHING in my life BETTER than the life my parents gave me in my upbringing and only that man will ever be allowed to have me as his wife. I expect my husband to give our kids the same and better life than I had in my childhood to age 18. My last year of high school and university were a disaster, not one good thing came into my life to give me the ability to give my children the life I had, and I expect to marry someone who will be able to provide the life I deserved in my 20s to my kids.

If you try to kill me in the delusion you are saving people from a sociopath or in the delusion I am a dangerous person or in the delusion I need to be dead to clear up someone's reputation, you are not a hero, you are a murderer with paranoid schizophrenia or a paranoid schizophrenic friend who has very believable stories, if you think that if you poison me or like electrocute me or do something else equally psychopathic and homicidal to me makes you a genius, it doesn't it means you are further disabling and impairing a sex crimes and stalking victim who dreams of living a full life and being married with kids and is trying to get over the horrors of horrible thing that happened to her and you will belong in prison for murder, if you have commited something like that towards me, I consider it to be a homicide and I am your victim and if you don't end up in prison whatever god you worship with make sure you rot and burn in hell for eternity.

IF you damaged or distressed my belongings it doesn't makes you a winner, it makes you a vandal and a criminal and a theif up to the value of whatever you damaged. If you so much as put a scratch on anything that belongs to me, you are a theif and a criminal and I will always be your victim no matter if you have been convicted or not.

I don't have a job, I am a disabled person, if you have fantasies otherwise they exist only in your head, I am wroking really hard to get over the trauma of the past and my disabilities and network in the art and design world because I don't have any other education that is completed and the last thing I need is a delusional person thinking I am secretly living a different life. This is my real life.

If you think my profile is talking to you, please seek a psychiatrist immediately, if you attacked me and think it's talking to you, it is talking to you and I'd prefer if you go kill yourself because this world is better off without monsters like you in it.

If you meet me in person and I seem a little off, it's not because I did drugs or anything like that, I went to university and I worked really hard on my education and took really good care of my health and always at least did stretching and yoga and lots of walking and ate well, it's because I've been disabled by a series of crimes and there isn't anything I can do about the way I am, I don't want to be the way I am, some people say I seem perfectly fine but in my head I know something is wrong and I am not as quick as I was before and have chronic pain. For instance, I completely forgot that I always rinsed my mouth with water after I brush my teeth and I was trying to figure out why after I brushed my teeth my mouth was feeling so gross and chalky and that went on not for days but for like 3 years, seriously, until someone said to me "do you rinse your mouth with water after you brush your teeth?" and I realized I stopped rinsing my mouth after I brushed my teeth at some point and now I do every time I brush my teeth. I don't mean to seem slow or whatever, but it's just how I am now that I was disabled by a series of crimes.

They say if you want to figure out the solution to something like what is wrong with me you need to find the source: The source is that I've been subjected to various forms of violence against women over my life and I been told that I am not deserving of the same protections as other women in Canada. (Even in my childhood I was an outgoing girl who liked to sing and dance and perform for my class and at assemblies but because of a few bullies I became insecure for a long time and I know that happens to lots of children. As a young adult in grad school the same behaviour was repeated probably by the same types of people who were never disiplined as children when they should have been expelled from elementary or high schools before they even had the chance to reach university or grad school and thus they were never disciplined by the police as adults for the same types of things resulting in repeated similar traumas to their victims. But what is different for me is this: At least one of my childhood bullies went to YMCA charity summer camp for underpriveleged children with one of the men investigated for my sexual assault in grad school, (there is nothing wrong with going to charity summer camp for undepriveledged children, it's a great opportunity for them, it's just that because there are so many social services in Canada they believe it's an exclusive club but it's a supplemented geared to income charity for poor children from London Ontario Canada, yet another problem in canada, too many things are supplemented for the children of people who chose not to pursue an education and so in some situations a person's child is better off receiving social assistance long term because they will get reduced university tuition an dless debt and social workers who find them opportunities other children from families who went to school and work hard to raise them could only dream of but I will not go into that... I went to baptist summer camp in muskoka with mostly kids from the Toronto Area age 5 to 11 across the lake from a jewish camp and we spent our summers being told that the jewish camp was for rich jewish kids and had things we couldn't afford like a tennis court and I didn't know that was actually a cheap thing to build, and they taught 5 year olds to use a bow and arrow for target practice at my camp which looking back is horrifying and competitive swimming training camp in florida age 13 to 14 so I went to enough camps..) and only weeks after it happened at an elementary school reunion in september 2007 proceeded to tell me that I'd been a huge slut who dressed like a slut in highschool when she was drunk.. it was like being 9 years old all over again and for that I drove 2 hours thinking I was attending a memorial for our classmate who died a few months before...) The problem is that when I was traumatized I was told that the problem was me not that I was a victim. If you want to solve a situation like mine you have to punish the source and assist the victim not treat the victim as a mental illness or the vicitm as the cause. As a victim, I know that if I was able to have closure on the violence in my life I probably would not have post traumatic stress disorder from violence towards women, I probably wouldn't have as many injuries to my body, and I might be married or at least in a long term healthy relationship right now. The source and cause of my injuries was rewarded not punished and that is why I cannot recover and am disabled.

I did, 6 years ago, have a grad student job in Canada's leading trauma hospital, but that was like being school and very different from a real full time job. In the MBA program I was required to complete 12 months of approved work experience and I didn't find a job in first semester so continued on to second semester and applied to every single job and was lucky to get anything. There were temps in the department I was hired to work in who were about my age but they had very very different jobs from me and you cannot compare the two, they went to work to do something they already knew how to do on a short term contract, I went to work to learn and spent a lot of time for the first couple of months in my manager's office having one on one lessons, he was also a mcmaster mba health informatics instructor but I never took his class, and he would write the white board in his office and give me books to read and files to read and leave me to go read them at my desk. So I guess I was paid to go to one-on-one school for the first couple of months and was paid to sit at my desk and read my homework. I was given permission to sign up for any educational workshops I wanted and given a list but the temps in the same department had to ask special permission. Although I did work and was promoted after my manager left to go to school, I did a combination of learning and then applying what I learnt in the real world. Also as a co-op student a representative of the university visits your place of work half way thru to meet with you and the people who you work with, I was told after my review that I needed more challenging work and that mcmaster expected me to talk with my superior and tell them I wanted more to work on, seriously, I had too much already. At the end unlike when you have a temp job and ask for a reference letter, I had to have my director fill out a lengthy review and submit it to the university. That is what it is like to be an MBA grad student in a place like a teaching hospital.

What bothers me in ll of this is the following: Hearing some people say horrible things about me completely contradicts what most people were saying to me even after I was assaulted and stalked but before I lost all my friends, they all said I was too nice, they all said I did too many nice things for people and that no one really appreciated how nice and kind I was, that I said "sorry" too often and let too many people walk all over me, that I had to stop giving things to people because they didn't care and wouldn't ever do the same for me. And it was ll true, I was too nice, I was so nice that I gave things to people that I didn't have for myself and wouldn't ever even consider buying for myself thinking somehow it was too expensive for me but completely appropriate as a gift for someone else. I was the girl organizing social things outside of grad school inviting other students to my student home and to do things like dinner or drinks or skating inline and ice skating, I baked 7 dozen cookies for all my MBA peers for end of first semester celebrations and gave holiday cards to every single person in my department at my co-op job the last day I was there and brought them things like homemade carrot cake and cookies for no reason, I would just bring a box or tin of cookies or cupcakes to a friend if I hadn't seen them in a white or just becaue I felt like it, and that is just how I was. So hearing some horrible people claiming I am the complete opposite is absolutely horrifying for me beyond words and I don't know what kind of a weirdo would make bad things up about me like that unless it was out of their own personal rage, fantacies, or just for their own entertainment or social gain.

IF you commited violence towards me on behalf of someone who campaigned for their innocence after attacking me, you are just as bad as the original who attacked me, maybe worse, because you commit violence just ot commit violence not to cover your crime or to attack your obsession but just to harm. If you harmed me because a woman complained I harassed a man who was investigated for raping me you are a monster and defending the kind of pervert who would date or hang out with a rapist and that makes you a bad person. As a victim, the absolute worst possible thing you can do to make recovery harder is give support to the offender and make life hard for his or her victim. I was too traumatized and too injured to be able to go out talking with people, that is what the police are paid to do not a victim, I am horrified that clearly the person who attacked me and their friends and family went on a rampage defaming his or her victim to prove their innocence by trying to make their victim look like a bad person and the problem. I don't know why so many bad thigns have happened to me but the only answer is that the people who attacked me went on a violent rampage when they thought they were going to be arrested. I am disabled because of violent crimes, I didn't have the strength to go tell people what happened to me because I was disabled, the people who attacked me had all the time in the world because they were not disabled just violent people who belong in prison. Of course they are humiliated, what they did should be humiliating for them, absolutely publicly humiliating, and that is the difference, I am not embarassed that I was traumatized and sent harassing emails to a man who assaulted me or to the police begging them for help because being traumatized is nothing to be embarassed by, I have nothing to hide or be humiliated by, if they went on a rampage retaliating over a traumatized victim emailing them clearly they must be humiliated by their actions.

There are few things more traumtizing to a victim than having a group of violent people attack her in the delusion they are disciplining her or teacher her a lesson by further attaking her when she has a trauma disorder from being attacked and the perpetrator is crying wolf repeatedly causing the types of saddistic weirdos who generally attack certain people to target her when she's the victim needing support and assistance to recover. There are too many bad people who masquarade as good people and exploit our justice system to torture victims like me.

It's really sad that we created laws to protect victims but as a direct result those laws have been used by violent people to abuse their victims when they fight back or beg for help. I was the victim of some really horrible crimes and I actually needed help from our justice system as a traumatized victim of crime, the man who I emailed perpetrated some of those crimes towards me and he abused our legal system because there are too many loopholes.

I have had the most horrifying things happen to me since I was a victim of sex crimes and stalking while a university student, for example. a friend of a man investigated for my sexual assault called the police in november 2008 and claimed I wanted to commit suicide, I have never considered suicide in my entire life, and I had paramedic and police show up at my house, traumatizing beyond words, one of the most horrifying experiences of my entire life, almost as traumatizing as being sexually assaulted, and they told me that someone told them I was planning to kill myself, seriously, I was so horrified I could barely speak, and they told me I had to go with them to the hospital so I went and spoke with someone who told me that in his opinion I was traumatized for being stalked and sexually assualted and definately not a suicidal person and sent me home. So now ontop of everything else that has happened to me, I have medical records and police records that state I wanted to commit suicide and that is something I have never considered in my life. The only reason I would ever commit suicide is if I do not get to live out my dream of being a married woman and having children because I can't imagine a life worse than never getting to be married or a mother. I will enver get over that trauma, so many bad things happened to me after I was sexually assualted and stalked, I was hit in the head so hard at tennis and I went  to that same hospital in 2010, they didn't do any tests but my family doctor sent me for MRIs that came back normal but I have traumatic optic neuropathy now to my left eye as a direct result of that injury and now I still cannot find a lenses that allow me to see clearly out of my left eye. I also sustained burns to my face and arms in a spa when I went for an acne facial to correct some scars and I called the police and they also did nothing and said it wasn't a crime for a woman to be injured like that in a spa. I am a disabled person now, I was not a disabled person before I was sexually assaulted. I don't know why the police allowed this man and his friends and probaly family to go around doing such horrible things to me without and consequences, what makes my life disposbale and me a person who abusive and violent persons are allowed to attack, threaten, make up storires to the police about, and generally take their anger and rage out on without consequence? What makes me someone who is not deserving of medical attention? I thought I dedicated my life to being a hospital administrator at 25 but I didn't even get to graduate school and yet I was being denied medical assistance? What kind of a monster takes a job as a doctor or other medical professional and denies a young women medical assistance resulting in her becoming disabled? I am not smart enought o be a doctor or even pass high school biology, I really believed when I was 25 that if I worked in a badly paid office job in a hospital I was doing something to help make the world a better place and instead I have a bad feeling some really violent people who took jobs as doctors not to heal but for status abused and neglected me ontop of my being assualted and stalked, I sat around for years, years, dreaming that I was going to be hired back to where I had a student job in 2007, and then I realized that was never going to happen on top of my being disabled. I don't understand why I was denied some of the same medical services I know other people have been given who have my same injuries, is my body and life disposable? I want to know why my body doesn't get fixed when it's injured and other people are fixed? I want ot know why people who've been involved in gagn stalking me can make up false claims and go to the police and complain about their victim and not be arrested and charged and convicted of lying to the police but I am for reporting actual things that happened to me, how can violent people get away with doing things like lying to the police about something as serious as their victim wanting to commit suicide and not be arrested and put in prison? You know those people who always get things handed to them in life without really doing anything? My life has been the complete opposite, no matter how hard I try things have always been a bit harder for me and I've always been treated a bit worse in all situations in my life and I don't know why my only possible explaination is that I've been discriminated against and treated like a second class citizen most of my life, I don't even know if someone is being nice to me or commiting cruelty most of the time because there has been so much of it since my childhood, I learnt that if I suspect someone is commiting cruelty towards me, they most likely are, and most likely no one will do a thing if I complain but somehow assign blame to me for the violence they commit towards me. I don't know another life.

Thinking back to while I was a co-op student as an MBA student and in the first bit of my student job I was told by superiors that nurses were so cruel to their interns that they sometimes ran out of their jobs crying, and that although nurses are portrayed in media as kind people, in reality nurses are some of the cruelest and meanest people you will ever meet and they are notorious for being horribly cruel. The sad reality is that although I met some lovely nurses while a co-op student, I also met some horrble ones and it's so sad the that the cruelest people are sometimes drawn to professions that require a caring and nurturing personality, it's like the same cruel types of personalities seem to also be drawn to jobs like teaching. Maybe it's because they want to be the sweet cute loveable charaters they see on TV to attract a partner, I don't know, but the truth was, they were cruel, they were nasty, and I even witnessed some of that cruelty as a business co-op student when I was asked to plan a meeting and invite only nurses to attend. Some of them were lovely people, others it didn't matter what you said to them, you were wrong and stupid and didn't know what you were talking about and wasting their time and the food wasn't good enough at the meeting, the police who arrested me were nicer to me than some of those female nurses were, that is how horrible they are, I actually had a couple of girls about my age in nursing scrubs walk by me in the hall in the ugliest cow srubs and they were overweight wearing like crocks and were just ugly girls say, is that a man or a woman? SERIOUSLY> (My guess is they worked for 2 years, got married to a man who they told it was inner beauty that counts, had kids and now sit at home calling themselves "caregivers" while they say nasty things about the single girls who live in their communities with their parents and are prettier then they could ever be...) That is how horrible nurses are to girls like me and probably all people.

Maybe you are a woman who is dating a man who assaulted me and you keep complaining about me and I don't even know you exist, the reality is that I will always be a victim, I'm not like you and I wouldn't date a man if I found out another woman accused him of sexual assault. If you have slandered me or made claims that you are scared of me, his victim, you are a really deranged person and chances are likely you have commited violence towards me already and I don't know about it and that you will commit further violence towards me in the future by lying and manipulating people into abusing his victim for him because that is the kind of female who dates a sex offender. I am absolutely terrifyed of you if you exist and obviously of him. My horror never ends because of monsters like you who belong in prisons not in public dating rapists to live out your sicko pervert fantasy. Like if you are concerned about being publicly humiliated and defending his reputation, that has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with your inability to sympathize with other women and see the trauma of that kind of violence, trust me I am not even remotely interesting in dating your man, I want to see him in prison for what he did to me. What part of Carolyn was raped and stalked while in grad school and never recovered from it and the sustained further injuries after she was raped and stalked do you not understand? What part of Carolyn was raped and stalked and needed support to recover but instead was abused and is now disabled from being raped and stalked while a university student do you not understand? What part of Carolyn is a disabled rape and stalking victim who can't even date or go to parties in fear of being raped do you not understand? What part of Carolyn was popular and had a bright future and was happy before she was raped and stalked and that version of Carolyn will NEVER exist again because she was a victim of a series of violent crimes including probably you trying to murder her to cover for a monster do you not understand?

There are so many bad and corrupt people who work in policiing and in medical professions in Canada that we need more laws to protect women like me and put men who assault women and violent people who attack women who report rape because those people do exist and to put anyone who conceals a crime in prison. I am alive, I am telling what happened to me to the world because the world needs to know that Canada is not the safe place is presents itself to the world as, Canada is very corrupt, women are beaten and raped and abused in Canada all the time, there are few protections for women in Canada and lots of protections for the men who abuse them to walk free of their crimes. There are more laws protecting the men and woman accused of crimes than laws protecting their victims from being abused in the criminal system because they were the victim of a crirme or reported a crime. Look at my life, look at my resume up to 2007, I wasn't a drug addict or a prostitute or a criminal and I barely even had medical records, I was on my provincial swim team and in gifted art school and finished a degree and had a few student jobs and volunteer work and was enrolled in grad school and always had friends to do things with on weekends, and now after I was assaulted and stalked I am unemployed, never finished grad school, have a criminal record and a completely destroyed medical record, I'm disabled, have no friends that I hang out with in public, I don't get invited to any parties and people actually tell me that they do not want to be associated to me and most obviously I am now a marginalized woman. The men who abused me have lives that are the complete opposite to mine. That is what happens when a woman is assaulted in Canada.

I am so thankful that the internet exists because if I was assaulted in University before the internet existed I 100% believe I might not be alive today and no one would ever have known what happened to me.

If you are a female who believes I am after your man no matter if you are a stranger or a relative, I am not even interested in your man, I only date single never married men, paranoid-schizophrenia and delusional-fixation-disorder are very serious illnesses and can result in a delusional person murdering or injuring their fixation, if you have harmed me or plan to harm me out of your delusions, please seek psychiatric care immediately, my only goal in life is to be a married mother and I am terrified of you, if you are related to me that is horrifying, if we have never had a conversation in my life and from a distance you are watching me believing I am after your man, I don't even know who you are and you need help and as your victim the only place you belong is prison. If you are a female who is defending a man who I've stated has abused me in my life and you somehow think it's because he's with you not me, you need psychiatric care, I went to therapy for being a sexual assualt and domestic abuse victim and that is my real life, the very last men I would ever want to even be in the same room with are men who have abused me and you need to accept that your man is my perpetrator, your man injured me either physically or psychologically or both, and I am still suffering from that damage, to me he is dangerous and you are also dangerous and I fear you might harm me out of your delusions. If you somehow believe that you deserve to own my belongings you are delusional. I really don't know what any of the men I met in grad school or high school are up to and if you are married to one of them, I really don't know anything about you or even that he is married. If you somehow believe my "carolyn married herself presents" are teasing you or mocking you, you are also delusional and psychotic and it's great that lots of women like the same things, that is why the things I buy are for sale in stores, and it has everything to do about me and my life and my dreams and the things I deserve. My life is a product of my upbringing and your life is also a product of your upbringing, marrying a man I was associated to at some point in my life won't give you my life, only being born to my parents would give you my life, if you are miserably married and somehow think I am the source of your problems, you need help, I've never even had a man pay to take me on a road trip when I didn't pay half the costs or have a man give me anything but electroplated jewelry. I buy my own things, if you want my things you can buy them for yourself, but please don't damage my things or try to injure me because you will go to prison eventually and I will show up to watch you sent off to rot behind bars, that is what victims do, they show up to court to watch the person who harmed them sentenced and sent off to rot in prison, that said the man the police investigated for sexually assaulting me who claimed I was harassing him didn't even show up to court, I have a feeling he was petrified he'd be put on the spot and questioned and so stayed far away and sent a vicitm letter that was pathetic really because I oculdn't even remeber his address of the apartment he took me back to but he claimed in his statement he was scared that I would show up and harm him ( a 6foot3 man) and that he had to contact every person he could possibly think of to ask if they heard he was a rapist, he seriously wrote that whenever he meets someone he first asked them if they knew me, I didn't even talk to people about him other than like 5 people in total, and so for all I know he went up to literally hundreds of people asking them if they knew me and if they spoke with me and telling them that the real story was that he broke my heart and was not a rapist but that I was his stalker. Like how many people did he contact about me and what did he say??? I wouldn't be suprised if the man is such a sleazyball that the person he cc'd when contacting the police about me was a lawyer he hired to defend him before he was even charged as soon as he found out I reported him in April 2008, I also wouldn't be suprised if he like thought he had a genius plan to extort money from his victim and was planning to sue but there was no money to steal so his plan failed because for one his victim was a student making a yearly wage below the poverty line and had student loans when the alleged attack occured and second his victim was unemployed and out of school after withdrawing from being traumatized by the time he went to police and three by the time of the conviction hadn't worked in 2.5years and on the last day of serving a sentence in the community his victim received a phone call she was now disabled and to pick up her disability cheque of $4000 social assistance, yes, the very last day of my sentence i got a cheque from the government for $4000 and it's all gone, I spend it on things I needed like bedroom furniture and clothing and dishes and a breadmaker and make-up and pajamas... I think maybe he believed he was in a competition to prove he was a winner and innocent of his crimes but to me going to the police was out of trauma and not my first thought when I was assaulted or being stalked, I was too deeply traumatized to think like that, but he clearly metholodically plotted what to do in order to clear his name and declare himself a champion of a competition that existed only in his own mind while I was trying to get over the trauma of being victimized repeatedly and find answers and closure, I still am seeking answers and closure and to resolve my emotional problems caused from being subjected directly to violence, I really can't get over what happened to me, I can't even date without fears I might be assaulted or domestically abused or attacked by a man's ex girlfriend or other violent female. Horrifying beyond words.


November 19, 2013: I posted an online WILL in case of my death online earlier this year but have changed my decisions. I've now decided to leave everything I own to an undisclosed charity on the event of my pre-mature death, but I hope to live to be 100 so that is about 70 years from now. I might change my mind but right now I do not have children, when I hopefully get married and have kids I will leave everything to my husband and kids.


If any of the like 20 men I've dated who did nothing to harm me but dump me think that somehow in the future if my life is different they can sudden come back into my life, forget it, you left me and I needed you and you can never be in my life again, I only want a man who is a real man and will be with me when I am injured and disabled and accept that I might be disabled my whole life not someone who disappears thinking if I get better they can have me, they cannot, no matter how poor I am in my life or how disabled, I have more self-respect than to allow a man like that to ever be in my life. We all know the saying: if you love someone set them free! but in real life that is abusive both emotionally and psychologically and if you love someone you never leave them or let them suffer alone, that is cruel and absolutely the most abusive thing you can do to someone who you love, that is not love, that is cruelty.

Of the two men who I told the police assaulted me, only one had ever been in my student houses or at my student apartment, the other had never been in any of my student places,he was a man who said he was 4 year older than me but he already owned a condo in the city and looking back I think maybe he ws older than he claimed, he told me he had a former live in girlfriend but I don't even know her name or anything about her. One had been in my student apartment twice and i my student house before that for parties maybe twice, the second he didn't come to any of my parties and I don't remember meeting him outside of class until someone invited me to a birthday party at his condo for a girl my age in my program in April 2007 and I was rearended on my way to the party just after I got off the highway in Toronto from Hamilton, I went to the grocery store to buy an orchid for myfriend for her 26th birthday at his condo and then on my way there I was rear-ended by a man in a minivan who had a big cage in the back of his car and he wanted to pay for repairs to my dad's bumper by cash, he hit me so hard you could see his licence plate on my bumper in the plastic and I got out of the car shaken and told this stranger how I was overly upset because I just found out my childhood friend tragically died that week , this man talked to my dad on my cellphone and paid him later for the repair, but that was the very first time I ever remember attending a party he was at and it was at his condo... that night I broke up with the current boyfriend because I realized that I cared more about the man who died who I hadn't seen since my 14th birthday than I did about the man I was dating, I was hysterical and sobbing, he died, he died, and I didn't go to his funeral...if I died who would go to my funeral?? then I got really drunk and threw up in a gas station parking lot... anyways... OMG I just REMEMBERED that at that party I drank at this man's condo, lychee soho and some wine, then went to a bar in kensington market where this creepy girl from elementary school oddly was and posted pics on facebook later of her same party at teh same bar, but anyways, I was so intoxicated from something that I blacked out for a bit and I remember that the ex boyfriend I broke up with later that night told me that I was acting like a child and playing with my food in a coffee shop like a 2 year old and spilling my coffee... WHAT if someone DRUGED me that night in april 2007 at his condo and didn't know I had a boyfriend who was meeting me at the bar that night to go back to his parents place after the party?? This ex boyfriend told me that I was acting so strange and that I took off all my clothing in the bathroom and was sobbng and sobbing and sobbing then passed out and he thought I was dead but I wasn't, but in that moment, I ended that relationship, but looking back at that night, I think maybe I was drugged at the condo OR at the bar... I was in my car with the damagedbumper in the passenger seat leaning out into a gas-station parkinglot at like don mills and eglinton in Toronto puking all over the parkinglot out the door... That was like a week or two before I started the co-op job at sunnybrook... I think I was drugged that night by someone who didn't know I had a boyfriend who would be driving that night... But I knew the moment that the ex boyfriend said something like "Who cares? he's dead. what should I care. shit happens. fuck man.... let met sleep.. stop bitching. Why are you such a bitch." that I 100% had to end that relationship, for that and a billion other reasons.

I really don't know what's been going on, but if you are someone who wanted to be your fantasy of me at some point in my life, that fantasy never existed, I don't have any money to live off of and never have, if you went to school to become something you thought I was was and got a job that paid a salary you are living a fantasy of a life I could only dream of, I'm 32 and I still have never had my chance at a job that pays money, my biggest problem and obstacle in life has been money and lack of income to buy the things I need or want, without money a person cannot survive. I am poor and in debt with student loans and single and never married and I don't have anything and if you are living a life you thought was my life, I could only dream of your life, my whole life up to age 32 I still can only dream of making a wage above the poverty line. For instance I did fantacize about being model as a teenager but no one wanted me without asking me to pay which means they don't want you, I wanted to be a designer when I was at OCAD but there were no jobs opportunities available to me and just piles of rejection letters. When I was in grad school I dreamed I would be a healthcare administrator after I had a co-op job but no one even wanted me for a second co-op job from my resume and I did get a couple of interviews but no one wanted me ontop of being already disabled. Maybe you are living a fablous life and confused why I am not, it's because no one wanted me and you are and were delusional, I really don't care if you are upset reading this, you have more than I could ever dream of and because of you my life is even harder than it was already. Men don't take me to nice places or buy me nice things, they tell me to my face that because I amnot as rich as other women that I don't deserve to be treated like other women until I have as much money as other women and only use me for sex and I am lucky if I get a $8 dinner date and usually they complain about spending even that on me, that is my real life, I get treated like trash and a second class citizen not a princess, I give and get nothing in return from people and worked twice as hard at jobs and 1000times harded to find a job in the first place to be paid half or less the income to someone who was handed a job with little or no effort only to be told that I am just not good enough for anyone. Only $832/month in disability is the most disposable income I've ever had in my entire life, finishing grad school and getting a job or having a boyfriend who buys me nice not cheap things or to dinner over $30 were and still are only fantasies to me. I hear women complain that their man sets limits of like $200 on gifts after a year of dating, after 7 years I had an ex who told me he wouldn't spend more than $100 on a gift for me once a year and that is all I got along with like an $8 meal a week and coffee. I had another ex who gave me a $25 coffee card for my birthday after telling me he took a girl he just met to europe after we broke up and wanted to get back after they broke up. If you are married or have a full time job or have children even if you are 18, you are way ahead of me living a life that only still exists in my dreams and I've lost hope any of my dreams will ever come true. You can say what you want, but I am 32 years old and I amnot getting any younger and most of the opportunities in life are for the under 30, once you are over 30 no one really wants you for anything and if you were exploited in your 20s and left poor by 30 you really don't have a hope of a better life. That is the reality. Men really don't want you for anything but sex when you are poor and over 30, that is real life, I honestly don't even know what love is not in relationships and not in friendships because I've always been abused even by the same people who say nice things to me, they treat me like a lesser human being and think it's okay to batter me while they rewarded other girls with praise and love and showered them with money and gifts. Most of my insecurities and anxieties are not because I am weak and a wimpy girl it's because of violence and abuse as I've been abused so much that I just anticipate abuse before it happens in all parts of my life from relationships to academics to work and friendships and extended family rather than love or respect. I wonder what my life might be like and if I would have confidence if I felt love rather than hate and abuse my whole life.

Aside from being the victim of cyberbullying/stalking over social media in 2007 and the trauma, it was entertaining none-the-less to pretend to reunite with people I've met in my life who I hated and see them accept my online friend request and then pretend to be friends with me on the internet meanwhile I never forgot how they made me feel and never will. That was priceless. What did upset me tho was discovering most of the beautilful smart talented girls from my childhood and teens were single and the horrible cruel unpopular cows who tormented the pretty girls were married and had kids by 30, I guess some men prefer that type but it's horriyfing to know they are multiplying and bringing life into this world and raising them with their same values. It wasn't the nice girls who were married with kids, it was the ugly ones and they are now mostly teachers and nurses as adults after tormenting other girls as children and my guess is they mostly retired by 30 to be stay at home moms after having great jobs in their 20s and lots of cash to throw around because they were hired for being ugly and men in my generation want women who hve money for wives but those kinds of women all become homemakers anyways because they never wanted to work in the first place. Regardless even if they end up divorced I wouldn't date any of their men, the thought sickens me and I would never be a step-mother to a horrible cow's offspring.

I've been asked by various professionals the following question: Do you think you've been targeted for some reason? and it's a hard question to answer because YES I do feel I've been specifically targeted at various times in my life because unstable people have for whatever reason fixated on the white blonde half ukrainian girl and for reasons beyond my understanding I've had more than one person fantacize about me being someone who only exists in their mind but secondly, I think more than that I've been the victim of various acts of random violence by complete strangers who would attack any woman who they view as being pretty or popular or happy or successful or rich or poor or whatever their obsession but that they place me a stranger into that category and harm any of woman in exactly the same way they harmed me. Unfortunately I don't know why I've been targeted so many times by different unrelated people but I have been told by professionals that for whatever reason sometimes people just harm beautiful children or women and it has nothing to do with the person. Like even so much as I've had things happen to me that I haven't even mentioned here or to the police over my life, for instance on more than one occassion in the city of Toronto in my late teens and early 20s had a random man about my age run up to me on Queen west while shopping with friends and grab my breast and run away, or like one day I was just walking down the street in what is now The Beach with friends while a York U student and someone ran up behind me and took bright pink lipstick and ran it along the bum of my brand new designer jeans and ran away, I got to my car one day while it was parked overnight on the street by my student apartment and the tire was flat and I had to wait for a two truck then took it in and had a punctured tire. I never reported those kinds of things, I just went on with my life, but things like that happen to me so often that I just thought it was normal for everyone until I found out that some people NEVER have anything like that happen to them. That is how much violence there is towards white girls like me growing up in Canada. Life isn't easier for girls who are pretty in Canada, it is harder because there are so many people who assume that if a woman is attractive life must be easy, but life is just that much harder for her because all she hears is that it's a bad thing to be pretty and that it makes her a bad person to be pretty and that her appearance at birth makes her ugly on the inside and that there are people who torture plastic dolls that look just like her for entertainment, and it doesn't help that so many men have told me that in their country of birth or in countries they have visited a lot of the women who are prostitutes are from my cultural background, because I am half ukrainian and blonde they automatically tell me that women like me are whores enslaved in the sex trade and in human trafficking all over the world. What I've experienced are more than just acts of violence towards women, they are hate crimes directed specifically at females like me no matter our social status or education.

You might be discriminatory towards women like me and think I am lazy and need to be abused to work harder but the problem with me is that I've been abused so much I have a trauma disorder from repeated abuse over my life and I wasn't able to identify until the last couple of years that I've had not episodic delusions but episodic post traumatic stress disorder since childhood where I couldn't function for periods of time after being traumatized or abused by children and adults in positions of authority in my life. A doctor has never diagnosed me as episodic post traumatic stress disorder that is my own observation for why I would draw and write about so many things for hours and day and weeks and years then just stop and start something I enjoyed. It's happened to me at least 3 times, it's a really debilitating disorder and it's cute when a child draws and paints their problems but it's not so cute when you are 27 and all you can do is draw pictures and write poems about your problems in riddles. I can't imagine if I have another series of traumatic experiences when I am like 40 or 50, like is this going to happen to me every 5 years for my whole life? I don't want to be a crazy person rambling about horrifying events and drawing like a 5 year old again. I threw out probably like 20 notebooks of my rambling poems and scribbles from age like 17 to 22 a couple of years ago, I went thru them all and shredded the pages one by one hoping that would be enough therapy to give those things away, yes, I did not just toss them in the recycling bin, I sat with a paper shredder ripping out pages one by one for hours one night clogging up our home paper shredder with what I liked to call at 19 "random word thought poetry" where I would write in circles on pages the first word that popped into my head then tell people I liked to read it to look for secret messages from beyond because I really was convinced at like 18 or 19 that automatic writing was possible and that if you wrote the frist word that popped into your head it was a message from a spirit or ghost and none of it made any sense. I would go out for coffee with friends and get them to write the first word that popped into their head on a napkin and pass it around then read it and look for the secret message from the spirit world. I was that messed up as a teenager, I got over it, and it all came back in my mid 20s!! I can't let it ever happen again. I am not lazy or stupid or delusional, my brain just cannot deal with traumatic events or too much stress and I refuse to sit in an art studio for a therapist again and let the paintbrush draw my stalker  or whatever then talk about what I see in that image and how it makes me feel.

It's really unfortunate that some people use the systems set up to help for harm and devestating to the life of a victim of multiple violent people. We set up courts and medical services to help those in need but unfortunately when the wrong people are given those jobs and power they can use it to destroy someone who otherwise is not in need of those services only to take out their anger, rage, or conceal the sins of others in desperation. As a victim who was subjected to mental health treatment instead of medical attention for physical injuries and medicated after experiencing traumatic events intead of receiving victim services and having the very people who harmed me us mental illness as a reason why I brought of violent events that occured in my life, it's horrifying beyond words. Yes, I agree 100% there are people who need medications for mental illnesses and there are people who need to be punished when they commit crimes while mentally ill, but I do not believe that a victim defending themself or begging for help should ever be punished or subjected to that kind of violence. I do not take any medications, I don't go to any therapists but I can if I choose, my body physically hurts all the time and something is wrong with my eyes that was not wrong before I was subjected to violence, my biggest concerns are that my pain stops and I can see properly and stop experiencing what feels like neurological problems that I did not have before I came forward as a victim. I've had anxiety since childhood, but I dealt with it on my own and was able to get into grad school and evenentually get over my fear of public speaking in class, unfortunately right when I got over my fear of public speaking someone started terrorizing me, it was like, as soon as I just walked away from a domestically abusive relationship and as soon as I got over my fears of calling superiors on the phone and as soon as I got over my fears of giving presentions I was suddenly terrorized instead of cheered on for gaining confidence for the first time in my life. I needed to be told that it was a good thing that I gained confidence and that it was a good thing that I was able to finally without an anxiety attack get up and not only present but present to C-level executives of a major organization of 10,000 employees with only about 2 hours to prepare for the presentation based on months of work complete with handouts and I had to present a mathematical equation I made up to solve a problem affecting millions of dollars of public funds, (seriously, it was millions of dollars over decades of uncollected accounts), as well and answer questions without even shaking. I didn't even dream in a million years only a year before that I would ever in my life be doing something like that or have the confidence. But right around that time I was subjected to so much violence that I really wonder if it was an enraged group of jealous spoiled self absorbed people who plotted to destroy ever bit of my life over the next short while in the delusion I'd always been confidence but it was new for me and the first time I'd ever had that kind of confidence in my entire life. I don'tknow why there are so many people who unforunately instead of uplifting and encouraging young people abuse and tear them to shreds, I wish I went back to McMaster and felt as appreciated and encouraged there as I did on my co-op job but instead I experienced exclusion from my peers and mean comments from some of my professors and I even was physically hit on more than one occassion. So many things were going on in my life that being a victim of sex crimes where I knew what happened but I just went on with my life was like at the bottom of my list of things to worry about, had it not been that I was stalked and being terrorized I would never have told anyone and pretended that I dated the men and they were exs but that was the farthest thing from the truth. If it hadn't been that a psychopath was terrorizing me, I wouldn't ever have reported being sexually assaulted or bullied or having weirdos do things to me over the years, but unfortunately I had no choice because my life was in danger. I just wish that so many people didn't use the systems set up to help for harm and that more people who genuinely cared about helping people were in those kinds of roles rather than those willing to defend the sins of some for the sacrifice of others and spent more time uplifting people for doing good rather than slandering and cutting them down.

I didn't know when I was 18 to 25 that the tiny bit of weight, 5 to 10 pounds that I put on my hips and thigh was not fat, I was dating a man and whenever I spent a month away fromhim and didn't see him I owuld lose 5 to 10 pounds, I really did not know until I was 32 that that was not fat, that it was swelling, and he always told me to buy 2 or 4 sizes bigger when I went shopping anyways, he never let me buy what I liked with my own money, but I didn't know that sexual violence could cause lower extremity swelling. I don't have a boyfriend right now, but back then I always had bruises on my legs and athough I nowhave rashes and tiny scars I don't have little bruises on my legs all the time. I know I didn't go to the police when I was sexually assaulted when I was too intoxicated to consent twice in 2007 because I was so used to being sexually abused that I just walked away. I eat teh same way I did back then, I do the same kinds of pilates exercises I did back then, what I didn't know is that sexual abuse can cause swelling in you body. 

It really baffles me me why the my cyber stalker seemed to believe I was a smoker and a drug user. I tried smoking as a teenager but only for a couple of years and I quit by age 20. They sent me images of what appeared to be cocaine but I've never used it in my life and I think they sent me images of inexpensive jewelery gifts my parents gave me infering they were stolen, who does that? Why would anyone have fantasies I was a drug using thief while I was an MBA student unless they were just saying bad things about a grad student in a jealous rage? They also had information only my family doctor or a close family member or the ex boyfriend at the time would have would have like my being admitting to a hospital while a york university student for horrifyingly, anal bleeding, yes, I had sudden horrible stomach pains after yoga then went back to my student apartment and had anal bleeding when I was a york u student and had to go to emerge and my stalker knew that but that medical record was missing from my old fmily doctor's records along with lots of other things I visited the doctor for or had tests for, I also kept being told I was on wait lists or being referred to things by that doctor and then months later would be told I was still on a list or it didn't exist, I've since changed doctors because that is absolutely horrifying, and I get appointments with specialists so quickly now and honeslty I do no trust anything that is in that old file and believe 100% that some of my medical records have been disposed of or altered and I know 100% that a doctor at McMaster fabricated records, horrifying beyond words.


>>I guess what baffels me the most is this: I can't imagine ever doing the things you have done to me to anyone, how do you go thru your day and on with your life without being haunted by the things you've done to me and probably others or do you just completely lack the ability to see that you are hurting people and that it is a bad thing? Why would you EVER do the things you have done to me to anyone? What makes you that way? Why me and not someone else? Like I could only hope you go thru life terrorized by the memories of the things you've done to me but I don't think you are even bothered that you have harmed me and that is what is the most horrifying. Why would you ever do those things?Like did you promise an absolutely horrible person that you would always be there for them and part of their team no matter what and harm me on behalf of a complete monsterwho walks around acting sweet as a button in sheeps clothing but is really satan on earth because I really wonder! I can't imagine ever agreeing to harm someone for a monster the way you have harmed me. Why didn't you just say no and ditch the monster? Do you really think they would do the same for you? Of course not, they would never do the same for you, they might manipulate you and toss you a compliment and small token of appreciation now and then but when it really comes down to it they would do to you, your friend, or your family or child exactly what they did to me and not care because you are disposable to them, hven't you ever heard of a cult, it's not like a friendship circle or a gang, in a cult a leader like manipulated people into like giving away their worldly goods to be a member of something so great and magical that it will provide them with all the wonders of the universe, then when they are bored they hand out cups of poisoned koolaid and everyone dies. Are you really that stupid? <<

I don't know what you did to me or why, was is because I was prettier than you as a girl and more athletic and smarter and you just couldn't deal? Was your daughter less attractive and less athletic and less creative and less intelligent so you encouraged her to harm me and other girls like me and you did it on your own as well commiting child abuse? I don't know, what you did to me over the years or why you would. Did you do something really perverted like put things in my hair and make-up products or did you poison me too? Did you damage my clothing and shoes and think that somehow that would improve your life and teach your obsession a lesson but all you did was attack an innocent person because of your perversion? Do you know that if you did something weird to my personal care products or clothing or food you are not only a pervert but a homicidal psychopath? Do you even know what you are?because I think you believe your actions are normal and they are the farthest thing from normal, they are thekind of thing serial killers do not good people but the baddest of the bad people do those things to others. Everything wrong with my body is an injury, like do you not understand that you injured me and that makes you a really bad person?

