Do you want genuine reviews?

Then make it easy for your customers to leave a review for your business on the review sites that matter to you.

Not just for coffee shops!

Revu works for any business from sole trader to big brands.
So whether your a plumber, hairdresser or a chain of restaurants, Revu gets your customer to your review sites with ease.

Get reviews the Revu way!


Hand out your Review card

Your Revu business card includes your short unique website address to invite a review.


Customer visits website address

All your review site are available displayed as buttons in one place for your customer to choose from.


Get reviews on the sites that matter

Get great reviews directly on the sites that matter to your business and you enjoy the benefits of increasing your online reviews authentically.

Works with 100’s of review sites including:

Simple for your customers to use.

Short Link

Revu provides a short, memorable, branded link that’s easy for your customers to understand when asking for a review.

Business Cards

Every account comes with a downloadable business card personalised with your review link that’s ready to be sent straight to the printers, or if you are in the UK simply purchase your cards from us with free delivery.

In Control

You choose which review sites that your customers see and in what order or even send them directly to a single review site. You’re always in control.


The Revu page that the visitor accesses via your short link is optimised for speed and gets your visitor moving on fast to their favorite review site. The page loads on average in less than 0.5 seconds.

Try it for free

We’re new but growing fast.
Don’t miss out on a Revu name for your business
30 Days free trial – No credit card required

Fair pricing.

  • Revu Account Subscription after 30 day free trial
  • £9per month
  • OR
  • £108
    £89per year
  • Unique short link
  • Add up to 6 review sites.
  • Choose the order of the review sites or set to randomise.
  • Switch on/off which review sites are displayed.
  • Print ready business card with review link.
  • Secure payments by Stripe.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • No GDPR headaches.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • No hidden fees.
Discounts available for agencies and accounts with ten or more Revu names.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up

What’s a review site?

For clarity we use the term ‘review site’ by which we mean the actual website that your customers enter their reviews for your company. Such as Facebook, Google My Business any dedicated review collection website.

How do I get my Revu name?

The order process is simple.

1) Search for your Revu name HERE.
2) Pay via Stripe checkout.
3) You will receive an email with your login details.
4) Login and add your review sites onto our simple dashboard.

Can I have any Revu name?

We feel that your Revu name should represent your company, brand or website name. We will not approve revu names that are rude, abusive or misleading. All we expect is that you play fairly.

How do I enter my review sites?

After choosing your Revu name you can enter up to six review site links in our simple dashboard that you would like your customers to choose from. We manually validate all entries before your entries go live.

I’m not sure what I need enter?

Don’t worry. It speeds things up if all we need to do is validate your entries however, we understand that this techie stuff is not everyone’s bag so just enter as much as you can, and we will do the rest.

What if I have more than one business location?

Absolutely no problem, all you need to do is purchase names relevant to your business location. For example, and
Each has its own control panel and if you purchase using the same email address then you can login once and switch between the two account.

What review sites do you support?

We support all review sites available. However we will only redirect customers to dedicated review sites, so a form on your own website won’t cut the mustard, sorry. Remember we manually validate your site links before they go live to ensure quality of the links you provide.

Running with Revu

Can I change my review sites on Revu?

Yes, you can add, remove and change your review site links anytime (manual validation will be conducted again for adding or changing), this is a major bonus as your Revu name stays the same even if you change your review site links.

How do I promote getting reviews?

You can use your link in any email, social media, postal campaigns and also on your website, business cards, business signage etc. Your Revu name doesn’t change even if you change or add review sites. From your dashboard you can also download a high resolution business card with your Revu name ready to go to the printers.

Do you collect the review and send it to the review site?

No, we don’t collect the actual review, we are not a review site. Look at us as more of an enhancement to your review sites. We give choice to your customers to encourage the ease of leaving a review.

Why are reviews important?

72% of shoppers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more whilst 60% of shoppers believe that online reviews are “important” or “very important” when choosing a local business.

How do I get authentic reviews?

The best way to get a review is to ask for a review. Customers understand that reviews are important to any business and asking for a review at the point of receiving good service is likely to get a positive response. With Revu the asking just got easier.

Hand your Revu cards out to your customers or place them at your checkout so your customers can review you easily using your short review link address. Having a physical reminder in your customers hand to leave a review certainly helps with review uptake.

Your Account

Is it really £89 per year?

For your unique Revu link there is a yearly fee of £89 or £9 monthly (GBP). There are no hidden charges, no advertisement and cancel anytime. The charge that you subscribe to will not increase.

Can I change my Revu name?

Technically yes, however currently we can only manage this via a support ticket and limit the number of changes you can make (how often do you need to change your company name?).

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription anytime via your account dashboard, your revu name will be released once you cancel.
We are also happy to provide you with a full refund within 30 days of the initial subscription date.

How long does manual validation take?

It depends on how many requests we have in the queue. We aim to have validation complete within 48 hours but can be much faster. Your validation status can been seen via the dashboard.

Printable Revu business card.

If you have a UK delivery address (other countries to follow soon) you can purchase your Revu business cards directly from only £15 (GBP) with free delivery. However we supply you a downloadable business card already personalised with your review link that’s ready to be sent straight to the printers if you prefer.

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