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Updated February 2015
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Contact Spectral Capital Email address at contact@specralcapital.net Spectral Capital Investment work involves identifying, acquiring, developing and funding technology, which could potentially transform current sectors. We search for technologies that can be safeguarded, using trade secret laws or patents. Spectral Capital has obtained substantial stakes in a few technology firms, and works proactively with management to push these firms towards market domination in their specific fields. Spectral Capital aims to own, either partly or fully, technology firms whose management or founders can benefit from the experience and deep networks in technology design, epitomized by Spectral Capital management. Firms within the commercialization and technology design industry have a range of primary competencies. Some firms concentrate on actively designing an assortment of intellectual property, then protecting that property using litigation. Other firms concentrate on technology reflected in software products or devices, which consumers and/or businesses might acquire at a profit. Other firms try to commercialize and design technology that appeals to a substantial quantity of customers, who could be monetized via advertising. Obviously, technology commercialization and design is a huge and complicated arena. Spectral Capital focused initially on IT, and opted for a direct value proposal to consumers or businesses.As with all firms that try to acquire a high impact technology portfolio (along with the organizational and corporate structure to profit from such a portfolio), Spectral Capital has to carry out the specialized task of reducing the risks associated with commercializing technologies, so that firms can expand without incurring huge customer acquisition costs.We possess a high degree of managerial skill. Also, we have a specialized understanding of the analytics, media and search fields, the ability to highlight and complete transactions rapidly, and good positioning. Furthermore, we are willing to purchase technology that is priced too low, based on its' profit potential. While the 2008 economic crash has come and gone, and most technology firms are experiencing some decent growth, it is still difficult for start up technology firms to locate the human and financial resources to facilitate expansion. This difficulty sets the scene for Spectral Capital to look for and locate helpful, cutting edge technology, and purchase this technology for a reasonable price.With some firms, their customer base, budget reserves, and successful track record of profiting from technology and expanding, enables them to choose and design technology by throwing human and financial resources at it. Our firm does not operate like this though. Spectral Capital approaches things in a more targeted way. We only design technology that we think specifically fits with our restricted capital and expertise. We design technology that doesn't need huge investments in marketing and sales, in order to connect with its' initial customer base.Presently, we have a few technology firms in our portfolio: Kontexto, Monitr and Noot.The mobile technology firm, Noot, uses special search engine technology designed for mobile devices. This firm helps customers to locate social media, video, photographs and news that fits their preferences. In fact, the technology learns what the customer likes and enhances its' results through time, offering highly personalized data for users. One big advantage Noot offers is that its' search engine carries on working, even if the customer isn't actively searching. The search engine will uncover new and related content, without being prompted. This delivers more improved and tailored details, when the user next searches for that subject.Established in 2009, Kontexto is a technology firm that has designed services and software that acquires, analyzes and visualizes streaming data in real time for institutions and firms. Kontexto has marketed and designed a product called publishflow (TM). This product is based on the firm's special analysis platform, and offers visualization and data recording services for select customers. This firm was awarded the 'Technology of Great Potential' prize by United Kingdom Trade and Investment, which is the biggest business and government trade body in the UK. Kontexo's clients include many of the most prestigious publishing brands, such as The Guardian, Post Media Network, Abu Dhabi Media, Getty Images, The Daily Mail and Bell Media.Monitr is still developing ways for its' technology to be applied, however it aims to offer a service that helps Internet users to locate, digest, assess, talk about and share financial news, relating to currencies, commodities and equities. Notwithstanding, in all likelihood, the scope of this service will be changed nearer to its' launch, which has been penned for the end of 2014.no keyword just re-write the article