One of the saddest things I discovered in being a victim of sexual violence, domestic abuse, and stalking was this: although there are some very genuine caring people who work with abuse victims, there are also people who choose those professions to use as an outlet for their own psychological problems to assert control and take their anger out on people. Unfortunately one would hope that someone who works with the mentally ill would help not harm, but when they meet a girl who is popular, happy other than being victimized and outside of her vicitmization has good things happening in her life, instead of being happy for her they want to destroy every bit of her happiness and make her life as difficult as possible and marginalize her just to have a punching bag for their own childhood or young adult anger towards being unpopular or not having those same opportunities even as an adult. I think we need better screening of people looking to enter education programs as mental health or medical providers like nurses and doctors BEFORE they even step thru the doors of a classroom, it would be really interesting to see how many of those students claim to be unpopular and unhappy as teenagers BEFORE they seek professions where they might attempt to inflict injuries on those who they viewed as happy or more popular then they were. It really is a serious problem, it's not the popular children or young adults picking on the unpopular kids or young adults, the popular ones are too busy being happy in their own lives to notice the unhappy and unpopular young people lurking in the corners staring at them from a distance plotting their delusional revenge on the prom kings and queens dreaming that one day they will get back at the "cool kids", but no one screens them BEFORE they homicidally seek their delusional revenge as adults. I really believe that too many of the types who lurk in dark corners thinking they are too fat or ugly or nerdy to be popular as kids or young adults sometimes choose jobs as like nurses or doctors or psychologists or justice mental health workers not out of compassion but out of severe untreated psychological problems, they assume things as adults like that to be pretty is to be happy and to be athletic is to be happy and fixate on people who are happy and attractive as targets for revenge to "knock off their high horse to teach a lesson" when alot of those pretty popular happy people are really insecure already because of the homicidal lunatics lurking in the dark corners of cafeterias growing up. I wouldn't be suprised if in addition to my other problems like a homicidal psychopath in a mental health profession connected to one of the unstable therapists I spoke with was given some of my personal information (a crime) by a therapist then went and stalked one of my childhood crushes, it would be hilarious if like one of my highschool boyfriends is married to like a mentally ill homicidal mental health worker connected to a medical professional I've spoken to about my personal life and he thinks she is sweet as pie but she's like a psychopath who studied how to imitate campassionate human behaviour when needed. I would laugh so hard and think that was the funniest karma revenge of all time, married to a lunatic stalking a friends patient's ex-boyfriend, like one of those horror movies... lol. Anyways.... I am horrified by the number of lunatics who work in the medical profession and the kinds of evils they are willing to commit or neglect or even try to force a happy grad student into a life of homelessness and poverty by falsifying medical notes. Serious consideration needs to be taken when recruiting potential nurses, doctors, and therapists BEFORE they step into their first undergraduate program, just because they have a group of teachers who gave them "A"s in school does not mean they have friends or work well with others or understand that all people have the same emotions and feelings or that it's not okay to harass or abuse others, just because they have "A" grades does not mean they did not spend 4 years of highschool fixated on the pretty cheerleader prom queen trying to dye her hair brown and blind her in revenge for sitting alone in the cafeteria at lunch, and I especially think that they also need to screen for physical ability in addition to mental health and grades because too many overweight and out of shape ugly people who don't bother to take care of their personal hygene end up in the medical profession, it's not discrimination to say to a 17 year old applicant that they are too fat to be a nurse or that because they do not brush their hair they cannot be accepted until they do learn to brush their hair or tell them that because they don't have friends and have never been to a party it's a sign they don't understand human emotions or they just might end up torturing girls once they are offered jobs unstead of healing them. 

I've had lots of ex boyfriends say various things to me, some said they thought I was beautiful, one claimed he was standing at the edge of the pacific ocean and had to text me because he believed I was more beautiful than the pacific ocean, I had one who refused to call me pretty or beautiful he told me I was cute, not something a woman wants to hear, but the dumbest thing a man in his 20s ever said to me trying to compliment me is the following: " x is a cunt, y is a bitch, but you are fun! why are you even here with me? all you have to do is walk down the street and you'd have any boyfriend you want!" seriously.

As for my profession, I am a Designer and Artist. Maybe they are professions that chose me, I didn't choose them, but my completed education is a Bachelor of Design and Cake Decorating certificates, and honestly I think being a Designer sounds so much sexier than being an MBA and being in my 30s I see that the sexy factor far outweighs the income factor and most of the people who I met in grad school could never get thru design school even if they were at the top of their health sciences or aerospace or economics undergrads because they just are too boring and completely lack any ability to be creative and that was apparent in their class presentations being overly scientific, over analyzed, and recommendations of solutions based on careful research and evalution of pre-existing ideas not new solutions to problems (something I had to learn to do but that is easy to learn, being creative is something you are born with, kind of like you can only be born psychic you cannot learn to be a psychic..). Being a Designer IS a sexy profession isn't it? I will take having a SEXY job title and profession over money any day,, single men in their 30s and 40s LOVE female designers I've discovered, I just don't get why it wasn't considered sexy while I was in my 20s when they were all chasing boring girls with high paying boring professions ... I guess it is upsetting that I don't have money from a well paying job but I paid for 4 years of education for a sexy profession for the rest of my life.

I learnt the hard way that if you date the wrong person they will suck the life right out of you. I'dhad lots of boyfriends in high school then when I moved to North York I will still fun-loveing outgoing Carolyn, always friendly and talking with people and although Ihad my pain I hid it well, but I met an 18 year old boy who was introverted, miserable, and hated everything, I felt so bad for him because he only had bad things to say about others and I talked with him and let him be my friend, but the thing is when you are a child, which I wtill was at 18, you don't know that some people like that are so miserable that they will suck the life right out of you and make you as miserable as they are. I didn't know that slowly he would start to act like me and because of his behaviour towards me I would become introverted while he stole my sparly outgoing personality by putting me down every time I was in the mood to walk around singing and dancing and wearing my favorite colour yellow which he told me was ugly and that only suicidal people liked yellow so I stopped wearing it, in the years I dated him he put me down so often and his personality went from introverted, miserable, hate every one and every thing to outgoing and grandiose in the belief he was better than everyone and going to be super rich and successful, to this day I wish I left that boy grumbling to himself, miserable, and a high school drop out, instead of encouraging him to finish school, not to kill himself, to stop doing drugs, and generally be a better person because when you do nice things for people like that thye only turn around and slap you in the face the same way they treated and talked about everyone they met before they met you. He was such a miserable introverted boy and I wish I never let him talk with me in the first place, all he ever did was steal my sparkled, ruin everything I loved, and then imitate my outgoing personality and try to take credit for everything I was working so hard for on my own when I didn't see him 6 days a week out of 7. The lesson I learnt the hard way is when a person so miserable and so introverted approaches you and wants to be friends, you have to avoid them and tell them to seek a therapist and go on with your life as if you've never met them because people like that will not encourage you, they will not say good things about you, and they will only try to bring you down to their level the try to rise above you to control you. They will never say thank you, they will never appreciate you, and they will go on with their life with all the things they stole from you and all the confidence they gained from abusing you, to get things they really never deserved in the first place with a grandiose personality that they can tear people like you down to uplift themselves. I don't know what happens to people like that after they suck the life out of someone like me, I think first when you leave them they commit or threaten violence, then they slander you claiming responsibility for all your success, then they have some uplifting moments because people just as volnerable as you believe their lies and do nice things for them, but then my guess is that someone's innate personality eventually shines thru and when they lose the person who they consistently abuse and put down and suck the life out of if they cannot find a new source of engergy in someone new with a similar innate personality to mine to abuse and put down and exploit, they fall so low again and back into their old patterns and become just as introverted and angry all over again no matter what assets or success they've acquired. I don't know because I have not seen or heard from that man in years and I never want to see or hear from him again, but my guess is that he fell just as low as he was before he met me because that is just who he is and I wouldn't be suprised if he one day commits suicide, the very act that I was so deperate to prevent and if I knew better would have called up the police to tell them he wanted to commit suicide and was telling me weird stories and that he was using drugs and smoking pot at breaks at work and ignored him from the start, I don't remember when I met him, there was no connection, I don't remember our first conversation just that he was there at work and asked me to go for coffee with him and brought me candy, but there was no significant moment where I can say, I connected with him, he asked me to go to city hall with him to get married the first time I went for a coffee with him and I said "no." because I knew he was not the man I ever wanted to marry and thought it was a joke anyways. It's really scary in retrospect that peoplecan suck the life out of you like that before you even know what's happening and that as I've read about various personality types, they just drain you then develop invincible personalities and make you feel so small when they are the small one and it's the only way they can maintain their high to keep from going back to their extreme introverted and angry lows.

You might wonder why I'd be all upset about sex with men in an MBA program because they must be good looking guys: These two were not good looking, one was too tall and too thin with a very common trailor-trash name and the other balding and hairy and looked 45 at 29 sharing the exact same name as a notorious child molester in the united states but I didn't know that until years later when I googled his name I guess some things run in the family considering I heard he thought I was like a teenager. They were not jocks, they were the types of men who play recreational sports and sign up for open to anyone competitions where they get participation medals and like to brag about being athletes when all they are doing is getting exercise and the same reward as a grandmother who would sign up for the same thing but for her it would be an accomplishment. McMaster is full of that type: never really good at anything but got in because their high school teachers or university professors inflated the grades of nerdy looking kids to make them feel better about themselves giving them ego problems and they always have that same complex of being superior as a result of unearned praise.

I find it hiliarious really in some situations when dealing with mental health workers or psychiatrists because most of them have had fairly boring lives and really if you ask why they become a mental health worker their story isn't that they had a tragic life or a horrible experience or a severely mentally ill relative, it's something like: it sounded like a fun career and I've never had any mental health problems I just think it's interesting. Which brings me to the following, if you find something as serious as mental health conditions interesting and you have a scientific brain not an empathic personality, does that mean your ability to identify and diagnos is based on a list of criteria you memorize and read about and are only capable of taking an external set of criteria to check off and use theories and experiments to prove your diagnosis rather than sympathy and seeing the subject as a person and considering that maybe your life is boring but their life is not? For instance, I went to one psychiatrist who asked about my childhood, I told him that at 12 years old I got on a plane and travelled to winnipeg to compete in a youh nationals swimming competition. He told me that was a delusion because he had never heard of me before. It really bothers me knowing that this is a real experience from my childhood, and yet this man responsible for the diagnosis and mental health treatment of probably 1000s of people was sitting in front of my telling me I was delusional about an event in my childhood where not only did it happen I was photographed while there at 12 by Speedo and briefly interviewed by speedo and this was published in a magazing distributed across Canada. I've had a very complicated life, I've had lots of good experiences that are uncommon and lots of bad experiences that are uncommon, and they really did happen to me, I do not understand why this person would ever sit in a room with me and tell me that my memories of my childhood are delusions. I told him I was sexually assaulted, he told me that was another delusion because I was a delusional person. I told him I was leaving, he told me to write out for him on a piece of paper what happened with the stalker stuff and so I sat in a waiting room writing it out and then he told me he decided I was delusional and I told him I was leaving and he told me that he would be willing to reconsider his diagnosis if I came back but he never has patients come back, and I said no and left. Then I drove directly to a police station to make sure there was a record of my reporting that sexual assault and I called up my psychologist to tell him about what the psychiatrist said. Then I was terrified that I made the police report and I wasn't going to go back to school but did out of fear or retribution and wanted a restraining order to keep him off campus while I was living there to complete my studies but then walked into class and the other man who i reported for sexual assault was in my classroom... it was all horrifying for me.

I would like some of the following questions asked of people who are considering entering the medical profession BEFORE they are accepted into education programs AND before they are offered jobs: 1. Do you ever have fantacies about watching people die. 2. Have you ever fantacized about someone dying. 3. Do you like to watch people suffer. 4. Are you preoccupied with fame. 5. Are you preoccupied with material things and fantacize about owning expensive homes and cars. 6. Has anyone close to you ever died. 7. Have you ever experienced a serious illness or injury. 8. Have you ever cared for an injured or sick animal and what happened to that animal. 9. Have you ever been in a physical fight. 10. Have you ever watched someone die. 11. Do you watch violent films or movies or play violent video games. 12. Have you ever sent malicious emails or letters to anyone and if so why. 13. Were you popular or unpopular in childhood. 14. Have you ever taunted another person even if in childhood. 15. Do you like the way you look. 16. If you could change anything about your appearance what would it be. 17. Do you dream of being on the cover of a magazine. 18. Would you be happy living on social assistance. 19. Is money important to you. 20. Do you dream of being rich and famous. 21. Have you ever thought about stabbing someone. 22. Do you have a worst enemy. 23. Do you have an arch rival. 24. Have you ever been poor. 25. Have you ever been rich. 26. Are your parents successful. 27. Do you like your teachers. 28. Have you ever had a close friendship with one of your teachers. 29.Have you ever played sports. 30. Have you ever won a competition based on ability not judged. 31. If you had a pet dog or cat did it live for longer than 10 years? 32. Have you ever been so jealous of someone you wanted to hurt them. 33. If you didn't like someone but you were the only person who could save them would you. 34. Would you accept money to harm someone. 35. Would you deny someone medical attention if your friend told you they didn't like them or wanted to be better than them. 36. I want to be rich. 37. I want to be powerful. 38. I would like to be the prime minister of canada. 39. I would like to be a banker making $1,000,000 a year. 40. If a man making $1,000,000 a year asked me to marry him I would quit my job. 41. I want to live in a mansion. 42. I want to own pets. 43. I want to have children. 44. I have a worst enemy. 45. If I have a worst enemy my best friend and I hate my worst enemy. 46. If someone offered me $10,000,000 to go to jail for 5 years and never work again I would go to jail for 5 years to get $10,000,000 at the end of it. 47. I would become an engineer if there was a salary of $900,000 upon graduation. 48. If someone told meI could murder my worst enemy and no one would ever find out I would do it. 49. Animals are not like people. 50. The idea of being a movie star excites me. 51. I want to spend my retirement living in luxury. 52. Beautiful people are ugly on the inside. 53. My worst enemy thinks I am their worst enemy. 54.My parents tell me I am good at everything. 55. I am above average at most things. 56. Other people tend to be less intelligent than me. 57. I have a high IQ. 58.Have you ever read a book about how to make friends. 59. Have you read a book about how to be rich and/or famous. 60. Do you like the most popular boy in school. 61. Do you like the most popular girl in school. 62. Do you have a special relationship with one of your teachers. 63. Do you wish you were popular. 64. Do you cry sometimes because you are not invited to a party. 65. Do you work out or get exercise. 66. If you are a female do you take time to style your hair and put on make-up before going in public. 67. Have you ever cut the hair off a doll or drawn on a doll with marker? 68. There is someone who you hate. 69. There is someone who you love. 70. HAve you ever made a pact with your friends to be better than your worst enemy.  

If you have commited violence towards me, no matter how you justify it, you are part of the reason I am a disabled person, the things you have done to me and the way you've treated me are the reasons I am an unemployed women in my 30s without a husband or children, it is because of you, why didn't you just make me feel good about myself and uplift me instead of making everything just that much harder for me than the other girls growing up? You can say whatever you want to try to justify your actions, but I will always be your victim no matter what I do in life, you can say I could have been someone with a great career and a fabulous life but you missed the part where I needed you to help me and make me feel good about myself to get there. If you wanted me to be someone you had to help me get that A in class and get a job and give me awards to feel good about myself not make me feel like I was a bad person if I did well and hurt me if I did well, everytime you hurt me when I worked hard at something instead of giving me emotional support or encouragement you made life harder not easier for me and made me a bit more insecure about myself until I developed severe phobias and a trauma disorder from that abuse. I don't associate doing well with rewards and praise, I associate doing well with physical, emotional, and financial abuse because that is how I've been treated. My whole life if someone harms me if I told anyone I would be harmed again by not helped, in school or work or wherever, if I was harmed the person who harmed me would claim it was somehow the opposite and I would be further harmed again so I learnt not that people help you if you tell but that they will harm you for that person and the police did the same thing to me, I don't know what it's like to be the one who is helped. I know what it's like to have my name in a newspaper in childhood but I don't know what it's like to be treated well because of it only to have teachers yell at me and send me to detention for missing school for competitions to write exams. Seriously, since my childhood I was abused if I succeeded. I really would go away for like 5 days to compete and have to sit on the pool deck for like 10 hours at a time 4 days in a row and compete like 8 times then like 8 finals most of the time, I never even saw the cities I visted outside of looking out the window of the rented team van on the way to the hotel from an airport and to the pool from the hotel and usually was woken up at like 7am and taken to a pool to swimming all morning the back to the hotel and told to sleep then woken up at like 4 and taken back to a pool and told to swim, then back to a hotel to sleep and repated for 4 days and I would be exhausted and go back to school and my name would be on morning announcements for winning medal and published in the local paper in the sports section then my teachers would kick me out of class and tell me to write my missed tests in the detention hall with all the bad kids that was my life from about age 10 to just before I turned 15, so I changed schools and went into a gifted art program in part ofr fun and in part because of the cows who would call me a slut for being popular, and my new high school had security guards on duty all the time at the exits and although I did have the girl who threatened to kill me one day at lunch hour, (that really happened) and my new BFF I was told would never be coming back to school and I'd never see her again, I won an honor roll award and swim team MVP and was asked to be swim team captain the next year but then moved away. It's like the same thing happened to me in grad school but I didn't get to transfer into a magical school that would make me feel special then graduate from an even better school.... I don't know what I'll be doing in my future, but you are 100% responsible for the pain of my past and nothing you say or do can change the pain you've caused with your violence and lies even if you are only 0.0001% of the problem, you are still the problem and I blame you 100% along with everyone else. If you thought I could be something more than I am in life, I needed you to help me get there not harm me or make life easier for other people while abusing me. I might not know the people following me on Behance, but 99.9% of them make me feel great about myself and I go where I am given emotional support and feel valued and love in the form of friendship and you just didn't give me any of those things along with not providing financial support, you didn't provide me with any of my needs, not one, you only made all those things harder for me and you wonder why I am the way I am, it's 100% because of you, and I am not playing a victim or making up a story and you can say what you did was justified, but it never will be justified and you are 100% incapable of seeing that you are a bad person, you are the bad person who harmed me and you will never be anything more than that no matter how many times you beg your god to forgive you. I probably will never know why you did the things you did to me, but I will never forget how you made me feel and how much my body hurt and I would rather see you in jail for life but if that doesn't happen you have a lot to work out with your god because I keep asking your god to punish you and to never forgive you but only make you suffer for what you did. I am not one of your darkest secrets, I am not anything but your victim the rest of my life has nothing to do with you and never will and I plan to live to be 100. And honestly, I have been told my entire life that to get what you want you have to work hard and if you work hard you will reap rewards like lots of money and nice things and opportunities to live your dreams, but in my experience hard work led to absolutely nothing only problems and poverty and abuse and violence and all the people who sat around and did nothing were given a hand up in life and handed things I could only dream of and so beyond being disabled I choose to do nothing because when they did nothing opportunity knocked at their door and their dreams came true as if winning the lottery for sitting on their ass as a freeloader up to age like 20 or 25. I really do not understand how so many people I met growing seemed to reap rewards for things they never worked hard to earn and that is part of the reason I have no respect for them and will never have respect for them, I only respect people who can prove that they earned their job and their income and their life, I mean honestly the words "you don't deserve it" need to be used more often with people like that instead of giving them what they ask for when they never worked to earn it. I will never reconnect with any of them, I have no respect for them and never will, and really once you see how people like that treat others when then are down it's more proof of what they are and I am happy I've been given this opportunity to prove who they are inside and I never have to acknowledge them ever again in my entire life no matter if I am poor, rich, middle class, successful or a loser, it doesn't matter in the long term, I just know I never want to see their faces ever again and really don't care what they do in life as long as they earn it with their own hard work, blood, tears, pain, sleepless nights, insomia, worry, and dedication to whatever it is they do otherwise they clearly aren't working hard enough if they sleep like babies at night and bring home fat paycheques. There are even a few extended family members who I have had to say "goodbye" to and unfortunately I cannot allow them to ever be a part of my future for my own personal safety, it caused me alot of trauma to discover some of my relatives are horrible to me behind my back but its better to know then to not know and although it caused me so much stress that I lost hair, I seriously was shedding like crazy thru late october and early november 2013 (it will grow back and wasn't anything like 2010's hairloss but did clog up the drain.,,) I know what I needed to know and although I truly wish things were different and that they felt the same way about me that I did about them and wanted to see me happy and do well in like as I wished for each of them but they are the complete opposite to that, not all of them, jut a few of them, but I let them go from my life for the safety of my own future children.  TO those I let go, we are not and will never be part of the same social circles no matter what I do in life regardless if I end up homeless or living in a mansion. I keep saying this, and I keep repeating this, because it's an affirmation to me and it releaves my anxities caused by you and hopefully one day I can stop saying this and feel I am reborn.... I've heard that happens eventually on it's own for everyone in my type of situation.....

As I've gotten older I've noticed that the people with the darkest sins and the deepest secrets always are the first to point the finger, the people with the most to hide are the ones who are quickest to slander another and make minor things into greater issues and expand on them into lies to create legends of people who never existed. The ones who they've shared their secrets with are the first people who they target to slander in return with stories of grand proportion to make their own sins smaller. I can state honestly that for most people whose darkest secrets they've shared with me or that I've observed or been a victim of, I didn't talk about them, I didn't tell people of their sins, what happened i their life unless it directly impacted me was not significant and not worth repeating, I really don't have any dark secrets, I've always been a very open person who hides not things I've done but the things others have done to me in shame. I have no shame in any experiences I've had in my life and talk openly about them and have as long as I can remember, but those who do have shame and have shared their darkest or even their less than darkest secrets with me, they have shame, they have so much shame that they slander the people who know their secrets, they try to make out the people who know their darkest secrets as a problem or a source of their problems or as bad people to hide the truth of what they have done in their lives. I have no shame for anything I've done in my life, everything I've done has happened for a reason, based on who I was friends with or influenced by be it a teacher or coach or professor or employer but usually a friend who learnt those things from someone else and wanted me to participate in the same behaviour with them. For example: I've tried drugs, but I have never bought them in life, so what does that say about me? It says that I unfortunately had a friendship with some of the wrong people at various times in my life who were people who bought drugs and influenced me to try them, once those people were removed form my life, I didn't even seek out that behaviour and it was so infrequent that it was insignificant to me. I know there are people who are humiliated by things like questionaires that ask if they've ever tried drugs or stolen or set something on fire, but I am not scared of those types of things, I hav enothing to hide, at 18 I got a job at a movie theatre and honestly answered on the questionaire that as a teenager I stole minor things under $5 but did not after the age of like 16 because I ended friendships with anyone who did those kinds of behaviours and by removing them from my social circle none of the girls in our friendship circle ever commited the same behaviours. I set notebook pages on fire after drawing pictures or writing poems, I once sat around with a friend and together we set my ex-boyfriend's shirt on fire and a picture of her ex-boyfriend and pretended to cast a spell on them probably from watching shows like Sabrina the Teenaged Witch on TV and the movie the craft, we did not want to be witches or pyromaniacs or set buildings on fire, we believed that like on TV if we read a few words and lit a candle and set our ex's things on fire we'd cast spells on them because we were stupid teenagers, why would I lie about those things? My friends and I tried to give ourselfs tattoos with a pin and ball-point pen but it didn't work, very stupid but the kind of things dumb girls do. Instead we ended up with scabs that healed and fell off. That isn't self mutilation or self-harm, it is trying to have a bonding tattoo with freinds because teenagers are stupid and badly influenced by others. It is completely normal behviour for teenaged girls. Like did they leave out the part I was at the swimming pool once a day in various sports and at dance class and went to church camp in the summer and took piano lessons and rollerbladed all the time and did yoga at home and took long walks and liked to bake and draw/write in notebooks and suntan and go shopping with friends and talk on the phone with boys, sometimes several in one night flipping thru my phonebook calling them up to flirt for 10 or 15 minutes then call another? Did they miss the parts where I loved to dress up in cute outfits for school dances and go to big parties with friends or sew things like dresses and skirts and purses? Did they miss who I am completely like that I went to church every year at christmas and had big family christmas gatherings every year of my life until my mid-20s? Did they miss the part where I didn't hang around the liquor store or the bars to get drunk or drugs that I hung around the candy stores and coffee shops and that my friends were more likely to be found at a starbucks talking over fancy $5 drinks with cupcakes than over $15 martinis? I mean I did get into bars when I was underaged but I wasn't there to meet people or drink, I was there because my firends were like, teehee they let us in! I have only ONE memory in my 20s of going to a bar with friends and getting a beer, sorry, make that 2 memories, and both times with different friends we were like, this is disgusting why did we buy this even if it cost like $3. I really think that because of the sins of some really unstable people they unfortunately made grand claims about me, my interests, my life, and perverted those experiences into a character who only exists in their perversion, unfortunately it is kind of obvious they openly shared their perversions, I don't know if out of revenge, jealousy, or humiliation that they I know the truth about things about them that are to be concerned about, but the impact of those kinds of lies can really damage a young person's life unfortunately and I wonder if they have any shame, do they feel shame for what they said knowing it was a perversion of the truth or do they truly believe their stories to be true? DO they fixate on the 0.001% of my life to the extent those things became all they picture me to be when those same things took up 10% of their own life and I just happened to see them once ever week or so? I really don't know the truth. The worst part for me is the obvious that it was probably the parents of the unstable person sharing the perversions who commited violence towards me, and that is the most unsettling part, to know that when someone like that tells a parent, teacher, or therapist lies about someone like me, sometimes we end up abused and battered a second, thrid, and forth time on behalf of the bully when they are the one who deserved the beating and punishment, at least some their secrets will not go to the grave with them because I already told too much but the damage to my life is already done and god knows the truth and I pray every day that god punish those who've harmed me for their sins and never forgive them...

Maybe you are a pervert with delusional disorder who thinks that somehow you are doing god's work by harming me, maybe you are so delusional that you really believe that god wants you to injureor disfigure me because you really believe that I am like evil or not human or some other bizarre common schizoid delusion: You need to know that god isn't happy, god thinks you are satan's helper, and god is going to banish you from heaven and sentence you to burn for an eternity in the damning fires of hell. You are not god's helper, you are listening to satan's advice and you are satan's friend and satan has been telling you wat to do, not god, and although satan is making you promises of riches, fame, fortune, friends, and happiness, satan will never give you those things, only tempt you in the short term, and all satan will do is take you to his dungeon in hell when you die because you already sold your soul to the devil as soon as you brought harm to me on his behalf. God won't rescue you this time, what you've done is the kind of sin no matter how many hail mary's you repeat, hell is the only place you are going, fear the afterlife because I will be going to heaven or reincarnated as something wonderful like a pretty butterfly because you sacrificed me, an innocent lamb for the devil, but satan has a special place for you, fear it and let that thought haunt you till the day you die. The scariest part about you is that you think you are the good guy, but you are the bad guy and I am your victim not the other way around.

And whoever you are, I don't know if you were calling me a hermaphrodite or a transvestite because you truly believed I was born a hermaphrodite or if you truly believed I was a male who became a female or if you were just telling me you were a hermaphrodite or transvestite or just trying to come up with the meanest things you could think of but you scared me and I am still scared of you, and I am sickened, like physically sickened by the thought that you were sending me images of my own panties and of what you might have done to my underwear and bras and that you might still be doing weird things to my underwear or make-up or clothing or whatever. I am absolutely petrified still and I don't know if you go around saying those things to people or if you just did it to me privately, there is nothing wrong with a person being transgendered and I wouldn't never judge someone for that, but I am really confused and horrified at the same time that you would say that to me and you need psychiatric help immediately if you have those kinds of fantacies about any woman, because that is horrifying beyond words for your victim. Whenever I even like put on a bra and it seems off I have flashbacks and panic attackes worrying a pervert or psychopath might have been in my underwear drawer and I don't want to have panic attacks like that forever because of you.

If you harmed me for someone who lied to you, that was your decision, that makes you no less evil and violent than someone who harmed me themselves, and I pray every day that god make monsters like you suffer for the acts of violence you commit. I don't know why you harmed me, but whatever your reason, no matter if you believe you are a good person, you are 100% evil and god will make you suffer for what you did, good people do not commit the acts of violence you commit, good people do not abuse women who report rape or stalking, good people do not commit violence towards a girl because she brought up that she was bullied or abused in dating relationships. You are a horrible person no matter what nice things you do for others because of what you did to me. Nothing changes what you did to me and I pray every day that god makes you suffer for ever act of violence you commited towards me no matter your reason, no matter if someone lied to you so you harmed me, I pray that you suffer 3 times the pain and suffering I have experienced, that god never forgive you no matter how often you beg, and then burn in hell for eternity at the end of this life and nothing less. People like you are the reason people like me are disabled, single, childless, and poor. Just because someone cried when they told you a story doesn't mean it is true, lots of children learn to cry to get what they want and continue that behaviour as adults to manipulate and lie to get what they want and are not crying for the reasons they should be crying but tied to jealousy and revenge.

I really get all upset sometimes and have to throw out all my hair and makeup and personal care products if I notice any weird reactions or if someone has been in my bathroom with my things in fear a sicko sociopath psycho put something weird in my personal care products to injure me. I throw them all out and go buy all new stuff. It's absolutely horrifying for me and has now gone on not for a few months but for years since I was sexually assaulted, stalked, and it got so much worse after I was burnt in a spa either by accident on on purpose, I don't know which, but it was one of the most horrifying experiences in my entire life and I don't know why anyone would do that or if it was just allergies but doctors told me it was impossible for those things to be allergic reactions.

And PLEASE I do not judge people based on their sexual orientation and there are lots of lesbians married to men who are embarassed by their sexual orientaion, but if you did someone lebian-homicidal to me like damaged my new $60 bras or my make-up or hair products to make me uglier to kill your sexual attraction to women like me, if you aren't going to confess, at least send me a cheque for the value of everything you damaged. You'd have to be a really homicidal sociopath lesbian to damage a single woman's bras and panties, I did notice some are damaged and it doesn't make sense because it clearly is not wear. All I have to do is buy new ones but please get help and go see a psychiatrist because I know I will not be your only victim and what I put on my breasts and vagina have nothing to do with you, and until you admit to your lesbianism and obsession with women like me you will continue with the same sicko-pervert-psychopath violence. I don't know what your fantacies are about me but you are scaring me, I am scared of you and it causes me to not be able to live my life as I want to live it. I think you have fantacies that I am a man or transgendered person and that is horrifying for me, if you fantacize that I become a male you have a severe psychiatric disorder and you need to be put in a prison for the criminally insane. If you like damage my bras and try to make my boobs look flat or think you are like making me look like a transgendered person by injuring me you are an extremely dangerous and perverted person. If that is your fantasy then you need to go get hormone therapy to become a man because you will never stop having those fantacies about other women until you get your transitional surgeries and therapies. You need to go take male horomones and get a sex change and get inpatient psychiatric counceling to see that you are a very very dangerous sex offender and I am your victim. I am trying to attract a husband and if you continue to injure or abuse me it makes it more difficult for me, I've had years of struggling because of you resulting in an inability to date because of my trauma disorder and body injuries, you have a severe problem where you cannot see that I am a female looking for a male to marry me and I need to feel stable first after trauma to be able to bond with someone. I need my boobs to look great and my hair to look shiny and my skin to look clear and if you keep abusing me over your fantacies I will never get to that point and all I will ever be is a homicidal pervert's victim when my dream is to be a wife and mother and all I am is a character in your fantasy but you cannot understand that because you are mentally ill.

Why would s sicko do those things? I did not want to be sexually assualted or stalked, I wanted to finish grad school and find a man to marry and have a good job and children and be a stay at home mom for a while then go back to work later, why did the police let those monster do such horrible things to me and do nothing but tell me I was a bad person for being traumatized by the actions of sickos psychopath weirdos? What about my life? What about my hopes and dreams and my future? What about me, the victim, not the perpetrator upset his or her victim wouldn't stop complaining or shut up? What about me? Why didn't they help me and make sure I got what I needed 5 years ago instead of leaving me to suffer and have anxiety for years over being the vicitm of sex crimes and stalking? Why did they let the monsters walk free? What about my dreams of being a wife and mother and finishing grad school and the scars and injuries to my body healed not made worse by psychopaths? There is nothing I ever did to deserve being sexually assaulted or stalked, nothing at all. Why do people who do things like that get away? What about my life and future and the things I needed? Why is my life less important and disposable and what makes me a second class citizen without any rights? Why did they abuse me to let them walk free?

I didn't know there was a victim services surcharge, I just read an article about it in December 2013, as far as I know I wasn't ordered to pay a surchage but then my parents did pay my legal team of lawyers $8000... I do know tho that in all the therapists I went to, some were good others were terrible, I probably racked up $1000s in victim services costs to tax payers and think $100 is way too low of a fine. Total costs for legal and medical services were probably about $15,000 to my parents or more as a direct result of my being traumatized and injured by sexual assault and stalking and other injuries. So far I guess thru ODSP as a result of my disabilities directly related to the above our family has recovered about $9000 of that money... It's really not a laughing matter and part of the reason I have to cut the people from my upbringing and university years out of my life as not only has this been traumatizing, it's been very expensive. The amount spent on medical and legal bills could have afforded a small wedding and so I am recovering my wedding presents stolen by theives, maybe I am not selecting $50/stem glasses but 4/$50 glasses but still, it is what it is. They stole my wedding fund and thus my wedding presents that would have come from the guests who would have been invited to my wedding in addition to my dignity. Every single month I go buy more of my wedding presents until I have them all.

No one ever questioned my financial situation when investigating my sexual assaults, the police NEVER once asked me what I was wearing. How odd is that? In August 2007 I attended a birthday party for a mutual friend and I was wearing a $25 dress I bought at the clothing show that a summer, it was a sundress in black with a halter style tie at the neck, I bought 4 because they were such a good price, one in white, one in black, one in yellow/brown and one in blue/red, each for $20-$25, I wore them to work too all summer, they came to about my knees and for about $100 with taxes I bought a whole new summer waredrobe with my friend. It was really the only thing in my closet that suited a birthday party in the middle of summer at an expensive bar where I couldn't even afford the pricey drinks unless I sacrified other things I needed. In November 2007 I was wearing an outfit I bought at H&M. A cheap like $20 black pleatted miniskirt and a black Turtleneck sweater also from H&M that was like $20 and black leggings I bought at Winners for like $16, I was covered from my ankles to my neck that night in a very short skirt but leggings you can wear as pants! I wasn't a rich 20 something in a $200 dress in august 2007 and I wasn't wearing a $150 miniskirt with a $200 sweater in November 2007, I was in very cheap clothing the kinds of clothes my friends could afford in our mid-20s because we were not the girls who had well paying jobs. I don't own those clothes anymore, I donated them to charity long ago. 

If you are a person who has attacked me or harmed me on behalf of someone who I told you abused me, I cannot ever forgive you, if you attacked me because a person lied to you, I cannot ever forgive you, if you did nice things for someone after I told you they abused me with the intention to harm me further, I cannot ever forgive you. I have been abused a lot in my life by many people, that's my real life and if I took the time to confide in you that someone has abused me, that took a lot of strength and isn't something I talked about very often and it means that I trusted you enough to tell you. I don't lie, just because you can't prove something doesn't mean it isn't true. I don't know what lies a group of low-lifes spread about me, but if you harmed me because of a lie, I will never forgive you, I have enough pain in my life and physical injuries to my body over my life, and whatever your reason for abusing me there will never be any forgiveness, to me you are only a monster who I put trust in and you abused that I trusted you. The most horrifying part for me is this: most of the people who have abused me in my life or slandered me are people who I've done really nice things for and in return they've treated me the complete opposite way and were never thankful for my kindness only resentful that the kind things I did for others made people like me and wanted to compete to be better than me or more successful or more popular but I wasn't competing with anyone, just being myself, what makes people that horrible?

I don't mean to be rude to married women or women who have kids, I would love to be married with kids, just don't even take your anger out on me for being single and not having kids yet, it doesn't mean I am developmentally challenged or lazy or a lesbian, it means I haven't found my prince yet and I spent time finding out who I am before marriage and that is something evrey woman should know before she gets married. I never intended to marry any of the men I started dating in highschool because I was a child or barely 18 and really at 18 the last thing on my mind was marriage or long term commitment, my thoughts at 18 were about my own hopes and dreams and education and in my mind I would meet someone in university because that is what I believed I was supposed to do, go to university and meet a man there of the same education to marry but something happened and I didn't get to do that until I was 24 in grad school because i spent my undergrad going to school with mostly other girls because of the program I chose and I had no intention of ever being married to the weekend only boyfriend because I was too young to see that far into my future at 18. I didn't get to marry any of the men I met in grad school but at least I had the experience I dreamed of going away to university because I didn't get that opportunity in my undergrad other than brief few months after graduation in a second degree program. When I was in highschool I dreamed I would go away to university right after graduation and live in a dorm then be in a sorority and I wanted to be president of my sorority. That really was my dream and there is nothing wrong with that, I didn't get to live it until my mid 20s but I still am thankful that I was young enough to live that dream in age approprate grad school so I'll never have those regrets even without the graduate degree, and for some they might regret not having the degree but I don't really care if I have a master's degree or not and i do think a group of people who tried to sabbatoge my future when I was in high school did the same when I was in grad school and it's really pathetic and I will probably never know why they did such horrible things to me and probably others. But if you are married with kids, don't ever take your anger out on me for being single, it just means things have been a little harder for me and other women like me and we need more love, support, and emotional/financial assistance than you do so we too can hopefully be brides one day and have kids.

I don't know who the men I went to grad school thought I was to them, in my world they were all potential husbands and I was living out my fantasy of being The Bachelorette with my pick of hot potentially successful and rich suitors. I found a guy I thought was gay to be my BFF, the nerd girls who were mean to me my entire life were suddenly trying to be my friends instead of calling me a slut or stupid and it was like a dream come true! Then of course they all started calling me a slut and stupid eventually, but really, just like on my favourite TV reality show, when the men didn't pick me I had to let them go... There is no reason to ever stay in contact with a bachelor who rejected you and I can't think of one female who ever wants to be friends with a girl who was chosen over her. I don't keep in contact with men who rejected me as a wife, I was only your friend until I figured out if you were going to pick me, after that it's like I found new men who were potential husbands and moved on. Please don't ever contact me unless you have a potential husband for me who is rich and successful and looking for a stay at home mother designer who is disabled and really there is no reason I would ever want to hang out with you if you are married unless your wife likes the same things I do, including baking, attending fitness classes, dancing, inline skating, cake-decorating, cats, shopping, photography, shoes, dresses, cute work-out clothing, home decorating, make-up, and crafts, if she doesn't like any of those things I would never have any common reason to associate with you because I know women who don't like the things I like make fun of women like me.

I would like to know WHEN you started having delusions about me or just saying things out of anger about me. Was it when I was under the age of 5? 10? 15? 20? 25? When did it start and why? When was the first time you did something homicidal towards me? I would really like to know those things so that maybe I can get a better perspective on why you are the way you are and maybe it would explain some of the weird things that have happened in my life, my whole life, if I knew when and why you started because I don't think what you did to me over the internet was the beginning, I think it was just a continuation of whatever you were doing before that I was 100% not aware of and maybe you thought I already knew, I knew I had some mean girls in my childhood and I knew I had some problems with strange men saying weird things to me sometimes, and I knew I had family problems but everyone has family problems, I just didn't know someone was so homicidally psychopathic and deranged and obsessed with me beliving really really horrifying weird things about me and I don't know who they communicated those beliefs to or if they just kept them to themselves then terrorized me. I am still horrified, I will always be horrified, why'd you do it and when did you start and what else did you do to me that I don't know about??

And please call me "Miss". I am a single never married girl who has never even lived with a boyfriend and lives with her parents and was injured by crime in my 20s, a female turning 30 does not make her too old to be a girl or over the age she deserves to be given opportunities and a fairytale wedding, it just means that she needs extra help to get the same things the other girls got when they were younger. Never call me "mam", I am NOT a "mam" and I am NOT a "Ms". I am a "Miss" until I get married  and then I will be a "Mrs" and when a woman is divorced she becomes a "Ms" or a "Mam" or a single woman with kids is a "Ms" or a "mam", don't ever call me "Mam" or "Ms", I still haven't had me chance to become a "Mrs" or have kids and I see the start of the rest of my life the day I get married and not before! Just because I was the victim of crimes in my 20s does not mean I don't deserve to still be treated as a Miss until the day I meet my prince and have my wedding, I've never had parent-in-laws or a spouse or a fiance because I have never been married or lived common law or been engaged, if anyone claims otherwise please report them for commiting fraud and so that I can sue them for damage to my reputation. I am the type of girl who has always planned to change her name when she gets married, and that is exactly what I plan to do and I am traditional and believe that is the start of a girl becoming a woman no matter her age. I will change my legal name when I get married and I will publish if I get engaged before I get married.


