Travis Sheridan
Updated March 2014
Economic Development through Innovation

Travis is an organizational designer. His goal is to move company and individuals from light bulb to launch. He regularly works with companies and organizations of all sizes to create systems that allow for efficient growth and increased impact. A performer by nature, he spent three years doing standup comedy in an effort to hone his writing and speaking skills, but fell in love with the process of comedy. He still acts form time to time, usually assuming the role of a business consultant or entrepreneur.

His academic training is in the area of organizational psychology and marketing. He frequently speaks on topics such as innovation, business growth, communication, leadership, creativity, branding and social media.

He spends his free time wandering around the urban core, drinking whiskey and grubbing on vegetarian food. He also has a thing for bricks.

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Assistant VP, Innovation & Entrepreneruship

  • St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
  • May 21, 2012 - Current
  • Drive entrepreneurs toward customer and capital readiness, manage milestone-based growth plans, and coordinate mentoring services. Create an environment in which success is the most likely outcome for disruptive innovators and talented entrepreneurs. Responsible for client recruitment, management and implementation of the programs of the STLVentureWorks (STLVW) and Helix Center Biotech Incubator (Helix Center) programs, providing key engagement with client companies and prospects. Responsible for developing, funding and managing entrepreneurial support projects undertaken by the division/SLCEC, as assigned. Works with government, business, and community leaders to develop opportunities to support STLVW and Helix Center clients and start-up businesses. Responsibilities include: program administration, public relations, program presentation, program management, fundraising and budgeting.


  • The Hashtag
  • May 15, 2011 - Current
  • Co-founder of the region's only co-work space for creative professionals. The Hashtag provides 24/7/365 access to those who wish to work | play | create.

Director of Marketing & Business Development

  • Central Valley Business Incubator
  • Jul 1, 2007 - Jan 20, 2012
  • In this capacity, Travis coaches and consults entrepreneurs on a wide array of business topics including marketing, finance, accounting, organizational development and strategy. He has developed a Business Readiness Assessment which is used to determine an entrepreneur’s growth plan and ultimately launch a successful endeavor. Travis also oversees CVBI’s Business Planning Course which serves 120 entrepreneurs per year in the development of a business plan.


  • Creative Fresno Board of Directors
  • Apr 1, 2006 - Mar 1, 2010

Director of Public Relations & Organizational Change

  • Astone
  • Jul 1, 2006 - Jul 1, 2007
  • Managed public relations business unit and supervised six employees located at multiple sites. Managed portfolio of clients and sold agency solutions to deepen relationships. Created standards for brand-based hiring and performance management. Developed and maintained relationships with key media personnel. Assisted with post-acquisition assimilation of new team. Served as spokesperson for agency

Campus President

  • San Joaquin Valley College
  • Aug 1, 2004 - Jul 1, 2006
  • Lead campus-wide change that resulted in increased student satisfaction, improved graduation rates, improved employee morale and increased profitability. The change involved cultural mindset shifts, new process adoption and an initial reduction in force. Lead sales process change and leadership development initiatives resulting in record-setting lead conversion (13.7% conversion compared to the company average of 9.5%), improved graduation rates, promotion-ready personnel and increased profitability

Business Faculty

  • State Center Community College District & Fresno State University
  • Sep 1, 2001 - Dec 1, 2010
  • Experience teaching the following classes: - Opportunity Assessment (California State University, Fresno) - Introduction to Management (Three-Site Distance Learning) - Human Relations (Traditional Format and Two-Site Distance Learning) - Planning and Leadership - Customer Service - Personnel Issues - Ethics and Values - Communication and Conflict Management

Bank Manager/Sales Manager

  • Citi Group
  • Nov 1, 2001 - Aug 1, 2004
  • Managed office through large merger with zero merger-related turnover and 97% customer retention (regional average was 78%). Retention resulted in overall profitability.
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West Virginia University
Intergrated Marketing Communications
University of La Verne
Organizational Leadership (ABD)
Alliant International University-Fresno
Organizational Behavior
Fresno Pacific University
Psychology/Conflict Resolution