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  • Enter the name of the short link that represents your business.
    For example if you wanted the shortlink just search for ProperCoffee.

Find it a bit awkward asking for reviews?

People can give the best reviews when asked and when it’s easy for them to do so.
Try Revu for free and see for yourself how easy asking for a review can be.

Business card ready!

With every Revu account is a business card personalised with your review link that’s ready to be sent straight to the printers.

Hand your Revu cards out to your customers or place them at your checkout so your customers can review you easily using your short review link address. Having a physical reminder in your customers hand to leave a review certainly helps with review uptake.

Business cards asking for reviews
Revu on a mobile

Best way to get more reviews

The best way to get a review is to ask for a review. Customers understand that reviews are important to any business and asking for a review at the point of receiving good service is likely to get a positive response. With Revu the asking just got easier.

What’s Revu?

Revu provides a short, memorable, branded link that’s easy for your customers to understand when asking for a review. When your customer visits your link they are presented with upto six review site logos to choose from. They click on the review site they prefer to use and leave a great review.

Only the review sites that you enter into the dashboard are presented to your customer. Basically Revu provide a friendly way of getting your customers to the review sites of your choice.

If you only have one review site then your customer is taken directly to the review site without any interaction.

Fair pricing

Simple, affordable solution at £45 (GBP) per year. No hidden costs, no advertisement and cancel anytime. Signup now and get 30 days for free!

Checkout our explainer video with Bob

Not just for coffee shops!
Revu works for any business from sole trader to big brands.
So whether your a plumber, hairdresser or a chain of restaurants, Revu gets customer to your review sites easily.

Works with 100’s of review sites including:

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