If youa re a man or a woman who has attacked me in me life and believe that if you get married or have children that erases your past, it doesn't, it never will, I will always be your victim, I will always tell my story, and if your kid finds out the things you have done to me that is your own fault for bringing life into this world before you dealt with your past. You are and will always be the person who harmed me, nothing will ever change that, I will always fight to see you in prison for what you did to me, my scars will last a lifetime and you will always be the monster who did horrible, selfish, and cruel unpeakable things to me. I will always be your victim and I will not stop talking until you serve your time and suffer for what you did to me. As a victim of violent crime and stalking and domestic violence in Canada, I will ALWAYS be a victim, I will NEVER be a survivor, and probably no man will ever marry me because you attacked me and because of what you did to me. My life will never be what it might have been because I am your victim. I am NOT your darkest secret, I am you

There is ONE benefit to being a financial need student in grad school and being stalked and assaulted and put in jail and given a bunch of horrible psychiatric evaluations: The same reasons you qualify for OSAP, namely no money to pay for school and only debt from student loans, result in qualifying for Disability Support income for poor people with disabilities who have less than $5000 in assets so you end up receiving monthly cheques of an amount too low for OSAP to even request that you start making payments, I didn't know until years later, I wish I knew I qualified and should apply in 2008 because I would have received the income when I needed it, right away, but if I had assets and was not a financial need student but one of those independently successful young career women I would have been required to live off of my savings and sell off my assets until they were depleted but I had no savings or assets and was still dependent on my parents so when I applied the governement was required to start sending me cheques due to my financial situation, before I sent in my medical files I had to go in for an in person interview to determine if I qualified financially and provide my banking records and my tax slips and my education and work history and discuss what I own and the man who interviewed me laughed when I claimed I had things like purses and rings and earrings and dishes and told me they were not assets. It actually was a very unexpected thing to happen for me and resulted in me owning small household things like my very first adult bedroom furniture set I could only dream of owning in 2007, had I been one of those 26 year old girls who worked in a job making $50,000 a year since I was 21 so like earned like $200k-$300,000 by age 26 and I was 31 when they determined they started to calculate income for me, so probably an independently successful girl by age 31 after 8-10 years of work at $50,000 to like $80,000 a year would have made like $500,000-$700,000 by age 30 of income, I would have been rejected based on my savings and assets. It's just one of those things where I feel lucky where girls like that would feel completely humiliated and they might even commit suicide in humiliation of being poor after being so well paid, for me it's the opposite, it's more disposable income than I've ever had, at least short term, I know long term it's not sustainable. I mean for me, since I've never been one of those girls who had a lot of money only a lot of stress as a student and working underpaid overworked student jobs hoping I would get the money I needed in the future, it's not like I had a big rise in my life then I fell so low, I was always so low and desperate and suddenly I had a very slight rise in the one thing I needed most, money.

If you are a person who has fantasies that I am like a drug addict or stripper or whatever it is your fantasy is, please seek a psychiatrist because I am your victim if you acted on those fantasies especially if you have delusions that I am romantically interested in you or someone you know and harmed me based on your fantasies. I would prefer to see you in prison but please seek a psychiatrist before you commit further violence to women like me because of fantasies that you have that only exist in your brain, I am petrified of you, and if you slandered me based on your delusions that is a crime and even more horrifying for me, as your victim I would want to see you in prison not walking free thinking you made a mistake, you didn't make a mistake, you are a really sick violent pervert and I am and will always be your victim. Your fantasies only exist in your head and I don't know what goes on in your head but I am terrified of you. I have already been the victim of sexual violence and stalking and domestic abuse, the last thing I need is a pervert male or female young or old having fantasies about my online profiles and acting on those fantaties to bring harm to me their fixation and victim. I have a profile to get out the message I was sexually assaulted and stalked and to meet new people because I was the victin of gang stalking, I also hope to attract a man to marry and have kids with and if you attack me you are making my recovery from sexual assault and stalking that much harder. I want my injuries to heal and I want a single man to take interest in me, if you are a mentally ill jealous woman and attack me you are going to make my life even harder if you haven't already by commiting further violence based on your fantasies or delusions. I already had more than one mentally ill relative collecting and storing my online information and pictures, seriously they are that mentally ill and so I have had to remove them permanently from my life and talk with a corrections officer about their bizarre behaviour, the last thing I need is a stranger who thinks I've written like fictional fantasies online about them when these are things that have happened to me and my real life and that's okay if you want to read them but please don't make yourself a character in my traumas and personalize my pain. If you want to help me, find a nice single man about my age who would be willing to date me as I am and accept that I've lived thru som horrifying experiences and have not yet recovered.

I 100% believe more support both emotionally and financially needs to be provided to victims of sexual abuse and stalking as my life was turned upside down by sociopaths with no ability to empathize ith their victim or see that their victim is a person with feelings, hopes, and dreams and that damage is irreversible. More programs need to be set up, espcially financial support and businesses willing to hire female victims of sexual violence and other violent crimes rather than stigmatizing and marginalize them and attempt to render the victims homeless to remove them from society as if somehow they deserved to be raped or injured or used as a punching bag. Too much support is given to the men and women who commit those crimes not to their victims. We need to create a system that punishes and imporverishs men who sexually abuse women and people who gang stalk women not deny their traumatizd victims of a future to clear their names and reputations. Being raped, stalked, and/or domestically abused is not a reason to marginalize a woman or lable her mentally ill for complaining she was abused, it is a reason to uplift her and promise to protect her and give her the things she needs to build a future while punishing and impoverishing the people who abused her. Being raped and stalked and domestically abused is NOT a mental illness, it is a traumatizing situation for a woman and results in psychological injuries inflicted by monsters. No woman used as a punching bag should ever be called mentally ill but treated just like anyone with broken bones because their soul has been fractured by violence and I 100% support the death penalty for rapists, we shouldn't even waste money locking them up, just kill them before they have a chance to reproduce and pass on the genes of monsters who rape.

So let me get this right: In Canada we have a network of narcisistic-like-minded-sociopaths who are mostly concerned with social status, income, and prestige, using our medical systems to abuse people who they either do not like or who their kids don't like or who have been the victims of their kids or their friends, and so the narcisists whose bigest fears are things like beingmentally ill like to conduct experiments, but rather than being medically sound they prefer to abuse our systems to abuse the victims to protect the lives futures and reputations of the offenders who might be mentally ill but their victims are only traumatized, a mental injury not illness. And so the narcisists will do psychopathic things to prove their hypothesis and their position without the least bit of ability their whatever they are seeking, most likely proof of a break with reality or psychotic episode to be true, when their methodology involves the criminal harassment and psychological torture of the victim, both serious crimes, and so they go on and perpetrate this type of violence in the belief it will prove their position, a false hypothesis based on a need to prove an offender or multiple offender's innocence. I'd like to know how we legally allow people like this to practice in the medical feild in Canada, and why they are not rather than rewarded for their peverse research to titilate their psychopathic-homicidal-lunatic-scientist fantacies, fire them, repremend them, and send them to prison for life to protect their victims of abuse.

I had this secret fantasy a few years back, that all the jerk who caused me pain and suffering would move on, get married, have kids, and think they got away and that just as they believed they were free and forgot about the past, and were releaved their victim was out of the way, they'd be humiliated for their actions in front of all their friends and family and colleagues. I thought about it long and hard and I think maybe even mentioned that fantasy in therapy. It's still one of my many fantasies, you see when someone does something so horrible to you, it really does eat away for years and the more you are abused and the more time you spend alone the more ideas you come up with of ways to see them suffer.

Maybe you have a daughter or daughter-in-law who said weird things about me or blames me somehow thru an obscure list of nonsense for her problems and presents an very believable case for her complaints about me, please do not make me or anyone part of the delusions of a mentally ill women like that, just because she seems to function normally in society, what she says is not normal especially if I do not know her or barely know her or like knew her as a child. I am not the problem, her psychiatric problems are the problem, and I have so many problems already that I do not need a mentally ill woman fixated on me as the source of her unhappiness or problems because she is her own problem and any violence she or you commit towards me based on her delusions are only senseless acts of violence towards her victim and fixation and I will 100% sit in a court room and watch her sent to prison because I've already been the victim of enough weirdos in my life, and yes, she is a weirdo no matter what you think otherwise, she is a weirdo pervert psychopath and I am her victim and she is the weirdo pervert causing me problems and distress and you need to deal with her psychiatric problems because I just want a happy life without problems or weirdos with delusions attacking me.

Maybe you are a person from my past desperate to prove that there were good times that you had with me, and that I must have forgotten all the good times, but you seem to have forgotten all the bad times and the way you made me feel which wasn't good about myself, you seem to have forgotten that the bad things cancel out the good things and are not forgivable from my perspective and that I don't care if you want to prove things were good for you because they were bad for me and cutting you from my life and/or breaking the silence on how you made me feel in the bad times was liberating for me and let me move on with my life and heal from the damage you inflicted. I don't forget any of the things I did with you, I just know that the bad things are more reason to keep you away from my life and the reasons I do not have happy thoughts about you and never will and any attempt to remind me of a painful past and time in my life I would prefer to never think about is harassment.

We all know about the programs created to educate people to lift them out of poverty, but here is the problem I think the people running those programs failed to consider: When you lift one person's social status or income level, you lower another person's social status and income level. It's a very simple equation of supply and demand, and so if you intentionally deny the son or daughter of a well educated person of things in life in the belief that they somehow get opportunities elsewhere and intentionally inflate the grades, income, or social status of a person who is the son or daughter of a high school drop out in social housing, you remove one person from a future of poverty while lowering another into that same position of poverty. You can't just create opportunities for high paying jobs for all or high levels of education for all, there are low paying jobs and high paying jobs which are supposed to be alocated based on education and experience but not always. There are only so many jobs at the top, the middle, and the bottom. So is it really worth artifically inflating a young person's grades or opportunities while denying the children of well educated hard working people of those things in life? I don't think it's anything to brag about when one person is living in poverty not because they didn't work hard but because they were rejected based on allocating more opportunities to certain social groups and not others. Someone will always be rich and someone will always have to be poor no matter who you choose to educate or employ. For example: a high school drop-out fast food cashier's daughter cannot be married to a university educated banker's son unless a banker's daughter ends up married to a fast-food cashier's son.

I think that the man who was given permission to take me to family court and have me convicted of harassing him believes that means he can abuse me for the rest of my life when I was told the only reason I was charged was because it is not okay to harass a rapist no matter if he is convicted or not, and instead of his victim being let off easy, the rapist was let off easy and then not disciplined for further harassing his victim thru his friends and family. So according to the police it is perfectly okay for a rapist who was never charged only investigated to abuse his victim when she is convicted for harassing him but it is not okay for the victim to harass him. I really think the man who they let have me convicted forharassing him believes that means I am stripped of all my dignity and for society to treat me with equality and respect for the remainder of my life, that is what police in toronto do to girls who report rape when the men who are accused show complaining that she's harassing him, what do you think traumatized women do when an acquaintance domestically abuses them?

Interestingly I've discovered what I guess should have been anticipated by the experts in like social-work and economics and the medical fields while being a recipient of ODSP, a source of income only available to disabled people who have the same financial status as person's on welfare and no private or public disablity income support program from a well paying job: That the very people who were given opportunities in life from the families of the very poor who now have good jobs because of the generosity of people with higher incomes, social status, and power, they do not want to work or help others, they got so many handouts as children and young adults but they never learnt that they have to give back, they are in jobs with middle and upper incomes but they have the same core values from childhood, namely jealousy and anger towards the children of middle and upper class families, they don't want to give the same way they were given to and they see anyone getting as unfair and they question why they have to work to get money and things but the people like me who are disabled do not have to work to get things. They really are so materialistic and selfish that they abuse the poor and disabled, the very types of people who were their own parents, if they get anything nice or access to any of the same things they believe should only be for rich people like themselves. It's so sad when I guess people would assume those who came from nothing and struggled in their childhood on social assistance and with parents working minimum wage jobs would be nicer, they are not, they are the most violent and destructive and least compassionate. They think that if they go to work and someone does not that somehow they are working to support the person who is not working and commit violence towards people with the same income level their parents had, the generation before me did not create a society of successful young adults lifted from poverty, they stole the futures of middle and upper class people's children, gave them to the children of the poor while also giving the children of the poor free-things their whole childhoods and welfare in their university years, and the middle and upper class people's children were denied all the same benefits and opportunities unless their parents could afford to pay and many families could not pay for thosesame things for their own kids and so many are adults with less, genetically they are their parents and all the generations that came before with the same social values that they are to give to the less fortunate, but then they discover that they are now the less fortunate and no one their parents' generation gave to wants to give to them only hurt them and put them down for not having as much success or money in their adult lives. I 100% support assisting the poor, but only if the exact same benefits are given to the children of all social classes, if you are going to give the daughter of a social assistance recipient a welfare cheque starting on her 18th birthday you better automatically give every single girl in the country that same cheque on her 18th birthday until she too gets her first real full time job or that welfare person's daughter instantly has a higher social status then every girl who doesn't get that cheque into her bank-account by direct deposit. It's nothing to be proud of to give a girl from a poor family $600/month while the girls from middle and upper class families have the same student debt and same tuition expenses their parents work hard to pay but she has to take a $8/hour job to make $200 of spending money a month to hang out with her friends and buy clothing, it should be the OTHER way around.  We've all heard the saying that when you have a kid you are responsible for 18 years, that comes from welfare recipients, they are required to raise their kids only to age 18 when social assistance kicks in and their kids are given their own welfare cheques on their 18th birthday and they are no longer financially dependent on them. If you hear a person talking about how they get to get rid of their kid at 18 it's because they are from a welfare family and the people in their social circle are the children of welfare recipients because  financial assistance is transfered to the child on their 18th birthday and deposited directly into the child's bank account to pay their own expenses and the adult loses their child supplement and the child can move into their own social housing unit on their 18th birthday.

If you know of a person, male or female, of any age, who talks about me as if I am interested in them romantically and we have never met or as if they want to harm me based on something that sounds like a perversion please report them to the police for stalking me and get them the psychiatric care they wo desperately need before they harm me if they haven't already.

Do you not understand that I am the victim of several violent people and that if you did something weird to me even if you did it thinking you were doing good in harming me you are the monster and you are a violent person and I am your victim because of you delusions or beliefs or whatever sick reason that exists only in your head or the head of the sicko who encouraged you to harm me for them? What did you think you were doing? What is wrog with you? As your victim I pray every day that you suffer for what you did, you might think in harming me you did the work of god, you didn't, you did the dirty work of satan and to me you are satan. If you tried to kill me in any way shape or form and did not succeed only leaving me injured or disabled, that makes you a murderer regardless and you will always be a murderer even if I am alive.

When I was in my teens and early 20s I would sometimes, in addition to my millions of other career ideas, tell people that when I was older I was going to travel the world as a starving artist and speak out against the injutices of the world, and because of social media I've had the opportunity to do just that! Thank you for letting me live one of my dreams :)

If you don't like me, that is your opinion, chances are if you don't like me I don't like you, and there are lots of people who do like me, and from experience I've found that those who say they do not like specific people it usually is someone they are jealous for whatever reason and they say nasty things because the only way they have to get ahead in life is abuse reagrdless if it is verbal abuse or physical abuse. As the saying goes: those who can't cheat, and that's what you are, a cheater not a winner. That said, just because you befriend a group of cows who are just as lonely and desperate to be popular and successful as you are and have the same psychiatric problems including an inability to sympathize with other people and justification for the violence you commit against the people who are are either jealous of or delusionally think are your competitors, doesn't mean you are a winner, it means you are a loser who has equally desperate and abusive friends willing to commit the samekind of violence you are to get ahead in life and the only people who like or want to be friends with desperate cows who do that sort of thing are other desperate cows. The only way people like that know how to get ahead in life is to hurt others or slander others with lies, there is a big difference between a lie and the truth, if you tell the truth you never have to remember the story because it's the same over time other of course no one has a perfect memory, but if you are always lying about someone, it's really hard to silence them and to get them to stop talking or being themself or to bury their past when it proves all the things you made up were wrong and out of your own personal anger and resentment. Just like some 2 year olds have a tempertantrum when another kid gets a nicer toy and fake cries saying how much they hate the other kid those same types of children grow to do the same thing as adults and fake cry and scream and yell not when they are hurt or in pain or something bad happens but when they don't have as nice of a dress or make-up or dishes or hair or car or house and say bad things about the other person because no one ever bothered to discipline them as children so they go thru life believing all the have to do is pretend to cry and make up a story to get their way, unfortunately as adults they can prove their stories are true and I've met way to many people like that including the man who the police let take me to court, he told me lots of stories then when I asked questions about them later he couldn't remember his original version, guess that's why he had to put it on paper on not show up to court after he manipulated the cops into letting him take his victim to court.

I don't know what your fantasies are, but they are really weird and horrifying. Maybe you'd like to think I was arrested and dragged into a police station and interrogated until I confessed to stalking a man who assaulted, actually, I was emailing with the policeman back and forth and agreed to come into his station at a specific time to talk with him then all I did was cry hysterically over my stalker and the only thing he said to me that was remotely close to being interrogated was something like: "I understand, you were in love with him!" and I was like sobbing, my stalker sent me pictures of dead mutilated cats and I think he might or might not be my stalker, I don't know!!!! and every time I emailed the policeman my gmail advertisement read: "he would make a lovely corpse" and I sent it to him. Who does that? It really read that every single time as like the "random quote of the day."...

I've had LOTS of jobs i my life, I was making breakfast at Harvey at 6am when I was 16 and folding jeans in 2 stores that same summer and teaching waterpolo, that was my life when I was 16, I didn't have glamourous teenaged jobs or anything special fall into my life when I quit swimming at 15 after trying out for the oplympics at 14, unlike girls who are like 24 when they try out for the olympics, I was 14 so a child and I didn't get the luxury of being treated like a princess and star and having celebrities take me on dates or of marrying a football star, my life was making scrambled eggs for strangers at 6am in the morning and pancakes and serving coffee and until 11am when I would serve hamburgers until noon and finished my shift then when to a pool in the afternoon to teach waterpolo and to the mall to fold jeans. When I was 18 I was sweeping the floors in a movie theatre and serving popcorn in addition to announcing movies and hosting kids birthday parties in a horrible uniform and getting home at midnight on school nights, after that job I did telephone surveys while still in high school taking 2 buses to get to work and getting off at 10 or 11pm then going to school the next day. After that an art store in first year for 2 months and a tuxedo rental store for 6 weeks summer after first year OCAD 2nd year I didn't work, after 2nd year I worked fulltime all summer in a flower shop and part time all year during school, then full time all summer in 2 flower shops after third year, then part time in a bedding store at the begining of 4th year which I quit because I had to do a one day a week unpaid internship. I didn't work 2nd semester 4th year and got a full time job half way thru summer and worked full time commuting into the city while taking a night school course to finish my degree. I went to school without working from january 2005 to summer 2006 believing that would lead to a job paying 100k/year if I studied for 4 years longer but I was failing a course so dropped it and transfered into grad school believing that alternatively that woul dalso lead to a job paying $100k/year in 4 or 5 years after graduation and hopeully a husband, I worked only 6 weeks in summer 2006 because I couldnt find a job anywhere and even applied to a job at a store that sells sex toys and was rejected but then spent those weeks driving 1.5hours each way to work 8 hours doing computer research all morning then making phone calls all afternoon. I didn't work first year in grad school for 8 months, I was only a student, then I worked full-time in a co-op job, went back to school and took on a part time student job on campus and full time studies along with volunteer work throughout my undergrad and grad school education along with part time and short term full tim jobs. I've had people say to me that they are disgusted that I would advertise that I've never had a full time job, I've had lots of random jobs, but no one has ever offered me in all those years a job with a salary that can afford the things I need to survive and attract a man to marry me. Money is my biggest obstacle and so is health and dental and I didn't even have dental insurance from the time I started grad school in 2006 to 2013 when doctors decided I was a disabled person. HAve I worked? I worked so hard for so many years while I was in school that by the time I was disabled I was also completely burnt out and didn't even have it in my to try at anything anymore because it was a complete waste of time considering all the other people who I've known or met who did nothing in life but have like 2 or 3 part time jobs then land a full time job right out of school and everything they could dream of, I've never been that lucky. It's not that I am a lazy person, I worked so hard I didn't even sleep many nights until after I went to school the next day just to get my homework done on time or write an exam. That is my realy life. I don't want to be a disabled person but I am, and my life has been somehow very hard compared to lots of other people and I really think that maybe because I was a child athlete there are really unstable people who've been taking their anger out on me since I was a child instead of giving me the things I needed in life to be sucessful. I just can't do slave labour anymore, and that is what I've been subjected to, I paid to be abused in university and that shouldn't happen to anyone, I was abused financially and emotionally and sexually because I went to university thinking I would get a job, I don't know what some mentally ill people thought they were doing to me, but I've never had like a fancy modeling job or paid athletic career or made more than $1000 off my artwork, I was rejected from modeling agencies or told to pay $1500 to sign up and I didn't have that money or sent resumes for 1000s yes, I applied to thousands of jobs I never heard back from or was rejected from. I've had people say to me, why aren't you out on your own or married or with kids at 32, I would love to have those things in life, but I didn't get picked, I got rejected all the time from everything and watched all the other girls see their dreams come true and have more money than I could dream of. I really had a horrible person ask me if I'd ever felt pain in my life, I've felt so much pain emotionally and physically and financially starting in my childhood that I can't even cry over things that would make most women burst into tears or slit their wrists because I know pain so much worse. I really don't care what people think of me and I am not embarassed while they sit around embarassed by me because they are so materialistic and superficial that even if I had one small nice thing they'd want to ruin it because they don't deserve a thing they have. Pain isn't when a girl is prettier than you on your wedding day or when your present isn't expensive enough or when a girl shows up at your party in a prettier dress or even when another woman reports rape allegations against your man, pain is when you are the one who was attacked, pain is when you are the girl the mentally ill unstable bride fixates on and wants to torture to be the most beautiful because she is so vain and has no concept of her violence. I am not even going to start on what pain is because I know 100% that the people who have commited violence towards me do not even know what pain is. I've been asked if I am suicidal by more than one therapist and I've told them I am not because that is the truth, I do not and never wanted to die, I have too many hopes and dreams of things that make me happy, that is the problem with people like me, my happiness is inside of me, my personality and who I am inside doesn't have any interest in ending my life because I want so many good things, the problem is I've been prevented from having those things as a direct result of other people who have abused me or intentionally inflicted emotional abuse or trauma or denied me of things, and I do not want to die, I want to live and be married and have kids and small things make me happy and that makes the people who have repeatedly harmed me in my life so angry because they are the ones who want to die, they are the ones who want to end their own life and stop their own suffering and the only way they can possible let out their anger and frustration and jealousy is to hurt over and over and over again because they want happy people like me to be just as miserable inside as they are and no matter how many times they harm me, inside I don't want any of my hopes and dreams to die and I wouldn't ever try to steal anyone else's hopes or dreams only encourage and uplift them.

What I find unfortunate about universities in Canada like McMaster is that they seem to not have the best or the brightest of society but the most unstable people who are almost good enough but not quite, they want to be known as being elite but unfortunately they recruit those with inflated grades who have unstable personalities and use violence to get ahead in life rather than their own abilities. They don't bring in the champion athletes from city teams but the ones who played on school teams, they don't bring in the lead in the school play but the one who got an A+ in drama. They pamper the sons and daughters of the uneducated by inflating their grades so they can say they made a difference in a child's life while denying the children of their very own graduates opportunities or a sense of belonging. Instead of making the children of their graduates feel a part of their family and community they intentionally make things harder for them and give them lower grades to show they will not give special treatment to anyone but instead they are commiting violence towards young people and unesseccary pain and suffering and damage to their confidence and sense of self worth making them feel excluded and somehow not worthy of being a member of the same social group as their parents while the lower educated kids are treated with a sense of belonging and showered with awards and scholarships and ceremonies of recognition. They don't bring in the kids who succeeded in anything, rather they just leave them to suffer in distress after child exploitation and the ones who did nothing of value are rewarded. It's not okay, and it's not even success if an undeserving young person is given inflated grades and a free ride in life solely because they were born into poverty, it's inflating their ego and not teaching them a thing about hard work or dedication to anything or life, the words "you don't deserve it" seem to be lacking in these institutions and instead replaced with opportunities to equalize or psychologically abuse the deserving person not based on merit. There is nothing to be proud of when a person who does not deserve an opportunity in the first place ends up in a well paying job owning nice things, it's not an accomplishment, it's not teaching them a thing about life only that things shoul dbe handed to them on a silver platter and that they are to abuse the children of the poeple who worked hard to get their kids opportunities rather than expecting hand outs. Based on my socio-economic upbringing and childhood accomplishments I should have by now had at least a master's degree, travelled the world, won a few awards in university, had progressive jobs paying above average wages and been married to someone with a masters degree or higher with a good job affording a nice 4 bedroom home, 2 cars, and pre-school for our 2 kids along with a closet of designer clothing. But I do not have any of those things because they were given to the undeserving, not the needy, not the somehow independently talented, but the undeserving from uneducated backgrounds and less intelligent parents who are less athletic and less artistic and only understand the concept of charity and a free ride in life. Those same people don't understand that if I get a pretty kitchen serving platter they do not get one too because they grew up being handed everything for free just to make them feel better, they do not understand that charity stopped when they were employed in jobs paying as much as the people who made donations to the organizations giving them free things, they do not understand that my personal income is a poverty income and I cannot give to them not only because I have nothing to give but because they make 5 to 20 times my income and they are now to give to me, they do not understand the concept of giving, only taking and it doesn't matter if you give them $150k/year in income, they will still never be happy if the girl from the university educated parents family is in her 30s, disabled, and with only under $10,000 of yearly income buys a turkey platter they are desperate to own but maxed out their borrowing already to live the high life meant for multi-millionaires not people making $150k at 33. I see them, they all act as if they are still so poor they need to be given things and instead they need to learn the concept of giving it away. I cannot ever imagine getting jealous and going on a rampage over a $210 turkey platter or a $175 box of gold-platted utensils, they are completely insignificant values considering one undergraduate university credit in Canada cost about $600 and a grad school credit like $1500, for less then the price of an undergraduate university credit, most students take 10 a year, you can have a box of gold platted utensils and a $210 turkey platter and matching bowls, for the price of a grad school credit you can refurnish your bedroom with a complete bedroom-suite and decorations and linens! That is how insignificant the sum of money. Some of my university textbooks cost as much as that box of gold platted utensils!!! You can own the entire matching set of dishes to go with the platter for the price of ONE grad school credit!! What is wrong with you?

If you are a woman with the delusion I am interested in your husband or had that delusion in the past, you have a severe psychiatric problem. If you harmed me based on your delusion you are a violent offender and I am your victim and if you harmed me in any way shape or form the only place you belong is prison sharing a cell with a really butchy lesbian for at least a decade and my wish is that he can sit and watch you suffering in prison for attacking a girl you developed an obsessive delusion about. I really would sit in a court room and watch you dragged off to prison and it would bring me so much pleasure to hear that you are suffering for attacking me in the only place people like you belong: prison with a lesbian butch lover for the rest of your life for torturing single girls.

Maybe you really truly believe that god wants you to injure and disfigure pretty women to prove that being pretty on the outside means they are ugly on the inside, if you take even 10 seconds o think about that analogy, it's the equivalent of saying that a black person is dumber than a white person, it is racism and and any violence you commit towards a person because you see them as attractive only proves that you are a horrible selfish violence homicidal psychopath who is severely racists towards attractive women and you are commiting a hate crime. I can't imagine EVER thinking it was okay to injure a person for being attractive, that is sick beyond words. REALLY the ONLY difference between a PRETTY GIRL and an UGLY GIRL is that the PRETTY ONE takes time to work out and eat healthy foods and take care of her hair and skin and puts on some make-up and styles her hair and the UGLY GIRL refuses to work out and eats garbage and refuses to style her hair or wear make-up. It's REALLY EASY to turn an ugly girl into a pretty girl, all she needs is to get to the gym and put on some makup and take a blow drier and curling iron to her hair, yes it takes time, it's called personal hygene, and it's a VERY important thing for ALL women. Why would you EVER want to hurt me because I refuse to dye my hair an ugly shade of blah or leave the house without make-up? I was born with blonde hair, my hair is now naturally medium blonde that some poeople unfortunately refer to as dirty blonde as if I must be dirty, and yes, dirty blonde is a racist term for a woman with medium or dark blonde hair, but I dye my hair 2 levels lighter than my natural colour (I've read a woman should never dye her hair more than 2 shades lighter or darker to look natural and it's just enough to conceal the few white hairs I have oddly in a line along where a right part would be but fortunately I part on the left...I've read bad reviews about the dye I use by women who say it doesn't work, their hair does not turn blonde like the picture, it's because if you read the rest of the box it says if you have brown hair it will give you a lighter shade of brown and if you have red hair it will give you a lighter shade of red. It's not the kind of dye you buy to go from dark brown to platinum, it's the kind you buy to enhance your natural colour without damaging it too much, cover a few greys, and to coat your hair with shine silly! ) and so people sometimes ask if it is natural, brunettes have to go up like 7 levels of lift to get my colour, but really I don't know why anyone would ever think I needed to dye my hair 5 levels darker than my natural colour and put on ugly thick glasses and wear no make-up and a skirt to my below my knees to be deemed intelligent and respectable, that is called racism and bigotry and violence towards women. We need to create a society that looks down at women who refuse to take care of themselves rather than encourage the ones who do to stop taking care of themselves. I've met girls who complain about pretty girls but they also complain about even spending 10 minutes in the morning to put on tinted moisturizer and mascara and a curling iron to their hair, if you are going to complain about the time you are lazy, you are not superior for refusing to take care of your appearance, you have poor hygene and that is why you are ugly, 10 minutes could take you from ugly to pretty without a single surgery but you refuse out of laziness. NEVER put down a  woman who takes care of her appearance, praise and reward her and tell her how great she looks. Furthermore, for a scientific personality incapable of understanding the basic concepts of person hygene, did you completely miss the theories of evolution and natural selection and survival of the fittest? Thru natural selection men and women choose the most attractive partner they can find to mate with, thru survival of the fittest, the most athletic, intelligent, and healthy survive thru the elements and nature and like man-on-man violence fighting to the death for a meal or the best cave to sleep in, and thru evolution the prettiest most athletic an intelligent persons made it to the 20th century by NOT mating with the uglier, less athletic, and less intelligent persons so like miniature humans became extinct! So what happens when we mess with evolution? we will have a society of ugly, out of shape, fat, stupid people and the IQ level will just keep declining along with attractiveness, you can say it's not what you look like, but it is what you look like, and it is your body shape, and it is your intelligence, your offrping will not just miraculously look like beautiful swans if you are duck mating with a pigeon. I am not a scientist or a medical person, I studied art/design, math, and athletics, I cannot do anything else because I seem to be too dumb, but even I know a duck and a pigeon cannot give birth to a swan just like a swan and a pigeon will not give birth to a swan but a swan-pigeon.

Maybe you think the things you did to me in the past were somehow okay and part of your past and that you get to move on and it was all part of growing up, well unfortunately for your victim it was a crime and your victim has not moved on and your victim needs to see you in prison for closure and your victim will never see you are whoever you want to be now or in the future because what you did requires by law a prison sentence and it will not be forgotten until you serve it. Your little mistake and lesson in being young had a victim, me, and your victim will not allow you to walk away and pretend it didn't happen, your victim wants the world to know what you did, and your victim wants you to be haunted for life by your crime and your victim wants you to have a criminal record for what you did to her, and if you are scared your kids will find out what you did, that is the consequence of your actions and you should have considered that before you commited acts of violence not after over your embarassment. 

Unfortunately, although you might believe otherwise, when you did those things to me in my 20s you were not a child making mistakes learning about right and wrong not yet able to understand the consequences of your actions out like teasing a girl in the school yard at 12 or like stealing gum from store on the encouragement of other kids at 14 not yet able to know it was wrong, you were an adult 100% capable of knowing what you did was wrong and you did it anyways. It's not like a lawsuit or getting a patent on an idea where there is a limitation period where you must file by a certain date or it expires, it lasts forever and in 50 years you could to prison for your actions because you were not 12 or 15 or 17, you were over the age of majority and that is why it's not a mistake of your childhood and it wasn't in response to a trauma, it's a crime you commited clearly out of reclessness or your internal demons of anger as an adult, I am your victim, and you have outstanding debts that will not disappear until you serve your punishment.

This is the difference between me and you: I have to go thru my life knowing that I am the victim of a group of psychopaths. You have to go thru life knowing you are a weirdo, a freak-outcast pervert, and a homicidal psychopath who attacked me, if I die anytime before my life-expectancy of like 80-something you will be the psychopath who murdered me, regardless you will ALWAYS be the psychopath who attacked me no matter what you use to justify your actions, you are the freak, you are the weirdo, you are the pervert lunatic, and I will always be your victim and I hope that thought haunts you at night and keeps you from sleeping and leaves you having nightmares forever and if it doesn't then it's just more proof of the monster that lives inside you no matter what your age young or old, male or female, you are the monster, you are evil and you are the freak with the fantasies about harming the single female grad student. I wasn't the one collecting all your internet information and storing your pictures and postings on my computer, you were the one doing that to me because you are the one who is sick and disturbed and a perverted sociopath and as your victim all I ever wanted was my life to just be normal and like it was again but because of you I now lost all my friends and am alone, it's all because of you because you are the freak psycho weirdo sociopath pervert.

Although my co-op job title at sunnybrook way back in 2007 was Information Management Resident, I wasn't working in librarian studies which is also now refered to as information management, my first boss was a health informatics professional and professor which is dealing with financial and statistical information storage, retrieval, desemination, and evaluation for the purpose of financial decision making in healthcare, this had nothing to do with storing medical information, only storing numbers and data that applies to making financial and operational decisions affecting dollars and cents. I wasn'tlearning how to store medical documents like a medical secretary, I was learning how to collect information and evaluate it for financial decision making purposes under the department controlled by the CFO the head of making financial decisions, medical records was a completely different department run by clinical staff, they run parallel toeach other but are seperated due to the confidential aspects of person medical information. I don't know anything about librarian studies information management. I studied knowledge management in grad school but that was not about storing information either, a component was storage of information, but the main focus was on taking as much information as possible and evaluating it based on obscure metrics like weighing HR recruitment statistics with how many sales of a certain product to develop statistical measures that can improve productivity in an organization. Of course we had to learn how to store the information, but that was like only the beginning, the important part was using that information co-relating every single piece of information with a statistical number thru various statistical decision making models. I didn't sit at my desk putting like transcripts of interviews with people into documents and storing them, I took that information and put in thru various statistical matrices and models, translating everything into numeric data to develop solutions that could be weighed by solid financial predictions using external and internal research. I don't know anything about being a librarian or small business owner. I really enjoy making multi-level decision models, I know that is really nerdy but it's fun for me to translate random information into statistical data for decision making... After all the research and then turning it all into numbers and then weiging them all several times it's really fun for me to discover the best answer because sometimes it isn't even the one I would consider in the first place without the models. I LOVE art and design and I LOVE making decision matrices but I cannot understand simple statistics equations only the really complicated ones, I couldn't get the basic statistics equations in MBA stats but my professor put the multistage one on the board and I put up my hand and gave her the answer and she was like, it took a group of PHDs 4 years to figure that out and develop the equations I am about to teach the class, I was the one with like a D in her course repeating it and stopped going before we got to that lesson, there is nothing wrong with that.

Maybe you know people I went to various universities with and they have fabulous sucessful lives and lots of money and nice homes and cars, I wasn't as good as them, no one wanted to give me work to buy those things and men didn't want me for anything other than sex in my 20s, my life hasn't been easy, it's been really really hard. I am not one of the lucky ones, I am one of the real ones, I am the one who wasn't offered a good job to afford a fabulous life but sexually abused and battered emotionally and financially and physically and left disabled and poor. That is my real life, and yes, I know most people think I am trash and not even worth inviting to be a guest at their wedding, I don't even know what it's like to be treated with dignity and respect or as a person worthy of a non-family wedding invitation and even then, people in my family stopped inviting me to their weddings, I am just too low-class for them to even want to invite. That is my real life. I know there are people who want me to do something, but I did do lots and wasn't ever paid for it and now that I am disabled I cannot and I am 100% aware that in not being invited to any weddings in my 20s or 30s that I was considered a marginalized woman even before I was sexually assaulted and stalked in my mid 20s, no one wanted me and they all thought I was trash and not even deserving of a nice present or party invitation.

Maybe you heard that when I was 13 I qualified to try out for the Olympics and when I was 14 I did try out but came in like last of all the competitors at the swim meet, I was a child and barely remember that time in my life and it wasn't a happy time for me but a sad time in my life because I was under way too much pressure for a child, that should be reserved only for adults 18 and over, I 100% believe that children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to travel for sport or compete in international competitions. I've never even seen the Olympics in person, for one I've never had enough money to travel to see them anywhere in the world and second, there are a million things on my to-do list before I'd ever even want to go see them like buy my first car and get married and have a wedding and wear a white dress and have a baby and own a house, those things are only dreams for me. I'd love to see the world, I've been to greece when I was 16 with my high school, dominican republic with my sister at 21, and mexico for a family vacation when I was 29, other than that I've only been across Canada and to some parts of the united states but I've never been to places like texas or california or nevadaor south america or africa or the middle east or asia or anywhere in europe other than a couple of airports on the way to my one time in greece. I've never been to New York City but I have been to New York State. I'd love to see paris and india, egypt, morrocco, australia, carribean islands and hawaii, but those places are only places I read about or see in movies and meet people online who live there. I have a little bit of money right now, but I need housewares and to put my home-life first because otherwise I might not ever have anything in my future other than garbage people give to me as unwanted housewares and furniture hand-me-downs from family. YOu have no idea what its like for me to buy fine china, it's a fantasy for me, just like buying bedroom furniture that was partly made with MDF from a big box store. When you've never had anything even a little bit means a lot, just because I was good at swimming as a child and my parents paid for competitions they were at a reduced cost to travelling and just because I was good at that and art and other things doesn't mean I've ever had any income to live off of, I've been independently poor of my parents my whole life, I don't know what life is like to not be independently poor.

What I find disturbing about the man the police let take me to domestic court is this: He didn't take me to any parties or social events with his friends, he told me he was going to compete in a volleyball tournament but didn't invite me to go cheer for him in the time he told the police he was dating me, his friend didn't even know he had a relationship with me and told me in 2008 that he had a girlfriend since August 2007 and it was not me but another woman who they were 100% aware of and hanging out with as a group. I mean obviously I was not his girlfriend if he had a girlfriend he was bring out to parties and social events with his friends during the time he told the police he dated me. That is impossible. It is kind of obvious that he was drunk and possibly on drugs because he told me he did drugs with his friends when he assaulted me and then tried to make it look like a relationship to prove he was innocent while he had an actual girlfriend the whole time and clearly was embarassed of me from the things he said in the court documents. I mean one of the men he claimed was one of his best friends in 2007 in spring or summer 2008 said he never heard about him dating me a year before and was trying to get me to bake him cookies and mail them to him because he lived alone in a small community where he found work and was lonely and kept writing to me about shopping for his first house where he planned to live alone and stuff... It's all very strange.

