Christian Clemmen
Updated November 2011
ICT Manager at B-Holding and Owner, INFOR-Conseils

Since years I have always been attracted by the RDBMS world. When I got the opportunity to work in this area, I did it. My primary goal is to provide to our customer a stable and efficient architecture.


ICT Manager

  • SNCB-Holding
  • Aug 1, 2007 - Current
  • Manage the Open Databases Competence Center : responsible for the DBA's and Application Server Admin Team of the Holding (Oracle, RDB, SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle App Server [forms, report, portal, j2ee, oc4j, weblogic])


  • INFOR-Conseils
  • Jan 1, 2004 - Current
  • INFOR-Conseils provides services in : - Oracle database administration, remote DBA, maintenance, tuning...; - Education - Web sites creation; - Programming; - Computer maintenance - ...

Invited Teacher

  • Haute Ecole Provinciale de Hainaut (HEPH) - Condorcet
  • Sep 1, 2003 - Current
  • * Responsible of the course «Organisation et exploitation de données : Système de Gestion de fichiers et Bases de données» of the 3rd year bachelors in computing science; * Responsible of the practice courses of SQL and PL/SQL; * Oracle Database Administrator.


  • K & D Consulting Services
  • Jan 1, 2000 - Current

Oracle DBA

  • SNCB / NMBS Holding
  • Jul 1, 1998 - Current
  • * Installation, configuration and management of Oracle databases mostly running on Sun Solaris platforms * Security management: management of more than 600 users; * Backup & recovery management of all the databases above-mentioned using shell scripts and RMAN. * Oracle Enterprise Manager architecture definition and management (Grid Control) * Databases monitoring using OEM & Grid Control. * Development of a flexible tool to facilitate the querying of the system tables from the different databases using the Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit and the Oracle Apache Web Server. * Installation and versionning of business critical databases applications: development of standard procedures (flows), use of the Oracle Change Management pack. * Technical support to the developers; * Unix and Korn Shell, SQL, PL/SQL scripting. * Database tuning using Grid Control features, Oracle Expert, Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Tracing and tkprof. * a lot more....
Université de Mons-Hainaut
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Haute Ecole provinciale de Charleroi - Université du Travail
Informatique de Gestion
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