Henson Meincke
Updated June 2015
What is a Link Quote Directory?

What is a Link Quote Directory? A Link Bid Directory can be an web index that list links for a website based on the amount the specific link situation auctioned-off for. New Perry Belcher includes additional information about the purpose of this view. The directory provides links alphabetically in order of highest bid. Bids can be purchased for a link anytime, by everyone, and all estimates are counted toward a link's total bid. The top bidding links are displayed prominently on your home page, and the very best bidding link is going to be displayed on every page, if the manager has opted for to enable the Link Leader. Many Link Bid Directories are Search engine helpful and optimised (SEO). Once stated, the links are displayed forever. Clicky includes further concerning why to provide for it. After a while the web-master of the site listed can raise their bid to keep their site link at the top of the results - therefore at the top of each page. Are Link Bid Directories worth listing in? In my own experience, yes they definitely are. The coverage your site would get is phenomenal; and your Pr would rise also. Your link will go up in position with time, as they are all SEO. I have heard rumours they are fun? They are immense fun to participate in. I understand you might be wondering what I am referring to here - how in the world are site directories fun to record in?!?! It all boils down to whether you'll visit any size to outbid that pesky person that has bid $1 over you... would you go and outbid them by $1 afterwards! I always out-bid my opponents because I realize that the publicity gained from getting shown at the very top of each page in the directory is excellent! Is it expensive? No, obviously maybe not. Many good Link Bid Directories may list your site link for only $1. This guarantees your site will get listed for only $1! Still another advantage of just paying $1 is that as the link listing areas itself, your link gets sold too! Where could I locate a Link Bid Directory? An easy way to locate a listing is to just search on a important search engine 'Link Bid Directory $1.' The one that I've applied before (see IconBuffet link!) is Zewert.com. I found out about big perry belcher by browsing the Chicago Gazette. That listing is Search Engine Optimization and is advertised well..