I still can't get my head around what kind of a pervert damages a girl's belongings or appearance, and even worse then that, what a girl survives her belongings being damaged, violent crime, and stalking, what kind of a person would further damage her belongings in a violent rage when it's been decided she is a disabled person, what kind of sociopathic perverted psycho would ever damage a disabled person's belongings or appearance when those are some of the injuries that needed to be repaired? Only the sickest of the sick would do such horrible things. I can't imagine what would make a person so perverted that they would damage the belongings or appearance of an already injured and disabled person in recovery from being the victim of violent crimes. Only the lowest of the low of society would attack a disabled person and only the lowest of the low of society, the scum of the earth would make claims that a medically disabled person is not disabled and I know 100% that my perpetrators probably go around making grande claims that I am not disabled as doctors decided and complain rather than uplift me and let me just feel some dignity until I am considered recovered if ever. The last thing I want is to lose more hair or see my things damaged or my skin damaged or more body pains, I just want my life to be like it was before I was the vicitm of crimes and I can't imagine how sick a person would have to be to make claims that a girl doctors decided is incapable of working due to her injuries is not disabled and that they are free to abuse her. Just because I seemed like I was getting better did not give you permission to abuse me, it meant I was getting better and it was reason for you to be happy for me and hope that my body continues to get better so I can be married and have a family and own a nice house like I dreamed I would when I was the victim of crime and stalking in my mid-20s. Only a monster would attack or say bad things about a disabled girl who was disabled by crimes.  Maybe you are from a country outside of Canada and believed that in Canada people got together to help women who've been the victim of violence, the complete opposite is true about Canada, in Canada people attack woman who've been raped or stalked, they don't uplift them then tear them down to prove the innocence of the people who abused them, they do horrible things to them if they are disabled and not able to work and if they are not married they are horrible and cruel and violent towards them and don't care. That is the real Canada, that is my Canada, I don't live in a world that uplifts single sex crime and stalking victims, I live in a world where if a single woman is attacked no one really cares other than trying to prove she is a liar and if she is even half attractive they hurt her, and hurt her more if her injuries start to heal. That is my Canada, that is the life I've lived, that is my real life, people batter single not married women and no one cares, that is the real Canada. I live in a country where if a single girl is raped and stalked society doesn't want to help her or give her proper medical attention or a job, they want to see her injured and suffering and live in poverty and be homeless and marginalized so no one has to think about the bad things that people do in our country to girls, when a girl is a victim of the things I've been the victim of, people want to impoverish and disfigured and make certain she disappears so no one has to be reminded rather than uplifting her and giving her a future. Maybe Canadians sometimes take girls who've been victimized in other countries to uplift and make their dreams come true, but to the girls born in Canada, the complete opposite is our reality, we are marginalized and left to live in poverty and no one wants to acknowledge that Canadian men and women commit horrible unspeakable acts of violence towards girls before they even have the chance to live life as women.

I know for a fact the man the RCMP hired as a co-op student who had sex with me when I was too intoxiated to consent to sex at a party at his condo had a really crappy job there, he was picking up documents at court houses and then looking for evidence of financial fraud with a highlighter, a job a monkey could do with a high school education, I know this because that is what the woman before him was doing, that is not an officer's job but a civilian's job, sit at a desk with papers with a highlighter all day every day without any power, but I do know from this woman he was required to visit court houses to pick up documents for review, not from him, no he would want you to believe he was a high powered man with a high powered job when he was just a highlighter-monkey. But in that his arrogance might have led him to talk someone into altering or hiding or covering information for him if he came into comtact with police or court officials and had a sob story about a woman who had a co-op job at the time far suerior to sitting around highlighting paper-work but instead meeting with peopel and asking them questions and presenting that information to her boss and writing reports, just as meaningless really, but far superior to a 6 foot 5 inch highlighter monkey with a grandiose ego. But I am thinking that he lied to a group of people with power along with the other man who assualted me and they covered for a loser highlighter monkey with a superiority complex, who knows maybe he is married now, I really don't know and don't care, I just hope that the people who covered his tracks do the right thing and put thehighlighter monkey in prison for rape because that is all he is, a highlighter monkey who in a jealous rage raped a girl in grad school to assert his inferiority complex. Boxes and boxes of documents to read and highlight, sounds like my first after design school job that only paid $11 an hour but in that job I actually had to take the information after reading it and then print and mail letters.. Can't believe a loser like that walks around with his head held high being paid more than he could possibly deserve for a loser job and people who cover his tracks because he doesn't tell people what he really does for money to affiliate himself with an organzation just to prove his innocence when he'd rather be a high paid banker, a traffic police man has more power than someone like him, he's a male secretary with an MBA trying to figure out how to maintain his innocence, but he'll leave for that high paying bank job or sport team manager job one day, he'll figure he stayed long enough to prove he was innocent and move on to make his money elsewhere, just long enough so they believe him, then he'll be gone, certainly his daddy the lawyer, I don't even know what kind of law or where considering he lied and said he was from ottawa and I don't think he is from ottawa, (I've had family in ottawa my entire life, I thought he was also from there because that is what he told me but that is only wherehe attended university before mcmaster, that is how men like that gain the trust of naive girls like me) helped to cover up for him and advised him to keep working somewhere like that until it all blows over and people forget, I will never forget I was raped when I was too drunk to consent to sex by a 6 foot 5 tall man, never forget and never stop telling people what happened to me. What are you going to do when he is gone, and moved on, and you covered up for him by abusing his victim, and he got away with it??

I think that a very big problem has been created in the age of the internet, so many people conceal their identities in the belief that they need to censor their online reputation that we have exposed the really shaddy characters who have jobs they didn't earn or do not deserve. It's not about making your life public or private, it's about being yourself in all parts of your life and not attempting to hide some parts and share others. I know privacy is important, but if you feel you need to hide very basic information about your life like your picture, you job, your education, or your family, in the delusion you are so important that you need privacy, you are not a good person, you are in a job you didn't earn, you are not friendly, you are not compassionate, you aren't even nice. That is jut my observation. There are so many so called social media experts now who make lists of ways to protect your identity, but they miss the very important social aspect that it is healthy for humans to interact, share, and be friendly with others in all parts of their life, if someone feels the need to hide and be secretive online, it's no different than someone who is a sociophobe or controlling psychopath in person with severe social interaction issues and control issues. We all know the story about the rapist who tells his victim that if she tells anyone he'll kill her or someone she cares about, and that same personality type wants to do the same in the interactive online world to the online identities of nice, friendly, kind, interactive, social people when they have commited violence towards that person or they are embarassed about things they said about that person that cannot be proved. I think that personalities have really come to life online, not so much in older generations, but in youner generations like the under 40s you can really see someone's true personality on the internet and that is a beautiful thing. Why so much secrecy? You shouldn't need to make your entire life private or attempt to force others into making their lives private for your reputation unless you personally have psychological problems, social problems, or have some very dark secrets you need to hide. I understand 100% if someone in a dangerous job does not want to share who their wife and kids are but like for most people that is a good thing and brings people closer even if it is over the internet. There are lots of weirdos, I've been the vicitm of them, but there are weirdos in real life too and it's so much worse to be attacked by a weirdo in real life then a weirdo online, I know from experience. If the werido wants to harm you, they will show up at your front door no matter if you on the internet or not. Personally when someone talks about their family and friends online it makes me like them more not less. When a young person shares their normal life of partying and having fun online, I am happy for them for being young and having fun, why censor a normal part of development? Since when should a business be embarassed that a person has friends or attends parties? That makes them a social and interactive person and that is great! If I was a business owner I would hire the open outgoing online personlity type with family, friends, and a social life sharing their ups and downs way before someone who is a sociophobic narcissist who feels the need ot lurk in the shadows peeping on others who are public, that type just gives me the creeps. I think we should treat online socialization as a blessing not a curse, it's only a curse to those who lurk in dark corners concealing their identities and the unstable people who have anger and rage problems and post offensive pictures of others with the intent to do harm or search for people with friends lists to stalk for their personal gain and people like that will do the same online or offline. I do judge you based on what I find out about you online, but the greatest indicator of your personality is not the content but how open you are and friendly and how well you interact with others not if you had a martini with friends or wore a silly costume, because those are completely normal things. I would like to see a new crime created to cover when a person attempts to remove another persons identity from the internet as that is the equivalent of murder, it really it, when a person's victim won't shut up and they kill them it's no different if they do the same online, they are accomplishing the same thing, anyone who is so unstable that they want someone removed from the internet is the cyber-version of a homicidal psychopath seeking retribution, revenge, and to silence their obsession or remove them from their social circle. It's a very serious problem and it really is the social equivalent of murder in the age of the internet and commited by the same personality types who would murder their obsession before the age of the internet. I think that any person who approaches law-enforcement requesting that another person be removed from the internet be treated as a homicidal sociopath and have their motives questioned for why they would want to murder that person, because it is murder.

Maybe you are a person with an abusive personality or psychiatric problems and have delusions of grandeur that I am rich and successful and powerful, unfortunately I've never made a wage above the poverty line in Canada and have never found work beyond temporary entry level paying an hourly wage barely above the minimum wage or student work. Success is based on income, my income has been so low that I am the complete opposite of successful. If you are a high school drop out that has made a wage higher than mine at anything you are more successful than I've ever been at anything in life. If you've had similar work to mine but have been paid more than me you are more successful, maybe you've had similar work that has afforded you the luxury of owning cars or homes, those are only dreams for me. I worked really hard in my teens and 20s before being the vicitm of violent crime and stalking and even after being the victim of various things in my childhood and 20s, but I've never been paid a living wage above the poverty line for anything and you cannot compare someone who is a volunteer or underpaid over worked student with student debt to a person with a salary that affords cars and homes. Maybe you question the men I date but I've never in my life dated a man who made less money than I do, not one man I've ever been on a date with has had an income or salary lower than mine in my adult life, education is meaningless, what's important to me is that I marry someone who can afford to support our family on one income if we have to in order to raise children and own a home and 2 cars and take family vacations in addition to being madly in love and soul-mates.. I've never been offered work that can afford even a mortgage and because of my student debt I probably cannot get a car loan either. I don't know what your fantasies have been about me, horrifying for me really, but I am a really desperate woman and money is my biggest obstacle in life and the only reason I stayed in school because of empty promises that a university education would lead to enough money to own a house and car and have a middle class life-style but instead an education impoverished me.

I was a university grad student when you started abusing me, maybe before I don't know, but I didn't ever have a chance to do anything beyond university 20-something things in life because of you, I didn't get to see my grad school graduation day or any of my friends get married because of you. I am now in my 30s and don't have a social life because of you and I was very popular at 25 as a typical grad student with typical student jobs like a co-op and an on campus student job for a professor and volunteering for things. Why did you do those things to me? Why did you think I didn't deserve to finish grad school and get my first job and see my friends get married? Why would you want to isolate and abuse anyone like that? I was 25, now I am 32 and I am single and disabled living on disability income instead of having a graduate degree and a good well-paying job and a husband because of you. Why did you have to steal all the 20-something things all girls dream of from me like a first real job and a wedding and probably being a bridesmaid in 4 or 5 of my friends weddings and hurt me until I was in my 30s? Did you do that to lots of girls or just to me? Can't you see the pain you created? Are you incapable of seeing that you stole things from me I can never get back and caused me so much pain that I have a trauma disorder and physical body injuries? Did you ever think about me or were you too busy thinking about whatever it was that you wanted to accomplish by abusing a single female student in her 20s? Can you not see that I cannot be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding because they disappeared from my life because of you and got married and did not invite me because of you? Because of YOU I didn't know if my bes friends were terrorizing me or a stranger and I had to tell them all to stop contacting me for my personal safety.

Everyone knows how bad people always go around saying that the things they are accused of are lies, that there is no evidence and they provide a list of supposed facts for reasons why they are innocent and the other person is a bad person. I am 100% certain that is what the men who assualted me did and anyone who is embarassed by their actions towards me, and really, it doesn't matter what you have on paper or what you made up, what matter is that in 10 years your story is the same and what your god will remember when you show up looking for a place in paradise in the afterlife. The worst kind of people are bad people who think they are good.

Looking back over my life, and the fact that currently although I am disabled but happy, I can see a very disturbing pattern and I am 100% aware that I am not the only person subjected to the same sort of thing. I've had periods of extreme distress resulting in anxiety and phobias, but they have not been caused by internal unexplained problems, each and every time I was abused by someone and then suffered emotional distress sometimes for a few minutes where I could feel myself shaking to hours to years of distress based on the severity and the duration of the abuse. Most times that abuse was not perpetrated by a peer in school or those abuses such as bullying and sexual violence from peers caused distress but the real trauma was caused by authority figures in my life whether teachers, parents of other children, coaches, employers, or anyone else who might have had power over my life and my future and my survival. I've never had so little stress in my life as I do now, and the only time I hae anxiety is when I am subjected to reminders of traumas in my past or someone suddenly decides to say or do something abusive towards me, otherwise I am calm and happy, I barely sweat or get shaky, sometimes I cry but only when reminded of the past or when I learn something is wrong with my body that someone else said was fine because of injuries sustained in my past. I do not take any medications to feel happy, I don't lay in bed hoping to die, I lay in bed hoping to sleep and not feel pain so that I can go out and rollerblade and have fun and do that things I love all the time. But consistently the emotional problems I have directly stem from times in my life when I've been put down, neglected and denied assistance when injured or subjected to other forms of violence, and mostly when I've been told that I am a bad person or not good enough or stupid or ugly or poor by persons in positions of power in my life no matter if it happened when I was 9, 12, 14, 17, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27, 30... it doesn't matter the age and nothing inside of me just suddenly caused me to fall into distress, each and every single time something horrible was done to me or said to me by someone who had power over my life or wanted to have power over my life more so than someone my own age saying or doing something mean, sometimes it was a person in power justifying why it was okay for someone who was my peer to harm me, sometimes it was a person in power telling me why I wasn't good enough or pretty enough, and other times it was clearly just neglect. I am happy in my life and I do not have kids or a house or a husband or a fabulous career or a masters degree or phd, but I am happy because I don't experience the same kinds of traumas I was subjected to regularly threatening my survival causing my survival instincts to start spinning. I 100% believe that my condition, the same condition so many others suffer from, could be in part eliminated if society did a better job of protecting young people from abuse of power by persons in positions of authority in their lives so that they can grow into happy, healthy adults. There is not a sinlge medication in the world that can cure the emotional trauma of abuse, the only cure is removing the cause and the trigger and providing love, protection, and a sense of security to the victim. The people who inflict those kinds of emotional scars are always so quick to search for excuses and point their finger at their victim because in their position of power and authority they never accept responsibility for their actions and the only way to end the cycle is to punish the person inflicting the abuse of power.

People sometimes tell me that it is important for me to make new friends and have a social circle again but this is the problem: I don't want to build my life around anyone until I am married, I've never been married and I do not want anyone who is connected to anyone from my past as part of my family's social circle, I do not maintain relationships with men I date, it's either we get married or we will never have any contact again. The rest of my life starts on my wedding day, that is the day where I plan to build my future around whoever I marry and not before, so for me finding friends to hang out with is less important than finding a man to marry because I don't want any baggage from the past only to start from day one on the day I get married and wear a white dress and move forward from there, the people from my past are not going to move into my future with me or my family in anything I do, only new people and new connections and a new life as husband and wife. If a man doesn't want a wife who doesn't have a big group of friends, he isn't for me, I come as one person without any baggage or any connections and that is how I want it to be. There is only me, no one else is part of the package until I have a wedding ring and have been a bride.

You might wonder how I plan to keep my kids from ever allowing anyone from my past to communicate with them, it's easy. I will teach them from the start that if a person I haven't introduced them to says "Hello" they are to point at them and start screaming "stranger danger stranger danger stranger danger!!HELP HELP HELP!! STRANGER DANGER!!"... That's my plan.

I 100% believe that some people just have an energy that uplifts you and others just drain all your energy and that the dark ones draining your energy just go around stealing your sparkle all the time and it's like the only way they can possibly get a fix is to plug in and steal more of your sparkle taking that bright white light all around you and filling it up with a raincloud and it's not your fault, they just have no other way of existing other than by stealing your bright light. And I know it sounds all religious but I do think some people are dark souls and others are light souls and that the dark souls come around and attack the light souls stealing their energy and zapping it away then moving on to zap some more... I used to meditate sometimes based on readings I'd done and spend time imagining I had roots of light that went down into the earth and up in to the sky breathing in white light and exhaling dark energy and it really seemed to help uplift me when I was feeling drained by people with dark souls. I remember there was a prayer I read many years ago in a book where you think in your head something like "fill this space with the bright light of the holy spirit and cast out all evil" and I would think it then picture a big huge golden dome of light over the space and according to the book if you did that evil people wouldn't be able to take it anymore and do something out of agitation or leave. I don't know, I should try it again while I am going about my day sometime and see if it works... superstitious I know, but I am willing to try anything. In my opinion the cross over my bedroom door at the end of summer 2013 did cast out evil and I am very proud to say it seems to have worked... I also put a stack of bibles on a bookshelf outside my bedroom door around the same time just in case... That said I have a prayer for those reading this page: "Dear God, surround all my internet profiles with the white light of the holy spirit and cast out all evil people giving them lives of hardship damning them to eternity in the burning fires of hell and fill those who are good people following me or reading what I've posted with white light and let them have lives of happiness, love, wealth, and health as a reward for being good, kind, caring people then spend the afterlife being showered with sweet blessings and peaceful rest. Amen. "

I've never had any alcohol or drug addictions, but I have had my skin damaged on my face and arms in a spa and from products I used, sometimes you have to be really careful when you judge people, the drug addict is sometimes the one with the injections in her face and the health nut has facial injuries from assault or allergies

My life is what REAL LIFE is like in Canada. You only hear about the young women who were given fabulous jobs with high incomes and opportunities to travel the world and about their wonderful weddings and homes and cars, you don't hear about the women like me who were born into average middle class families, struggled to get into post secondary school, struggled to find work and took underpaid jobs or volunteer work hoping to one day get a job to pay off student debt and end up living on social assistance, there are women like me who went to university and chose prostitution to pay off their student debts and have income to live off of who have pimps who sell them to men for sex after they go to college and university with promises of careers and jobs at the end but that is only for the few who are chosen in the lottery, they arent's stripping their way thru college only to have a fabulous job as a lawyer or policewoman or doctor or banker or designer at the end, they are doing it AFTER they go to school because they are so poor they cannot pay back their debt from tuition and no one offers them work. That is the real Canada.

You might think that I somehow must be lying because you think it's impossible that I was in a domestically abusive relationship then sexually assaulted by 2 men, but statistically I am the lucky one, statistically I have been abused less than other women if you look at how many men I've dated over my life and how many of them have commited violence towards me. I just counted 21 men I've had various romantic relationships with in my life, of those 4 physically abused me at least once and a 5th verbally abused me, the others were just break ups. And so that is only 5 out of 21 relationships, less than 20% of them have been violent towards me. Given that I've read half of women will be assaulted in her life, that is way below the average, I should have experienced 10 abusive ex-boyfriends not 5 according to Canadian statistics.

Just to make it clear once again: I am considered disabled right now, doctors told me that my conditions might improve, I keep getting better and feeling great and like myself again then I get sick again or developing physical reactions with no known source even when I buy the products I am not allergic to and when I replace them my conditions seem to improve. I do not have a degenerative illness but for whatever reason I keep having episodes of getting sick like I am exposed to something environmental and have the same reactions including hairloss and rashes and coughing and feeling out of sorts and dizzy then I get well again. I will never make a full recovery to who I was before but I've been told I might be well enough to not be disabled. I do not want to be disabled, that decision was made for me, I hope to be not disabled by 2015 but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to work out what I am allergic to and not allergic to and what prescription I need for my eyes to have the best vision I can and what medication works best for my left leg pain. I think it's unfortunate that some people clearly do not understand that with all my medical appointments and trial and error in testing new products and trying products to erase damage to my skin I can't work because I would miss way too much time at any job and in addition to that I really cannot concentrate for long periods of time yet. If I seem "not disabled" it's because that is what doctors hope will happen for me and I need to be "not disabled" for a period of time to make certain I do not become "disabled" again as it seems to be physically episodic, even my optometrist told me that he is confused as my vision seems to be episodic, sometimes it's great and other times I cannot see with the same lenses for no apparent reason because the next day it is fine without even trying a new lense. So I think it's important that people know I do not want to be disabled, I am making the best of a bad situation and I hope to be "not disabled" in the future because my body is filled with injuries.

I thought when I told the police about the two men who raped me and the man who abused me for 7 years while I dated him that they would arrest all three men, but they never did, that is how little women like me are respected in canada, I thought that in addition to the two men who raped me while in grad school the man who repeatedly abused me over a perdio of 7 years, an even more serious situation than the two men who raped me, would go to jail, and they didn't do anything. I told them about how he abused me and stole from me and clearly it didn't matter and I had no rights, I 100% know the reason I didn't report being raped and went on wth my life is because I was sexually abused and emotionally and financially abused for so many years that I was used to repeated sexual violence and being treated with cruelty by men. I don't even know who that ex boyfriend was friends with or communicating with, when facebook was created I joined before him because of my grad school friends but I didn't know who any of the peopel on his friends list were after seeing him only on weekends for 7 years, he was a stranger to me, 7 years and his friends were all strangers and not even close to the kind of people I would want to be friends with. I talked to the police about what little personal information I had about private time I spent with the man, but I didn't know anything about his life from Monday to Friday only Saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon every week, because he refused to see me during the week and when I called he would usually yell at me for bothering him and tell me that he was to call me and I don't know why I put up with that other than he told me if I ever broke up with him he'd hurt any man he ever saw me with, repeatedly, and I was terrified.

**** PLEASE NOTE IF READING MY RESUME: I had several student or temporary rescent graduate jobs but I was not selected by any of those employers for full-time salaried work beyond the short-term contract period. I have no affiliation with those organizations and they have no intention of offering me full-time salaried work just like the 100s of other students who they also hired on a short term basis. If you need to contact someone from one of those organizations you will need to locate the people who were hired on a full-time salaried long-term permanent basis as I was one of the 100s of rejected candidates for whoever they picked to be permanent and long term and those people are paid lots of money to do those full time permanent jobs so they can afford to own nice homes, take nice vacations, own nice things, and afford to have children, if you cannot locate them online because they've made their identities very private you will need to contact those organizations because I don't even know anyone who works for any of them anymore as too many years have passed since completing those short term student jobs. I am a disabled person who had zero income, as in no income from April 2008 to March 2013 when I was put on disability. During that time I was supported by my parents as are most students although I was disabled and going to medical appointments not school. I do not work for anyone and my only income is disability for people who are injured and might recover or are permanently disabled for life.**



I don't know why a group of weirdos terrorized me, what the purpose is, or what they want from me. I would really appreciate a letter of explaination because I really don't understand why they've been so horrible and cruel and psychopathic towards me instead of nice to me. It's absolutely horrifying. Please write me a letter explaining why you want to harm me because I really can't think of any valid reason anyone would ever want to terrorize me in the first place unless they were trying to prove the innocence of a man or woman who assaulted me.

If you need validation that I am indeed a female and not a transvestite or a hermaphrodite or a unic, you can contact the Toronto Police Department as two female officers watched as I removed my clothing for them in March of 2009 and had me stand facing the wall and squat for them 3 times, so they can confirm that I do indeed have a vagina and lady parts as well as 32C breasts.


I know this might sound ridiculous, but when I look in the mirror now although I don't see the me I remember from when I was 18, 22, 24 or 25, I am happy to say I do not see the retarded person I saw in the mirror I saw over the last few years and didn't recognize. I can't say that I like how I look, I just don't look retarded anymore just damaged, and anything is better than seeing a retarded person in the mirror with weird stained brown hair and a crocked face staring back at you cross-eyed. Now I just see a really slutty looking woman and that is okay with me even with the weird marks on my face that are still sometimes traumatizing.. Sometimes I look in the mirror expecting to see the retarded girl looking back at me and am suprised she isn't there.

Adding insult to injury what's just as bad as being attacked and stalked is the way I was treated by doctors, other medical professionals, and the police, seeing how corrupt people in those professions can be and discovering that I am not a person, that I have no rights, and that my life has so little value that I am nothing more than a mouse in a trap for their entertainment after they helped monsters walk free and probably celebrated, it's horriyfing to know that people are willing to change and dispose of information and carefully choose what to share and what to delete just to bury a girl who won't shut up, but I am still alive, and the day I was allowed to use the internet again I wrote as much as I could about what happened to me because the world deserves to know there are really horrible corrupt people in Canada working in medicine and for police and I know I am not the only victim. I am alive, but I am fairly certain that many of the girls like me are now dead.

It would be absolutely horrifying if a group of medical professionals harmed me because I got a student training job in an office in a hospital out of delusional rage. Horrifying beyond words. I have a bachelor of design and I spent 6 semesters after that studying business admin at the undergrad and grad school level and was 100% qualified to work in an office in a hospital, there were people in that office with much less education and I knowfor a fact that people who only have highschool get admin jobs in hospitals. But if a group of medical professionals fixated on the blonde 20 something in an office student job in a hospital harmed me that would be absolutely horrifying, I mean the only reason anyone should choose a job in the medical profession is if they plan to do good and heal, I believe the number one guideline for a medical professional is to "Do No Harm" and I cannot imagine a medical professional harming a girl in her 20s over a student job she is 100% qualified for only uplifting her spirits and making certain she is successful in that job to complete her education and find her first real job. Anyone who works in a medical profession and brings harm to a student is a homicidal sociopath with severe psychiatric problems and should not be a medical professional and clearly is only in their profession for money and power not to heal or provide care. Honestly, from my perspective after my student co-op in a hospital while in grad school and observing the animosity rather than compassion I received from medical professionals after only 8 months as a student, I 100% believe that the salaries of medical professionals need to be lowered to a level where those who seek money, fame, success, and power do not enter that feild. I wuld like to see jobs in offices like engineering, accounting, law and finance, have higher wages than medical professionals to weed out those who seek to be rich and famous not healers and thus only the truly compassionate would enter that field. The same could be made true for teachers of grade school, recently I had someone tell me that a couple they know who are both teachers have a family income of $200,000 while children don't even get free pencils and paper or other necessities in schools, no teacher or nurse should make an income that is so high it allows them to travel the world and accumulate a million dollars in income, that is theft from the public purse and beyond reasonable for professions that need to attract the compassionate types not the money hungry types. I think we've created a society of those seeking riches in the medical and education feilds and instead of attracting those with compassion we've attracted the unstable stop at nothing including violence to make a few dollars type and it is so sad. There is absolutely no reason a doctor should make $700,000 a year, not ever, that is a salary for someone who seeks to be rich and famous not someone whose job is to provide care and heal. I am just a designer who took some administrative student employment hoping to get my first job, but what I do know is that "Do No Harm" is the most important core function of a medical professional's job and I 100% believe that I've been the victim of harm by medical professionals and I cannot imagine such a bad person choosing a profession in healing. I really pray that any person who brought harm to me suffer 3 times the pain and suffering they commited towards me and that no act of kindness they commit can replace the violence they commited towards me and that god never forgive for any acts of harm they commited towards me and only punish them 3 times for every pain I have felt and I 100% believe that god will and has done just that to some of my perpetrators and others, their time will come. I don't know a lot about different professions, but I do know that money or lack of money can be used to chase away the monsters and lure them elsewhere.

I think one detail that the sickos who attacked me missed is this: I was a grad student who hadn't even transitioned in life from university to the working work yet, I was single and never married and never lived with a boyfriend, I had parents who were looking forward to my graduation and me finding my first job and getting married, but I didn't get to graduate, I didn't get to have my first real job, and I didn't get a wedding, I didn't get any of those things in my 20s and now I am a 30-something disabled single girl with a university degree that was completed in 2004 but never resulted in full-time work. My parents just like all the other parents of girls, were waiting for my graduation and for my wedding day and for me to buy my first home and have my first child and they still are waiting for those things and they may or may not happen for me because I was attacked and terrorized before I even got to see my grad school graduation day.

Maybe you did something to me and think it's so long ago I should be over it, I am not over it, it's still like it happened yesterday for me, and I want to move on but cannot because my body is a reminder of the pain, the suffering, and the trauma and without closure and seeing justice served I cannot move on because the memories haunt me and will haunt me forever.

I know some people have like manic episodes where they randomly just do things like spend lots ofmoney or throw out all their belongings. For me, I got rid of most of what I had because they were all painful reminders of the past and just looking at them brought me pain so I had to get rid of them and replace them, it wasn't a decision I made in a moment of emotion, it was a decision I made over time and decided it was best for me to get rid of many things. If I didn't want to be reminded of a person or an experience or a place, I removed the object from my life, including most of my old sketchbooks, easy as that. With my sketchbooks tho, I decided not to just throw them in the garbage, I took time to go thru them, photographed some pages, then ripped out pages and put them thru a paper shredder. Maybe to some people that might be heartbreaking and as an artist/designer I do understand that after you die peopl want to see those things, but they were too personal and too painful, and I had to dispose of them, I actually considered taking some pages to the police as evidence of my statements about things that happened to me but it was after they already arrested me for complaining and gave me restraining orders not to contact them and knowing they wouldn't do a thing to help me but call me crazy, I shredded them, and along with the sound of the machine and paper, I shredded my pain so that I would never have to see it again, I didn't even remember most of the things I wrote, because whenever I had anxiety I would stop, sit down, and write it out in a sketchbook as a poem with pictures, I wasn't crazy just it was my only way of dealing with my anxiety, I really believed when I wrote things down that if anything bad ever happened someone would find my books. I guess that's the mind of a child who hasn't really progressed into an adult yet. Book after book after book, typical black sketchbooks with white pages and no lines filled with words circling the pages and scribbles of flowers and people and things I noticed that upset me I would just write down like "creepy guy on subway will not stop looking at me, (date and time)" and what I called random word thought, I liked to write out the first word that popped into my head sometimes and then just write words that popped into my head then read it out to my friends and called it random word thought, and I had pages and pages filled with those. One of my favorite things to do when I was a teen and into my early 20s was sit with a group of friends/acquaintances and get every person to write a word on a page and pass it around until we had a poem and read it and the book was filled with those too and I shredded them all. I rarely every do that anymore, I write out my thoughts online in a public diary now with pictures, and I don't need my books anymore as ridiculous as that sounds, I had anxiety if I didn't have pens and a small blank book in my purse, I have had people complain about my online writing and ask me to remove it, but for me it really makes me feel less anxiety in my entire life to just write out what I am thinking on a public webpage updating to complete strangers.

The men who raped me in 2007 had no intention of dating me, they knew I was poor, they knew I was living alone as a student on co-op, and they knew I was volnurable because I was a poor student living alone. The police in Hamilton and Toronot and doctors didn't care enough to document that I was raped and stalked because to them I was just a poor woman who had no money and no job, I wasn't a student to them or someone'sdaughter, i was poor and complaining about successful men who abused me and sucessful people who harassed me in my life and about bad things that happened to me, I was too poor for them to care to help, instead of taking the time to document my injuries and document the bad things that happened to me and who did it, they claimedI ws the problem to shut me up so that I would stop talking becaues to them I was just a poor worthless whore ruining the reputations of men who they believed deserved to have sex with whoever they wanted and women they believed deserved better lives than me and didn't really care they treated me like trash. The doctors really didn't care I was raped or stalked or injured, because to them I was worthless and disposable and they just wanted to make sure the rapists walked free. I am not a person to those men and women, I was just a worthless poor piece of trash. The men who raped me and the women who injured me in the spa do not have injuries, I have the injuries, I have hte disabilities, and I have ot live out my life injured and disabled because no one cared about me, I was disposable and trash for being too poor to be a person to them. I was raped by 2 men when I was a grad student in my 20s, I was the victim of stalking in my 20s, and I will never get over the nightmare of learning what I already knew too well already: that I was worthless disposable trash and my life had no value to anyone to even protect me or stand up for me only to dispose of me for people that had money and better lives and connections than I did. Being raped by 2 men in grad school is not a mental illness, never treat a woman who tells you she was raped as if she is mentally ill.

 I know there are people who would be so embarassed if they were me and they'd hide under a rock and want to disappear and die, but I am a really social person and even tho I am disabled I love to be around people and share and talk and I'd rather have a place where I can be myself even if that is only online if I am not well enough to always be myself in person.

I had several ex boyfriends who wanted ot be friends, men I haven't even mentioned in my ramblings because they never did anything to hurt me it just didn't work out, and unfortunately I also had to explain to more than one of them that I cannot be friends with any ex-boyfriends because I don't want them to interfere in my future, one complained that his friend frequently went to hang out with his ex and he wished we could be like that, but I knew then and I know now that 100% I do not and never want to date that man again or to see that man or to be his friend. The only reason I would ever now agree to go see an ex-boyfriend is if I thought there was potential for a marriage otherwise absolutely not, and honestly, I don't even have any phone numbers on my smart phone other than family and emergency contacts and I like it that way, if I get a text once in a while or a call from a number I don't recognize often I don't even answer it, my name was not on my voicemail for a long time I removed it, but it is now and really if that person wants to talk with me they will leave a message otherwise they know they have the wrong number and will hang up. Every situation is different, every person is different, but this works for me in my situation and had I not had some really awful things happen in my life I probably would still have stayed in touch with many people from my past but I am doing what's best for me and there comes a point in your life for many people who were always doing for others where you have to put you first, no one else but you and do all the nice things that you would have done for other people just for you, and I must tell you, I can't believe what my life is like now that I did all the nice things I would have done for others for myself, instead of baking someone else cookies or a cake, I bake them for myself. Instead of buying someone a nice little present when I haven't seen them in a while, I buy one for myself, instead of picking up an extra hoody or t-shirt as a gift for someone because I know they'd like one too, I buy myself two and none for anyone else... and I discovered that no one does any of the things I did for them for me and that when you stop doing nice things for them they start to say bad things about you like that you must be mentally ill for telling them to leave you alone, but it's because they just kept taking and the giving and invites stopped and instead of returning the favor they get angry no matter how rich or poor they are.

I am still horrified to know that I've had people contact people in my social circles, universities, and community and make claims about knowing me to gain the trust of people who I do not know, that is absolutely horrifying for a woman, especially a woman who has been the victim of violence and stalking, there are few things more upsetting for a woman than discovering ex boyfriends or acuqaintances are using you to make connections when you are not friends with them and do not like them and/or they were abusive towards you. I don't want any connections to former acquaintances or any ex boyfriends, my future will only include my future husband, my one and only husband and our friends and family, men I've dated, acquaintances, and former friends will never be welcome in our family home or around our children. My future starts the day I meet the man I marry and not before, there is nothing wrong with that, it's my choice, my life, and I don't want anything to do with people I've met in my past because I also discovered many of them have really weird ideas about me, what I've done in my life, who my family is, and what my interests are, I didn't know so many weird people were stalking me until about 7 years ago to now and it explained a lot of things that happened to me over my life, and so I am looking for the start of the rest of my life and anyone from my past who contacts me, my family, or my new friends will be considered a stalker and I will have to report them for stalking me. I don't think people who do those kinds of things understand how creepy it is and how upsetting it is for the person who they are using for personal gain, it's very upsetting and considered stalking and exhibiting sociopathic behaviour which is a very different thing from being outgoing and meeting people on your own terms and I have commited myself to consistently cutting people out of my life when they make connections with people who do that thru me because people like that are really dangerous and fixation disorders are a serious psychiatric personality problem.

And really, I know I am a stranger to most of the billions of people on the planet, but really for the few who were contacted about me and bad things were said about me, don't act like an idiot and claim you don't know me and make yourself to be a fool, because the truth is that I don't know you, and I've nevre heard of you, and it is horrifying for me that a weirdo would contact you about me and talk about me to you and yet you would go so far as to complain a about a woman who doesn't know anything about you and then claim you don't know. You know who you are and you know that I don't know you and don't want to know you, people like you are the reason women who are abused like me either thru bullying or battering or sexual violence then slandered end up poor and marginalized and you probably have such giant grandiose delusions about yourself that you believe I know you. Why not just act like a normal person instead of a weirdo who like psychopathically pretends abuse victims do not exist, just imagine how you would feel to have someone who abused you slander you to strangers when you don't even talk to people about them because it's too difficult for you to even discuss in person to a therapist let alone with a stranger.

I don't know if you have fantacies that I am a drug addict or low-life defrauding our disability program in Canada, but I get the impression that some people do, and it is horrifying for me. I could be in a long-term medical care facility like so many other people with my same kinds of injuries but I choose to live at home in dignity. I spend my money on things I need and for my future just like I would have if I had not been injured or abused. I don't travel to europe or buy ridiculous things, the things I buy are the same things I would have bought if I had been working or married and the same things other girls my age in my social class want and need. I cannot afford to travel because I don't own the necessities of life yet to form a household in Canada and am slowly saving to buy those things while I hope my body gets better or at least that I get the medical aids I need like vision care and dental surgeries and recovery time, I wouldn't be getting income from the government if no one injured me or daamged my belongings. It took me a year to buy the things many people my age already own for their kitchen and dining room and I still haven't bought it all and need to save for it, when I give someone a gift it costs me a lot of money compared to someone who makes an income above the poverty line. Like if someone has a family income of $100,000/year my gift that cost $40 is the equivalent of them spending $400! If I buy a $10 t-shirt it is the equivalent of their $100 t-shirt to me based on my income. Don't ever take your anger out on a person who has disabilities or a low-income especially if their disabilities are the result of injuries, they are the ones who deserve to be treated with the most respect, the most dignity, and the most compassion. So you have a family income of $100k/year and considered a disabled person lazy? Well what if you are the cause of their disabilities does that still make them lazy and why are you making $100,000/year while the person who you disabled lives in poverty because of your actions? Are you going to kick them because they are injured and unable to work? What does that say about you? In my opinion it says that you deserve a really violent beating and a life of homelessness for being a menace to society not them. Before I was disabled and disfigured I was 100% willing to spend my life working in a trauma hospital as a decision support healthcare administrator probably never making a salary over like $85,000 by the end of my career not the beginning if I was lucky working on projects that seem meaningless to most people based on dollars not medicine for a man or woman making $135,000 for 35 years just showing up every day to do the same boring things that other peopel in the office who worked there for 30 years did, cutting and pasting numbers to make charts to decide if something was affordable or not and looking for ways to make more money to pay for things not paid for by the government because they are not considered necessities and asking people their opinions and then presenting other people's opinions to my superiors after condensing like 20 different people's ideas into like a one page hand-out and acting as their representative then taking crap for them and going home to my family and my husband and kids at night but having enough to own a house and car on our dual income family with kids in daycare like half of canadian families, I guess that means I am a really bad lazy person for having been disabled and diagnosed as unable to work and given a temporary disability income before I finished the necessary education to work in a really boring feild with a stable income and job security with dental and prescription drug benefits and a free on site gym (mind you the gym was in the basement down a very long dark concrete corridor and far from luxurious but it was better than nothing...my boss took me there on my first day on his tour and said it was free... and it very much looked like it should be free in my opinion..) and lunch time seminars for free on things like entertaining and cooking just to live a normal life... Not many people who sit at a broken desk shoved in the corner next to a window overlooking where the dead bodies are rolled out of the hospital for transportation to funeral homes (I mean if that is your dream office you have psychiatric problems...) just to get their first job... like did you spend 8 months watching corpses in bags being loaded into transportation vehicles all day every day to get your first job in hospital admin?

This man was so manipulative that he did things like offer to put $10 of gas in my car for a drive that cost me $15 and my parents were paying to fill up my tank then pretend he was the one paying for it and make me feel bad, it was a car my parents owned and let me drive and they were paying all the expenses on it and this man every once in a while if I drove to see him would put like $10 in the tank then have a tempertantrum and pretend he was the one paying for things for me. He barely ever drove to come see me and insisted I go to see him and it was probably in part because he was 100% aware of the cost of transportation and that he was wastin my money not his own. It was dispicable. Completely a manipulative abuser and I would never let a man make me believe those kinds of things ever again. He pretended to buy things for me with my own money, it was pathetic, a manipulative con-man and theif because he was stealing from my bank account by convincing me to spend my own money on clothing that I did not like but he made fun of the things I did like and wanted to buy for myself then wasted all my money on clothing that he wanted me to wear for him not for me. I had A LOT more money after I broke up with him because I didn't have anyone wasting my cash on themself and their needs not mine. He wasted my money on cheap restaurants and coffee shops and cheap road trips and I won't ever let a man manipulate me and steal from me like that to fund his own entertainment. I was supposed to get a sapphire and gold bracelet for my high school graduation and he convinced me that I needed a $400 stereo for my bedroom instead so that he could come over and play with it. I barely ever used it. That is called a theif. I do not own a sapphire and gold bracelet or ANY high school graduation gift because of him. That bracelet was something I probably would have worn on my wedding day and he was not my husband or my fiance just a loser I met at my part time job for high school students who wanted to rob my family. No matter what he does in life he will ALWAYS be a LOSER to me to abused me because I was a naive new girl in town who had very few friends at my new school and no one knew me well enough to care about me and give me opportunities and introduce me to good people. I could NEVER forgive that man for the things he did to me and will always remember him as the boy who in part screwed up my life at age 18 before I even was old enough to be in university or working in my first real job or dating men I hoped to marry, I told him form day one I would never marry him or anyone like him and I meant that.

I am 100% aware that a weirdo damaged my clothing and underwear, I just don't know what kind of a pervert would do that, honeslty only a pervert would touch a woman's belongings or damage her clothing or bras, like someone who had severe homicidal psychiatric problems, it's not even something a delusional person looking to be prettier would do to make another girl look flat chested or like she was wearing ill fitting clothing, it's something a really perverted sicko would do and a theif would do because damaging belongings is the equivalent of theft. If the person who did this to me is reading this and htinks they somehow exacted revenge or won a competition that exists only in their mind, please seek psychiatric help because not only are you mentally ill, you are a pervert, a theif, and a psychopath and as your victim, yes victim, I am your victim and maybe you are 100% incapable of seeing that I am your victim, I do want to see you in prison, that is where you belong, and I also want to be financially compensated for all the damage you did to my belongings and life. Things cost money. If you damage them then it costs money to replace them and you are 100% reponsible for those costs.

