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Updated October 2015
One Other Text Link

If you have spent more than a few minutes studying search engine marketing and internet traffic building then you know that text links are very important -- especially one-way links from quality sites.

Numerous people considering building traffic to their sites spend a great deal of time, effort, and money building text links for their sites. They even change links, buy links from brokers and webmasters, and acquire links in link websites. The others try different techniques like community publishing, website commenting, and article marketing.

But many of these people ignore one inexpensive and very simple solution to accomplish one-way, often permanent, text links from quality sites. What is this method of text connecting? It's often called Ezine Advertising!

That's right, just like pork is the other white meat, ezine promotion is the other method to text link.

There are numerous advantages of ezine marketing when it comes to text link building:

1. Identify additional resources on research linkemperor by browsing our dynamite wiki. You get the added benefit of e-mail marketing benefits

2. Text link surrounded by relevant information, your advertising copy, that you wrote specifically for that purpose

3. Links are outbounded by limited competitive with yours. E-zines only sell a few adverts per issue (many only sell one or two) which means that your text link is going to be only one of a few.

4. Visiting a guide to seemingly provides suggestions you can give to your co-worker. Once the situation is aged on the net (which is how you accomplish your lasting text link) the page is usually text-heavy using the information that search engines love

5. The site where your permanent text link rests (the ezine archives) is regularly updated and consequently regularly visited by search-engines

All these benefits move into one additional bonus for you. The text links appear to have developed organically and naturally -- not-as so many conventional text links do -- which makes them much more effective and successful with regards to search engine optimization and traffic building. To get alternative viewpoints, consider looking at: partner sites.

And unlike numerous text links which are purchased regular or for a limited time, an ad is purchased for a particular issue and will stay alive for the months or years that the issue is archived. If you are unsure just how long an ezine racks then check always their website. Updates and many e-zines archive for years..