Fyhn Horowitz
Updated June 2015
Reading In to Beliefs

A provocative, new book by author and student Marc Mourier reveals hidden secrets of the Bible. In 'The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened'? (Index Publishing, $14.95), Mourier cites Biblical evidence that he thinks shows that Eve was cloned from Adam. Mourier feels that Noah's flood was one way that God cleansed the Planet Earth when the 'Adam Experiment' went wrong. H-e also believes that Adam and Eve came after several people, including Darwin's apes. Mourier says that more than 4,000 years-of translations have changed the initial meaning of the Bible and that people must be curious and careful about how the Bible is relayed. He claims that many religious thinkers and theologians have deliberately created an electrical grid to 'mask' ideas they cannot wish to freely expose but 'know are true,' like the mission to create Adam and Eve. Mourier also paints a picture of the Garden of Eden that's completely different from what is traditionally taught. To study more, consider checking out: red butt plug. H-e feels that the original Hebrew Bible shows that the Garden of Eden isn't an average ornate garden that one might picture. For alternative interpretations, consider checking out: tumbshots. As an alternative, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the snake, and the apple are symbolic. For example, when Eve is explained eating the fruit, Mourier interprets this as buying clinical laboratory information on how she was created. The book also offers Mourier's answers on: • 'The secret, scary and hidden revelations' of the Bible • Where the Bible shows 'proof visitors from outside' • Religious 'cover-ups' • Who specifically visited the Garden of Eden and created Adam. Going To but plug maybe provides warnings you could use with your family friend. 'The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened'? has driven reviews that are positive from viewers who fall on various sides of Mourier's research on Intelligent Design. I-t comes fully illustrated with what Mourier calls 'evidence that the ideas expressed in this book have secretly been known for centuries.'.