I think we have all heard the saying "you break it, you pay for it.".

I did have several people say to me things along the lines that they would just want to roll over and die if they were me, I even had a former roomate from first year in grad school in early 2008 when I told him what was going on with me, that he would just change his name and leave the country if he was me, seriously, that was his solution. (He didn't really have any friends other than me in our grad program and also just transferred from York U like me but he transfered from law-school to the MBA and I transferred from admin school and we found a student house together first semester, he never did anything to hurt me or said anything weird to me and avoided the parties I went to... I remember we were working on an economics assignment together in the common room of our student house and I was like, let's go to this party at the bar 2 blocks away it will be super fun then come back and finish and he went with me then wanted to leave and finish his homework...  so funny looking back now.) But I don't see why I should ever have to change my name because of someone else's problems, I'd rather just continue to be myself and face them head on as myself to humiliate them than run away, I have so many hopes and dreams and things I want to do in my life that in all the pain and all the appointments and all the problems, all I can keep thinking is about how I want to live and have a wedding one day and be a mother and have parties and holidays and own a house and 2 cars and watch my kids grow up and take family vacations and have backyard BBQs and put a canadian flag on the front of my future house with a white picket fence... I do still get funny comments form people when I tell them I am allergic to blue dye and formadehyde releasers, I told a woman shortly after mydiagnosis that I was allergic to formaldehyde releasers and she got a strange look on her face like most people do then said, so you are allergic to emballing fluid? I don't want to roll over and die, I don't want someone to delusionally try to murder me claiming they are putting me out of my misery, because I am not miserable, I don't want to die I want to live a long life and see my hopes and dreams come true.

I get the impression that you have really disturbing fantasies about me and I do not know why or where you got your ideas, maybe a really weird person talked with you about their delusions or fantasies but it would be really nice if you shared them with me because I am terrified of you. Like do you see how disturbing it is for a single girl to have a person or group having fantasies about her being like a mastermind psychopath criminal and batter or abuse her over your fantasies when she is painfully insecure and desperate to be a wife and mother? Maybe your fantasy is that I have like a deep dark hidden past that I am running from, but I don't have a deep dark past or demons chasing me, that is your fantasy and it is horrifying for me, and people like you create all sorts of problems for people like me when you fixate on us and believe your fantasies to be true. How am I ever supposed to be a wife and mother if you batter me over your fantasies and all I am is a punching bag for a sicko who likes to have fantasies about girls and share their fantasies with others? Maybe your fantasy is that I was like a juvenile criminal and left that secret in the past, I never had a juvenile criminal record, I was an honor roll student and star athlete with did normal teenager things and got into one of the best art schools in Canada right after high school graduation, I never even got into one fight in highschool or university, I was like that girl who had 10 bffs and then a group of disgruntled rejected from my social circle wannabe bffs. Like is this what you do to people to get ahead in life? Ruin lives by telling stories about things that never happened or embellishing the truth? You do know that your fantasies live inside of you and that those things are not a reflection of me but a reflection of what goes on inside of you or whoever made those claims whatever they are. I even had more than one doctor or therapist write things in their notes that I never said to them or that was said but was altered in their records when they wrote it down and it's not a reflection of me, it is a reflection of the fantasies they have about someone who they contructed in their mind with my face and I don't want to be the imaginary character that lives in their mind while I go about my real life with my real past and my real experiences being abused because they have sick thoughts in their mind and picked my face to put on their fictional character. The problem with that situation is this: my psychological problems and injuries are all beacause of the fictional character in your mind, something that is not and never was my problem is now and will forever be my problem because you put my face on your fantasy and I have ZERO control over what you or your friend or family memeber fantacizes about. What you need to worry about is not me but why the person who had fantasies developed those fantacies and what they might do in the future if they continue to have those kinds of fantasies because I clearly am not their only fantasy and you need to stop them before they commit the same acts of violence to someone else because I am 100% certain there are other victims just like me. My life has been turned upside down because of these kinds of things and all I want is to be a wife and mother not an actor in someone's delusion. You have no idea what damage you have done, none what so ever, and the most horrifying part for me is that I wouldn't say things about you if they were not true or if I didn't know you. I mean I even had a doctor to my face in her office tell me that I was on parole and had been in a mental hospital and I don't know where she got that information because I have never been on parole and I have never been in a mental hospital so clearly someone communicated that information to her and it was not me or my family. I have never tried to run from anything in my past until I was the victim of a psychopath terrorizing me and had to talk with the police and so I cut off all ties with people I met up to age 27 to protect myself from them because I don't know who commited that violence towards me. But before that, I hadno deep dark secrets to run from or anything to be ashamed of in my childhood, I didn't like run off to Toronto at 17 to start a new life, my father started a new job and I was still 100% dependent on my parents because I was a high school child, I didn't run off to start a new life in brooklin ontario, my parents moved out of the city into a quieter community and I was still 100% dependent on them at age 21 because I hadn't yet finished university. You don't know what damage you have done, but from my perspective, to even have your fantacies is proof that you clearly have so many sins in your past and that whatever you are running from you want others to live your same pain and I don't want your pain, whatever your pain is it has no place in my life and I don't want you or anyone inflicting their pain or their demons on me.

I had one ex-boyfriend who was a pervert who bought me sex toys as gifts and encouraged me to go to sex-toy stores with him and bought me the trashiest lingerie you can imagine, personally for me it was degrading and not something I am into and really abusive both emotionally and sexually to have a man who was not my husband and clearly a pervert and probably should be labelled a sex offender buy me things like dildos and vibrators as gifts, things I didn't use but tossed in a box or drawer. I don't know what kind of man believes that is okay, it's not okay, it's not something I want as gifts, I don't want to be a prostitute or girl (often mistaken for a teenager while he bought me those things) being sexually abused by someone so disgusting. What I want as gifts are things that make me feel loved like furniture and dishes and vases and clothing like cute dresses, coats, mittens, and soft bedding. I don't want lingerie or sex toys as gifts, that is degrading and humiliating and really the result was that I needed counceling for victims of sexual violence to deal with what is and is not normal in dating relationships because I wasn't being treated like a girlfriend, I was being treated like a sex-trade worker and that man was NOT my boyfriend, the way he treated me was not how a boyfriend is supposed to treat his girlfriend, I just didn't know any better or know how serious the violence he commited towards me was.

I am fairly certain I have been physically injured by those violent mentally unstable types who say things like, it's what's on the inside that matters not your outside appearance, then they physically injured me or my belongings in a jealous homicidal rage claiming making me uglier would prove their point, but all they did was prove how violent and ugly and dangerous they are inside, that they are sick,that they are homicidal, that they are so disturbed they would damage a woman's belongings and appearance in a violent rage and have no remorse for their actions and they are beyond shallow and superficial and if they are so superficial and shallow and violent that they feel the need to damage a woman's belongings and appearance the best solution for them is suicide so that they stop hurting people. Please, if you feel the need to damage the belongings or appearace of a woman you find attractive for any bizarre psychopathic reason, just kill yourself because the world doesn't need psychopaths who torture and justify their actions. 

 I wish I had deep dark dirty secrets that I could share that would ruin my life but unfortunately I don't have any deep dark secrets, but I would LOVE to know who was telling the stories about my life to people and why they did and if they truly believe the things they said about me because of fantasies or delusions or if they just made them up in a jealous rage... Do they know the impact of their lies on my reputation and life?

I am really confused about the people who seem to believe I never finished my post secondary education but treat people who completed only my undergraduate degree as if they are superstars, did they miss the part where I graduated already too and decided that a master's degree was not for me and that I am perfectly happy to have a bachelor of design and it took over 4 years after high school to complete just like every other 4 year bachelor degree? What makes me any different then every other person with a 4 year bachelor degree or did someone have delusions that I did not go to post secondary, was a stripper or hooker drug addict and suddenly by some stroke of luck was accepted into grad school without any undergrad education, what did you think I was doing in the 4.5 years after I graduated high school?

I don't know who was trying to propose to me or harass me over the internet in 2007 by sending me pictures of diamond rings asking if they were big enough but I asked my dad and he said he has never had a man approach him and ask him if he could marry me and so I don't know who it was but clearly it was someone who I did not want to marry. I am very traditional and I expect a man who wants to marry me to first ask my father for permission and to ask me in person face to face privately, I would be humiliated to have a man propose to me using like a banner in the sky or like in a stadium, I mean if I said "no" it woul dbe so awkward and I must say it is very awkward and frightening when you don't even have a boyfriend and a weirdo who clearly has grandiose delusions about their relationship with you is popping the question to you online repeatedly every day for a period of a month or two. Like "marry me for my money", "is this ring big enough for you?", WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU ARE A MONSTER, IT WASN'T SWEET IT WAS THE KIND OF THING A SERIAL KILLER DOES TO THEIR OBSESSION. I had enough problems at the end of 2007 into 2009, I didn't need that ontop of my other problems whoever you are you are a manace and a psychopath. 

If you harmed me for someone who abused me in my life, it only makes you friends with the monster and also a monster. IF you are angry that I complained that you harmed me, please just kill yourself because really our world doesn't need people like you in it and I want to live and recover from the trauma not live a nightmare for the rest of my life because of monsters who rape and abuse woman and girls. If there is one thing I learnt it is that violent people become even more violent when their victims start to speak up about the violence.

>>>IF you are a person who harmed me in my life or are embrassed that someone who you are close with harmed me, I want you to know that I want to live to be a grandmother, if you feel that you can not go on with your life out of the humiliation that I am disabled and talking about the bad thigns that have happened in my life, I recommend that you choose suicide because I want to live and if you kill me that is called murder no matter how you do it, if you are humiliated that I exist because of your actions or the actions of someone close to you I recommend once again that you choose suicide, it really is your best option and not a crime but a choice you are 100% legally entitled to make with your own life, just please don't take anyone else out with you. <<<

Ironically the man who the police investigated for sexually assualtig me and allowed him to take me to court for sending him emails when I believed he might murder me is not disabled but considered my victim for receiving emails but I am disabled and I live in chonic pain and have injuries all over my body and still struggle almost 7 years later with my injuries sustained around the same time and after to now, so who inflicted those injuries and why am I the one with a criminal record instead of healed and married with children and living on disability due to unexplained injuries sustained from august 2007 to now when I was assaulted then terrorized over the internet? Don't EVER blame an injured victim, being injured by a sicko psychopath NEVER makes the victim a psychopath, it makes her a victim and it's NEVER her fault, what girls like me need is assistance and to be uplifted and opportunities and compassion and money to get on with our lives and closure by seeing the people who harmed us in jail not further injuries after we are already injured. Why do I not work? Because I was disabled by a series of violent crimes and my long-term injuries never healed, that doesn't make me a freak or a dangerous person, it makes me someone who deserves to live a life free of violence and to be protected from further assaults and to be given the opportunities I need to not live out a life in poverty because of someone else's sick behaviour inflicted on me. In Canada we need a better system to protect and heal victims rather than allowing the people who harm them to abuse our systems to allow them to walk free while their victims live out their lives suffering physically, emotionally, and financially from their actions. I will always be until the day I die a girl who was raped, stalked, and disfigured, that is my real life forever and no one ever went to prison and I didn't even get any money until 5 and a half years later and I don't know wht my future will be like all because of monsters. People say to me sometimes, you have to move on, unfortunately that is easy when you are not disabled and covered in little scars, every day is a reminder that I was a victim and that bad people keep harming me for the people who never went to prison who were given permission by the police to lie but god knows the truth.  If I wasn't disabled I could move on but every time I look in the mirror I am reminded tha tI was raped, stalked, slandered and disfigured by monsters who torture and abuse girls before they even get to see their wedding day.

It's not like I was married to any of the men who assaulted me when I was too drunk to consent to sex, I mean if I signed papers at a wedding then got drunk off champagne and had sex I would have consented to sex, but there was no wedding to any of them, I never signed any papers or lived with them, some women get married have sex once then divorce and take half the mutual assets of the couple, I've never been married or lived with a man, I was a poor grad student with OSAP loans to pay for school and a bank line of credit and help from my parents, it's not like I was married to a man and got a divorce and took half his assets with me and then he was ordered to pay spousal support, I was a single grad student like all the other single grad students in their 20s and early 30s at McMaster partying, having fun, and making the best of being young looking for love and our happily ever afters... I wasn't employed anywhere full time yet, I had no benefits, like it's completely different than if a wife and husband get drunk together then have sex and then divorce and split up their money, I've heard of women my age who've been married several times and are rich from the divorce settlements but never really worked a day in their life, I've never been anyone's wife or had a well paying job yet, I was just a girl being my age, having fun, and hoping to find my prince charming. I know to some this might sound ridiculous, but for me it's the best thing I can do for myself, I will not consume any alcohol with a man until I am his wife and we've had a wedding, signed papers, and share mutual assets, not before, only once I trust him enough to know that he commited his life to me and half of everythign he owns and promises to never leave me on paper will I drink one glass of champagne with any man or have sex.

I am planning to make my wedding night the most romantic day of my life and pretend it is my first time having sex because the reality is that the other times were not at all romantic or anywhere special and there were no flowers then fancy dinners followed by nights of dancing and moon light walks, I have chosen to wait until marriage to have sex and I want it to be just like in the movies, with champagne and flowers and a fancy hotel far off in a romantic place after a long plane ride in a bride outfit and the most magical night of my life followed by a long vacation to places I could only dream of visiting...

 It should be considered a crime with a very long prison sentence to abuse our medical and justice systems to diagnose women who claim they were victims of sexual violence as mentally ill, rape is not a mental illness, rape cannot be covered up by calling a woman mentally ill, years of sexual abuse cannot be concealed by calling a young woman mentally ill, those are very serious crimes and the life of the victim is more important than proving a young man did not commit acts of violence in private towards a young woman. Lots of young women and girls are sexually abused in private before they are ever married and sustain life-long mental health problems from the trauma and physical injuries that never heal, the only thing using mental illness to prove a man or boy's innocence does is degrade the victim to a prostitute and tell the world her life has no value beyond being a vessel for the sexual satisfaction of men who lack the ability to see her as a person but only an object to use, then dispose of. Punishments exist to protect victims, lots of women who are considered young and attractive are targeted multiple times by different men, that does not make her mentally ill, that does not make her a whore, it means that no one gave her life value and that society justified and encouraged the sexual abuse of some women because of their appearance, cultural background, or perceived social status and put value on the lives of others. Reducing a woman to a whore by claiming her emotional and physical problems resulting from sexual violence is a crime and any person willing to claim a young woman is delusional so that men who rape and batter can walk free deserve the same prison sentence as the rapist because they are raping that woman or girl over and over again every time they tell her that her traumas and her injuries are not real and she has to live out her life with the nightmares. Saying a girl is a whore, or trash, or not good enough for someone's son or friend beyond sexual gratification is only perpetuating rape and justifying rape. I am a rape victim, I will always be a rape victim no matter what those willing to defend monster put on paper, and the memories and injuries to my body with last a lifetime, drugs and therapy cannot take away the memories that will haunt me for a lifetime. I don;t have a boyfriend, mostly because I am petrified that he won't treat me right and abuse me instead of love me then leave me after lying to me for the sole purpose of sexual gratification from a woman he has no intention of respecting or marrying to find a "respectable" girl when he's finished lying to and sleeping with "whores".

Once again, I am 100% aware that some people likely think I sit at home crying every day living in the past, and I am reminded of the past every single day, there isn't one day that I am not haunted by the memories, but I live in the future, I know that sounds odd but I live for tomorow, I get thru each day dreaming of my future and go thru my life and days having fantasies of things that haven't happened for me yet and planning for a life I don't yet live, it gets me thru the day and keeps me moving forward, I don't buy things for the immediate today and now I buy them for tomorrow and use them today until tomorrow comes. I am generally happy in my life as it is, I don't know why I keep having unstable people trying to ruin what I have in the here and now, this is my real life, everyone's life is different, never judge someone unless you've lived their life, what makes you happy is probably different from what makee me happy, I am content, I dream of being a housewife and mother, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, don't ever try to force me out of my home or into a life I don't and never have wanted, don't ever force anyone into a life they don't want, just let me live, let me be happy, and let me live in my life in peace and if you want to help me, uplift me and do nice things for me and I promise you that if you treat me well I will do the same for you but if you treat me badly, I don't think I need to explain the consequences, I am happy, I like my life, I am not 65 years old and a single old haig, I have 33 years until I am 65 years old, my child could be my age by the time I am 65 if I got prenant today, my mother isn't even 65 yet, I don't know what goes on in your mind or your fantasies about me, but I am happy, I am single, I am looking for love meaning a good strong man about my age who will love me forever and who I am crazy about, and to move out of my parents house when I get married like so many other girls, my cousin's wife moved in with him at like 38 when when they got married directly from her parents home and now has 2 kids, I am 32, it's not like I am way past marriagable age and infertile destined to be a cat lady just because you or your daughter was the modern day equivalent of a teen-mom at 23, seriously, women who have kids at like 23 in 2014 are the like equivalent of a 1950s teen mother, I want to be a housewife and mom, just let me live that life and accept that it will make me very happy.

Don't ever try to make claims a university student who hasn't even found her first job yet and is dependent financially on her parents is married to anyone when she doesn't even live with any of her boyfriends and sees them once a week. That is really damaging to a girl's reputation and makes it hard for her to find a husband if people are making up lies about her being married or divorced when she hasn't even reached that stage in her life yet and her parents still take care of her because she hasn't found her first real job yet, that kind of damage to a girl's reputation can last many years. Dating, common-law relationships, and marriage are very different things, dating you just break up and find a new boyfriend and there are no strings attached and no financial obligations post break up, common-law and marriage involves legal divorce and common assets. I've never shared assets with any man or entered into any legal agreements with any ex boyfriends for any small or large purchases, I've never owned one shared asset with any of my ex-boyfriends. If you have heard from any one that I have been married or lived common law or am divorced, please report the person making those claims to the police so that they can be charged with fraud and impersonating my husband and probably other things too. 

I say this for ALL girls teenagers, university students, and young women in their 20s and 30s, You can say what you want about other people, but if you are  jealous girl or the mother or father of a jealous girl or a young man who sexually abused a girl, don't ever spread lies about her, don't ever assume she or he is telling the truth, there is nothing more damaging to a young person's reputation than having the mother or father of one of their enemies spread vicious lies and rumous about their obsession, it's destructive, it ruins the lives of young people, & destroys their future before they even enter adulthood. Don't ever slander a girl based on the comments of a jealous or abusive teenager or young adult, confirm the information and if necessary punish the jealous young person and parents who are spreading those vicious lies not their victim, because attacking a young person based on the lies of a jealous girl or abusive boy only results in long-term damage to their victim's life. Make sure you check first to see if that girl was more popular or prettier or had more boyfriends or nicer clothing or was better at sports or art or academics before you believe one word of what that person has to say about their victim. YOu better make damn well certain that what you say about that person is true, is reliable, and is not the intentional infliction of emotional distress on an innocent victim.

I think that the men who were investigated for assaulting me or their friends and family might have grandiose ideas about their significance in my life. One of the men had the same name as 9 other people in my life in the same time frame including two of my cousins and so his name was not associated with his face but first with my cousins then with my boss who I reported to at my student job and my professor who graded me at school then 3 other men from the same university who I was also friends with who all had the same name, a man with the same name was at the party that night and we were also friends and I asked him to take the subway home with my sister that night because they lived near each other and it was late. It might be confusing if I did not use their last names in conversation when refering to a male with the same name. I even was arrested by a detective with the same name. For me the name is not related to him. I even discovered years later he was married and his wife's name, a complete stranger I had never heard of or seen in my life until 2015 but I associate that name with two males from my childhood and teens one who took me on a date and told his entire high school I was his girlfriend when I was 18, to me that name is associated to a boy I dated who went to an all-boys high school. As for the other man, I was good friends in high school with a boy who had the same name as him but I only know of two men who have that name. I dated a man for years but my cousin married a man with his same name and so I associate his name to my cousin's husband first and foremost. My most significant high school boyfriend has the same name as one of my cousin's kids. The list goes on and on. I know that when someone is important to you their name is so meaningful but when you have common names you have to remember that to someone else they probably know several people with that same name and they assign meaning to the most significant person it is associated with in their life.

As for whoever was terrorizing me over the internet, I still don’t know what you were trying to communicate just that you scared me to the extent I was probably catatonic and unfortunately whatever you believed you were communicating to me, I could not understand, but I did understand that you wanted to harm me and that you believed really bizarre things about me which is beyond horrifying, I don’t think you understand what you did or that it was wrong, I think you went on with your life thinking it was perfectly okay and believing that what you did was justified but unfortunately I still don’t know what it is that you wanted or were abusing me for, and really people like you belong in prison for life locked in a tiny padded isolation room so you can’t hurt anyone else with your fantasies or delusions and I 100% believe that suicide is a good option for people like you because it protects girls like me from violence and frees up space in our prisons. The most horrifying thing for me is this: I don’t think you know you are a monster and that I am your victim. 

I know that the men who assaulted me and the men who dated me all think I am just a prostitute. I know that their friends and families all think that I am a prostitute. It's sad, but that is just how people like that treat girls and women, they designate some girls in in Canada during childhood to be wives and others to be prostitutes and decide in high school who will go on to university and who will not and is only appropriate for sex and not for gifts or respect orequal pay or marriage. I know right well that the friends and families of those men wanted to shut up the prostitute so that she would stop complaining so that they could go on with their lives, and to be designated a prostitute in childhood in Canada had nothing to do with your parents income or education but how pretty and popular a little girl is in her childhood in Canada.

Never assume that the people a young person has met in her life are her friends. Having met a person by circumstance and being friends are completely different things.Just becase I lived in the same community or went to the same school or got a job somewhere does not mean I am "friends" with the people I met there just that I might have met them and they probably know different people than I do from those same places and I probably although acknowledged that I know their name or that they might have attended the same party or event as me does not make them my friends. Honestly I don't like most of the people I've met in my life in school, university, or at work, which probably means I was in the wrong schools, universities, and jobs. I was bored by their presense or found some pushy, rude, and selfish and they say you choose your friends, but that is not true, you spend time with people who are in the same schools, communities, or jobs as you are and if options are limited you just pretend to be friends with whoever seems the best option with the least amount of negative attributes. I don't like most of the people I was forced to spend time with in my childhood and 20s and I really have no attachment to them or yearning to ever see them again because I am happier without them in my life because I just don't like them and am only seeking out friendships for the remainder of my life with people I genuinely share interests with and want to spend time with. The truth is, I just don't like them, I didn't like them back then, and I never want to see them again for my own happiness. If any of them claim to be associated with me, they are not and never will be and I said goodbye so long ago I just don't care about them, additionally I discovered that is the only way I can possibly get the opportunities and income I need in life to see my own dreams come true, my biggest barrier in life has been lack of money and if I let them associate with me they get opportunities and money and I don't get the money I need to live my life in dignity, find a good man to marry, and be a mother. Never make assumptions about a person or their relationships or connections without asking them directly if they know someone and in what context and what they think of that person and why they maintain a connection, as the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer... I just don't want those people anywhere near my life, I've struggled so much that I just cannot risk one more opportunity or paycheque going to one more enemy or casual boyfriend who never even spends his money on me not directly into my bank-account until I am married and have a wedding band on my finger then the money can go to my husband to raise our family.

What I am trying to figure out is this: How many times can the same homicidal psychopath attack you in your life? And furthermore, how can a homicidal psychopath not know that the things they do make them a homicidal psychopath? Like do homicidal psychopaths just think they are playing a game and it's all fun and competition and not have the ability to see they are homicidal and a psychopath and that their actions are not normal?

I think probably one of the biggest problems I had in my life is that people started to treat me like I was 40 when I was 14, when I was 18 I graduated high school and no one treated me like a little girl who still had university ahead of her and her wedding and first job, it was more like my grade 8 graduation at age 13 they decided I was an adult with a career at 14 in grade nine and I wasn't making any money and had the mind of a child until probably about 22 or 23 because of brain development, and when I graduated with my undergrad there was no party and there were no job offers for the little girl who just graduated, there was nothing for me but a present from my parents and rejection letters from companies I applied to, so I kept going to school and when I start grad school at 24, younger than most grad students in 2006, people treated me like I was 40 when I was still just a little school girl in university dreaming of my first job and my wedding day and graduate school graduation day, so now that I 32, they act like everything all the other 32 year old were given when they graduated high school and university and got their first real job and wedding should have happened for me so long ago but no one ever treated me like a little girl like all the other girls my age and I never got the opportunities and encouragement they did, so I don't have anything they accumulated in that time and so I am poor and disabled and single and have no kids and in 8 years I will be 40 but I spent the last 18 years being treated like I was already amiddle aged woman when I was someone's daughter dreaming of her graduation days, first real job, and wedding but I didn't get to see some of those milestones in my life yet while other girls saw them and celebrated them and now have babies and houses and cars and lots of money and when they are 40 their lives will be the complete opposite of mine because no one treated me like a little girl while they treated all the other girls like little girls until they turned 30.

Most people have heard of the term "independently sucessful" meaning a person has found success in life dispite where they came from, they were born into poverty or a family without any education and became educated and wealthy. There is a counter-term for those who have the opposite experience in life, it is called "independently-poor" meaning that they came from wealth or successful parents who were educated or they were born into a middle class family who had enough to provide for them and for whatever reason adults they are poor and did not get the same opportunities as their parents. Oddly in court documents someone wrote that I was "independently-successful" but that was a lie, I was "indepently-poor" of my family, I don't know where the courts got their information about me or where the medical professionals got their information about me, but I had to apply for OSAP as an independent of my parents while in university to get student loans, that is that complete opposite of what the independently successful young adults did while students. I had to apply to ODSP as an adult independent because I have no assets and never made much income as an adult. I really don't know who they were talking with but that person should be incarcerated for false statements in court documents. I didn't lose my one and only home I worked so hard to own by not finding work, every student accomodation I lived in my parents gave me cheques for deposits. I have no reason to not live at home right now because I am not at school so I don't need a student place to live close to my university or student job. I don't know who these people were talking with about me, but they should be in prison for what they wrote in those legal papers because it's like reading about someone's fantasy of a girl I've never met, I mean the girl in those court documents was even born in London, Ontario! I do have a birth certificate stating Mississauga, Ontario, Canada... I don't know what to say but that I think maybe they got my personal information from the perpetrator and his or her fantasy of my life and upbringing. Regardless, I am an independently-poor woman.

I receive ODSP from the government until at least March 2015, a date when it was decided my medical problems might be improved or they might not. The process for application was more than just being lazy and filling out a form to get welfare for someone who cannot find work or refuses to work, being on ODSP means that you are too sick or injured to work either for at least a year or for life. ODSP is not welfare, if you do not have assets and get in a car accident and cannot work you can apply for ODSP. Like I asked at the first appointment, what if I have pretty dishes are those assets and they laughed and said "No". It was a long process that took several months and was not my decision but at the suggestion of professionals. I had to fill out what happened to me, what medical tests I had to go for, what medical tests I was waiting for, that I was getting physiotherapy, list all my medical problems including copies of medical test results and documents written by various doctors, then I had to fill out my work history and education. Like I had to provide my resume and my medical files and a document completed by my family doctor. Then I had to wait 4 months before getting an approval from a review board and they backdated it to November 2012 and gave me a start date of late March 2013 with a back-dated cheque for about $4000 in March 2013 to cover the months from November 2012 when they received the completed application to the time when they approved it. It wasn't like walking into a welfare office where you fill out a form and give them your bank info stating you have no money, that is a completely different thing, my work experience and education were reviewed along with my medical files and living situation (namely that I live with my parents) and I also disclosed the court information and that I was in the court system seeing a probation officer and why to them to decide that I was to receive $823/month from November 2012 to March 2015 and that was increase to $832 in September 2013. It was not a simple process but given my situation and all my medical appointments and time at home doing physio and that only timecan heal things like skin lesions and my visual problems I wasn't able to work. It's not like I was toolazy to work, I was applying to lots of jobs and not even getting interviews or being rejected, it was medically determined I was incapable because there was too much going on in my life.

If any of the men who in private told me I was their girlfriend claims I was not, you have to understand that means he is a domestic abuser. When a man tells a girl he is in a monogamous relationship with her no matter if they are teenagers or adults, that is what she believes. It doesn't mean she was played by a player, it means she was being abused by a male. If he tells people he was only her friend or he would never date her or that they were only friends with benefits or having an affair, that is admitting that he was sexually abusing a girl, if he says things like he would NEVER treat a girlfriend the way he treated her and that she's a hoe or other things to put her down, he's a domestic abuser who sexually abused a female. It's not a he says she says situation, it's a he lied to a girl and abused her then slandered her situation and reduced her value as a person to that of a prostitute. I've never had a friends with benefits relationship in my life, any man who claims otherwise was abusing me and that is not okay. If he says things like, "I would never be her boyfriend" it means he treated her as if she was a prostitute and put no value on her life beyond lying to her for sex or other benefits, that's called violence towards women. Maybe some women have affairs and promiscuous sex, but I am not that kind of girl outside of a man's fantasy world, if he did really nice things for other girls and not for me all that means is I was trash to him and my life had no value and he was abusive towards me. You do realize that when I get finally get married and have children, my only real goal and purpose in life, to my husband those men who abused me will be the men who treated his wife like a whore and worthless piece of trash and reduced the value of his wife's life to nothing more than an object for sexual gratification, and I will be married one to someone, probably the nicest, sweetest, most caring man in the world because only a man like that would ever marry a woman who has been thru what I have.

Maybe you are one of those really arrogant and self absorbed people reading this and believe that somehow I must be so many levels below you that somehow I must be waiting for you to give me a second chance to be your friend or be your girlfriend or be your employee or student, but you missed the part where I left you because you treated me so bad that I don't want to ever give you a second chance, it's not about you, it's about me, and I said no because you treated me so bad while you treated other people so much better, the complete opposite of how you treated me, probably because you thought I was trash for my cultural background or my physical appearance or because I didn't have a lot of money in my bank account, so I said goodbye forever because you were so disrespectful and rude towards me, and I meant it.

Think the years 2007 to 2009 were the worst years of my life? You are mistaken, 2007 was actually one of the BEST years of my life aside from everything bad that happened to me,unbelievable good things happened for me in 2007 and I was the happiest I've ever been in my life in summer 2007. The worst years of my life were from the beginning of 1999 to the end of 2000 when I just started to make new friends at OCAD, the years to spring 2006 when I got my acceptance letter to McMaster, one of the happiest days of my life, were not the worst years of my life but fairly close to be just as horrible. But 2007 WAS the happiest year of my entire life aside from all the bad things that happened up to year 2007. I've been happier lately doing nothing and so I wouldn't ever want to go back to 2007, but it was a pretty fine year for Carolyn, in my opinion it took until 2006/07 to correct the damage from 1999/2000 and that is why I was so happy in 2007 because I felt that at that moment in my life I was exactly where I belonged at 25 a place that at 18 I never thought I would ever end up, maybe not in the career I intended but the same kind of general life and education level I expected for age 25/26. It was like the dark cloud that was held over me from age 17 to 24 was lifted and I could breath and everything looked brighter and happier to me then the dark cloud swooped in and destroyed it all over again.

I have lots of ex boyfriends, I've never been married to any of them and so I've never had in-laws, I haven't reached that life stage yet, I've had friendships with and met the parents and sibblings of ex-boyfriends but that is all they were to me, the parents and sibblings of ex-boyfriends. I have no children and so there is not a reason to ever continue a friendship with the friends or family of ex-boyfriends because I hope to be married and one day have in-laws and would not ever want the relatives of ex-boyfriends interferring in my marriage or family-life, that would be a nightmare, teenagers and 20-somethings and single never married 30-somethings date so many people you don't want those lines crossed by anyone until you make your final decision of who you plan to spend your life with. Boyfriend's parents are only boyfriends parents and boyfriends brothers and sisters and cousins are only boyfriends brothers and sisters and cousins until AFTER a wedding but NEVER before, just like ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends are not widows when a man dies, just someone who they used to know. Those priveledges only come after a wedding, you have to be very cafeful when you make assumptions about wether or not a couple will get married, the only guarantee is a wedding and you wouldn't possibly want treat someone like an in-law when that is a legal term used for after a marriage, a marriage being a legally binding contract. I bought myself a bride's bible and it has a page for a wedding certificate to be signed and witnessed and on my wedding day I plan to have it signed and witnessed and in my opinion that is a very sacred book and a promise made in a bible is a promise to god and only the man whose name goes in that book next to mine will EVER have the priveledge of calling me his wife. I am even planning to have some of the things I bought as Carolyn Married Herself Presents engraved AFTER I get married, I can't think of anything more romantic and binding than taking like my flatware and having it monogramed and putting like my husband's family name on the flatware box on like a brass plaque, like "Bless The ____ Family"! A commitment is a commitment! I discovered that a company even makes Monogramed dishes so I might order like a set of salad plates and a platter all monogramed... I know it sounds crazy but I think it's romantic and so elegant!

I have no children with any of my ex boyfriends, I've never had an abortion, I took or used birth control when I had sex with them because I didn't want to get pregnant, I did think I might be pregnant in september 2007 because of pregnancy test results for a late period but was not pregnant, I thought I might be pregnant in 2010 because of a late period but then it came and I was not and actually thankful I was not pregnant. I remember when I was 17 I had to go for a pregnancy test at a clinic because my period was late and I didn't have sex with my boyfriend but we were fooling around and I was so dumb that I thought the test result was supposed to come in the mail but they did it at the clinic and it was negative, I was so immature that one of my BFFs and I went and sat in the waiting room then left with free condoms and laughed. The boy I was dating was like, Carolyn pregnancy tests do not take 6 weeks and the results do not come in the mail, where did you get that idea? but I already had my period by then anyways. I had irregular periods when I was a teenager and early 20 something but they are very regular now that I am in my early 30s so I think my body was still maturing in my 20s to that of a woman from a teenaged girl, I was asked for ID in bars and at the liquor store in my mid-20s so that makes sense to me now. People mistake me for being in my mid-20s now and that is perfectly okay with me but I do want an age appropriate husband so he has to be over 30. I am so thankful that I used birthcontrol pills every day and condoms when having sex because I would not want to be a mother to a baby that came from any of those men and thankful to science and I 100% believe that one of those men must have been producing blanks and I thank god for that. I would give anything to be married with kids but only to the right man for me, I really had to reject one of my ex-boyfriends by telling him I didn't want my children to have a father like him. That is the reality, I date men now who I think would make good fathers to my unborn children, if he doesn't seem like "dad" material, I will not continue with the relationship. I am not 18 looking for a party invite or 25 looking to be invited to a big art opening event, I am in my early 30s looking for a man who is responsible, dependable, a good person, and who I could see being good with my children and who I think has genetics I think would be beneficial to my children, I am so thankful for condoms and "the pill" because now that I am in my 30s even tho I am disabled, I know the man I marry will be better suited to my needs and the needs of my children and our future. I know 100% traits I do not want in the man I marry and traits I do want 100% and that is perfectly okay.

I dated lots of men, but only with one did I experience my world getting darker, I know that is strange but the entire time I dated him the world LOOKED darker and I felt captive not like I had a boyfriend. He threatened to harm anyone he saw me with if I broke up with him and I was too young and naive to understand that all I had to do was so "NO" and walk away and that he really had no control of anything in my life that I did and my parents were my financial source. The world felt heavy and dark and when  I finally got the courage to end it the entire world got brighter. I know that is strange, but I have never experienced someone whose energy makes my whole world look dark. Like I literally within two weeks visually saw everything in my world a bit lighter and brighter and it was like a dark force was gone. It never came back, I have never experienced feeling that way ever again. Not even with my traumatic optic neuropathy or with my being sexually assualted by 2 men because I was so used to being sexually assaulted that when it happened to me again it was normal for me and I went on with my life, my world didn't even get darker when I was cyber bullied, I was traumatized but nothing looked dark to me, it was just as bright. Does that mean he was evil? I don't know. What I do know is I NEVER want to experience anyone who makes my world look dark ever again, I don't know how that is possible, but it is really what I experienced and I told my friends and they were like, that is so weird. I don't mean like depression, I mean like the lights and the sunshine were darker like someone dimmed all the lights and then suddenly the lights and sun and everything around me all got brighter.

I've never been married, never lived with any of my many boyfriends, and I would never call any of them more than a casual boyfriend, I never made a long term commitment to any of them, I've never been engaged, I've never refered to any of them as anything more than a boyfriend, I wouldn't say any of them were my partner because that infers a spousal relationship and I've never had a spouse, not one of those men I would consider my other half and never did while I was dating them, some of them told me that I made them a better person, but none of them made me a better person, I am still looking for my partner, the man of my dreams, my other half who will complete me and be my spouse. It's too bad for them not me if any of them believe that I was their other half because I didn't feel the same way about them, I mean if they were like giving me money or taking care of me financially that would be completely different, but my parents were doing that for me along with my personal income from low-paying jobs so I had no attachment to any of them.

I think you can learn a lot about a person, company, or organization as a whole based on who they treat with dignity and respect versus who they treat as a second class citizen or marginalized person inappropriate to be associated with or deemed unworthy of the same services, product offerings, or special treatment given to others by the same person, company, or organization.

I am looking for love, and I want to be married and a mother, but I will only date men who have never been married and have no children and have never taken a vacation on a plane with a woman he was dating, I don't care if he saw the world thru work or with friends or family, but if he already took honeymoons around the world to places I could only dream of I couldn't be the woman he settles down with, I don't care about road trips with girlfriends, everyone does that, I care about taking a plane to a resort or traveling europe together, the kind of things you do on a honeymoon with your wife yo make memories to share for a lifetime, I couldn't because I couldn't explain to my children why their daddy has been to places I could only dream of and I couldn't deal with being a mother and housewife to a man like that because I would feel like I didn't get all the things he was supposed ot give his wife before she gave birth to his children, I would only feel like a whore, a housekeeper, a maid, a nanny, a servant, and a prisoner, but not a wife. Also, every single man I dated expected to be able to pay 50/50 for everything and in most relationships I gave more but made less income, I will only date men who pay 100% of the time because I want to be a housewife, otherwise I am not the girl for him.

I think the scariest part for me now is that I don't know who is friends with the monsters, I don'tknow who is related to the monsters, I don't know who the monsters contacted or what htey said or what kind of violence the monsters and their gang are capable of, it is absolutely horrifying for me because every time I meet someone I don't know if they have been talking to or are connected to the monsters and I live in fear every day that someone will harm me for the monsters after they already made me suffer so much for their own sins. Think I must be the perp because I seem a bit "off"? You would be "off" too if you were a disabled sex crimes and stalking victim, I don't want to be disabled, I am disabled because of what happened to me, you should be horrified and going after the people who did these things to me because I will probably never be "not disabled" because of them.

I have been rejected so many times from so many things and so many people that I have really serious abandoment issues related to traumas which makes dating for me even worse because I need boyfriends to reassure me they are not going to leave me and they get angry with me and then leave if I ask questions then start telling me to go away and that they don't want to see me anymore and every time that happens to me it gets harder for me and I shut down and can't develop close relationships with anyone or attachments to anything anymore because I know that everything has a short-term expiry-date and that everyone and everything will reject me, tell me how worthless I am to them, and send me away eventually someone new once again where I have to start all over again and I can't do that anymore, I bond with people and places but they don't feel the bond to me but do always seem to have bonds with the people who hurt me even if they met them after they met me and they always send me away and tell me how worthless I am to them, so many times in so many places and situations that I just assume everyone will do the same to me. I am not the independent type, I am the complete opposite which makes my abondonment issues even more difficult to deal with, I just can't get close to anyone or anything anymore because I've been hurt by every person and place and organization I ever felt close to because they didn't feel close to me and I meant nothing to them.

I am a disabled rape and stalking victim. That is my real life. I am not the type who forgives or forgets. I might be a christian and although some people believe christianity is all about forgiveness, that is not true, christianity is about suffering eternity in the fires of hell for your sins and I pray often to god that he never forgive the people who harmed me, that he only make them suffer, and that he subject them in torture in hell for eternity in the after life. I ask god almost every day to inflict pain and suffering on each person who harmed me and never forgive them, you can pray to god for whatever you want and god does answer prayer. If you would like reference for that, please go read a Bible, it's all in there. The justice sytem failed to punish the people who harmed me so I ask god to do it. I was JUST reading my Bride's Bible and found a quote to support this statement: 2 Peter 2:9 "The Lord Knoweth how to deliever the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished, But cheifly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness.."

