Updated September 2015
Akashic Record Types

A lot of men and women who want to access the Akashic Records

wonder just what varieties of readings there are and what

details can actually be drawn and accessed from

the Akashic Records.

There are several deposits of records and they every

have a distinct goal and cause for current.

Initial are the Earth Records. Be taught further on our affiliated use with by visiting sponsor. To get other ways to look at the situation, consider taking a peep at: There is a place extremely

near our Earth that contains the individual

experiences of the souls that reside here.

These Records also include the creative experiences of

all the residents here. Be taught further on our affiliated encyclopedia - Click here: web address. These two places of records

hold all the emotions that had been employed in gathering this


The Records are contained within the body of the soul

force. This is very near the physical kind.

The other set of Records is held in an energy band

that circles about the planet. These are the Records

for the Earths Solar System.

From this power band there appear to be strings

connected to the other records that are held within

the solar method and beyond.

The initial set of strings attain to a deposit of

planetary experience that is considered the solar

technique. These records include the planetary records

for that program.

There are no records here for the person souls

that have inhabited the planets in the past or the


There is also a band of records for our galaxy, and

the Universe. Every a single has its own details stored

there, but is connected to the others for access to

those who are capable to reach the Akashic Records.

A band of what is described as angels guards the

Universal Records. Although they are not the angels we

have come to know. They are a level of Supply that

interacts with encounter..