Christine DiPaulo
Updated May 2016
Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology

Christine is an Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology at String Theory Schools for the Performing Arts and Sciences in Philadelphia, PA

Her primary role is to provide just in time learning opportunities for faculty and staff including one to one trainings, district wide in-service training, strategies for innovative uses of technology in the classroom, best practices for students to consume, create and author content using iPad for our 1:1 iPad Program. Christine is the lead for collaborative course creation and publishing on iTunes U.

Currently, Christine serves as an ISTE Program Committee Member, casting vision and helping to define the experience of attendees.  

Christine has taught courses on Personal Branding, Digital Photography, Digital Portfolio Design, iLife, iWork and Presentation Design. Christine is certified in secondary mathematics, with Business Education certification and MSc as K12 certified Instructional Technology Specialist. Her first teaching position was a mathematics teacher at The Technical College High School.

As an educator Christine's passion is to enhance her student's classroom experience using Apple technologies as a tool for creating and authoring content, collaborating, and developing meaningful projects. In the classroom she works with students to build strong 21st century skills so they become critical thinkers, collaborative team members, effective communicators and thoughtful citizens. Christine works with teachers sharing effective uses of technology in the classroom and building professional learning opportunities and networks to share ideas, to inspire and be inspired by other educators.

Christine has been honored by Apple as an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class 2009 and attended the Apple Distinguished Educator Summer Institutes at Full Sail University in July 2009, 2010, at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2011 and the Global Institute in Cork Ireland in 2012. She served on the Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Board designing Insitute experiences for new ADEs in 2013 and coordinating the 2014 Global Institute in San Diego. 

Christine is a Google Certified Teacher. She has been honored as a 3E Institute Entrepreneurial Educator in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 for collaborative project based learning. Student's projects are broadcast on YouTube and in her student showcase.  ( Christine was also a Pennsylvania Keystone 2008.

Christine has presented technology workshops on iBooks Author, iTunes U Course Manager, iPad for Content Creation, iAm A Brand Called Me, Digital Portfolio for High School Students, and Google Apps for Education. She has presented at conferences showcasing current and emerging uses of technology in the classroom at the national level as well as state and local conferences including ISTE 2011 2012, 2013, PETE&C 2011, 2012, 2013, Integrated Learning Conference 2009,2010, and PaCTEC 2009, 2010.

Christine authored courses with a team of ADEs, creating the "iAm A Brand Called Me", a course about The Story of YOU. Personal branding is a current trend that is emerging in the business community. What can you do to create the brand of YOU? We authored this dynamic course to challenge students to find their voice though a series of introspective exercises. Students, begin by developing their own personal brand and express their discoveries through digital reflections, culminating with ResuME, a dynamic presentation of the story of you. We want to inspire our students to tell their story and motivate them to be the best themselves than they can be. From an iPad, access the course on iTunes U using this link. and see samples of student brands including personal brand statements, logo designs and resuMEs in our student website. This course is currently offered to high school students grades 9-12. In addition, she worked with a team of ADEs authoring "Creating A Culture of Innovation", a professional development course for teachers.  


Director of Innovation

  • Spring Theory Schools
  • Jul 1, 2015 - Current
  • Christine is the Director of Innovation at String Theory Schools in Philadelphia. Her role is to support faculty and staff with instructional technology and pedagogical initiatives in the classroom. She works on the design team as part of the innovation of schools. Her current projects include expansion of String Theory Schools, designing STS 2.0, XQ America Project #rethinkhighschool, designing and managing the STS courses in iTunes U, designing mobile learning experiences, oversight on new initiatives and innovations, the driving force in calibrating people and practices with new professional development, and conference coordinator for What If ...STS, working with teachers to build new technology skills across all levels of learning.

Innovation Specialist

  • String Theory Schools
  • Aug 1, 2013 - Jun 30, 2015
  • Christine is the Innovation Specialist at String Theory Schools in Philadelphia. Her role is to support faculty and staff with instructional technology and pedagogical initiatives in the classroom. In the 1 to 1 iPad program she creates learning opportunities for content creation for all members of the faculty and staff. Her focus is on district wide strategies for innovative uses of technology in the classroom, and best practices for students to consume, create and author content using iPad. At String Theory Schools, Christine is the lead project coordinator on building courses in iTunes U. These courses are inquiry driven and grounded in Project Based Learning. Christine works closely with staff members to collaboratively create courses combining the replacement of textbooks, lesson plans and teacher websites in an all in one model. Christine uses push in support and planning with faculty members to drive our "build it in real time" model of course creation. She is the lead for developing Digital Portfolios

Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Board Member

  • Apple
  • Jan 1, 2013 - Current
  • I am honored to serve in an advisory role with board members across the USA and North America to provide input and direction for the professional growth, advocacy, and content development plans for the 2,000+ members of the ADE program globally. The ADE advisory board seeks innovative educators who explore new ideas, seek new paths for learning and embrace new opportunities and we feel that Christine‘s leadership will be beneficial to the community of ADEs worldwide.