Rape and stalking and it's affects on someone are NOT a mental illness, they cause SEVERE mental injuries. Lots of men with money rape and abuse girls who are poor with no intention of marrying or dating them then date and marry women who have money and treat the women who have money well. Rape and stalking is not a mental illness, it is an injury that leaves the scars of mental trauma on the brain for life and the victims suffer a lifetime of angony from the abuse. Usually when a man admits to sex with a girl he also says he would never date, it means he raped her, if you commit acts of violence to a girl who claims she was the victim of rape or stalking beause the person she accused claims his or her innocence and makes her out to be a horrible person, you are nothing less than the same breed of monster as the rapist and the world doesn't need monsters like you in it making life harder than it already is for a victim of sex crimes and stalking, if you have the urge to harm a girl or you already harmed a girl who claims she was the victim of sex crimes or stalking and developed psychological problems from being raped and stalked instead of uplifting her confidence and helping her have a happy life free of more violence where she feels good about herself not like disposable trash, I suggest you commit suicide because the world doesn't need monsters like you in it. 

I don't know why I didn't think about this sooner, but don't you think that if someone was innocent of cyberstalking or participating in gang stalking me that when I told them about it the first time they would automatically get distressed for me and say they would go with me to the police to report it rather than just talk about it asking for ideas of who it might be and why or just saying they would never do anything like that as if I was accusing them? I mean if the men who were investigated for assaulting me were innocent, why when they found out I was upset over a stalker didn't they get upset about someone terrorizing their "ex-girlfriend" and tell her they were coming to see her right away to go to the police with her to file a report? I mean most men if they were innocent and a girl was sending them emails all upset over a stalker and rambling or called him to ask about what happened, if she really was his ex-girlfriend he'd be a man even if he had a girlfriend or a wife and take the woman to file a report not devise a plan to prove that the woman in distress was a problem not him.

If anyone reading my page sees me as their "rival", I am sorry but I cannot think of ONE person who I consider "my rival". I speak honestly about the bad things that have happend in  my life, if you or someone you know commited violence towards me in the delusion I was a "rival" please seek a mental health provider immediately because you are a severe psychological disorder and need intensive care and don't ever contact anyone about me ever because chances are I don't know you or don't ever think about you, my goals in life do not involve competing with anyone just to be happily married with children and live the rest of my life free of violence.

I was attacked and the victim of stalking in my mid-20s, that doesn't mean I am willing to change what I deserve and that is to be a man's first and only wife and a mother. Just because no man wanted me after I was victimized does not mean that I don't deserve to be married or a mother like all the other girls my age. I've had lots of boyfriends but no husbands. I don't want a divorced man, I want a man who is still looking for his first wife and I refuse to date any man who has ever been married because that means he cannot keep a promise to love someone for better and for worse forever and I only plan to make those vows once in my life. If you want to help me, find me a single never married man to marry and give us what we need to have a home and children and give them the best life we can.

I've never been married or lived with a boyfriend, I do not plan to live with a boyfriend before marriage. When I do get married I am very traditional and I will change my name and assume the identity of Mrs. _______________. That is just how it is, I am not the type of woman who will keep her maiden name and I want it to be clear when I am married who I am married to and who our children are by sharing a common family surname and I will change my name on all legal documents to make that transition in my life very clear so that everyone I've ever met in my life knows who my one and only husband is, don't ever assume a girl's boyfriends are anything more than temporary. My only goal in life is to be married with children, I have no other goals, if you want to make my dreams come true make sure I have enough money to meet a good man who has never been married and will treat me right and give us the wedding of our dreams and enough money to own a house, 2 cars and care for our children.

Honestly, if you are going to say bad things about a girl, you better have accurate information and know exactly who you are talking about and if you hear something about a girl you better speak with her directly to find out the truth before you open your mouth and repeat something.

>>> I wish I could say I had a hero in all of this, but I don't.

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I started to write online about everything that happened to me at the end of September 2011 because I was abducted by the TOronto Police in March of 2009 at age 27 while living in a dorm on campus at mcmaster university as a grad student shortly after I asked for a protection order from a man who raped me when I sent over 1000 emails to 53 division begging for help. Instead of helping me they abducted me and strip searched me and took my bra and removed the wires from it and took my socks and it was cold out and I didn't have my coat and they put me in a room for hours with a concrete bed and toilet then drove around in the middle of the night with me in a paddy wagon and a man screaming and banging on the other side of the wall inside for I don't know how long, then they took me to another station and I had to sleep on a metal slat bed with water onteh floor and I was freezing cold and had no coat or blanket, then they put me in jail over the weekend wher eI was strip searched a second time and was so traumatized I peed in the shower after I gave them my clothing and they told me I could use the shower, no one hit me but I was very traumatized from the entire situation, and then they court ordered me to not use the internet or return to mcmaster so as soon as I had access in late September 2011 I did what I was waiting over 2 year to do, tell my story to as many people as possible and beg for help in finding my stalker and tell people what they did to prove men did not rape me and that I was not abused, I told as many people as I could and now in 2014, 3 years later, I see that my actions are consistent with what women who are abducted and sexually abused do as soon as they are released from the person who abducted her, but unfortunately the people who abducted me were the police who most women who are raped and stalked and abducted go to for help so I told as many people as I could how corrupt the Toronto Police are and what they do to women who are raped and stalked and traumatized if the beg for help. I was not arrested, I was abducted, I will always have the trauma of being abducted by two police detectives and of my captors forcing me to attend court not to help me but to torture me emotionally for the men who raped me and anyone who ever harmed me in my life to walk free. I was already disabled by crime and they didn't sit there to prove the men who raped me were guilty or to protect me from anyone who harmed me, but to make me stop talking and make my life harder and hurt me for them. I cannot stop begging for help because I didn't get the help I needed only abuse, I cannot stop telling my stories because they are real, they are not delusions, this is real life in Canada, I am a real person, I live in a country that is probably filled with women like me who have been sexually abused and tortured by the police and neglected by doctors so that men and women who abuse girls who they believe are trash can have successful lives and money and power and prevent their victims from ever having a voice or freedom or anything they need in life beyond poverty and abuse. The police don't care about women like me, I was in grad school, I was poor and qualified for social assistance but at that time didn't get it, I didn't have a job that paid a salary in my life, I wasn't one of those rich girls who have a job in in their 20s that allows them to buy nice things and take fancy vacations, I was poor and not in school for fun but because I was unemployed and unable to find work so went to school in hopes more education would lead to my first job so that I could have what the girls my age had in their 20s who were given jobs and hopefully meet a man to marry in grad school as well. I was too poor and unemployed for the police to help me, they only cared that men with good jobs were being accused of rape and domestic violence and clearly I was trash and subhuman and had no rights because not one buiness or organization thought I was good enough to offer a full-time job with a salary to not be poor. Men rape and murder women like me in Canada all the time because we are not considered humans. I don't know when to stop telling my stories because nothing was done and I have been repeatedly abused by people upset over the humiliation that I shared what they did to me in my life to harm me, I don't know when to stop telling my stories because I want to live and all I hav ebeen able to do for the last almost a decade now is survive. In my opinion the Toronto Police are members of team support rapists and women who bully other women and torture the worthless sluts who complain about abuse.

The police put a media-ban on what happened that is why you never heard about any of this, they said it would end up in tabloids and they put a media ban on it to protect the people who harmed me and I 100% believe they thought that if they removed me form the internet and put a media ban on everything that they could dispose of me, but I am real, I am a person, and I am telling you the truth.

Unfortunately in the fantasies of the men who raped me when I was too intoxicated to consent to sex I am a prostitute and a dirty bad girl looking for sex, that is horrifying for me, beyond traumatizing given that my only goal in life is to be married and a mother, no one thought about the impact on me and the long term consequences of me being raped and stalked only the long term consequences for the men who claimed they had casual sex with a slut to fulfill their sexual fantasies and basically decided that it didn't matter a psychopath with perverted fantsies was terrorizing me over the internet. In the fantasies of the doctors and police who wanted them to walk free they wanted the girl in her 20s to be a dirty slut with erotic fantasies of being raped, unfortunately I will suffer a lifetime of trauma and psychologival problems because of what they did and what they said and what they made me out to be, a worthless person only good for sex without rights to be protected from any violence. I've read some women have rape fantasies but for me, that is not something I am into, I don't deal well emotionally with abuse and I can't believe perverts in jobs with power allowed men to rape me and walk free by making me out to be someone who only exists in their fantasy world and the women who they associate with toslander their victimand reduce her value as a person to a prostitute encouraging other perverts to abuse her for him, I've been attacked because of the fantasies of saddistic-perverts, I don't know who made me out to be the perpetrator, I am the victim of sexual assault, mutiple acts of violence resulting in injuries to my body, and psychological abuse/bullying, just like so many other girls, I don't role play a victim, I am a victim, my stories are all real and part of the horrors of my life, when do I get to be a bride and live free of violence and being attacked by perverts male or female? will the scars all heal one day and the pain stop in my body and the memories stop replaying in my head? Do these people know what they have done? Why didn't anyone punish them? I will tell my stories over and over and over until the men who raped me are in prison and every person who has abused me in my life suffers for what they have done. I really do pray every day that god never forgive any of them for what they did to me no matter how often they beg or what good deeds they do in life and that they each suffer 3 times the pain and suffering I have for every act of violence they ever commited towards me then spend an eternity suffering in the fires of hell.

The healing for me will start when the police stop abusing me for the rapists in the court system, that will be when I am in my 40s(I cannot apply for a pardon for harassing a rapist until I am in my 40s, I was raped, I was stalked, and because I sent emails to a rapist my life that was already torn to shreds was completed destroyed, my entire life, my only goal is to a wife and mother and because my body was deemed only good for sex and free to be abused I might never be a wife or a mother, but there is a good chance both the men who raped me will be married and fathers not suffering in prison and castrated or put to death like in some countries, begging for help repeatedly in Canada is a worse crime than being raped and stalked and mutilated), and when the men who raped me are in prison and the women who abused me for the rapists are also in prison suffering for their crimes. My healing starts when I have closure on being raped and stalked and my distress at being abused for the freedom of the men who raped me stops and that has not happened yet.

My life is real life for lots of females in Canada not what you see in the media.

*********************************************************************************I've had people suggest that I write in journals instead of online, but they don't know that I had to dispose of stacks of journals for that very reason mostly written between the ages of 17 and 21, I had so many it took me days to flip thru them all then put them thru a paper shredder to dispose of them in my late 20s, mostly things I wrote about sometimes directly other times in poems or pictures and kept to myself when I should have said them out loud. The worst possible thing I could do is go back to writing in blank books pages and pages of random words and scribbles whenever I have anxiety.

 I think a lot of men in my generation are after the girls who were offered the opportunities and jobs, and there is a mind set that certain girls, like me, should be put on the "mommy track" so we never get those jobs but the men want the girls with money and they pick the girls with jobs and assests going into marriages but they forget that sometimes that money is all gone by the time they marry, the girls blew it all, and they have more masculien personalities because they were put on the career woman track because it was assumed no man would marry them because they were gender-neutral, and the girls on the mommy track all get rejected so we live on welfare and low paying jobs no matter how hard we work in school or to find work or try to immitate the gender-neutral girls with good well paying jobs while the girls who were put on the career track end up the housewives because no matter what she has going into the marriage a lot of girls quit their jobs and become stay at home moms, so whoever a man picks he has to remember he will most likely end up supporting her no matter what she does before the marriage and that money she made will all be gone and if you lock into a mortgage when she is a career woman before babies and she quits her job to stay home, you are stuck with paying that off on one salary and the woman who you picked is the one who you agreed to care for until death do you part and if you divorce her for quitting her job you will pay required to send her support payments.

My number one obstacle in life to do anything has been money. If you wanted to help me in my teens and 20s you needed to pay me money to afford to buy the necessities of life, a big part of my problems and the reasons men abused me is because I didn't have a bank account with money in it like the girls who they spoiled and pampered and took on fancy vacations and proudly introduced them to ALL of their friends and family because they owned nicer clothing and their very own cars and no student debts because they had high enough salaries to pay that all off within a year or two of finishing college or university in their early 20s, rejection letters can't buy a new winter coat or a pair of mittens or an invitation to take a trip to cuba with other girls who have money. My number one problem in life has been lack of money, never assume someone's daughter has money and another person's daughter does not so only give one an income, they both need work and a salary and start at ZERO at age 18 in Canada, that is how our economy is structured, we are all at ZERO at age 18 not just the girls born to poor families, if you don't give us opportunities and pay us money we end up the poor adults in need raising our kids in poverty because you only took care of their needs not ours. If you are responsible for my pain and suffering in my life ad want to help, what I need is money in my bank account to afford my first car, my first home, and to raise children, I am now in my 30s, I didn't ever get paid a fair wage in my teens or 20s  and I was sexually abused for not having nice things in my student rooms or apartments. That is what real life is like for middle-class girls in Canada once they reach adulthood if no one bothers to take care of their financial and social needs, we all slip into poverty and end up sexually abused from age 18 to 24 and neglected then battered for being poor and single after age 25 and after 30 people start to treat us like we are worthless trash no man would marry because our fertility supposedly starts to go down at age 30 and they move on to the next generation as if we are already dead.  If you wanted to help me you would have taken care of my financial needs to protect me from sexual abuse and ensure a good man would make me his wife rather than batter me.

High-school and university/college girl's boyfriends are not husbands, if a man has sex with a girl but has never taken her on a date she is not even close ot being his girlfriend, don't EVER give husband priveleged to a boy who is dating a girl, if you want to do something for a girl, you do it for the girl, otherwise the money or opportunities will NEVER make it to her. If you want to help someone's daughter you have to do things for her directly or for her husband after the marriage, NEVER make assumptions and NEVER give money or opportunities to someone only because they are connected to a girl. And girls, if you notice you are not getting opportunities but all your friends and acquaintances and boyfriends are and they clearly have no family connections to those kinds of opportunities but you might, it is time to end those relationships and find new firends so that YOU get those opportunities, it's about YOUR life not theirs, find people who will make YOUR life better not theirs. Just cut off the connection, they are draining you of your future and draining you of money you are entitled to not them, if they get the opportunities not you they will have money not you and money is your number one need as an adult.

My first boyfriend was in kindergarten, he lived a block from my house and we played together while his nanny supervised. I had a few boyfriends in elementary school, one away at summer camp when I was 9 and we kissed at summer camp because some camp councelors were like why don't you kiss? I had a grade 8 boyfriend who I held hands with in the school yard and my friends and I liked to watch his friends play basketball. At the end of grade 8 I had one boyfriend that summer but then he decided he liked my friend better than me. In grade nine I had a few boyfriends including getting to I guess 3rd base in teen dating language. There were so many boyfriends up to age 29 and not one of them is more significant to me than any of the others, I might feel differently if I lived with any of them but like my first sleep-over alone with a boy was at 15 (in his 30s he seemed to still think it was one of the most special nights of his teens and all we did was get drunk and fall asleep when his parents were out of town...), that doesn't mean I had sex with them, but like I had sleep-overs alone with lots of boys. I think that sometimes some men who haven't had many girlfriends put more significance on the girls they dated because they only dated one or two before they got married, but I dated like 20 or more and had sleepovers with I don't know 7 or 8 different guys growing up alone so to me they each are unique and I feel bad if they thought that falling asleep with me was so special because it wasn't to me, that isn't to say I am a slut who slept with a bunch of men, sleeping and sex are two different things, sometimes males and females who are friends fall asleep in the same bed because they are hanging out and tired and not dating, it just happens. MY first boyfriend will never be my last, (I bet he doesn't even know I consider him my first boyfriend, I haven't seen him since I was like I think 10 or 11 years old because I moved away and our parents sent us to the same summer camp but he wasn't the boy I kissed at camp...), but that is perfectly okay with me because it means I get what I deserve in the end I don't have to live with a mistake or a religious stigma that if you sleep with a man under an circumstances you must be his wife. I get to marry the FIRST man I EVER live with, that is my choice and I am so thankful that I never lived with any of the men I dated growing up because the ONLY man who deserves the honor of sharing an address and home with me is my future husband after I take his name and change all my legal documents, banking information, and of course retail mailing lists to make sure everything is addressed to a Mrs NOT a Miss...Some women refuse to change their name when they get married, in my opinion it is traditional and I have always planned to take on my husband's name and give my children his last name, if they choose to hyphenate later in life they can do so as their own adult decision. Boyfriends are NOT husbands, and I only plan to EVER have ONE spouse in my life and only my FIRST and ONLY will ever have the benefit of calling himself my man or considering me to be his property by changing my name at the end of a sacred legal and religious ceremony.

I am happy most of the time because I don't have to worry about my financial problems at least short term because of my disabilities, I don't know how I will afford a house or a car or to be a mother or what man will marry a criminal, my only goal in life is to be a mother, but at least once every single day of my life I am in distress and that will never stop until I get that phone call I've been waiting for from the police that they arrested the men who raped me and they are going to to prison and so is every other person who has abused me, until I get that phone call I will be in distress at least once a day for the rest of my life.

I really think that someone at that police station in Toronto was friends with the monster(s) or friends with the family of the monster(s) that really is one of the only explainations for why they would be so horrible to me and do nothing but silence me and punish me for being traumatized and begging for assistance instead of going after the men who harmed me or whoever was terrorizing me, I think maybe they made a promise to a friend or family member of the monster(s) and that is beyond horrifying for someone like me who has no one to do the same for me. Because of what they did I am terrified for the safety of my children when I have them, if no one protects me or assists me who will protect my future kids from the same monster(s)? 

I would like to make it clear that if you or anyone you know believes that I am their competitor or rival and tries to or has in the past commited acts of violence, they have a severe psychiatric disorder and I beg you to help them get the help they so desperately need. If you know of any violence they have commited towards me please report them so that they can be put in prison where they belong with all the other psychos who attack girls and women in a jealous delusional psychopathic rage, this world already has enough monsters, best to rid the world of the monsters rather than allow them to continue to attack people like me, because their behaviour only gets worse over time and I know I am not their only victim or obsession. If they contacted you and asked you to help me because they claimed they were concerned about me and seemed very convincing, please really think about what they said, what they asked you to do, and if what they asked from you might be deemed abuse or violence and if maybe they were lying to you in an attempt to assault or abuse their victim or obsession or someone who might be a problem in their own life like maybe a girl they believed was their competition or their daughter's competition or who witnessed things they or their daughter did as a child like steal or or drugs or sleep around and that they might be trying to harm me not help me...

As stated previously: I do not want to ever reconnect with anyone who I might have been acquainted to before late March 2009. I attended one pre-school, 2 elementary schools, 3 high schools, and 5 universities. The only significant institutions are those who awarded my completion of highschool diploma and my completion of university degree. Unfortunately for me there was no financial benefit to any of those connections, I was not invited to the kinds of events I needed or offered the kind of jobs I needed in order to be financially independent only exploited and further indebted. I don't care how successful someone might now be, tell me all you want about how wonderful you think they are, I don't care, there is absolutely no financial benefit to me or my future children and will not bring you closer to me only make me push you farther away and lower my opinion of you. I am no longer a child looking for playmates but an adult looking for a good man to marry who shares similar values and interests and the same religion, money to be able to own 2 cars, a nice house, and assets that are appropriate to raise children. Clearly I was connected to all the wrong people and so not only for my personal safety but for my future financial stability I have permanently removed those people from my life and if I am asked about them I have made a promise to myself to be truthful but only share the bad things (I used to only share the good. please be forewarned if you are someone wishing to reconnect.) My number one goal in life is to be a wife and mother, any other goals I've had were only ideas for professions where I believed I could make money. I do not volunteer, volunteering is for people who have extra assets they can give away because their own needs are already met, my needs are not yet met and I have no assets, do not ask me to volunteer and do not ask me to work for free until after all my financial needs are met including owning a home having paid off the mortgage, owning 2 cars without any outstanding payments, owning enough furniture for the home I do not yet have, and my future children are clothed, fed, and their social, recreational, and educational needs are met and my family has taken several vacations, only then will I have anything I can give away. Okay, well I think I have made myself clear. And yes, I am happy, I am happy because by removing myself from every single connection I had I finally started to get things I needed directly into my life where they belonged in the first place not someone else's pocket but my own.

I know it might sound strange to some people but I made a decision a few years ago to find a husband then build my life around his life whoever that might be, I've never built my life around a boyfriend because I didn't want to marry any of them, I lived my seperate life because I was a girl too young and inexperienced to be a wife, but I didn't realize that they were getting special treatment for dating me while I got nothing for dating them and they were not married to me and I had no plans to ever marry them. I don't want anyone to mistake a short-term boyfriend or an acquaintance for a meaningful long-term person in my life ever again and so I decided to start at ZERO, cut all ties to the past for my personal safety and financial security and to build my world up only once by starting with a foundation and life with only one person, I am not seeking friends to party with, I am seeking a man to marry and build a life with based on our mutual needs and it is REALLY important to me that no one EVER benefits from my hardwork and dedication to building my own future other than my future husband and our children and people who we choose to be a part of our lives for our own benefit. The ONLY thing that matters to me is that I have a strong marriage and enough financial assets to own nice house and everything a family needs to have a comfortable life and no one is going to give me those things unless I am the only person in my social circle and they want to help me directly by putting opportunities into my life, nice things into my home, and money into my bank account and the bank acocunt of the man I marry AFTER we sign our legal marriage certificates and live together as spouses.

Maybe you think what you did to me was a hilarious prank and just the funniest thing ever, or that it was harmless, clearly it was not harmless when your vicitm has developed long term psychiatric problems from what you did to her. Maybe you think you are so important or whoever stood up for you and defended you thinks you are so important that my life is meaningless and you can do whatever you want and get away with it, well I am your victim, what you did no matter what people who defend you say was not okay, I might always have a trauma disorder because of what you did, it will never be okay, I will always pray that god punish you and make you suffer 3 times the pain and suffering I have for what you have done to me, I will never stop makin gthat prayer and hoping that if you have kids your own kids suffer like you made me suffer and that no one helps them just like no one helped me and that they are told how worthless they are and tossed in jail so that people who abuse them walk free, you deserve that, you deserve to suffer and you deserve punishment for what you did, what you did is not okay, it will never be okay no matter who thinks you are above the law or thinks your life has so much more value than mine does. 

It's really scary when you are in your 30s and someone like my who has experienced so much unexplained violence and you couldn't figure out why you were being treated so badly compared to the other kids in school and start to look back at your childhood and 20s and realize that people were slandering you out of jealousy and the parents of jealous children and young people. It's horrifying when you discover in your mid 20s the perversions people have openly shared about either their fantasies about you or what someone told them based on that persons fantasy/perversion of a girl. I don't know where these people got their information but I am absolutely horrified, it really makes you question the long-term consequences of childhood jealousy and parents who abuse the children of other people their own children are jealous of. I mean if you look at my childhood and question who was saying bad things about me then compare what I was doing to what that person or their child was doing, it is clear that I was the one on the honor roll and the swim team and traveling for sport and in the newspaper and on TV and doing all the hard work before and after class and on weekends to get into the best universities AFTER grade school and they were lazy sitting at home watching TV or getting into trouble saying bad things about the girl who didn't have much time for friends or parties because she was too busy workng hard in the pool before and after school or in the art studio or at home doing her homework to get good grades, it's beyond horrifying when you realize the violence some parents commit towards pretty little girls to get their own daughters ahead in life for doing nothing or less or to hide the sins of their daughters by putting blame on a girl who didn't even have time to participate in the same activities as their troubled, jealous, lazy child. People like that, the parents of the delinquents and violent lazy children always put blame on their child's obsession, and it's so sad the damage that can create in the lives of girls like me who otherwise would have had a bright future as a reward for hardwork and dedication to success in childhood rather than an anxiety disorder from abuse perpetrated by not only jealous children but their abusive violent parents. It's so sad when you realize the long-term damage to a girl's reputation from childhood lies of juvenile delinquents with no concept of right or wrong, just that they discovered to get ahead in life all they had to do was lie, cheat, batter, abuse, disfigure, vandalize, stalk, impersonate, and steal rather than work hard and stay focused on their goals to find success in life. If someone said bad things about me, did you ever stop to question what that person or their son/daughter was doing or not doing while I was doing all the things they claimed and why they might want to destroy my life or reputation to prevent me from reaching my potential? Did you ever consider they were saying bad things about me to hide how dark their own sins were and assign blame to the victim to cover their dirty secrets? Just because they might now have good educations, jobs, and maybe marriages and children, that doesn't change what they did or said, it only means they got what they did by lying, cheating, stealing, abusing, vandalizing, disfiguring, and had no remorse and will pass on those same values to their own children while their victims like me will spend their life suffering for someone else's sins. 

If you are embarassed by me because you attacked me or are friends with someone who attacked me or you tried to murder me for a rapist or someone who bullied me or made up bizarre stories about me because I told the police their boyfriend or friend raped me or stalked me (I don't make up stories about being raped and stalked or abused in my childhood before age 18, they are all true stories, and yes they are embarassing for the people who did those horrible things to me and I can see why they might make up things about their victim to make it sound like the opposite is true or that their victim is delusional out of public humiliation, I would be humiliated if I did the things they did to me to anyone.), I recommend that you consider suicide, because I want to live to be 100, I am not embarassed, the last thing I want is to die, but if you do not believe you can livein this world without getting rid of me to hide your deepest darkest secret or if you believe I am dangerous and you need to harm me on behalf of a person defending a rapist or making false claims about their victim to prove their own innocence, I recommend you commit suicide and maybe choose mass-suicide along with your equally violent friends or family members because the world does not need monsters like you in it. I am your victim no matter what you claim otherwise or what is on paper, you know what you did, you know what they did, and I want to see you face the death penalty for what you did to me, you deserve to die for what you did to me and I recommend you take your own life, you will never get forgiveness from me, I want to see your obituary and to hear that you have been sterilized before you bring life into this world because the world does not need monsters like you breeding, maybe some people figure that after our lives have been torn to shreds by further violence to prove the innocence of people who have harmed us that we just need to move on, you cannot move on until you see the people who did the things that were done to me suffer and be punished and read in the news that they are finally dead and in the ground rotting.

To those who have harmed me and/or told horrible lies about me: The more I think about it, I wonder what is worse, being me and living out my life disabled with memories of the violence you commited towards me, or being you and always running forward in fear that one day your past will catch up with you, always carefully constructing your identity, always searching for ways to cover your sins hoping you never get that phone-call or knock on your door always worried that one day the truth will come out...

Don't you think it is just a bit weird that I was the girl whose parents both have degrees from McMaster University and my grandfather an honorary doctorate, that my father has been involved in lots of organizations and won several awards over his life but I am his daughter a girl who has been treated like trash, a whore by men, rejected from everything, had men abuse me and been disabled and marginalized while the high-school educated or drop-out people's daughters were treated like princesses?

I believe that one day the phone will ring and I will finally get the call that the men have been arrested and are going to prison, one day my phone will ring and I will have the closure I need to stop having anxiety and worrying that they are free to slander me and destroy my life more than they already have, one day that phone will ring and I will be told I can finally stop worry because they are in jail.

**I really don't think you understand what you have done because no one ever punished you.**


If someone believed that I needed to feel pain in my life to be a stronger person, they didn't know me at all and didn't know that my anxiety and ambition at the same time was a result of the pain I already felt repeately, that I suffered from anxiety not because I was weak but because I survived so many traumas and feared more abuse emotionally, physically, and financially, all they did is teach me that it wasn't worth ever trying at anything again or trusting again other than looking to find a good christian man to marry and start a family with and be a housewife and the woman who stands behind a good man who takes care of his wife and kids because my body and mind cannot handle more abuse from violent people. It is not giving up, it's knowing better than to allow myself to be subjected to more unessary abuse in my life with promises of offers of a better life that never existed in the first place. I already fell for that line too many times and there was no money at the end of the tunnel only abuse after they stole my money: give me your money and work hard at this profession and you will have financial stability in your future to own all the things you could dream of, all lies told by violent people with good jobs who then use you as a punching bag. Maybe you haven't had the same experiences I have in my life and don't understand, that means you are the one who won the lottery of life and I wasn't.

I know you might be thinking, so the man who mcmaster put on the front of their magazine and sent to your house missed you so much you were the love of his life and he desperately wanted to contact you so sent your family a magazine with his photograph and accomplishments on it so that you could re-unite: The complete opposite is true. This man was under investigation for sexually assaulting me and living common-law with a woman who was a well-educated professional with a well-paying career not some sweet young man desperate to locate the love of his life who went insane. ****This just popped into my head in April 2015: I called the man who was investigated for sexually assualting me in November of 2007 on the phone in February 2008 from my student house. I told him that a weirdo was terrorizing me online and sending me the weirdest things like "lock your door I'm gonna rape you" and "bitch whore skank, rape, rpae rape" and he didn't say, "oh that's horrible! what can I do to help you?" he said "I would NEVER do anything like that!" and the phone call was very short and he had to go. NOrmally if a man was a girl's ex boyfriend or her current boyfriend he would be so horrified he'd jump in his car and be at her house in an instant and working for the police he would be filing a report and panicking that someone was going to murder her! but this man, instead of sympathizing and being upset or helpful, he bursted out that he didn't do it...****

Back in 2007 when I had the scary stalker thing and other bad thigns happen to me there was a girl in my MBA program who I was friends with who more than once said to me something like "How can you be happy all the time? No one is happy all the time! Why are you always so nice? The world isn't all sunshine and sparkles!" and more than one person said about the same thing to me so many other times, but they didn't know that I was so nice because I knew what it was like to be treated so bad, that I was so kind because I knew what pain felt like for things no one should feel in their lifetime not already in their 20s, they didn't know that because I already knew so much loss in my life so young and had so many stories I never shared that I pretended to be happy and only said nice things to people because I knew what it was like to be treated so badly by people who did the opposite. I wasn't kind and nice and always there to listen to my friends or acquaintances because I was naive, it was because I already knew too much pain in my life I just wasn't one of those girls who always brought up that one painful story of the one bad thing that ever happened in her life to strangers on the first day they meet to gain sympathy and special treatment, plus I didn't have just one, I had dozens I kept inside while I smiled politely and talked about the weather or complimented them on their outfit or asked if they wanted to join me to walk to the cafe on campus to get a snack between classes then cried alone in the bathroom sometimes... she didn't know that my sadness was the reason for my smile.

Don't ever attack or blame a girl who you have fantasies or delusions about because she is another vicitm of the same weirdo as another girl. Don't ever blame her, it's not her fault if she is just one of the other victims of a psychopath or a group of psychopaths who are complete strangers to her. Don't ever blame her if she's never even finished school or isolate or remove her from her education because a psychopath or group of psychopaths picked her when they could have picked anyone to abuse. If you want to do anything you need to uplift her and give her the supports and encouragement and opportunities she needs to get her first adult opportunities in life and recover and be treated the same as all the other girls so she can have the things she needs in life like to finish school, feel safe in the world, to get her first real job, and get married. Don't ever attack or isolate a girl who is the victim of bad people that have nothing to do with her, don't ever abuse her after she survived monsters stalking or harming her, don't ever harm her if the same monster(s) who harmed her go after someone else, protect her, love her, and make her feel safe in the world. I survived monsters but even worse than being the victim of monsters are the monsters who run after the girl who survived and batter her when she just wants to recover and forget the traumas instead of helping her live. Don't ever blame a girl who has been the victim of random acts of violence at the hands of monsters just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it's never a girl's fault if someone is stalking her or if someone rapes her or if someone violently attacks her, don't ever blame her, don't EVER make her feel like a second-class citizen or an outsider in her own country or exclude her from social events intended for people her age or like she is somehow different than the other victims of the same monsters! If you want to blame anyone blame the people who didn't protect her, blame the people who put her in the wrong place, blame the people who didn't save her before she was ever a victim blame the people who tortured the girl after the monsters already attacked her before she could ever be a woman otherwise she'll always be a girl in a woman's body that just keeps getting chronologically older.

Once again, I would like to remind anyone who has done anything horrible to me and is so humiliated they believe the only way to save them embarassment is to kill me or run me from my community: you are the problem, the easiest way to solve your embarassment is for you to commit suicide because the world doesn't need people like you in it, no matter what it is you did to me that caused you so much humiliation, that will never go away, not even if I am dead, it will haunt you forever, even more if I am dead, and give you nightmares, the best solution is for you to choose suicide, if you attacked me with your friends why not commit group suicide like one of those creepy cults where they all get together and drink poison and die. It's up to you, but really mass suicide of your entire social group, as long as you all agree to the option, is a very valid and perfectly legal solution to your embarassment while allowing me to continue to live my life and see my wedding day and my kids born into this world. Talk it over with your friends as a really good solution to your problems, they'll likely see the validity and if you tell them how cool it will make you sound and how famous, they probably will all join in!

I think part of the reason I've been treated so badly in my life is that most times I complained about someone who hurt me, the people who I turned to for help because I had no one else were bonded to the people who hurt me and not to me so instead of hurting the person who hurt me they hurt me for complaining about someone they were bonded to and didn't care if that person was guilty or innocent just that they were complaining about me after they harmed me and making it sound like whatever they did was justified in harming me. Too many times, the same thing, is it because I have a slight visual impaired and didn't wear glasses until I was 18 then it that got worse after injuries?

Maybe in your fantasy world you are the one who is supposed to forgive me and when you forgive me all will be well after you punish me for complaining that you abused me or your punished me for complaining someone else abused me or some monster complained to you after they abused me and lied. Unfortunately it's the other way around, you are the one who abused me, and you will never be forgiven by me. It's not about you, it's about me and how you treated me and you can pretend all you want that it's about you forgiving me and manipulate, lie, and just be the vile person you are, but I won't accept your forgiveness because I have nothing to ask for forgiveness for, it's all your big mess, your big mistakes, and I will always be your victim and the one who you abused with the trauma disorder not the other way around and I will never offer you forgiveness.

Maybe you harmed me or planned to harm me and it didn't work out as intended or you did something nice for someone who harmed me or intended to harm me, and you asked your god to forgive you and believe that whatever you did has granted you forgiveness: Your victim has not forgiven you, your victim prays every day that you suffer ten times the pain and suffering she has suffered, your victim prays every day that your children and all your decendants suffer ten times what she has suffered, that whatever god or gods you worship never forgive you or anyone in your family or social circle and that you spend the afterlife burning in hell for eternity. Your victim prays every day that it is known that she will never forgive you and that she wants your god to never forgive you and only force you into a life of suffering no matter if you believed you were doing good by harming her and made a mistake it doesn't matter, what you did makes you a monster, that face inthe mirror is that monster who abused Carolyn and you will never be forgiven, your hands are bloodied with what you did to her for eternity and every decendant you ever bring onto this planet will suffer 10 times what she has suffered. I know I am talking in the third person, it's about the only way I can talk to a psycho like you. Maybe you believed harming me would grant you a place in heaven or a higher rank before your god or whatever your beliefs are, it didn't it will send you right to hell and your god and my god, they talk, and you are burning at the end of this life and so are all your friends and family who participated in harming me and nothing you do can save any of you from that fate, Jesus listens to me and grants my prayers and I've made it very clear that what you did are mortal sins, the kind that god does not forgive, some sins are never forgiven by any god. There are people in my life who I have forgiven at various times and most turned around and stabbed me in the back.

You know the stories you see in the media about women who've survived horrible one time events, one bad thing happened to them like one time their husband hit them or they were raped at a party and went to a hospital the next day or they had a stalker who didn't even slander them or contact all the people in their social circle to ruin their life and they called police and all of a sudden got a new home and money and a new life and 2 years later she is a successful independent woman with a good job and new boyfriend? those stories are rare. In the real world when a girl gets raped she walks away and never tells anyone then when she starts talking she is called crazy and a whore and the man and his friends and family slander her. In the real world when a girl's husband or boyfriend hits her or calls her demeaning names or rapes her repeatedly the police say, well she's clearly a whiny whore and he's a good guy, let's get him a good job and a nice house and a sucessful life and throw the whore complaining in jail for slandering him, in the real world when a woman has a stalker and fights back she is the problem and she ends up arrested not the stalker and her life turned upside down and destroyed when someone assumes her identity. In the real world when bad things happen to girls there is no money, there is not job, there is no dream house and no boyfriend or special spa days and make-overs, her life is torn to shreds for the freedom of the people who abused her, she gets mutilated when she goes to the spa on behalf of the person who already abused her and got away with their crimes and all the people who hurt her get all the services created to help women like her heal and move on with their lives while she lives below the poverty line with chronic medical conditions. There was no dream job offer for me, there was no big settlement, there was no big event or party for me, there was no dream house or dream car, there was none of that, I didn't even get diability income until 5.5 years after I was a victim of multiple crimes and injured for years already with a chronic pain condition and living with a trauma disorder for years. I only got about $10,000 a year in income, not nearly enough to compensate for my injuries or pain or suffering or to buy a car or house over half a decade after I was victimized, instead I was punished for complaining, I lost my entire support system because the people who harmed me were in my social circles. There was no instant offer of help or money or job or any of that, it was all given to the people who abused me. The only women who get all those services like jobs and money and housing and special treatment by their entire community are the ones who are self-absorbed, spoiled, narcisists, and complain a lot and make the one bad thing that happened to them sound like the worst thing that has ever hapened to anyone. I am a battered woman, I have been battered by different men in my life and by women who were bullies/stalkers, life is hard for women in Canada, and that is real life in Canada.

You might wonder why I haven't moved on with my life since being raped and stalked while a grad student, it's because I have a full blown trauma disorder that causes me to relieve being raped, stalked, terrorized, denied legal assistance by the police and medical assistance by doctors, mutilated in a spa, and abducted (arrested and put in jail for a weekend) by the police to prove the innocence of the men who raped me instead of assisting me when I begged for help, I relieve going thru the court system, I relieve begging for help repeatedly, I relieve seeing the people who abused me given opportunities and awards I could only dream of after I reported them for things they did to me, and I cannot move on because I didn't get any of the supports I needed to move on immediately or within the first 5 years of being raped and stalked, I was still being abused in the court system I was and still am being told I wasn't raped by police when I was and relieve it all the time, and I read that if it passes the 5 year mark and a person with post traumatic stress disorder from traumatic events has not moved on they never will, 5 years is the timeline, 5 years passed in 2012, which means I probably will never get over the things that happened to me in 2007,2008,2009,2010 because I am reminded all the time of the abuse so it never goes away. I want to move on but my trauma disorder prevents me for moving on and the people in my life from that time haven't been in my life for so many years that there will never be any reunions and my support system was lost and there were not any opportunities for me to get the financial or emotional assistance I needed to recover in the 5 year times frame. I am 100% aware of this and that my chronic pain is probably permanent and so are my scars and visual problems and that my only option in life now is to be a housewife and start a brand new life with new people in my life and never ever re-connect with any of the people or places of my past to prevent me from reliving the horrors.

I dream of my first and only engagement, my first and only wedding, my first and only husband, my first and hopefully one and only forever house and never move, I dream of my first child and second, third, and forth child, and my first anniversary and all my wedding anniversaries after that, I dream of my children's first days of school and their graduations, I dream of my future children's weddings and my future grandchildren... all things I just always assumed I would get in life... I just wanted to get thru all the stages all the other girls got to go thru first namely finish university/college and get my frist real job with a salary and get to have fun traveling with friends after finishing school, meet the man of my dreams after dating lots of different boys, then get married in my late 20s, take my first vacation on a plane with my husband after travelling by plane with friends on our honeymoon, and live out my life as someone's christian wife.

 Maybe the men who abused me think what they did is okay, and maybe some people came forward and claimed that I believed what happened to me was okay, I didn't think it was okay, I wasn't okay with it, I was a desperate woman who believed that if I didn't complain that maybe they would show some affection towards me and treat me right and maybe it was all in my head that they hurt me, but of course they didn't, they were just looking for sex with vulnerable girls who they would NEVER date or marry and knew they would get away with it because they knew no one cared about girls like me, maybe their treated other girls right but those girls had good jobs and lots of money unlike me which gave them a reason to respect them and treat them with dignity and they were 100% aware I was a marginalized girl with student debt in my 20s desperate for a job and they also knew that I broke up with a boy who abused me because they were in the same social circle of people who I told about how that ex boyfriend treated me for years, all they did was repeat the same kind of violence short-term and got away with it...

 Maybe someone claims we were foremerly friends or BEST friends and they have all the dirt on me, well were they a direct competitor in the same profession, sport, education program, or after the same men for marriage? Does that frienemy now have a higher level of eduation or a husband or a high paying job or travelled to places I could only dream of or own the car or house or purse or pair of shoes I always wanted? Did they take me with them on that journey or ditch me at 13 or 16 or 18 or 25 or 27 or 30?? Hmmm... So who do you believe the one with all the opportunities and money and experiences or the one who has none of that and only injuries and disability income? Who was winning BEFORE they came into those opportunities in life? Lots of people are frienemies and will make all kinds of grand claims about people... Who are they fighting for now? Says a lot...

