Gary Supeau
Updated November 2013
Business Man

The Association for Operations Management is proud to have Gary Supeau as one of its many members. Gary Supeau is a long-standing member of the group known as APICS. This is a group that deals heavily in many of the same things that Gary Supeau deals with in his profession. Gary Supeau is proud to be able to work with so many like-minded individuals, as he does not get the chance to discuss his responsibilities outside of work often.



  • Dec 31, 1969
  • Gary Supeau lives in Aiken, South Carolina. There, he can often be found at his place of business. Gary Supeau is a Sourcing Procurement Logistics Manager. This means that Gary Supeau is responsible for seeking out the valuable raw materials that his company uses to manufacture the variety of goods that they sell. In order to find the best material at the lowest prices, Gary Supeau has had to travel to many low-cost countries around the world.