Use Video SEO To Drive Traffic To Your Website
Updated December 2015

One of the most effective forms of promoting your website these days is video marketing.  This involves creating videos that promote your products, services or company.  People really love watching videos online, so if you can come up with some informative and interesting content then you can start to drive traffic and make sales through your video marketing efforts.

Another advantages to videos is they tend to rank high in the search engines, which is a great way for people to find your videos.  One of the best ways to ensure your videos rank high is to use video Detroit SEO techniques. 

SEO for videos involves optimizing the video title and description with keywords that you want to rank for.  You can also get backlinks for your video pages to help boost your rankings even higher. 

So when optimizing your videos for SEO make sure you use your targeted keywords in the title and description field of your video.  This will help you rank your videos and allow to receive targeted traffic. 

In terms of backlinks, you can obtain backlinks to a video page just as you would a page with just text.  So use all of the regular SEO techniques to get more backlinks for your videos.  Write guest posts for other sites, participate on social media and submit articles to article directories and web 2.0 sites.

Ranking videos is not too hard to do if you make sure to use basic video SEO when optimizing your videos for the search engines.  It is definitely well worth the time to spend optimizing your videos by incorporating keywords in the titles and descriptions of them and getting some backlinks pointing back to your video pages.  If you do these things your videos you will begin to rank well and the amount of targeted traffic that you receive will soar.