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Updated November 2014
Seo Cape Town

Seoland SEO Marketing is a Cape Town, South African based SEO Company. Search Engine Optimization (Search Marketing) is one of the most contested online fields on the internet. With some firms basing all their operations and business on the internet it has become imperative for any online company to increase their web traffic and improve their online branding.  The power of having one’s site high in the search engine rankings for a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing is a huge component of being successful online. 

When client visits Seoland Cape Town offices we start from the ground up, first understanding the company’s strategy and how our search marketing services will affect the bottom line.  What sort of existing services may be already present and how we can improve.

Web internet marketing expertsSeoland Cape Town is a highly motivated professional organization. Our methodology includes a number of SEO stages which starts with onsite optimization. This is process of developing and designing a website in a manner to make it Seo-friendly.  Many SEO organizations seem to forget this important aspect when it comes to search engine optimization.

Seoland online marketing team reviews the website and then do an SEO audit. By using this Audit we are able to understand the website shortcomings and where we can improve. It also gives us an idea where you are on your particular niche vs your competitors. 

SEO Friendly

By making the websites more SEO friendly we provide the Search engines like Google something to work with.  We also check the on site content, making sure that each individual page on the firm’s website only contains unique content. If you ask any search marketer of search engine specialist they will confirm that for a website to be successful online it needs to be totally unique.  None of the content on the site should exist already on any other website.  In addition Seoland assess the content accessibility of each web-page as well as the site web speed. Google places high value on websites that can be access fast. 

In addition to site exploration, Seoland Search Optimization also reviews the websites existing traffic and start developing a plan to improve the websites authority.  This includes social media and increasing link volume from high profile websites.  By getting high authority incoming links you are able to increase website authority and consequently you will improve its search engine rankings. Google loves high authority links.  Seoland marketing plan invest time in other onsite SEO techniques which includes Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. These social media platforms have a lot of SEO value.

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