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Making it quick and easy to review a business.

What’s Revu?

Revu is a short, unique, memorable URL (link) that ensures customers can easily connect directly to a business’s various review sites. The business’s review sites are displayed as logos for the customer to choose from, empowering customers to make a free choice where to leave a review.

An example of a Revu link looks like this:

Real reviews!

Reviews are generated from real business customers. In a face to face transaction this can be by handing a Revu business card to the customer, or share via email either way it always contains the single short Revu link.
The reviews are left directly on the review site chosen by the customer.
We do not track, use cookies or identify the visitor on the businesses Revu page in anyway and are all round fully GDPR compliant. The success of Revu is measured by the increased business reviews that are given.


You would be forgiven for thinking “this is so simple, why hasn’t it been done before”. Well the truth is that it has, however they are more expensive and are aimed at businesses requiring reputation management, automation, reporting etc. Revu is different, we offer a simple affordable solution for any size of business.
Our mission is to be the go-to service to link customers to business reviews sites easily and ultimately increase reviews for all businesses that deserve them.

Reviews via Revu

Works with 100’s of review sites including:

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