Chris Brown
Updated March 2012
Pressing X to Respawn on Your Team

Since 2007, I have been podcasting, managing a vibrant community of gamers, and organizing the talents of a robust writing staff at The Married Gamers. What started as an 'outside the box' idea to bring my wife and I together, has become a portal into a career I am passionate, focused, and excited about.

I have turned an interest in video games and desire to save a relationship into an adventure into audio and video production, social media administration, brand marketing, team-building,  and community management.

When I do find time of myself, I can often be found picking through vinyl records to feed my musical appetite or in a robust debate over a multitude of geek topics.

Sadly, I have not picked up Klingon as a job-skill yet.

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Executive Editor & Host

  • The Married Gamers
  • Aug 1, 2007 - Current
  • Started in 2007 as a way to heal a marriage, The Married Gamers has turned into a passion for both my wife and I. I manage a growing community of gamers and lead a small staff of dedicated gaming enthusiasts.

Library Aide Type II

  • Fresno Pacific University
  • Aug 1, 1996 - Current
  • Manages serials collection for Hiebert Library.
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Fresno Pacific University
Literature & Environmental Studies