Digital Media Arts and Design

  • Jenkintown Middle School High School
  • Jun 1, 2011 - Jun 14, 2013
  • Currently I am teaching Digital Media Arts and Design at The School District of Jenkintown in the middle school/high school. I also provide Professional Development in-service on new technology initiatives and one-to-one teacher technology training during the school year.

Apple Distinguished Educator Class 2009

  • Apple Education
  • Feb 1, 2009 - Current
  • I have been honored as an Apple Distinguished Educator for the Class of 2009 and returned to the ADE Institutes in 2010 and 2011. The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a relationship program focused on educational excellence and leadership. ADEs are members of a select group of K-12 and Higher Education professionals possessing an identified expertise in educational technology leadership. This group of over 1200 educators spans the globe with membership in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Latin America, and Asia. Apple Distinguished Educators fulfill 4 primary roles: Advocate: ADEs are passionate advocates for the potential of Apple technologies and they provide expert assistance and best practices to peers and policy-makers. ADEs are frequent presenters at local, state and national educational conferences. Advisor: ADEs provide valuable input to Apple on the realities of integrating instructional technology into learning environments. Author: ADEs publish authentic work on the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI), such as teaching and leadership best practices, exemplary lesson ideas, and a range of content items that showcase Apple solutions and technologies for the advancement of education. Ambassadors: ADEs are innovators in building community and capacity for teaching and learning in a global context. Through online projects and collaboration tools, they empower each other to expand the walls of the classroom and bring global experiences to classrooms everywhere.

Google Certified Teacher

  • Google Teacher Academy
  • Dec 1, 2009 - Current
  • The Google Teacher Academy is a FREE professional development experience designed to help K-12 educators get the most from innovative technologies. Each Academy is an intensive, one-day event where participants get hands-on experience with Google's free products and other technologies, learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues, and immerse themselves in an innovative corporate environment. Upon completion, Academy participants become Google Certified Teachers who share what they learn with other K-12 educators in their local region.

Instructional Technology Specialist/Professional Development

  • Jenkintown School District
  • Sep 1, 2011 - Jun 14, 2013
  • An educator holding a valid PA certificate for Instructional Technology Specialist is qualified to provide curricular advisement on the application of instructional technology into curricular planning and instructional design to the curriculum supervisor and other school administrative staff. I earned a Masters degree and certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist from Saint Joseph's University. I work with other educators to help bring technology to the classroom in meaningful ways through professional development and project driven design. I have organized a Professional Learning Community to implement Student Career e-Portfolios.

Entrepreneurial Educator

  • 3E Institute Entrepreneurial Educator 500
  • Jan 1, 2008 - Oct 28, 2011
  • Honored 4 consecutive years by The 3 E Institute of West Chester University for my Challenge Based Learning projects using math and technology as well as curriculum design.

Math Teacher

  • Chester County Intermediate Unit
  • Sep 1, 2005 - Jul 1, 2011
  • I taught kids math, integrating technology to connect math to the the lives of my students both in their career and technical education programs and beyond. My students used challenge based learning and created multimedia products. We were featured is the 3E Institute newsletter for our work. My courses consisted of Algebra I, Honors Algebra II, Geometry, and Honors Pre Calculus. I also helped bring these Honors course to our school and used a hybrid learning structure for these courses. Students extended the school year beginning in August, using their laptops, they uploaded the syllabus, reviewed the course content, read a current book/novel related to math and created multimedia projects. We used TI83 and TI 89 calculators in class.

Special Education Instructional Assistant

  • Springfield School District
  • Sep 1, 1999 - Jun 1, 2005
  • Worked with children with special needs in a full inclusion setting.

Dental Technician

  • DiPaulo Dental Laboratory
  • Sep 1, 1984 - Jun 1, 1999
  • Crown and bridge technician, office manager ,co-owner

The Story of Me: "iAm Collection"

  • PETE&C Conference
  • Feb 12, 2012
  • I am presenting at the Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo and Conference on Personal Branding, Google Apps for Education, and iPads for Content Creation.


  • TEDx Event Youth@CAT Pickering
  • Mar 22, 2012
  • Imagine.Create.Innovate. As part of the talks on Innovation, Author-ize is the story of students who tell their own stories, create their own memories of learning, become producers of knowledge, write their own books and fill their own libraries. When we open the door of our classroom and step outside, that's when the magic happens. When we make the journey towards collaboration across grade levels and subject areas we allow our students to become more connected to our curriculum.

Google Apps for Education

  • ISTE
  • Jun 27, 2012
  • I presented Building Asynchronous Learning Communities with Google Apps for Education at the ISTE 2012 in San Diego.

iAm Collection Presentation

  • ISTE
  • Jun 26, 2013
  • I am presenting The Story of Me: "iAm Collection" and leading a playground session on Multi-Touch Book,

Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute

  • Apple
  • Jul 10, 2012
  • The Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute held in Cork, Ireland is a week long professional development collaboration with ADE educators from around the globe. I was one of less than 50 ADEs in the United States to be selected to attend this event.
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