If you treated someone who abused me special because I started to talk about it and that person claimed I was delusional or mentally ill or had amnesia or they would never do those things, that was your decision and says a lot about you, your core values and morals, and nothing about me, if you did something horrible to me in their defence that is not forgivable and it does mean you are a bad person just like the person who harmed me in the first place. According to my new psychiatrist, I have a perfectly normal memory but I am a bit slow, I remember awful things just as they were and I suffer from a trauma disorder.

Their "EVIDENCE" I was not raped are a series of emails that they claim prove that I was not raped. The emails and texts are harassment, not friendship, not love, but haunting and harassing rapists. If a man wants to have sex with a woman who is intoxicated he can spend the rest of his life listening to her problems and complaints. If a woman dating or married to a rapist believes his victim is his friend or madly in love with him based on harassing emails, she needs a psychiatrist not to stalk and abuse his victim in a jealous homicidal rage. I am sorry, but there is no evidence in emails and letters, the only evidence is what did and did not happen sexually. Want to embarass a victim with emails and letters of her harassing him? What about embarassing the man who sexually abused her and caused her so much trauma that the only way she had to fight back was to remind him over and over and over again of his victim stilll being alive in this world and haunting him. I believe 100% that if I didn't keep writing to the men who raped me that I would have been murdered by them and the police would never find the man/men/woman who murdered me. I believe 100% that if I did not keep sending messages and texts that I would be dead right now. My only weapon was to keep writing. Have you ever felt pain in your life like being raped and fearing you were going to be murdered by the friends and families of the men who raped you? I will ALWAYS believe that those emails and text messages saved my life by preventing the men who raped me from becoming anonymous, I might have been attacked since in a homicidal rage perpetrated by the same people, but at least I am alive and the scars are proof I survived, they got away with their crimes and went so far as to turn themselves into the victims and their victim into the criminal, but I got away with my life, my life is all I wanted.

Now please, if one of these jerks approached you with their so-called email or text message evidence, completely harmless other than perhaps a beep on your phone when it arrives typed from miles away but never even approached them in person or asked anyone to harm them, and this person complaining about those texts/emails suggested that you needed to harm me physically or financially or damage my belongings, who is attacking and trying to murder who? Who is the one in danger of physical/financial harm?

There is no happy ending for me, no money or compensation, no new school to make my dreams come true, no job offers, no romantic love story of meeting the man of my dreams who becomes my hero, no house, no car, no cute little kids who are the centre of my world and god's miracle gift in storm, no fairytale wedding: the men investigated for raping me and anyone who I brought up as harming me in my life got happy endings because there is more concern for proving men innocent than for assisting traumatized victims of rape or domestic violence in Canada and I am the one with the criminal record for being traumatized, I am the one with rape-related post traumatic stress disorder, I am the one with chronic pain, and I am the one who lives on social assistance for disabled people because all I got were rejection letters from every job I applied to before doctors determined I was disabled and unable to work but I qualified for social assistance every year since my 18th birthday anyways so no one really cared about me giving my financial status before I was the victim of dating violence, stalking, and rape bymore than one man, my life is how women who are abused in dating relationships and raped/stalked who are low-income really get treated in Canada, you only hear the one in a million fairytale endings and the women who have money before they are raped or stalked getting assistance, not real life women like me. If you believe that people are doing nice things for me, you've been manipulated and lied to, the evidence is very clear that anyone who I told police or doctors abused me in any way in my life was given special treatment, look at their jobs, their opportunities, the number of times they have been in magazines or on TV or received awards or taken fancy vacations, if they are now married or own homes or nice cars, and the total assets in their bank accounts. I think you have your answer. I have none of those things, it's kind of obvious you are being manipulated into believing people are doing nice things for me when they are not and the opposite is true. I am happier now than I was back then, but I am sickened to see that I had the courage to speak up about abuse and trauma and instead of being assisted and getting closure by seeing those people arrested and put in jail so that I could go on with my life and have closure, they were rewarded and lavished with opportunity by people who clearly are as equally vile as they are. Are you sickened by the thingsI've written? So am I, but this is my real life and I have to write it down to relieve my anxiety from various traumas and to survive by making sure that people know my stories.

All of a sudden in April 2015 my probation officer told me that I was the victim and that they were protecting me, and that I was to tell people I was the victim if they asked, but frankly I believe they are just trying to hide the fact they spent the last 7 years abusing a university student who was raped and stalked and are only now embarassed of the mess they made of my life and trying to cover what they did to me and the nice things they did for my perpetrators instead of helping me because they know they are guilty they just refused to assist a single never married low-income half-ukrainian whore, I wll NEVER be financially compensated for the years of abuse post being raped and stalked, and there are laws that exist to make sure girls like me are compensated financially for the kinds of things that happened to me and I will probably never get the money or services that are intended for women like me because they chose the freedom of monsters and tortured me for their freedom. Too little far, far too late.

If any of the men investigated for assaulting me claimed I was like dying or so schizophrenic and they were like some poor guy who lost the love of their life, they are the lowest of the low liars of society, they are lying because they were trying to prove the are innocence. A man who is madly in love with a woman who was injured and/or mentally ill sends the love of his life presents and flowers and visits her every day or at least once a week and never leaves her side, and like that CLEARY didn't happen. There was no desperate man who had to make a choice, there were a few men who abused me and some jerks harassing me, and frankly they are the worst bull-s--tters of all time. I am CLEARLY very much alive and VERY much alert and aware of my surroundings NOT at all delusional but traumatized by abuse, Look at my face, it's kind of obvious who the victim is and who the liars are. 

 I do need more money to be able to afford my own car and my own house and pay off my student OSAP loans, but I am so thankful for the housewares I own now purchased from 2013 to present with my disability income, given my financial situation in my adult life (the fact I have never had an income above the poverty line and no savings and never been married) owning these things was well beyond my capabilities until I started to receive small monthly deposits from the government in March 2013.

Maybe some people who have abused me in my life or had power to help me not inflict former harm claim they had good intentions and so they did nothing wrong, they did EVERYTHING wrong and are lying. Good intentions to help a girl not harm her are making her feel good about herself, uplfting her confidence not putting her down all the time, making sure she has lots of friends and parties to go to, making sure she has opportunities and money to support herself and own the same things as other girls her age from the same social class, making sure she meets a good man from her same religion and same social class to marry and that she is told that she is pretty and smart and talented not that she is ugly and worthless and deserving of a poverty wage and abuse. Good intentions involve making sure her bank account has money in it and that she is married to a good man and owns a nice house not marginalizing and abusing her and encouraging a life of poverty not prosperity. Good intentions involve giving her the BEST healthcare when she is injured not ignoring her needs or altering test results, good intentions involve protecting her and giving her legal assistance in the form of protection orders if she she stalked or raped or robbed or disfigured or denied medical assistance. Good intentions involve punishing anyone who harms her not rewarding the abusers for abusing her and then beating her emotionally, physically, psyhcologically and financially  and segregating her from her friends and other girls in her same social class for complaining about abuse to let the people who abused her walk free. Good intentions involve the concept of "do no harm" and all I've experienced is harm and more harm, and more harm on top of that. These people did not have good intentions, they only say that because they know if the truth came out they would be in prison and it'seasier to just keep battering and abusing the woman her entire life after she missed out on all the things little girls dream of doing in their 20s (I didn't even get invited to ONE friend's wedding, not ONE invitation in the mail to attend a friend's wedding EVER and I am now in my 30s and have no friends...) because of the actions of very abusive self absorbed people who marginalize and abuse girls and have no remorse and are never punished. I have post traumatic stress disorder because of how badly I've been treated in my life, and the worst part is knowing it's because no one ever cared enough about me to make sure I was happy and cared for financially and emotionally, to make protect me from harm, to punish those who abuse me, and to make my hopes and dreams come true.

I have really had people who cannot believe I would tell people that I qualify for social assistance, the problem is that I am not embarassed, it actually makes my life better because the alternative is not having any money and unpaid student debt because I was rejected from not a few but from 1000s of jobs I applied to, no one wanted me, not before I was stalked and assaulted and not after, the ONLY reason I had my co-op job was because I begged the manager to hire me and he only had 2 applicants, I was that desperate, I didn't have anyone who approached me and said, "hey carolyn, I've got a job for you!" the opposite is true, I had people approach me and call me lazy when I was in distress because no one would give me work no matter how many resumes I sent out. Of course I am not embarassed, I have a little bit of money now and I didn't have any before.

No matter what ANYONE tells you in your childhood, teens, or 20s, no matter what social class you were born into, the ONLY things that matter are family and after age 18 how much money is deposited directly into your own personal banking account to secure your future, no matter where you go to school or who you know or what you volunteer for or who you date or what jobs you have matter unless a significant sum of money is deposited directly into your personal baking account under your name at a salary high enough to afford a car, a home/condo, and to afford living expenses then AFTER you are married and sign legal marriage certificates the sum of money deposited into your joint family banking account to secure your marital future and the future of your children. Nothing else matters.

I am in my 30s and disabled receiving Ontario Disability Support income, a form of social assistance for people who are disabled and it embarasses some people, especially those who treated me really bad in my childhood and 20s and they don't understand that their actions are the reason I qualify for Disability Income, the way the treated me, the way they abused me, the way they neglected me, the way the denied me what they gave to other girls and boys, the way they refused to treat me with dignity and respect and refused to apply our laws to my rights, I am a marginalized single disabled woman in my 30s not because I suffer from some horrible delusional disorder but because I suffer from chronic pain, vision problems due to injuries, but most chronically an anxiety disorder that can only be caused from repeated exposure to abuse.

Maybe the men who I spoke with the police about sexually assaulting me and their friends and family believe that I went to therapy and talked about them and how much I was in love with them and broken hearted, quite the opposite is true, other than a few doctors who insisted that my beliefs I was raped and stalked were delusions, every single therapist I spoke with told me that they believed me and that they were just going to talk with me about what happened and ignore what the doctors said in their notes. Just before an appontment one day in summer 2011 I had a horrifying thing happen, I was in a towel just about to take a shower mid-morning and I heard a knock at my front door, I ignored it because I was in a towel, then I heard someone trying to open my front door and I panicked and I grabbed my phone and ran TOWARDS the front door while dialing 911 and there was a man standing there with his hand on the front door and I couldn't see his face thru the glass just that he was probably 50 years old with dark hair and tall trying to open my front door and he didn't run, he just took his hand off the door knob slowly and backed away and walked slowly down my front porch while I was on the phone and I told the 911 operator not to send anyone to my house front door, that I didn't want him to know I called the police but gave a descriptoin and I was so flustered I didn't even shower, I put on my clothing shaking and went right to the hospital where I had my appointment with my therapist and she was freaked out as much as I was that day. It wasn't like it was someone putting an admail in the door handle, they knocked first, I didn't answer then I could hear them trying to open my front door, I don't know why I didn't run away but ran towards the door and started screaming and hitting the front door, it was just my first instinct to keep whoever it was out of my house, and he didn't run, he didn't wave, he didn't like say hi, or sorry or say a thing, I mean if he was just handing out a flyer he would have said something to the lady at the door yelling, but he just took his hand off the doorknob without a sound and casually walked slowly away from the house...

Maybe you are someone from pre-2009 who wants to reconnect and thinks that I will eventually forgive you or that you are somehow special and the exception or that somehow whatever you did was insignificant and you believe you are so important or that I am so mentally ill it should be forgiven: You are not special. I don't want to get together to talk about the past, I live in the present and for the future, I don't want to put on 1990s music and talk about being 14 or mid-2000s music and talk about being 24, I listen to whatever is top 40 music on the radio today and watch TV that is current and buy new clothing every season to update my look to the current year and live in the here and now, I don't have a husband or kids yet and really I don't want to help you relive being single or the best years of your life when you had the best summer ever or whatever because they were not the best years of my life, the best years of my life are in the future when I have a husband and kids, the best years of my life involve baking cheap casseroles and boxed-cake-mix desserts and doing laundry for screaming kids in the future who constantly tell me how ugly they think my dishes are when I love them, not dancing in teen-clubs or going to college-parties. I made my decision long ago and if you refuse to respect that decision I will have to seek a protection order against you, I am not joking.

If you want to makes my hopes and dreams come true, you have to first ask me what they are:- My dream as a child was to be an actress/model/singer so that clearly never happened and I moved on from that dream. (plus my teachers ried to convince me that was a bad dream to have and I was supposed to want a career and tried to convince me of so many career options I really was not interested in.)- My dream in my teens and 20s was to date lots of different men, get my first after university job (any job with a salary) that paid enough money to buy my first car, travel with friends, and own lots of designer clothing, get serious about finding a husband at 25-27 and then marry a good christian man in my late 20s in my dream wedding with 12 bridesmaids, a princess ballgown, sparkling cranberry cocktails in champagne flutes, a mountain of vanilla cupcakes instead of a cake, a dream bridal registry of fine china, and 200 guests at like an old colonial-style vineyard, take off for my VERY FIRST vacation by plane with a man the night of my wedding to an exotic far away place (I've only taken a plane with family or classmates/teamates), buy a nice symetrical house to move into the day after our honeymoon, and have 4 kids and a part time job while being a stay-at-home mom but a career to fall back on in case of divorce or abuse later in life.- my dream in my 30s is to marry a good christian man with a respectable job looking for his first and only wife in a very small immediate family-only wedding (I don't even care if it takes place in my parents living room with desserts and a few bouquets of flowers picked up the day before from the local grocery store...), and I consider a honeymoon owning our first house and walking in the front door the day of the wedding, a nice average two storey 4 bedroom family home filled with beautiful housewares, have 4 kids, 2 cars in the garage, enough money to take family vacations and put my 4 kids thru college, and be a housewife and stay at home mother, live in one house and never move no matter how much money my future husband makes, and just be happy in that I have a home, children, and enough money to care for them and live in the same house from the beginning of my marriage to the very last day of my life after seeing my grandchildren born into this world.

I don't know what is going on, but from my observation it appears a group of people who are inferior genetically have banded together and believe that to remain superior they must commit acts of violence to keep other people below them, but they missed the most obvious long-term problem, they are breeding inferior humans and if they truly were an elitist group they would not need to commit violence but consistently recruit elitists who are superior genetically without any need to push anyone down to maintain their status. I feel bad for them really because the next generation will be an inferior race from inferior DNA who genetically lack the ability to remain superior without being bred into an environment where violence and discrimination based on income and social-status is encouraged by their parents and their parents social circles. I mean I know there is that whole strength in numbers idology but what if you have the wrong people in all the wrong places because you thought an online social network was an accurate represention of who is who and it was just a group of nobody's who are very good at inventing what appears to be a high-social-class online identity you transformed into somebody's and they are running around like they are members of a criminal-gang who all just won the lottery 5 to 15 years later? I am from an average middle-class upbringing in Canada and currently am independently considered economically of a low-social-class so this is just my observation from the social perspective of a girl raised middle class but her social status lowered over the course of her life due to lack of opportunity and abuse.

And once again, I would like to make it clear that I am happy, happier than I have ever been in my life. The most miserable years of my life were from age 18 to 24 not when I was stalked or assaulted in grad school, those were lesser problems and needed less therapy to get over, although I was sexually assaulted at McMaster University it was still one of the happiest days of my life to get accepted at age 24 and my first semester was the happiest semester of university in my life and it should have happened at 18 for undergrad not 24 for grad school. You have to understand that my life is better now than it was from age 18 to 24 and I would not ever want to relive those years because I was beyond miserable and taking that co-op job at Sunnybrook was my escape from a life of misery and all the people I hated in North York who treated me like trash and I am thankful for those 8 months because it let me take out a lot of my anger and frustation, you might not have known me but I worked crappy minimum wage jobs, was treated like trash at them and a servant, I wasn't invited to parties or to hang out with many other girls my age while they were spoiled princesses and I was getting molested starting in highschool... Maybe some people do not understand that although now I am disabled (but do not want to be), I am perfectly happy other than my post traumatic stress disorder and pain condition, I have little anxiety and am surrounded by things I love and do the things I love and my only dream is to be married and living with my future christian husband in a average canadian family home with kids and be a housewife and forget all the bad things that happened to me.

 For the person or group who disfigured me and damaged my appearance, I don't know who or what you think you are, but in the eyes of whatever god you worship you are a monster, only a low-life psychopath lunatic would disfigure someone, I don't know why you did it but whatever your reason look in the mirror, see your face? THAT IS THE MONSTER and I AM YOUR VICTIM. Maybe you were seeking retribution or believed that I thought I was pretty or that I got special treatment for my appearance, I don't know why you did what you did, but you are a psychopath, whoever you harmed me for is a psychopath pervert, and people like you should just commit suicide because the world doesn't need monsters who disfigure young women in a jealous rage in it, you might htink you are special, or that you made a friend by harming me, but all you did was secure your eternity rotting in hell with all the psychopaths who do things like disfigure girls and torture people. See your face? you are the monster, when I look in the mirror I see the face of a woman who survived monsters and I thank JEsus I am alive and I don't fix them because I want the world to see what you did, I want the world to see you for what you are, they feel bad for me because I am a victim of monsters and you are the monster. My scars are fading but the pain will always remain and I will NEVER understand why I was so badly abused and harmed by monsters, not now, not ever. Maybe you are friends with the girlfriend or wife of a man investigated for raping me and did her a favour, do you see how sick you are? Do you see that is no different than a man and woman raping and torturing a girl and leaving her with injuries to her body? What did you do, punish me for reporting rape in defence of one of the monsters in my life? I can't imagine why anyone would disfigure anyone unless satan lives inside them. Like I have had the WEIRDEST comments made to me, like I NEVER wore a monitoring ankle bracelet and like someone believed tha tI did, I have NEVER been on parole for anything but someone believed that I was on parole, I have never been in prison and released to society (I was put in a jail for the weekend and went home from school in March 2009 shortly after our dorm was vandalized in black marker from top to bottom and I sent a picture to the police in Toronto who arrested me the day after our dorm was evacuated at like 3am by firetrucks and "look-up, Look-down" was in marker outside my dorm room door, the on campus police were like trying to figure out why someone would draw pictures of penises and balls and obscene words like "testicles" and the number 2012 on lots of doors and "drop out of school", "single white female bitch lawyer", etc... things that were eerily similar to what my cyber-stalker was doing in 2007/2008 THAT I didn't tell anyone... was the monster or monsters in the building? I will NEVER know...), I have never gone to meet older men alone to play sports every week and someone believed that is something I do, like I am horrified by having people say the weirdest things to me that never happened, where do they get this information? Clearly not from me and they clearly are just making things up. I don't know what your fantasy is about me or my life, but you are a horrifyingly sick person and Jesus will never forgive you for what you did or anyone else you did similar things to.

For anyone who believes that I have dark secrets or hide my life or my past or try to assume new identities, I really feel bad for them because my life is an open book, I don't have any secrets only traumas caused by other people, and I don't know what to say to you if you have shameful secrets or you created new identities in your life or are embarassed of your family or life or heritage or where you were born or the things that happened to you or that you did, because I am not embarassed of anything in my life, not where I was born, or any of the places I lived because of my university educated father's career, or any of the bad things that happened to me, because I didn't pick most of the things in my life, they were things I had no control over and I am not ashamed of anything, I met good people and bad people and the bad ones always want to blame you for the things they did because of their own shame, but I have nothing to be ashamed of in my life, I have no secrets, and I don't feel bad for people who have dark secrets because they did it to themselves. I am not some girl who ran off and hid from a life, I said good bye to some transients (grad-students and professors and people I only knew a couple of years at various times in my life but had internet friendships with, mostly highly educated people or people successful in sports or arts but I didn't really know in person anymore) and I continued to live my life in the real world just as it was seeing the same people I did to go out and do things with until I decided that they were not making my life better only their own lives better by being friends. I live the only life god has ever given to me, being honest, I never lie, and I know that upsets people who have shame or lie, but I have nothing to be ashamed of and I am proud of my most of family and my relatives. Just because I said goodbye to friends doesn't mean I am alone, I put my family first because family is all you've got in life and I realized that I was wasting all my time on the wrong people. You know that saying "your firends are the family you choose" that is not true, that is only true for misfits and loners and run-aways who are ashamed of their identities, your family really is all you have in life and there is nothing more important than making sure each and every member of your related-family brings the next generation into this world. I don't trust people who don't keep their families close or who run from their families to start new lives in new places unless they had no choice.

 In court documents I read that the police detective in Toronto gave a man who was investigated for raping me his cellphone number to call him if he had any emergency complaints to make about me. He did not give me his cellphone number in case anyone was harassing me on his behalf. So here I was thinking this man was going to harm me and if I kept sendign emails the police would find my emails and know who murdered me, and they were giving him special treatment to protect him from the girl sending the emails when I was sitting in my bathroom in th emiddle of my house believing that if I didn't stop I would be murdered. That proved to me how little the Toronto Police care about women who are raped or stalked, they care more about protecting men from being falsely accused than they do about the girls whose lives they destroy. But I am alive aren't I? I still maintain 100% that if I didn't keep sending those texts and emails I would not be alive, those people cannot hide that big of a paper trail...

I read all the notes written about me in the court documents, all the scribbles on paper that were photocopied by various police officers and all the typed notes and what bothers me the most is that anyone would put so much time and effort into collecting all that information to abuse a girl who reported being raped and stalked, there were not piles of notes about the men I reported for rape or of the things that happened to me, there were no copies of my medical files or of my report to Hamilton Police, none of that was in the notes, then the court paper about what happend didn't even list my proper birth place, it read that I was born in London Ontario not Mississauga and that I was "independently successful of my parents" but I was dependent on my parents and not yet on my own still a student and qualified for social assistance but did not know it, and so where did they get their information because it wasn't from me or anyone who knows me very well, it was just as weird as the stuff written abou tme in the McMAster Univesity medical centre notes where it was stated that I drank whiskey, seriously, I am a lychee martini and merlot kind of girl I don't think I have ever even had whiskey in my life, so whoever wrote that knows nothing about me, I am fairly certain from the notes that they believed I was someone else's daughter, so where is the girl who they were writing about, an independently successful of her parents girl born in London Ontario who likes to drink whiskey and have promiscuous sex??...

I had some perverts who have good well paying jobs try to convince me that the bad things that happened to me were delusions or fantasies and that in their opinion I had fantasies about perverted things but the reality is that I am not the pervert, the perverts are the ones who wanted to believe that the girl who was terrorized while a university student was having fantasies when the weirdo or weirdos who did those things was out there somewhere and still is. It's sad really to find out that perverts can get into jobs where they have power and money to harm girls. I wish I has fantasies and delusions, but unfortunately it was all real and the perverts who did it and the perverts who came up with stories that I was a pervert are still walking free and the girl whose life they destroyed is the one who suffered instead of the monsters. IT never happened again because the perverts moved on with their lives and here I am dealing with the aftermath of perverts who harm university girls and the perverts we pay to help victims recover who instead of help inflict suffering to live out their own fantasies with no regard for human life. My story is that I was in an abusive casual dating relationship in my lst year of high school and in undergrad, broke up with that boyfriend then got raped and stalked by 2 men shortly after at parties. MY story will never change because that is what I survived, but the most horrifying part is not tha tI was raped and stalked, it is that we have some perverts working as doctors, therapists, and police officers in Canada and no one really cares and when they get the chance to live out their fantasies instead of assist a traumatized victim of crimes they will jump at it and turn her into the problem and do nice things for the bad guys and not care, just keep telling their story about the girl who claimed she was raped having fantasies instead of making sure she is okay, has money, and a support system to move on with her life after abuse and trauma. A group of saddist perverts did some awful things to me and the worst part was knowing no one cared, but I am so thankful to the ones who do care, have been supportive, and have helped me to heal, listen to me, believe me, and give me the things I need to recover and move forward from the horrors of someone else's fantasies. The last thing I ever wanted in my life was to be a pervert's fantasy punching bag. Don't EVER blame a girl for being stalked or attacked by a pervert or group of douchebags, it is NEVER her fault, NEVER blame a girl for being raped or stalked or otherwise abused and NEVER make up stories about her or call her delusional, it is the WORST possible thing you can do to a victim of domestic violence or violent crime.

The scariest part for me is knowing that if I have kids my kids might be harmed by all the people who already abused me in my life because people like that always go on a rampage and I don't know who is going to protect my kids from the same abuse I've experienced in my life, if they didn't protect me or punish anyone who harmed me why would I ever trust them to protect my kids from the same kinds of people? I want nothing more in life to be married with children but I am terrified my children are going to be harmed in the same ways I was and that no one will care. If my life has repeatedly been put in danger and no one cared to help me then the lives of my unborn children are already in danger and always will be, why don't I have kids, in part because I am not married, but the other part is because I know that monsters are going to hurt my future children and having a child will only put an innocent person's life in danger of the same monsters who abused me, I just can't imagine anyone doing the things that were done to me to my future kids. They are going to hurt my babies just like they hurt me. It's my life and my kids that are the ones in danger not the kids of the people who abused me, the same people are going to hurt my kids.

 I don't associate with married men, if a married man wants to be associated to me he will have to wait until I am married and befriend my husband. If he befriended one of my ex-boyfriends or someone he believed was an ex-boyfriend, well that was not myhusband, husbands and boyfriends are very different things. Husbands are forever boyfriends are temporary, you should have waited until after my wedding or until I was at least living with a man as his common law wife. That is just how it is.

You cannot just expect a girl like me to skip over life-stages because she was a victim of sex crimes and stalking in her 20s so no man married her. I am in my 30s, I am not yet married, and the MOST IMPORTANT LIFE-STAGE for me now is my WEDDING and my FIRST HOUSE And my FIRST KID. That is where I am at right now, just like a girl who is 21, you have to make sure all the older girls are taken care of and get to have their weddings, their first houses, and their first babies BEFORE you move onto the younger girls. I don't thikn you understand that being raped and stalked caused me to miss the MOST IMPORTANT LIFESTAGE TRANSITIONS FOR ANY YOUNG WOMAN and I am not capable of being single or a career woman, I was in university to meet a husband and if you want to help me a job isn't what I need, what I need is a man to marry who wants to start a family right now, I am not even interested in a career because I only want to be a stay at home mom! Forget about the girls who are 21 until you take care of girls like me, they have 10 years to reach our age, or we will never get our weddings or first homes or kids, our lives are NOT disposable.

If you wanted to help me get over being raped and stalked, I needed you to set me up with a good christian man and give me the wedding of my dreams and the house of my dreams to start a family, I am not a career woman or interested in a career and I haven't gotten over being raped and stalked because what I need is to be married and what I needed was for people to introduce me to good christian men when I was 26 after I reported being raped and stalked not try to send me to school but find me a husband because I was in school to find a husband  not a career. I am in my 30s now and I live with my parents and it's because no one bothered to find me what I needed and that was a man my age and religion to marry and start a future with! If you found me what I needed and what I was looking for at McMaster before I was raped and stalked, a husband of my own religion who has a good jobto afford to buy us a nice house to raise a family, I would be married with 3 or 4 kids by now and probably moved on with my life 8 years after I was raped! What the hell did you think I wanted in life? What is wrong with you?

 Above all else, I am just another unemployed designer with a degree who never found work but has lots of internet friends and a blog. What makes me different is that I was injured and developed long-term disabilities..

 One thing I learnt in being sexually assaulted and stalked and starting to talk about all the bad things than happened in my life is that I discovered that very few people cared about the things that happened to me, they all would say things like I needed to talk with a therapist rather than acknowledging my pain and my suffering and that I really had been a victim of various crimes in my life I never reported or talked about. What became very clear to me is that in addition to not caring, people went out of their way to do nice things for those who I talked about and brought up painful things they did to me, and some people and organizations chose to affiliate themselves and even go so far as to publicly affiliate themselves with people who I started to talk about hurting me in my past, they didn't do nice things for me, they did nice things for the people who hurt me and then battered me for talking and told me I needed mental health treatment not the right to see them punished for the crimes they commited towards me or punished for saying awful things to me or harming me physically or emotionally. What I learnt is that no one really cares about girls like me, they treat the people who hurt you as a victim because you complained, and they give them opportunities and good jobs and money as a reward, but I am thankful to now know what organizations and people to never associated myself with and never say anything nice about them, I learnt that the bad things that happened to me do not matter, that I am not a person, and that violence against women and girls perpetrated by males or females is rewarded most often not punished when the victim complains, no one went on a rampage to punish anyone who hurt me, they went on a rampage to defend them andto hurt me for talking about my pain because in their eyes my life had less value and I would never ever work for or go to school anywhere that rewarded someone for harming me with opportunities and encouragement and love and money and I am 100% aware that if the tables were turned and they were accusing me they would treat me just as bad and hurt me and reward them because my life has no value to those places or people, it never did and it never will.

My name is Carolyn and I was raped and stalked while a McMaster University student in my 20s shortly after I ended an abusive casual dating relationship with a boy who immigrated to Canada shortly before I met him that started when I was in high school and ended when I was in university,  at least one of the men who the police investigated for raping me is now married with children, for this reason I 100% support deporting people who immigrate to Canada as children then abuse people who are born here and the death penalty for rapists. That is my real life.

What would you do if you found out that the ONLY reason you EVER got certain opportunities or jobs in life was because you were associated to someone who you treated like crap and people mistook you for a friend or boyfriend/future husband of that person and were trying to raise or maintain her social status by giving people affiliated to her opportunities or connections. What would you do if you found out that if you never met that person you would never have had those opportunities in life and been somemone else. What would you do if you hurt a girl because you believed that she stole your life and you would have lived her life if a man dated you instead or a girl was your best friend instead of her but you didn't know the only reason they ever got to do those things was because of the other girl and if you had switched places from the beginning they'd never have lived the life they did but your life not hers? Would you be humiliated if you hurt that girl after knowing she was the ONLY reason you or your boyfriend/husband ever got to do those things or meet those people or would you try to murder her?

You can say whatever you want about what I've posted and written online, you can say I lied because you are embarassed or your perception is different than mine, but I don't care what you think, because I know I am alive, I have shared my perspective as I remember things, too many people have read what I have to say already, too many people already know, and my only goal was to survive. I'd like to know why you are hiding in the background not me?

Several doctors, therapists, police, nurses, court officials, and men who I reported as abusing me have written/said some really bizarre things about me in medical and legal documents. It upsets me because it's false information they refused to correct that could easily be corrected with review of facts in my life such as where I was born and where I have lived/worked, and who my friends have been, what kind of men I am most attracted to, what my interests are, etc. but like what I've come to realize is that no matter what unbelievable garbage or false statements they make or bizarre attempts to cover what happened to me to prove the innocence of bad people and destroy what they perceived as a girl with a promising future in a jealous rage for their children or friends to get ahead in life, it is not a reflection of me, it is only a reflection of them, what they write and say about me is only a reflection of who they are as a person, how they think, what their fantasies are, proof they are willing to lie and cheat and harm to get ahead in life, and what brings me comfort in knowledge is that I know who they really are, I see who they hide behind that mask, and I know that they are bad people who do the work of satan to bring home a paycheque or marry their son/daughter off to the "right" person and don't care about women like me, and that is not okay but I know they will suffer in the afterlife for what they did to me and probably lots of others just like me. It's not okay, it will never be okay, but it's only a reflection of their values, their morals, and their fantasies. I did learn in administrative studies that above all else your primary objective in all business administration or business dealings is "to do no harm" and I don't see how these people can work in professions where they are intended to work directly with vulnerable people seemingly lacking the primary social responsibility for any person in any profession that one should do no harm for economic gain.


Professionally Trained Conceptual Artist With One Year of Gifted Highschool Art (1998-99) and OCAD University Foundations Year in Art (2000-01)

  • Sep 7, 1998 - Current


  • Aug 14, 2003 - Current

Professionally Trained Textile Artist and Designer With a Bachelor of Design including 3 Years Specialized in Material Art & Design Fibre Arts/Textiles @ OCAD University (2001-2004)

  • Sep 3, 2001 - Current

Cake Decorator with Certificates in Buttercream, Tiered Cakes, and Fondant

  • Feb 27, 2010 - Current

Completed Some Business Administration Courses (January 2005-April 2006 @ York University & September 2006 to March 2009 @ McMaster University)

  • Jan 3, 2005 - Mar 27, 2009
  • Withdrew from Graduate School @ McMaster University due to stalking/violence in good academic standing, will not return, MBA will remain incomplete because I will not put myself into danger just to get an education and find a husband. This was supposed to be a happy/positive experience for me, and it was the complete opposite. While other people my age spent the years from 25 to 30 growing into their young adult life, travelling, having fun, getting married and starting their careers and families, I spent those years in a state of constant terror and chronic pain and lost 5 years and probably more to violence, I will never be 27, 28, 29, or 30 years old EVER because of selfish acts of violence committed by monsters. I didn't even get past the education part of starting my career. I am content in the fact I am alive and although my life was torn to shreds by violence, I can walk, I can see, I can talk, I refuse to call myself a survivor because I did not survive, but I get to live.

Completed Four-Year Bachelor of Design (September 2000 to December 2004) @ OCAD University

  • Sep 4, 2000 - Dec 17, 2004

BORN: September 17th, 1981 in Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA, a city within the Greater Toronto Area

  • Sep 17, 1981

Carolyn's 19th Birthday, First Semester of University 2000

  • Sep 17, 2000

Carolyn's 30th Birthday September 17th 2011

  • Sep 17, 2011

Carolyn's 14th Birthday, Started Grade 9 in 1995

  • Sep 17, 1995

Carolyn's 25th Birthday September 2006

  • Sep 17, 2006

First Noticed a Psychopath Started Contacting Me Over The Internet (Estimated Date June 2007) It could have been sooner but I didn't notice. At First it Seemed Charming and Mysterious and I Wondered with my Friends if I had a Secret Admirer, Then It Quickly Turned Creepy in Fall 2007

  • Jun 4, 2007

Child Competitive Swimmer Competing up to the National Women's Open Level as one of the youngest competitors starting age 13. Quit in my mid-teens. This was the average Children's Organized Sports Team with a Successful Olympian for our Head Coach and although without my consent swim meets were broadcast on Television, I was not paid to swim, my parents paid for me to swim, the enire team had many sponsors but it was still expensive, and I quit when still a child. At 14 I was lucky enough to try out for the Olympics but didn't even make semi-finals, I've never even seen the Olympics in person and it was something I wanted to do as a child, but now that I am 31 I have other things I would do first if I had money like buy my first home or car and take a trip maybe to morroco then egypt over to india. Unfortunately as London Ontario Canada is a small isolated city I had some schizophrenics who had grandiose delusions I was a famous superstar because of the local paper causing problems in my adult life when I was just an average girl living in Toronto.

  • Sep 4, 1989 - Jan 3, 1997

Grade 12 Half Day Gifted Visual Art: Ended Year School Swim Team MVP, Only Student to write Euclid Math Contest Test (but was told my grade was so bad I didn't get an award, so I was the highest grade at my school and the only student so there was no award), and Honor Roll Award Recipient

  • Sep 7, 1998 - Jun 25, 1999

Family Moved To A Medium-Sized City in Canada called London, Ontario, Canada because of my Father's job transfer: Here I started Grade 2 (Funniest thing about London is they have a different accent than Toronto and kids made fun of my accent! lol... I remember being humiliated in grade 2 in the school yard because some kids were telling me I said the word RED funny. lol. Same thing happened when I moved back to the GTA after acquiring the London Ontario Accent, a Southern American like way of speaking)

  • Aug 29, 1988

Family Moved To North York, Ontario, Canada, A Suburb of Canada's Biggest City Toronto because my Father started a New Job: Here I Started my Last Year of Highschool When Canada had Required Grade 13/OAC

  • Aug 29, 1999

Family Moved to Brooklin, Ontario, Canada, A Small Town in Canada in the Greater Toronto Area While I was in University (I also got my first student apartment on Davisville but spent weekends in Brooklin, only had it 8 months thru 2 semsters.) Moving day was the day of the blackout on the eastern side of north america and with my luck the apartment I moved into was the last in North America to have power restored

  • Aug 14, 2003

Graduated High School June 2000 @ Earl Haig Secondary School in North York, Ontario, Canada: A Public School in Toronto

  • Jun 23, 2000

OCAD Graduation Ceremony: Awarded BDes. The only guests I Invited to the ceremony were my parents.

  • May 26, 2005


  • Sep 17, 1981 - Aug 27, 1988

  • Aug 27, 1988 - Aug 28, 1999


  • Aug 28, 1999 - Aug 14, 2003

Ballet Lessons and Performances in both Mississauga and London Ontario.

  • Sep 7, 1986 - Jul 31, 1992

Modern Dance Lessons

  • Sep 1, 1998 - Jul 30, 1999
Vital Stats
Year I Was Born
Times I've Been Married or Engaged
Highest Annual Revenue I've Projected From Recommendations following a Strategic Review of An Organization as an MBA Student (Per Year Real World not Case Study)
Approx Total Personal Revenue from All Artwork I've Sold in Dollars
Approximate Number of NEW FRIENDS, mostly Creative Professionals like myself, I have as of 2014 (Start Date November 2011)
Number of "Carolyn Married Herself Presents" purchased (one received!), target of 200 guests at my fictional wedding each giving me the standard wedding gift retail value of $100 per guest before sales and discounts. (I buy housewares for myself with my Disability Payments but it's more fun and great therapy to pretend they are wedding presents... yes 200 means $20,000 of PRESENTS so I exceeded my goal of 200 by March 2015 on December 31st 2014!!) NEW GOAL 300! current total $28,800... and I've added Bridal Jewellery!!
OCAD University
Material Art & Design (Bachelor of Design Four-Year Degree)
Degree awarded May 2005.

Ellen Adams Scholarship for Textile Design awarded by Juried Competition (2003)

This was not a fashion degree.

I've never been to an OCAD Alumni Event because I've never been invited to one. After May 2004 I only took one course @ OCAD to complete my Degree and it was at the Michener Institute not on campus, Intro to Psychology in Fall 2004 while I was working full-time at TARION the new home warranty corporation,a job I started shortly after I got home from taking a course at McGill in summer 2004 as all the OCAD summer school courses were full and I was 2 short of my degree, then started at York in January 2005 in Accounting after studying a current grade 12 math textbook I took out of the library in the same building as the office I worked in to write a math test requiring an A for the program planning to get a CA then become a forensic accountant but left York in 2006 to take an MBA in Marketing at McMaster instead because I was failing the intermediate accounting course afeter getting an A in the intro course. I only completed the BDes so my other education is worthless. In the time from 2004 to 2007 I was never invited to any OCAD events, attended one open house in 2007 for nuit blanche, and otherwise only get the magazine in the mail for alumni and requests for money I don't have.

This really is a completely useless degree considering I couldn't even find a job paying above a poverty wage and nothing in art or design. I wasted over $20,000 on tuition and never even made enough money to pay back my student loans. Further education also did not lead to any opportunities for work paying a living wage. That is the reality of going to art and design school, unless you hit the lottery and someone picks you for a job, you will be left living a life of poverty.
Certificates 1 & 3'10
Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating
*Buttercream (including Roses)
*Tiered Cakes

These courses were taken @ Michael's Craft Store with women of all educational backgrounds so I was lucky to meet a group of lovely people who I would not otherwise have come into contact with in my life.
McMaster University 2006-2009 (MBA ALSO KNOWN AS HOW TO BE AN EXECUTIVE'S WIFE SCHOOL FOR PRETTY 20 SOMETHING GIRLS, I DIDN'T GRADUATE, THIS IS NOT A FAILURE, IT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT I WAS ACCEPTED AND OTHERS WERE REJECTED, THE FACT I WAS ACCEPTED AND PASSED OVER HALF THE REQUIRED COURSES IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF IN COMPARISON TO MY INTELLIGENCE AND TO OTHER WOMEN IN CANADA WHO WERE NOT QUALIFIED TO EVEN APPLY, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME NOT GRADUATING AND NOT BEING AS GOOD AS THOSE WHO DID, IT'S ABOUT ME BEING ACCEPTED COMPARED TO THOSE WHO WERE NOT, I HAVE NOT MOVED ON FROM THE TRAUMATIZING EVENTS THAT OCCURED AS A STUDENT BUT I HAVE LONG SINCE MOVED ON FROM MY INTEREST IN COMPLETING AN MBA. That said, these were NOT the most miserable years of my life, the most miserable years of my life were from age 18-24, This started out as the happiest year of my life and really bad things happened to me in that year so it was like the happiest things to happen for me in my life up to that time happened but also some of the hardest but not the worst, the worst things in my life happend from age 17 to 21 and I think going to McMaster helped me move past some traumas and replace those traumas with new traumas to help me forget the years from 17 to 24 which were and still are the worst years of my life. Like I don't think people understand how miserable I was from age 18-24, and I might now in 2016 have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but I am not depressed, I am not sad, I am happy now, I am angry at the people who stole what was in my perception my first opportunity to be happy but I never lost that happiness, and I mean iven the things that happened in my life from age 18-24 and the way I was treated it explains why I wouldn't go to the police to report being raped the next day like other girls might because I was already abused by one man like that every week for years because he let me sleep over in his parents basement with him if I had sex with him on weekends so it was normal for me and I just went on with my life (but thankfully he had a VERY small penis which he refered to a, get this "a scared little turtle" when it was not erect so I would just make noises and pretend I enjoyed it until it was over but it was so tiny compared to other boys penises I had touched before his as a teenager, talking about penises, the man who assaulted me when Iw as intoxicated so unable to give consent in august 2007 had a very skinny but very long penis shaped like a banana and I didn't even notice it was in my vagina at first, I thought it was a finger, and I gave that description to police and the one in November 2007 he had a very short fat penis but was a very tall man so it was very tiny for his size, and like I didn't report the egyptian man with the humoungous penis as a rapist or for abuse and it was the biggest penis I have ever seen and the man I dated on and off he also had a very large penis but it wasn't quite as big as the egyptian and the indian man between the two men who assaulted me who I didn't even realized what he did is considered assault until I found out that if you are intoxicated consent includes fingers in your vagina but anyways he had a very proportionate sized penis to his body and I never reported him and he was between the two alleged rapists in 2007 more than once like I woke up with his hand on my breast under my top and I didn't complain to anyone and I find it ironic that the men who I reported for abuse or rape all had small penises and the ones who I did not report had larger or more proportioned sized penises to their bodies and the men with larger penises never complained about me or called me names or anything when I was being a "bi$ch" and none of the larger penis men went to the police or anyone to complain when I sent them too many texts or emails most of them just came back looking for more Carolyn even with my criminal record months or years later... maybe men with smaller either very skinny or very short penises are more likely to abuse women... and if you are wondering the large penis egyptian also went to McMaster and has an MBA and we worked closely together at school on lots of projects and he never got any awards or mentions but he deserves the award for the most perfect penis I think probably anyone in the program had, he likely is in the top for all the penises in the world and he wouldnt ever be ashamed of that or me saying that, it really is beautiful and I bet my friend who also dated him would say the same but she is married now to another man and ditched me after I told her about us...), but I wasn't sad, I was happy because my life was better than it had been and I didn't find a husband and I didn't get a job or money but I did find happiness in myself and my freedom to breath and I cry not for being sad, I don't even cry when I talk about things that happened to me, I cry because repeated memories put me back in the moments I want to forget and go on with my life like they never happened.)
>>*****I don't associate with any of the people I met at McMaster, because I don't maintain friendships with men after they become engaged because I do not associate with married men or with women who do not invite me to their weddings. If a girl called me a friend then got married and didn't even invite me to a pre-party or the wedding, she clearly wasn't ever my friend. *****<<


I did NOT receive any scholarships or bursaries for financial need upon admissions, but I did receive a $5000 Bursary at the end of first semester applied towards my second semester tuition after I did not find a co-op job for second semester, instead I got $5000 towards my tuition.

Although I was hosting lots of parties and had lots of friends, after I was sexually assaulted I wasn't invited out anymore and not one person I met at McMaster invited me to be a guest at their wedding although I started out a very popular girl with lots of friends. (please note that half the MBA program was young people in their early to late 20s hanging out at grad school, the other half over 30 and in a completely different part of their lives, I started at 24 with 50 other young people my age who were also at a point in their lives where we were into partying, being young in our 20s, and having fun and did not think of each other as future colleagues but friends-forever...) Because I was sexually assaulted and stalked, I was marginalized in my mid 20s and now in my early 30s am single and disabled not married with children like I dreamed I would be when I was 24. When I was 24 I really thought that by my early 30s I'd be married with children and live in a nice house and be married to a good man who loved me and treated me with dignity and respect, I thought I would meet that man at McMaster when I was 24, (When I started I was dating a loser who couldn't possibly get into grad school himself as he only had a few undergrad courses completed by 2007 and I completed a 4-year degree in 2004, he was abusive and a con-man and McMaster was my chance to finally leave my abusive and manipulative casual weekend only boyfriend who put me down and made me feel small and stole from me and my family but I didn't realize he was stealing from my until I left broke-up with the man, I was never married to him, I never lived with him, and he actually conned people into believing I was his wife and I did not know this, I told him from the start I wouldn't marry him and I meant it. There will never be a reunion with this man, if he contacts me, my family, or anyone about me I want them to contact the police so he can be put in prison for stalking me. The idea of ever allowing that man to even touch me makes me physically sick and I never want him to meet the man I marry or my children and if he ever approaches my family I will have to call the police to have him arrested, I've had so many boyfriends in my life and I care more about some of other men, there will never be any reunion, he was not and will never be my one and only, he was only my part time weekend boyfriend and I supported myself on student loans and my parents were also supporting me any claims otherwise by any man and he is a con-person. Same with them 2 men who were investigated by police for assaulting me, that is stalking and prison is the only place all 3 belong) I really thought that McMaster University was going to make my dreams come true for me and I finally felt that after years of distress that started in my late teens due to various traumas I was where I belonged and where my future would begin, I thought I was going to meet my forever friends here and that we'd all have life-long friendships and go to each other's weddings and have kids together and take them out together, but instead I was left a victim and disposed of by the police and doctors for the freedom of violent men and equally abusive women. I will never be a survivor and always a victim of these people and pray daily they go to prison.

Additionally, although some of the graduates will end up with very well paying jobs, lots of the graduates end up in jobs paying about $45-50k upon graduation and the courses provide less education than completing an undergraduate degree in business, it's more like a way to add some business courses to your undergrad degree. What I realized is this: many of the grads because their background in like science or economics end up in grey-collar jobs, the equivalent of the factory worker in an office, and never reach the executive level where they are a decision maker rather than an information gatherer because they never specialize in anything beyond data analysis, then hand that info onto a superior with a different kind of education or experience who then makes a decision and hands it up to someone else. That's not the life I want. Although I was lucky enough to do actual case study type work on co-op in the real world just like in class using the same kinds of evaluation methods and decision matrices, (They give you a problem to read like a company wants to create a new product or is operating at a loss and tell you to come up with a solution and present it to the class with a powerpoint presentation then have a question and answer period and it's stupidity because the grads are making charts or cutting and pasting data at work or working as sales reps for pharma companies pushing drugs to hospitals or whatever) the reality is many co-ops and grads sit at long desks at the top of office towers with only a computer and chair and phone, I did that already before I was in grad school, it was awful, I saw the rooms in banking offices for recent grads when I went for interviews, they were not fancy offices but like hundreds of chairs in tiny rooms on the 50th floor like a sweat shop. One of my peers was paid to process orders all semester as a co-op student. That's not a life I could deal with in any capacity emotionally or psychologically no matter what job title they gave me.

A long time has past for me since I was an MBA student and many MBA students are very competitive, the ones looking for banking jobs more so than the ones looking for public service or retail jobs, and I know 100% that an MBA is not for me now, I actually had other students being paid more than me get jealous of my co-op job, seriously, like who gets jealous of a student of paying the equivalent hourly wage of $32,000/year? Anyways, and if you want some advice I will give you this: I started out working for a manager, then he left and I started working for his director, and by the end of 8 months I was working on projects for the director's boss the CFO, but it wasn't because I was ambitious and it wasn't because I was competitive, it was because I just said "yes" to everything I was asked to do and did what I was told and never spoke unless I was spoken to by my superiors. I didn't call up my boss to chat or knock on their door to talk about personal stuff. That's all. It's not genius, I didn't want to be fired from a student job, I didn't want to fail out of grad school for being fired from my co-op job, and I wanted good reference letters so I just did what I was told to do and never questioned it, if I was asked to call people I did or fill out spreadsheets I did or drive downtown to talk with someone and take notes about our conversation I did. I don't want to work anywhere like that again now, I did then, and really, if you are a student all you have to do is not question what you are asked to do and not be annoying or have tempertantrums when you don't get a project some other girl in the office got to work on.

McMaster University for me at 24 was supposed to be the beginning of my new life, my happily ever after, the day I got my acceptance letter to grad school was really the happiest day of my life, it was like a relief and like a dream come true, I never in a million years thought I would go to a university like McMaster let alone get into graduate school at a University like McMaster even tho my parents and grandfather and other relatives went there, when I was in high school I didn't even have grades to get into most universities. But instead of my happily ever after, instead of my dream come true, it was the nightmare that never ended, it was like a horror movie and still is like a horror movie that will never end because Satan and Satan's followers ruined it all for me. I was 24 and now I am in my early 30s and not a single one of my dreams have come true only my worst nightmares.

I didn't graduate, not even close, and that is okay with me because I am a woman and the sensitive emotional type, I am not emotionally cut out for a career working with people like this and probably not smart enough either, the men who assaulted me are a lot smarter than I am, how else do you think my life could possibly be such a disaster? I'm just not as smart as they are.

Although I did take some business courses and was given the honor of a student job as a TA for Marketing and Entrepreneurship, I'm not a marketing professional or a business woman, I only got grades high enough for a professor to trust me enough to take class attendance and use his notes and marking scheme to put checkmarks on papers for him. I'm really good at ideas and research and analyzing, at least I was before I was disabled, but I am not so good at selling because I am not the agressive type. I worked in a few office jobs but they were not in business, they were all administrative work not selling anything but looking at documents or calling people or meeting with people in person or entering data or writting reports on data collected. The only selling experience I have is in a flower shop but really I just gave a price list provided by the store owner to people. I really am not very good at selling things, that takes a certain personality type and I am not the sales-person-type. I wasn't in business school at york or at McMaster, I was in Administrative Studies and in a Masters of Business Administration, but Administration programs but business is a part of administration of anything that involves dollars. I think there is a lot of confusion over the graduate degree MBA because if you want to be a banking executive you really need a masters degree in finance which is a component of an MBA but only 1 credit of 20. I wasn't doing research in how to run a textile business in an MBA, I was learning what to do when like a multi-million or billion dollar company is in a crisis situation and losing money or looking to like increase their revenue by expanding an already large company, that is a very different thing from taking commerce to learn how to open a mom-preneur company selling cupcakes. I really do not know anything about how to set up financing or organize a small business but I can tell you ways of deciding how to save a billion-dollar organization from a major loss or strategies for how a company that already exists might surpass it's competition. I cannot tell you how to start a business, only if the idea is a good idea or a bad idea based on internal and external environmental factors and what the potential for revenue is based on provided statistics by analyzing various options thru statistical matrices assigning values to varies factors and then creating strategies for setting up a plan to move forward and implement best recommendations, ways to audit the implementation to ensure it's moving forward and contingency plans in case of potential problems. I do not know anything about setting up a small business but certainly it is a very easy thing to do, I just don't know how. I didn't study how to set up a fashion or textile business while in university, but I did participate in a group project that involved expanding an athletic company's product into men's athletic-inspired business-clothing with things like airholes and stretch because we thought it would sell, and a plan to create a textile manufaturer monitoring organization that would assess textile manufacturers around the world to prevent things like exploitation of children and plants burning down and killing people before they happen so that companies would know who they were entering into business with and be able to provide that information on to the consumer. Anyways, I don't know anything about setting up a small business.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide any advice to McMaster Business students for the rest of my life and I choose to not have any connections even tho my father is a graduate and awarded some of the top honours in Canada for his profession, I will not associate with people who treated me so badly. I don't know where my life will take me, but I know 100% that I will never allow a graduate of degroote school of business to be a part of my life socially or professionally. What happened to me while a McMaster graduate student is completely unacceptable and a crime, it had nothing to do with my being a TA for one semester clearly because that was after 2007 when the bad stuff started, the course I was a TA for required either that the student had an A in that course or an A in the equivalent MBA course, that doesn't take a genius to figure out once they pass the course. Like half the students in the class were the same age as me but still in undergrad mostly because they were so spoiled they got to play around in life while I was busy finishing my undergrad just out of highschool and I didn't have the luxury of playing around from 19-22 before going off to university, like a boy I made out with at a party when we were like 16 was in their class, they weren't children with some older girl marking their papers but spoiled even being paid more than me at their internships. If I am following anyone from the school on Behance, I didn't even read your profile and it has nothing to do with you but that you live in Ontario and I searched Ontario and clicked down the list and perhaps it would help if you provided some information as to why you are a creative professional, you see, I got into an MBA program because of the grades I achieved in 4 years of undergraduate education in art and design. I got into design school because I spent countless sleepless nights getting a portfolio together in high school gifted art then grade 13 adding more to that portfolio taking only half a course load in my last year of high school. Then 4 years of sleepless all-nighters to get thru an undergrad degree where there were only 500 admitted students first year and I was told 1/3 dropped out because they failed first year of design school and my graduating class only had 11 students in my specialization, then AFTER my undergrad was done I went into an undergraduate admin program in accounting where I stayed up all night just to get my assignments and thru my exams and didn't even sleep the night before I wrote the GMAT because I was doing the same thing to study to get the score I needed for grad school, those all nighters led to my ability to stay up all night then write an MBA exam or do a presentation, and go to bed after it was done and I repeated that same behavior while on co-op in the belief it would lead to a graduate degree and a job where I would make enough money that a good man might marry me because that is what Canada expects of women but unfortunately because of some losers it led to a complete waste of over 10 years of my life where I could have just been married to someone with 2 years of college education and a good job to support our family and I wouldn't have had any stress or anxiety in my life or student debt or worry about things I shouldn't ever have had to worry about in the first place. Because of people like you, when I was arrested in 2009 for sending the police 1000 emails begging them to find my stalker and other things, a weekend in jail was a vacation and a much needed pajama party with another girl in her 20s, seriously, I was traumatized but we sat around all weekend talking about make-up, working out, and boyfriends in pajamas and food was delivered to our door like a hotel and we had mini toothpaste and soap and clean pajamas and underwear. They don't give those to you in a dorm at a university and there definitely is no room service of scrambled eggs and cinnamon buns and laundry. If you have grandiose delusions otherwise please seek a psychiatrist.

I completed a degree in 2004 at OCAD. That is my education. That is more education than lots of people have and that is my education. Maybe I wasn't lucky enough to get a job with my degree but I will not be completing grad school, it is clearly not for me, it caused me too much stress both emotionally and financially as I had to borrow money for school and worry the whole time that I might not find work to pay it back, too much distress because although I did have a couple of professors who encouraged me for the most part I was told how I just wasn't as good as the other students causing me more emotional distress, and really if a graduate degree is something that is important to you or something you want me to do, why aren't you the one completing it and doing all the hard work for that piece of paper? I'm exhausted and poor and it did nothing for me but cause me distress and I didn't even get to graduate like all the other girls who were treated with encouragement, praise, and respect. If you want to be connected to a person with a graduate degree you need to go and get one for yourself because the distress of going into further debt in the hopes of a brighter future is not for me, I need a man who has a good job and can take care of a wife and kids, I am too sensitive and not capable of completing this type of education. If you want to help me, you need to help me find a man to marry who can support a family not pressure me to borrow more money to get more education when I am already in distress and have been in distress over borrowing money for school since the beginning.

But I think I was successful as a student on co-op compared to some of my other peers, there is only so much you can do and am proud of that, I'll porbably never work in health admin but at the time I was 100% willing to, I think part of what helped me was that I am passive not aggressive, I didn't ask for more work and I said yes to everything that was asked of me and stayed late to like 7pm to finish it if I had to or took home the laptop they gave me and finished it at my student apartment. I know the McMaster encourages students to seek out people who they want to meet to impress and introduce themselves, but I never did that, I did the opposite, I didn't even say hello to my boss or his boss unless they said hello to me first because I was raised to never speak unless spoken to by a superior. If I was called up or emailed I went but I didn't just show up at their door to say hi ever and I never emailed or called anyone unless I was told to or unless I asked if it was okay first. I really think that as a student you have to be respectful, I even like cc'd my boss on most of my emails. I don't know why McMaster teaches such disrespectful behaviours to students in their job search.
I mean really, if your boss's boss doesn't say hello, you never say a word, but if they call you by the wrong name you say hello and do not correct them no matter how many times they call you Caroline instead of Carolyn.

Please note: Although I have a Bachelor of Design from OCAD in Toronto, before being accepted into MBA studies I took a 3rd year summer school course at McGill, worked 5 months full-time for TARION in an office, enrolled at York University in bacehlor of administrative studies accounting after studying an entire grade 12 math book on my own and passing a test with an A grade, studied at York in administration at the bachelor degree level for 1.5 years including an entire first year math course, economics, accounting, and other courses, all before attempting the GMAT test. Had it not been for my time at York University there is absolutely no way I could have gotten into an MBA program right out of OCAD, International Business was something I considered studying right after high school but unfortunately after being an honor-roll student in grade 12 in Canada we had a required grade 13 to enroll in university and my family moved and I didn't do well in any of my grade 13 courses so did not have the math courses completed to apply for that program but did very well in grade 12 math. My situation is different from many of the other OCAD students and different from students who didn't have any problems in their last year of highschool before starting undergraduate degrees and never experienced any pain or struggle in their entire life just consistent rewards while moving up in the world, what is that saying? You cannot compare apples to oranges. Since we had a required grade 13 to get into university back in 1999-2000
I was a grade 12 honor roll student, changed schools because my father started a new job in a new city and my new teachers were all failing me and telling me I wasn't smart enough to get better grades, ironically the same thing happened to me at McMaster, my professors started telling me I wasn't as deserving as the other students or as intelligent.

In everything I studied in school I did not learn the very simple concept I went into an MBA program to learn: How to set up and run a business: only concepts and theories for when they already exist. Not one professor said "if you want to start a business you register it then set up your taxes and this is how you do that...".

I went to school to find work to never have to worry about money and find a good man to marry, I don't know why you abused me or what your intentions were but please never contact me McMaster.

I am opinionated, but not the type who puts up her hand in class all the time, and I've been told by peers that when I do answer I always have something meaningful to say unlike the types who answer everything in class speaking confidently but their words have little value. I wasn't the type of girl who stood out in class, I usually sat in the back of the room and took my notes and talked with peers at the break or after class and rarely ever approached a professor to ask a question after class then went home but talked with peers outside of class and had parties and went for coffee and stuff outside of school but generally was quiet at school and scared of professors just like I was always scared of teachers in grade school. I think I still have anxiety steming back to high school when my teacher told me after class that there was no way I wrote my biology paper and asked me who wrote it and told me I wasn't smart enough to write that paper and I didn't deserve an A but he was giving me an A because it was an A paper, I think I got like a C in his class by the end of the year.

In addition to my other problems, I think the biggest problem for me is that I am just not aggressive or masculine like most of the girls who go to into an MBA program, and because no matter if I put on a costume, ie. followed the school dress code and wore what they told me, or I just cannot possibly hide my personality which is beyond girly and sensitive, something masculine women can do by pretending to be girly girls more easily then girly girls pretending to be manly nerd girls. I think an MBA is a degree better suited to women who are aggressive and have lots of masculine qualities not women like my who thought it was fun to play dress up and meet a soon to be successful man and get a first job. The women who do well are the agressive masculine types not the sensitive-creative types like me.

Most young people try out lots of college and university programs in their 20s to decide what career is for them and what isn't, at 23 I decided to go to York for Accounting then at 24 to McMaster for a Master's of Business Admin after completing a Bachelor of Design, but obviously administration school was not for me, like most other students I had part-time student jobs and internships and volunteer work and co-ops, but I didn't find the role for me, some people are early bloomers and know from the start what is for them and life is easy they just keep going up in the world and by 30 are married with kids and own a house with 8 years word experience moving up, but that is rare, most of us spend a lot of time searching before we get there and things don't come easy. This program was not for me and not a good career fit for me with or without my disablities acquired while in the program. I wasn't suspended or kicked out of school: I withdrew in good academic standing.

I really don't know why I was being terrorized, but on top of my other problems I get the impression that a violent undergrad student took their anger out on a grad student with a part time job as a teaching assistant. If you don't know the structure of the business school at McMaster, undergrad courses are 100 to 400 level courses, to move on to 600 level you have to apply after completing 400 level. So basically I was enrolled in 600 and 700 level courses grading papers for a professor using his notes and putting check-marks if I found the correct answer according to his notes, that is all. It is no different than high school, you go thru grade 9 to 12, at mcmaster you go thru 100 to 700 to complete a master's degree, if a 100 level student attacked a 700 level student it's no different than a mentally ill violent grade 9 student developing a weird obsession with a grade 12 student and attacking her before she gets to graduate. But I was a TA to 300 and 400 level and there is no 500 level so I was taking 600 level and 700 level courses and many of the 300 and 400 level students were my age some older including one boy I had a make-out session with in grade school and we were the same age but he was not in the sessions I was a TA for thank god. Every ingle student in those classes were adults, it's not like they were little kids in grade 7, all adults, studying the same thing as me in school, all competing for jobs at the end, the same jobs all the grad students were also competing for. If you have a daughter who said bad things about me, you have to accept that she's just a horrible adult bully attacking a girl a grade above her in university who she developed a fixation on for whatever reason and if you harmed me for her, you really need help to address your anger problems and see that you have a very disturbed adult daughter fixated on another adult female in her age group, if she commited violence towards me you have to understand that is a crime and she is the perpetrator and I am her victim and whatever she said about me, you need to get her psychiatric help because I probably am not her only female fixation or victim, I mean I was not her care-giver or her superior but just another girl in university just like her and in a couple years when she got to 600 or 700 level she could become a TA too while a student. When I am in my 40s she will be in her 40s just a couple years later when I am in my 50s she will be in her 50s, do you not understand that we are basically the same age and were both in school hoping to graduate and get our first jobs like most of the other students levels 100 to 700? Like do you understand that I was just a couple of years older and in a higher grade and I was supposed to graduate before her and get my first job before her and married before her and my first house before her and then she was supposed to get all those things in life AFTER me and all the girls in my grade of any age, she didn't come first, we all came first, we all took priority over her, we were all ahead of her and looking for our first jobs and not married yet but students and her time would come AFTER ours a few years later when she became a priority AFTER we got what we needed first to move on to the next stage of our lives AFTER university. Further if a man approaches your son or daughter claiming to be a boyfriend of a girl in his or her community or university or college, you better ask that girl if it is true and and if the man claims to be an ex boyfriend that does not make him trustworthy, he might have abused the girl and she might not want anything to do with him and seek a restraining order if he makes contact with people in her university in attempts to make contact with her or abuse her from a distance, I mean boyfriends are not husbands, when a girl doesn't live with a boyfriend it's not very serious, and chances are she sees him once a week or less especially if she is in school at a different school than he is or if he is not in school and working and she is in school she probably doesn't know much about his life 6 days a week, husbands and boyfriends are very different things, lots of men have multiple girlfriends they see a week and they don't know about each other or friends the girls have never met and the girls are really naive like me and do not know what they are doing 6 days a week.

I think that one of the biggest problems I discovered at McMaster was that lots of the students talked about reading books or learning about how to meet people and make friends, they didn't have that ability, they read how and then told me that they read how and pretended to be a friend based on what they read. And so there were lots of otherwise the type who would sit out all by themselves and have no friends befriending people just like themselves and imitating relationships by using what they read in books. And I realized that if they told me they read books about how to meet people they likely didn't know how and were usins what they read to imitate a friendship with me using sentences and emotions they read rather than knowing how to be a friend or a social person. So when you have people who read books about how to meet people and make friends using what they read to meet each other, like what do you end up with? A group of people who are intrinsically socially inept and lacking the ability to create genuine human relationships creating connections with each other. It's horrifying really and part of the reason I had to cut off all connections with them because they do not understand what genuine relationships are only how to imitate them for personal gain based on concepts and theories like robots.

They say that in retrospec you often remember a comment or an event and realize it's significance much too late, I realize now that while I was in grad school a peer of mine made a comment to me that the worst possible things any person could have on their records are mental health problems, mental health medications, and mental health problems in the criminal system were the absolute worst. Never once did I consider that this person might be telling me this with every intent to inflict those things on a naive 25 year old with perfect hair, perfect skin, and who this person percieved to be a threat. Not once did I ever consider that this might be a conversation amongst McMaster students or that a group of people might pick me and do the cruelest and most horrible things to in order to be popular or a member of a clique for the very first time in their life. Not once did that comment strike me as odd, or bizarre, it was just knowledge I did not have at the time and I never thought about that conversation again until years later. At the time I had never been in contact with the police for anymore other than a traffic accident and one speeding ticket because I was driving over 40km on campus at York University and of course a knock on the door related to canvasing door to door for an unrelated incident involving a neighbor, I had never been to a mental health worker for anything, and never been refered to a mental health worker for anything, in retrospect I see that maybe this person was having the time of their life telling the popular blonde girl in the program something in a jealous psychopathic rage and enjoying every minute of that conversation, I cannot name names here, and I will not state if this was a man or a woman, but looking back it scares me and I just can't understand why, I mean, were you really that miserable of a group of people you would tell me your plans, or was this BEFORE you picked me?

One thing that bothers me the most about my experience at McMaster is this: When I approached what was to me at 26 while a grad student authority figures in my life, the school administration and doctor on campus, about someone cyberstalking me, they told me to attend therapy and take medication but they never bothered to pick up the phone and call my emergency contacts which were my parents. When I told the doctor my parents were both graduates of McMaster and my grandfather had 3 degrees from McMaster including an honorary doctorate she told me I was delusional. Why would anyone do that unless they were gathering information about me from someone who didn't know me very well probably the people in the group terrorizing me? I wasn't a 26 year old married woman with a career, I was like all the other girls in my the MBA co-op program, by the beginning of 3rd semester we were all 24-30 years old, still living with our parents, single, and away at university hoping to get our first jobs and if anything bad happened to us we were all still dependent on our parents and they were all listed as our emergency contact numbers and our home addresses were all at our parents and our temporary addresses at school or co-op jobs. Like if they just called my parents I probably would have just moved home immediately in February 2008 and got the help I needed from the police department in my home community immediately. Like even when I was in Toronto in 2007 on co-op, when I fell inline skating and my boss told me to go to a doctor, I worked in a hospital in toronto but I went back to my student apartment and then the next morning drove home to Brooklin and no one was home and then I thought about going to the the walk-in clinic in town but instead drove back to Toronto and went to one there. If I went to one by my family house I likely wouldn't have had the same problems I did in Toronto. I don't know what these people were trying to do to my or why but in 2014 I am STILL horrified!

Maybe some weirdo violently-competitive mcmaster people or peope who work in admin or healtcare are confused about my profession because they didn't really know anything about me other than that I was an MBA grad student, the only profession I am qualified for is Designer and Artist because that is what my undergraduate education is, my only degree is Bachelor of Design and it was completed in 2004 and awarded in 2005. I don't have any other education, I am not one of those students who had a undergrad in business completed or a health sciences degree before becoming an MBA co-op student, i had a design degree with a huge art portfolio and 1.5 years of undergrad administration courses after I completed the first degree because I needed a job and there were no jobs. I might not have made any money as a designer, but that is the only thing I am legally qualified to call myself, a designer is a profession and I have only the qualifications to call myself a designer, that took 4.5 years to complete, it's not like anyone can call themselves a designer.

Like most other university and college students, I was paying for school thru a combination of student loans, part time work, my income from my student co-op job and on campus job, and thru applying for bursaries and scholarships, but also thru financial support of my parents because like most university students who have not entered the work-world and are not married or living with common-law spouses, my parents were my main source of funding for university living expenses, student loans really only covered tuition and books. As a direct result of my experiences with post secondary education, and no matter what the statistics are, from my personal experience meeting people and hearing about what education they have and what their jobs are and the income, my kids will go to college not university because all the people who own homes and have kids and nice cars by my age went to college and talk about how they were lucky their parents were rich enough to pay for like their $3000 diploma and now they have a nice car and house and spouse and kids, and I am like wondering why anyone every convinced me to waste my time and money on a degree and grad school spending not 10 times what they did but about 20 times the same amount on my education, yet I was unable to find a job anywhere and I am the one who lived in poverty in my 20s while they had money to travel the globe and buy homes, cars, and designer things. Unless my children say their goal in life is to be a something that requires a university education, they will go to college, if they want to work in business they can get a diploma and a better job than the kids who went off to university in 8 months, why waste years of your life on something when no one will hire you anyways and you will live a future of poverty and abuse from those who did less to get more? It was a waste of time and money and the reward was abuse.

You cannot change the past: There is NOTHING anyone at McMaster University can do to make up for the pain and suffering they participated in inflicting on me. I am now a woman in my 30s living on disability income, I should have gone ahead with a lawsuit against them because I needed the money and I need the money for my future, the damage they contributed to in my life is irrepairable, I was just starting my late 20s in early 2008, I wasn't 18 in first year with over a decade of my life ahead of me before my 30th birthday, I had lessthan 4 very short years until I turned 30, they stole that time from me, I will never forgive them, not now, not ever, I blame them for my loss, they helped cover up the dirty secrets of men who they figured were more important than their victim, I blame them and always will have no respect for them. I don't know when I will be married or who will be my husband, but wherever he is, the only social group I will allow near my children are his and I never willlet anyone associated with McMaster near my babies. Maybe there are people who would say, oh they are all just more successful than you, well maybe that is true, they have more money and more power and membership in their very exclusive club with fancy degrees on their walls, but I have my dignity and those people humiliated me and commited indignities to my body and my life and that damage might result in long-term damage and financial-hardship to generations of my decendents if I am lucky enough to be a mother.

In late fall 2007 I told one of my friends I just didn't want to go back to McMaster in January 2008, I was like, I've had enough, I need to take some time off school, I just can;tgo back there, and I wish I never did because my instincts were right, I just felt so wrong about it and I guess I knew the worst was coming, I had enough problems I kept to myself, I went to my co-op job every day, most days I just sat at my desk cutting and pasting data into spread sheets, it was the fun days I got to go talk with people and take notes those were the highlights, but I was tired and I didn't have one break in an entire year and the very last thing I wanted was to go back to McMAster and she was like, but we have ot be roomates and look for a place together and hang out and I am so excited... blah blah blah... then we didn't find a place together and it sucked as much as I thought it was going to (I did find a room in a student house across from the school, which was all guys 2 years younger than me and one girl their age all in last year of undergrad and nice people and an MBA student in the basement, they were subletting a room for a student on exchange and it looked nice enough and they were like, there is a crawl space in the closet we just put boxes in there... you want it? it's yours here's the key give us a check in january, I was like, oh that's so nice, so I moved in and my MBA friends were like, haha... that is so creepy.. you have a secret door in your closet that leads to a concrete room with steps down and a single lightbulb dangling in the middle??? I bet that is like where a kidnapped student was held by a psychopath serial killer... thta house is so old... hahaha... the lock is on the outside of that door carolyn... I want to sleep in there! can I sleep in your secret closet room?? so creepy! I can't do it! 5 minutes in here and I am so freaked out!! that really happened...) and I should have just dropped out in november 2007 when I wanted to, it wasn't that I wanted to stay at my co-op job, I just was sick of it all and didn't want to continue anyways, and the stalker was the last straw because at that point I thought it was a harmless secret admirer not a psychopath... yes the same firend and I were like, that's kind of cute someone has a crush on you.... right...

It is fraud to impersonate being a girl's spouse, marriage is a legal contract or the result of a common-law living arrangement, a university or college girl's boyfriends are not her husbands unless she is living with him for an extended period of time. I am completely humiliated and disgusted that ex boyfriends in my life received husband priveleges without my knowledge or consent, I have not yet made a lifetime commitment to a man and the only person who will ever get to call me his wife and gain the priveleges of being my spouse is the man who I sign legal documents with stating that I am his wife and we begin living together as spouses, not before, it is public humiliation for a girl to discover a man had fraudulently been identifying himself as her spouse and his family making fraudulent claims she is a member of their family when that is a lie, especially when that lie results in financial loss for the girl as the result of misunderstand that she is not a spouse and so has no access to any assets provided to the fraudulent-family if she breaks up with the man and loss of potential assets and connections that her future husband, in-laws, and children would inherit or benefit from after her marriage as marriage is a financial contract to share assets and taxes as a family unit and split when a marriage ends in divorce unless a pre-nuptual agreement has been signed. It is beyond public humiliation and an act of violence to give any girl's boyfriend the privileges only entitled to her future spouse.

I do not have any connection to anyone I met while at McMaster University, I do not want to ever have contact with them, I would rather erase all my memories of attending the university and go on with my life as if I never went there at age 24 to get a master's degree. The memories are too painful for me and I do not want to be contacted by the university or anyone who attended the Degroote School of Business for the remainder of my life. I was sexually abused by 2 men who are graduates and a third shoved his hand down the back of my yoga pants when he was drunk at a party sitting next to me on a couch, I was cyberstalked and then after being very popular excluded very suddenly from almost all social events, I was also stalked by an ex-boyfriend who did not attend the university while a student co-op in a job that barely paid enough for rent and food. (who wanted me to go outside to meet him because he had "something to give to me" and "noticed my car wasn't parked on the street where it was every night" (I was rear-ended so it was being repaired and some firemen had to pull the two cars apart because the pick-up that hit me somehow wedged his bumper under my back wheel and the cars were stuck together then the bumper fell off and it was not my car but my parents car... long story) but he lived 30 minute drive away and I hadn't seen him in months and clearly whatever he was desperate to "give to me" I didn't want it.) I do not want to remember my co-op job or living in a tiny subletted student apartment in Toronto. I do not want to remember any of it. I do have emotional problems when I remember that time in my life, it was NOT the most painful time in my life but the second most painful time in my life and just like the first, I removed myself and put the memories in a box and shoved it in the back corner of my brain and NEVER want to open it again.

What really didn't make any sense to me in 2007 was I was being cyberstalked and the pervert ws sending me pictures of lesbian sex positions, I had never in my life been called a lesbian by anyone but I was molested by a female as a child but the police said that was called curiosity because is was a girl about my age who wanted to see my vagina when I was a child. But like I have never had a lesbian relationship, I had like 20 ex boyfriends, it made no sense what so ever so the only answer has to be it was a lesbian who was in love with me sending me those pictures. I spent my entire life being called too girly and a girly girl and overly sensitive so none of it made any sense to me. Like even a male friend who I did keep in contact with but was not romantically involved with because there was no attraction from mcmaster told me I was so sensitive and needy that he was worried about me if I didn't have any men to hang out with when he moved away and that he didn't understand why I was going to business school when I had the personality of a kindergarten teacher and I told him I wasn't smart enough to go to teachers college because the grades were too high for me and I have no science university credits and I needed money so went to business school because I heard it would lead to money and the only masters I could get into, I couldn't even get into a fine art masters because the grades are too high to get in, I failed stats in first semester of grad school and had to repeat it and baked my peers cookies and cupcakes and was set director for a fashion show. That is hardly a power-lesbian. Whoever it was had really perverted fantasies and I am still scared of them because it would take a lot of time and effort to contact me like that.

I think that maybe some people missed the part where on top of being the victim of sex crimes and stalking while in grad-school, I am just not smart enough to complete an MBA, I am smart enough to get in but not smart enough or agressive enough to graduate and that is perfectly OKAY with me. It just means that I am a girl and I know all those ads that say women can do anything are supposed to encourgage girls to pursue non-traditional female careers but the reality is that I am too girly and too sensitive and just not smart enough no matter what costume I put on to look the part for any education above what I completed. You have to be really agressive and have more masculine attributes to succeed in any education or career, even in art school the more masculine aggressive girls did better than the sensitive ones and it's perfectly okay that I have anxiety when I am faced with stressful situations, it's because I am a girl not a boy and my body and mind cannot handle the same things as more masculine women, I don't have anxiety when all I do is cook, clean, go to organized fitness classes, and go shopping, my anxiety is gone unless I have a medical appointment or other important appointment and that is OKAY, feminism was only invented in the last 100 years and I really beleive that only the tough masculine women can survive in a world that requires a woman to be a man, like a lot of men are married to gender neutral androgenous females in my generation who cannot cook or clean or take care of kids unless they pay someone else to do it, usually a childless unmarried female who cannot find work because of her mental and physical limitations of being female so instead of being a housewife to a man she is a servant to a less-attractive gender-neutral-female and her male spouse, for 1000s of years the gender neutral females were rejected as mating partners by men so I wonder what will happen to society as gender-neutral females reproduce and pass on their DNA and the sensitive girly-girls who failed to succeed because of their condition of being female become extinct... who will serve the gender-neutral agressive woman and her male-spouse in 300 years if the female servants unable to survive to find mates in a gender-neutral world do not have children? Just a thought...

Unless you are planning to deposit millions of dollars directly into my bank account as financial compensation for my injuries so that I can live my life in dignity, don't ever contact me.

I enrolled at McMaster University to get my first real job because I noticed that the kind of men I wanted to marry married girls with good jobs, and I dreamed I would go to a university like McMaster when I was in high school but I didn't get that opportunity at 18 because I spent my last year of high school being neglected and abused and went to art school because it was my only option. I went to McMaster at 24 for grad school poor, supported by my parents with the SAME dream most 18 year old girls in first year have, that I would meet the man of my dreams and leave with not only an MBA but with the VERY important "MRS" I went to McMAster to earn my MRS as my single most important goal, I think I was so traumatized by things that happened to me around age 18 that I never moved past that into the next phase of my life until I was 24 and when thru all the things I should have gone thru at 19 like breaking up with the highschool boyfriend and meeting all new men to date and having big house parties, I didn't ge to do that until 6 years after the other girls because of traumas I experienced in my last year and a half of high school and not one care enough about me to make my dreams come true. I didn't get back to my old self until I was done art school because I was too traumatizd for years and never got help for my trauma disorder or help sorting out my life after it was turned upside down repeatedly, all I did is spend 5 years making artwork about my traumatic experiences and telling stories about them to explain my art project in my presentations and talking at OCAD about what educational program I might take when I graduated, behaviour I now see in my 30s was consistent with re-living being in high school for years deciding on what college or university to go to.

I know that to some people the thigns that happened to me in 2007-2010 were like beyond anyhting horrible they could ever imagine happening to them, even if one of those bad things happened to them, and they are like, oh she must be mentally ill that is impossible. But for me, they weren't the worst things that ever happened to me in my life and I think that is why when I talked with doctors and the police, unlike a girl who had been raped ONCE or had ONE boyfriend abuse her or was stalked by ONE person and they take that ONE thing very seriously, I had so many bad things happen to me already that I couldn't even begin to talk about or deal with the reality of what happened while a McMaster student because I had things that were far worse happen to me before that. The saddest thing for me to realize is that being raped by two men who I was acquainted to at different times and being stalked and terrorized were less troubling to me than the things that happened to me before that and probably because of bad things that happened to me before that I was taken less seriously than a girl who only had one thing that happened to her and never in her life had anything bad every happened to her.

I could never affiliate myself with a university that publicly praised a man who the police investigated for raping me, to the best of my knowledge he didn't even volunteer for anything on campus like I did but no one ever even publicly thanked me for any volunteer work I did while praising other girls who did the same things as me. Never. They didn't do anything to publicly affiliate themselves with me or promote me, not even one mention of my name in any publication for anything I did or participated in while a student, they clearly made a choice to defend him and claim affiliation to him and I couldn't never affiliate myself to McMaster as a direct result of their clear choice of representation. Clearly I was not a victim of stalking or disfigurement because of his job, I have never even been on one date with him, if I had been assaulted or stalked because of him, his girlfriend or wife would have been targeted and no one disfigured, stalked, injured or abused her, they only went after ME. As a victim of multiple violent crimes while a student, seeing that they publicly defended and promoted a man investigated for my sexual assault and stalking when he was a victim of zero crimes and neither was his wife, I could never associate myself with McMaster University, they didn't do one thing for me to fix my life from the damage, they only made it worse, they even recommended I drop out of school in early 2008 and get a job when I was in school because I couldn't find a job after my undergrad and needed more education to find work and just finished working so hard for 8 months to gain enough experience to hopefully get a job after graduation at the end of 2008 (I never graduated), they were only interested in tearing my life to shreds and uplifting and defending the monsters who harmed me, they had zero interest in making sure my needs were met, they didn't introduce me to any eligible single christian men to marry, they didn't make sure that I finished school and got my first real job and dream wedding, they didn't care about anything but defending the reputations of men they believed were more important than me.


NOTE 2: It's not like I've never been to Hamilton, my dad grew up in Hamilton and my mother finished high school there and they met at McMaster and so I spent my life visiting family who lived in Hamilton, but I didn't go around the university, and in retrospect when I was near the university before classes even started with my mother looking for a student rental, a man was waving his penis at people driving down the street by the university and I should have made a decision in that moment to not attend. I did not report it, I was disgusted, here I was in the passenger seat with my mom and a man who looked about 40 or 50 had his pants down and his hand on on penis waving as traffic drove by....
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